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  1. A long time ago there was a newbie officer who, for reasons I can't remember, started harmbatoning Mike Murdock into crit. I decided to pitch in with a duck and quacked him, to which he decided to harm baton me to into crit and subsequently into death. Mike however survived the ordeal and made a closed casket funeral at the chapel for me, calling me a 'saint' for saving his life. For some reason people attended it and made a pseudo-religion out of "Saint Rurik' for that round, followed by a bit of admemery with the casket being spaced. All in all probably my fondest memory that all stemmed from two pals getting beat to death. That's also how I settled with the idea of using 'Saint Rurik' as a nuke op name. Sadly I lost the screenshots when my comp burst into flames overheated and died, but I think there may be a few on the Screenshot thread, far back.
  2. After playing through it a bit more and being able to form a real opinion about it, oddly enough even though I thought I would, I don't mind it that much. The damage some of them can take with good rng is silly, takes me a bit out of it from a rp/atmosphere standpoint, but whatever. This has never been a realistic game by any means, and "muh realism" is never and will never be an argument, though I still do like things that promote immersion. It's not as much of a pain as I first thought, since if you can treat the underlying damage shock usually cures itself, and failure can be cured by the emergency autoinjector most of the time (in my experience). When it comes to antags I still feel the bone breakage of arms, feet, legs, ruptured lungs, or internal bleeding will continue to be the biggest ends of an antag run. That's not to say cardiac failure won't play a role of course. Changelings can treat cardiac arrest, failure, and shock via Anatomic Panacea (which makes it a must buy imo) and can treat bone breakage through entering stasis once in a safe place. Traitors get nanocalcium, which used to be overpriced but I believe it got a price reduction recently, with no item to treat cardiac failure. Normally I'd argue nanocalcium and a hypothetical item to treat cardiac failure wouldn't be used since you tend to need a full 20 tc build on other items to complete the two objectives and live without the use of memechems. However with only one objective now, it gives a lot of wiggle room with TC to buy items like that. Vampire gets nothing for both save for the extremely overpriced (and rightly so since monkey cheese is somehow still a thing) enthrall ability where they can try and get a doctor and slave them for treatment. While that can work, using enthrall with security actively chasing you, broken bones/cardiac failure, and having limited blood (if not monkey cheesing) is just not quite realistic. Can be done, sure, but can't really count on it to save you in a tough spot even if you can meet the 300 blood to use the ability since time and the doctors ability always take a role (not to mention isolating a doctor and not have another run in and say "why are you healing this known vamp" etc). TL;DR: Adding in an ability for vamp to cure themselves of cardiac arrest/failure, such as making fully powered rejuvenation also cure a stage of cardiac failure, and if at the first stage completely removing it, would be good. For traitor, probably a box of extra emergency autoinjectors or something along that line of thought to also treat cardiac failure would be beneficial.
  3. So would it be a no go for the alternative title "Local Badass?"
  4. That's it, we're done boys, pack it up, time to retire.
  5. When you have far too much time and too little sanity at the construction outpost
  6. I would like to add in terms of an antagonists "duty," if you will, you should always take into account how the round is going. If there is a lot of chaos and a lot of antags doing things, then perhaps tone it down and don't kill the paramedic that just rushed you into maint to steal your targets corpse. Or perhaps if you don't have non lethal options, just drag your witnesses and people you have killed back to medbay and so on. On the flip side of the coin, if the round is quiet and slow I'll make an attempt to be less stealthy and more 'loud' towards my objective to give security something to chase and to try and keep things from becoming dull, even if I'm not going to initiate a shootout with them. Thats just side stuff though, I feel one of the bigger things to mention is don't permakill people who aren't your target or another agents target without a very good reason. If they were chasing you in maint, or an unlucky officer that you had to lethal, I get it, but there's no need to take them out of the entire round. Sort of a dick move in my opinion. But hey, that's just how I view it.
  7. mfw prescanning myself as vamp and then being auto cloned with all the blood I had before once I inevitably die won't work In all seriousness, anything that would make death more impactful and meaningful I would be for. The lack of any sense of self-preservation from valid hunters is appalling. The server has been called a hug box before, and has been rebutted, but at times it is hard to see it as anything but with how easy it is to be revived. However, the biggest thing holding that back is medbay itself. 1/3 times medbay is incompetent, meaning you're lucky with a clone and SR will only be present in your dreams. I hold my reservations on whether this will shift the server climate to a better or worse one. I fear it may just lead to powergamey behaviour as @Dinarzad mentioned. But then again, if it works and goes well, that would be nice. Perhaps a test merge is in order?
