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  1. Well, I see I am late to the party. Which is a shame since there is so much to say. With the danger of repeating what others have already said, I'll speak my piece here. First off this realism thing which I am very surprised is mentioned as an argument. As Moxie mentioned, SS13 is not based on realism, nor what would be realistic. It is a game that is meant to be fun, coming from a variety of things. Now I understand the other side of this argument is that the IC reason behind not using syndi comms is weak and feels OOCly forced. I don't see it that way, but if that's the case, couldn't the same be said for why traitors can't bomb primary hallways to kill or lure our their targets unless hijack? Or why the die a glorious death aka space yourself objective actually means die without killing anyone, especially sec, and without bombing the station unless you have special admin permission? Or as Davidchan mentioned, the IC reason behind not buying the sec team a bunch of syndi comms for all of sec on a open uplink (which would then be kept for all round on their person). You can make IC reasons for all of those, yes. Each one of those things I mentioned are instituted for OOCly reasons, very good ones at that. But just because a rule is made for a obvious OOC reason, doesn't make the ICly reasoning weak. You can have both. Now I strongly suspect that the reason for this somewhat sudden change is not because the IC reasoning behind not doing so is weak, but rather because of the strength of the syndi comms. I know plenty of people who consider it very strong. They are completely correct. Getting all comms for 2 tc is incredibly useful, especially if you are going in solo. Thus I understand why some would want to nerf it someway. However, it is completely wrong that it carries no risk. It is an item that will guarantee perma no matter what your crime is. Hell, you can get perma for a random search. That is a huge risk for stealth players. For people who go loud against sec, typically experienced and good players, they could care less. Now for the reason this is a bad idea. Most experienced and robust players go solo. Most of those players, go loud against sec. But you also have a huge spawn of newer players, and intermediate ones who enjoy/need teamwork, as well as some experienced players who just find it enjoyable. With that said, let it be known that this change will not add any risk or change to syndi comms. It adds risk to the teamwork on it. Players who go solo and loud will still have no problems and continue on with the very powerful 2 tc item. Experienced players who use it for teamwork will just find out everyone's names shift start, and find different means of communication between them and do that. With that established, all we have left is the newer and intermediate players. The only thing that this will change is these two types of players will be wordlessly tazed since they asked "Anyone here?" midround, after some newbie got caught with his comms on. After that wordless taze they will be pema'd accordingly, even if they literally did nothing all shift. It hurts those that fail a lot as antag as is. This is just kicking someone while their down, all because they said something in syndi comms when a officer also had it up. And lets not forget the powergaming attitude that exists within both sec and antag. This encourages the former, when we should be discouraging both. I can already see the super cops walking around with syndi comms, and hearing another traitor using it. They won't speak on comms. They will go to the HoS for access to their workplace and search to find them in radio silence, until they do and the syndi is wordlessly tazed. I can't speak for others, but that's not something I want to see encouraged. In regards to Neca's and Davidchans's conversations together, I am not saying that sec will go further with traitor equipment and use traitor weapons. I am not doubting the admin teams ability to enforce rules. I am saying that this will encourage them to go further in other areas that they are already allowed too. Such as Xray implant, CNS, meth tooth, AEG in back pocket and maint prowling with, now, syndi implant. I am not saying that it's going to happen all the time, but I do think it will happen more often now, even if only a little. As a disclaimer, I am not saying all this is going to happen constantly. I am not saying the world is ending and para is doomed. I'm just saying this is a change that was made for all the wrong reasons and will have a negative effect. tl;dr This change will hurt those new and intermediate players who already fail enough as is, while experienced players will remain unaffected. The value of the item will remain unaffected by those who know how to use it, and all the while give security the occasional all comms and fulfilling takedown on some newbie who was unaware of the change.
  2. That would be neat, especially if it can be dated so you can see how balance pr's affected greentext rates overtime. Bonus points if you can trace it to ckeys so I can see my own greentext rate.
