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  1. I echo @davidchan points for the most part, which beat me to the post. Adding three major nerfs that all deserve discussion on their own at once is a mistake. Even if such a nerf is needed, it is always better to implement it slowly, one change at a time, to see how the community responds. I've seen other games fall into this trap as well. Seems the knee jerk reaction of a outraged populace to a overpowered mechanic is to nerf it into the ground, all at once, so it sinks into irrelevancy. Thus shifting overpowered mechanics into pointless/useless ones. It is disappointing, really.
  2. Swarmers, dare I say, are rather balanced. There are far more deserving antags that need to be rethinked and reworked.
  3. The furry reason is a scapegoat, otherwise you would hear equal bitching about citadel station. But you don't because its not very popular. The reason people hate para is because it is the second most played sever DESPITE all the hate. It enrages people who hate paradise, to know that all their bitching does nothing to diminish the servers popularity. In the end, that's all it is. Also, remember that the minority always speaks the loudest, to cover for the lack of numbers behind their opinions. Its clear that most people don't hate para, since most people are playing on it. But, most of the people who love sharing ill informed opinions do. Therefore, it does seem like most do hate para, but its simply not the case.
  4. Rurik

    Security Rework

    I don't agree with many of these ideas put forth for various reasons, mostly ones already stated. Some of said ideas also would also adversely affect dynamic balance between sec and antags, which currently is, at best, finicky. That being said, this idea really stuck me as brilliant, and definitely deserving of some thought for it. It would increase rp between sec and crew on green instead of just a instant taze from bot/sec officer. This would increase quality of life for both the crew and sec together. That, in my book, is a instant plus, and I fail to see a downside to it. Also giving a alt title of 'security cadet' or something of the sort to sec officer is worth trying, at least. It would give fellow officers a heads up on who is new, while still retaining the same amount of access and responsibility. Once again, I fail to see a downside to that. Or the 'greytide' just might be bored and forget that sec are players as well. : /
  5. I haven't thought about that point, thanks for bringing it up. That being said, I feel the solution would do more harm than good.
  6. I never really considered not hiring from manifest meta, I just thought of it as the anti-fun thing to do. Of course there is a element of meta to it, but there is also IC reasoning backing it. That being said, I'm curious why this has become a subject of debate whether or not its against rules. I mean, pretty much everyone has a 50/50 chance of joining sec depending on the HoS, its not like it is never happening. Perhaps its my own experience, but I can manage to get hired fairly often. Only time I ever saw there was a issue is when it is lowpop, and the HoS decides not to hire from manifest even when there are NO officers (with no officers and still refusing sec hires generally oversteps into paranoia imo, but hey, if people wana dig their own graves by not having officers, whatever).
  7. Here I thought I was the only one who actually liked revolution.
  8. My bad, forgot to quote Tzu's post, was replying to him instead of OP. Edited.
  9. If carps anti range capabilties are nerfed to less than 70% or outright removed, the TC price will need to be adjusted to allow a single buy of adrenals (Aka 12 TC). Otherwise you risk letting it fall into irrelevancy, since almost everyone only buys carp for anti range, and nothing more.
  10. Perhaps in the past it was, when sling thralls still had glare. As of late I have noticed more and more sling failures (due to a shit ton of glowshrooms or sling incompetence, usually a mix of both) and I would judge it more of 50/50 to 60/40. Of course I have no way to prove that, its just my experience as of late. I will always be in favor of this, as I prefer death matches over the catch and release. That makes me biased however, especially since I would prefer the same for cult as well. Can't say I am a fan of this either, but fixing it would take a lot of work for not much payoff for something that lasts no longer than five to ten mins at the end of the round. This I feel would be a good fix, at least something to ponder about. The only reason slings tend to steamroll once the train really starts moving is because thralling a member of sec/command early is extremely potent and will almost guarantee success should the thralls/slings not be incompetent. Making the ability to do this limited, or removing it all together would even things out as it is. To be fair, slaughter demons DO have counterplay around them, even while being extremely powerful. They also don't instagib/convert you, which helps.
  11. Ah, that makes bit more sense as to why people seem irritated over it. To be fair though, if a officer is patrolling maint on green while there are active calls for help from departments, that's the fault of the officer being deficient in prioritizing. On the other hand, if no active calls are out, said officer already did a sweep of the main station, and then begins to sweep maint, that's not so bad is it?
  12. As rb303 mentioned, sec is tough and busy enough, they don't need to be forced into that. I always assumed lore wise, that while sabotage is commonish in the corporate space world, there are still plenty of shifts were nothing goes wrong. In this line of thinking, perhaps the Syndicate didn't want to hire ten agents on a single station and create a big ruckus, drawing heat and raising the alert in nearby airspaces. Perhaps they wanted it go quietly, discretely, and hired one agent to do a specific action on a specific day, while keeping the rest on ice till the perfect moment. Makes sense to me imo, but that's just how I treat that situation. All the more reason to shame it IC and not set your suit sensors, (And then have someone say your likely a antag since no sensors, had that happen a few times, was great) I was under the impression patrolling the station is their job, whats the issue with this? Perhaps they want to fix up a place in maint, and make it look nice, like old bar, and they don't want to wait two years for the HoP to get around to them. Or perhaps the HoP refuses to let them have access, so they want to fix it up anyways. Or maybe they want tools to be prepared for the gateway, or to go space exploring. Or, perhaps they just want more tools to break into places easier/be prepared. Even if it is the latter for the reasoning, I fail to see the issue with it. Its not HRP, and assistants stealing things is about all the action sec will get on extended rounds or when all the antags are wiped out (which happens more than I would like to admit). If anything, giving sec something to do on slow rounds is a good thing.
  13. Ah, I see. I suppose its a first impression some get when they play once or twice as sec and then never again. Nevertheless, mistakes and accidents as security carry much more weight than in other departments.