  8. Im glad this was brought up, since I wanted to mention it but felt my post was already too long. It seems likely the reason xray isn't touched is that antags have a lot of cheese, so xray cheese is looked at to a counter antag cheese. That leads into a looping cycle where cheese for both parties is justified based on the other having it. I understand and can relate to that way of thinking, the problem is xrays are not a counter to antag cheese. The only thing xrays will do is lead to instant taze and cuff on newer/mediocre antag (at least in my experience) players that don't understand how you saw them most of the time. Robust antag players using cheesy methods will probably already know you have it, and be taking steps around it, which usually involves becoming a full on stealth turtle or systematically killing officers. Xrays add nothing to the round except stomping on newer players that probably were going to get stomped on without it. Seems like a net negative to me. But then again, xrays only come once in a while, so who cares right? If they do come, go get killed/use a cheesy strategy, and hop into the next round which will probably be more fun. Same can be said for someone using antag cheese. I get the idea, and it works. But should that really discount any discussion about fixing the problem at its roots?
  9. ss13 is many things for many people, but for me its always been a suspenseful thriller, from its pure unpredictability in most rounds. The suspense in not knowing what's around the other corner, what antags there are, not knowing if sec is on your tail, and the base confusion and chaos that come with some rounds. The very existence of xrays are counteractive to that, an all-seeing tech that prevents you from ever being ambushed that also enables you to ambush much more effectively, forces antags down two routes. The route of: be extremely stealthy and make sure sec never even realize your antag, and that your victims never get a call for help OR be extremely aggressive and act fast to take down officers permanently. Coincidently both strategies/options are actively discouraged and viewed negatively by this community, as well as being unfun to play against/do. Sorry for the bold and underline spam, but I feel the emphasis is needed. That's not to mention the fact that a good science + competent miners can get xrays out fast (which I don't really consider a problem in of itself, two departments working in tandem should be rewarded) or how genetics with some good rng can get xrays out in under 15 mins (which has happened to me several times and irritated me more than I care to admit). Of course, xrays can turn a one-sided fight in favor of sec into a complete slaughter, and rendering the rest of the round extended (as others have mentioned, cult is a biggie here) In the end, xrays are by nature counterproductive to what this community expects out of antags and what the nature of the game is. No antag (including full powered vamp) nor sec should have it, and in my opinion it should be removed completely, or changed so much it is no longer recognizable from the original xray. Thermals should be the absolute most someone can get, and even then, would do good to be changed (being able to see heat signatures through walls instead of being able to fully see every detail about them through a wall). Shame a complete removal will never happen, though it is nice to dream sometimes. Sadly though, despite several attempts of prs to change this, they are declined and nothing is done even though a massive majority of people see it as a problem and desire a change. For what ungodly reason, I am not quite sure. However, this has been going on for years now, and probably will continue to go on. Apologies if I come by as aggressive or abrasive, but this topic has come up countless times in dchat and discord, and nothing is ever done despite attempts. I can't help but feel disheartened from that.
  10. I couldn't not choose this for Rurik Varlim: "Happiness is Overrated" by The Toxic Airborne Event.
  11. Yea! That's it, couldn't remember the name for the life of me. I always did love the look.
  12. Combat Turtlenecks would be a great one that I would sell my soul for. There was also a time where I got into the syndi outpost (not the depot, just the small two room and hallway outpost) and I got a neat lighter. I can't remember the name, but I think it started with a g. Little cool collectables like that would make great trading items.
  13. As have I, usually dozens of rounds in a row. Perhaps that meta has changed as of late however, I don't know.
  14. I like that idea a lot. Having it so simply cheesing them with a toolbox is a little harder is always a good idea in my book, especially since its so easy to do.
  15. If you hate the current one, I'd love to have seen what you thought of the previous sat before the changes. That being said, the issue more lies with thermite making Rwalls useless. If someone takes their time to deconstruct all the walls, along with using the girder to block the turret shots and deconstruct the SMES to get behind the AI, your looking at a 5 - 7 min completion. If the AI calls for help, sec should be there within that timeframe. However if you use thermite, then emp the turrets or use desword, it will take upwards of a min, if that. Good luck getting officers to reach it in that timeframe with their lack of access. The AI's best hope at that point is a pod pilot to nab the thief in space. Even if the place was made more round and circular as you suggest, one emp will just nock them all off, and it will be stolen ez pz. You will only make it harder for those who don't have desword/emp. At the end of the day turrets will be easily cheesable, no matter how much damage it does or how it is placed.