  3. Roaches. Aka Kidan. I absolutely fear and despise roaches. Aside from carrying a multitude of diseases and being absolutely disgusting, its extremely hard to wipe a nest out from a house and they breed rapidly. They also enjoy crawling into ears. They should be purged in flame, also like kidan. Spiders are chill though.
  4. I've been seeing this a lot recently, like, at the very start of the shift. I'm curious as to why its became so popular all the sudden. Bonus points if they dismantle the sec records, cam, and ID console, which I've had happen as well. By the magistrate of all people If I read this 6ish months ago I'd nod my head in agreement and frustration. Now though, whenever I see stuff like this and as others mentioned going on in-game, I can't help but to laugh at how serious some people are about 'winning.'
  5. As a note; when I mention stealth ops here, I mean nukies that don't declare war, not nukies that stuff all their stuff in a backpack and try to walk around like normal civilians. I'd be inclined to agree that stealth ops is relatively easy (compared to war), and usually ends in the nukies storming the bridge, having the disk, and on their way out before sec even reaches the bridge. That is boring, no sec are able to respond, if they do its likely they don't have the needed equipment to take a nukie down (unless the nukies took their time murdering people). However I seen plenty stealth rounds where everything goes wrong, and the nuke ops die a horrible death before they even reach the bridge. Why? Cause sometimes nuke ops are composed of newer players. I can't speak for others, but I always considered stealth to be for those newer to the role or ss13 in general, to ease them in. War, on the other hand, for hardened veterans who know stealth would be too easy for them. I dislike the idea of newbies forced to go war and then die 5 mins within arriving on station, for a wasted 30 mins as the crew boards the shuttle or effectively extended if they do no damage and shuttle is not called. I'll admit, sometimes that still happens as newbies choose war. Or worse, if a competent group of players choose stealth and mop the floor with command before they even knew what hit them. In the end I am ambivalent about the idea, but I would still be willing to give it a try and see how its received, for sure. I just felt the need to mention stealth does have its use, and quite a good one if done by the newer folks. That being said, stealth ops on low pop? Yikes.
  6. I found it dead. Help never came. P.S whoever did this is a god and my hero
  7. I was too angry So I bashed the Clown in maint plz unban I am sad
  8. Making glare harder to use via having to time it at the right moment, instead of spam clicking it when you see sec coming towards you, is a interesting idea. Currently the only skill with is it using it in conjunction with rejuv, and timing it to get the most people at once. I wouldn't be opposed to that idea, being punished for timing a glare improperly sounds neat. I am unsure what others might think of that however. I believe most people can agree on the second point, for both vamps and clings. A solid counter to it used to be explosive lances, however with its removal, there isn't too terribly much you can do. I'm surprised there hasn't been something for it already. Hell, since I haven't seen any recently, I wouldn't be surprised if a PR was merged that prevented it, and I just missed it.
  9. Well since it seems this thread has been revived, Ill guess I'll state what I've stated before. IPC's are a in a good position when it comes to roleplay and feeling different from, say, a human. I'd argue that more people play IPC because it actually feels alien, not because it is strong. But, that is just conjecture, really. When it comes down to it, IPC's only have three issues. In sec/command roles, a IPC is easy pickings, and is seen as a loot pinata for obvious reasons. For this reason, any IPC's in this role that don't partner with other species will likely be killed without any fighting chance against a enemy with a EMP. Sticking close with other sec/crew members does help remedy this a bit, but still, it is a liability to be in a combat role as a IPC. I personally see this part of the races mechanics, and that its not meant to be played in combat roles without support, but that's just me. IPC's that are targets to enemy agents are very easy to kill, as long as they can find you. There is little you can do to defend yourself, if anything, assuming they use a EMP. Even if they didn't, the brute weakness will still put you at a considerable disadvantage. Its pretty much a free objective if you can isolate them. Finally, the EMP range (in this case I am talking about agents 2 tc nades they get) tend to be so large that killing an civi IPC, unrelated to the engagement, is quite common. An agent could use a nade to keep themselves from being tazed in a sec chase, and if a IPC happened to be in that area, they would be instantly killed. With the last point I made, there was a PR a while back to fix it. It was meant to make the IPC's take heavy damage from a EMP, and be stunned for a decent while (half a min iirc) instead of instant death. That would of solved the issue of unwanted collateral deaths, while still making sure they are easy to kill if they are your target or your pursuer (sec). Sadly, it was shot down on the basis of being a buff to IPC, but really it was anything but. I can't speak for others, but if I knew I wouldn't kill some random IPC in the hallway I didn't see every time I prime a EMP nade, I would use it far more often.
