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  1. I understand your point, but in this example you put here, is the alternative any good? If none of sec knows what a vamp can do, or if it is KoS except, lets say, one regular, it can go one of two ways. They either listen, and now they know what a vamp can do so we are back at square one. Or they don't listen, and the regular player gets fed up with the newbie team and leaves out of frustration, which leads into the problem we've been having for some time.
  2. If it wasn't for surgery wiki, I would never of even learned how to fix someones bones. And if it weren't for the cultist wiki, would of probably taken me easily four or five more rounds to learn all the inner connections. Thus, I am a bit iffy on that idea. I have lost a lot of the mystery that comes with initially learning the game. I do miss that feeling. But it never came from learning the wiki. It came from learning that midround blobs are a joke 95% of the time, and that I can ignore them. It came from learning that tspiders without whites or a queen aren't really a threat and I don't need to take them seriously since odds are they will all die in 10 mins. It came from learning that if I die on station and not hidden in a clever spot, odds are I'll be found and cloned like nothing ever happened. It also came from learning strategies with cultist, vampire, changeling and so on, and how to use their abilities to combat sec and the AI. It came with competency. I wouldn't say that's a bad thing, and while the wiki may of helping with that learning, its not the full picture. The wiki can't teach you how to do things effectively or well, nor about other peoples characters, at least not from my experience. Perhaps theres a wiki page out there with clever strategies out there I never read.
  3. I'd be willing to try it, but as others said, non engi antags will hurt a lot. I could easily see more antags going engineering roundstart or trying to get a transfer just to get around this.
  4. I think its because some people find dying via cluwne as embarrassing, or as humiliation
  5. I still think removing/restricting some of the wiz's more powerful spells, and them moving wiz to a midround event would be a fun idea. Even then, switching to raging mages in rotation sounds better, since it will allow more people to play wiz than just one, letting more people get experienced in the role. It'll also cure the 5 min round end if the wiz dies quick. Or we could just just make slaughter/laughter demons have their own gamemode, since they're the only good thing about wizard.
  6. I played 4 and 5, but I liked 4 much better. I could never really get into 5 for some reason, though it seemed like an alright game.
  7. Using traitor gear as traitor to play hero when you are supposed to be the bad guy sounds like a bore to me. After all, its called antag for a reason. Perhaps that is just me though.
  8. This would be a good idea, since there is little incentive to choose a 'antag' roll when it means you die 10-15 mins in without a guaranteed spider spawn. Id love that. I'm a bit tired of seeing people yelling blob as soon as that message appears without the biohazard 5 alert, and without seeing one.
  9. I was unaware of the latter ability to heal health quickly. With that included, I can see some merit to greys, and reason to favor them.
  10. Terrors, from what I've experienced, feels to be a very balanced matchup when both the crew and spiders (mostly the queen) are competent. The only issues I see are as follows: - Gray Terrors lack the breeding aspect of the greens, and the raw strength of their red brethren. This puts them in a odd position, as they cannot chase down prey either; their speed cannot outrun a human. This pushes them into a ambusher that must have the victim run into a web, or enclose them so they cannot otherwise run away. I know this is intended, but it should be noted that every spider can ambush with extreme effectiveness, thus making grays the least powerful caste by a considerable amount as a consequence. - Since Greens cannot produce any spiders outside of tier one, and it takes two bodies just to make one small cluster of eggs, greens cannot sustain a hive on their own. They either need a queen to back them up, or several competent whites to help out and pull their weight. Once again, I believe this is intended, but it should be noted for if there are no whites and the queen dies a early death/not spawned at all.
  11. I wasn't aware the latter was punishable, nor frowned upon. Good to know.
  12. I'd absolutely love it, though I am curious; would these convicts be able to roll antag themselves, such as cling or vamp? Apologies if this is already answered, I may of missed it.
  13. As sampaii mentioned, I notice a lot of people taking IC far to seriously. As command or sec, trying to bend the normal playstyle into something more unique and interesting will usually net you nothing but insults and grudges. Its a shame, but if I have anything to say on the matter, it would be to do your best to ignore the negativity. Don't let others force you to play in a narrow style that makes them happy. If you see a way to make your character interesting and without overstepping the rules, then do so.