  10. The first one seems worthy of a player complaint all by its lonesome. The last I've seen happen many times, and not always by vox. Really just any pair of IC friends. As I've done it myself before, and have been helped by it, I suppose I am part of the problem there.
  11. This is a key part of the entire issue, really. Bad behavior from the antags (Wordlessly killing sec and keeping them permadead and/or stripping them of all their gear so if they are cloned they have nothing) reinforces bad behavior from sec (Wordlessly tazing people on green and then hauling to the brig without a stated charge). It is impossible to remedy this completely, but there are things antags could do better as well, not only just sec. For example, when a officer stops you instead of tazing you, there are two options (assuming a search would perma you). You can run, or you can fight them. The latter is usually unfair, since you can easily slip and murder them before they can react, or ebow them then murder etc. Then said officer in future rounds will likely not ask for people to stop again, remembering how they were killed without any chance to react. Next time the antag is wordlessly tazed and is brought in, and perma'd. The antag is angry they had no chance to react, and their round was ruined, so next time they attack the officer first without provocation (bonus points if they say they just wanted their ID or headset). Thus reinforcing shitty behavior on the other side and vice versa. It is a self fulfilling prophecy at its finest. I cant speak for others, but I can speak for what I do. I feel killing sec that are either new, or very good at their jobs but directly give you a chance to run via not tazing on sight, is bad form. Of course, that doesn't always stop me, but it is something to think about. Even if you do kill them, you have a choice of permakilling them, dragging them to medical, or hiding their corpse. Once again, if the officer gave you a chance to get a surprise attack off, or run, you should drag them to medical (not stripped completely of gear, no one likes running to the HoP naked waiting 10 mins for a ID and then getting back to sec with little to no gear left, just to find out that another officer took two tazers instead of one so there are none left). The same goes if they are new, since you don't want to discourage new players from entering the department. I recommend never permakilling unless it is your target, but if you must, at least make sure its not one of the officers that played nice. That's just mean. One last note, if you like fighting sec, but don't wana feel bad for murdering a officer trying to search/stop you, kidnap them. A bar of soap + zipties is all you need, letting you take a ID/Headset/Tazer and turn them loose quite easily.
  12. You can solo without being a murderboner, unwilling to follow orders and not being a team player. Solo'ing is a strategy that has worked in the past, and is likely to work again in the future, and it works for the same reason that putting all your eggs in one basket is considered a bad idea. It creates a distraction, drawing crew to two different locations instead of one. Its less of a friendly fire hazard, since its hard to get a shot in a three tile wide hallway when there five ops. It also helps so that if the ops are bombed, and four of them are taken down in a small hallway, there is still a fifth member that has a chance. This team based gamemode has a plethora of strategies that work around it. I am afraid it is not as simple as: if solo in team based mode = murderboner and making the game less fun for everyone That sounds nice in practice, but usually bad operatives are new. New players tend to communicate less often, be less experienced, be stressed, and not really know whats going on and work off what they heard about the mode. I've have seen ops that know what they are doing but be dicks anyways, and stay silent/not follow orders, but that is rarer than you might think. Perhaps its just me, but ahelping on a player who doesn't know what they are doing just to get them replaced so you have a better chance of winning is wrong and misguided. I am aware you likely mean the latter type of people who aren't new but choose to be uncooperative, but I feel it is still worth mentioning.
  13. I do, personally. Though if you die next to your team you can imagine what happens.
  14. Thats a microbomb implant. Macrobomb works the same, but on a 5 sec countdown, and the explosion is the size of a syndicate bomb, iirc. Twenty TC. Fairly sure its a guarantee of gibbing you and anyone within four/three tiles of you.