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  1. Im glad this was brought up, since I wanted to mention it but felt my post was already too long. It seems likely the reason xray isn't touched is that antags have a lot of cheese, so xray cheese is looked at to a counter antag cheese. That leads into a looping cycle where cheese for both parties is justified based on the other having it. I understand and can relate to that way of thinking, the problem is xrays are not a counter to antag cheese. The only thing xrays will do is lead to instant taze and cuff on newer/mediocre antag (at least in my experience) players that don't understand how you saw them most of the time. Robust antag players using cheesy methods will probably already know you have it, and be taking steps around it, which usually involves becoming a full on stealth turtle or systematically killing officers. Xrays add nothing to the round except stomping on newer players that probably were going to get stomped on without it. Seems like a net negative to me. But then again, xrays only come once in a while, so who cares right? If they do come, go get killed/use a cheesy strategy, and hop into the next round which will probably be more fun. Same can be said for someone using antag cheese. I get the idea, and it works. But should that really discount any discussion about fixing the problem at its roots?
  2. ss13 is many things for many people, but for me its always been a suspenseful thriller, from its pure unpredictability in most rounds. The suspense in not knowing what's around the other corner, what antags there are, not knowing if sec is on your tail, and the base confusion and chaos that come with some rounds. The very existence of xrays are counteractive to that, an all-seeing tech that prevents you from ever being ambushed that also enables you to ambush much more effectively, forces antags down two routes. The route of: be extremely stealthy and make sure sec never even realize your antag, and that your victims never get a call for help OR be extremely aggressive and act fast to take down officers permanently. Coincidently both strategies/options are actively discouraged and viewed negatively by this community, as well as being unfun to play against/do. Sorry for the bold and underline spam, but I feel the emphasis is needed. That's not to mention the fact that a good science + competent miners can get xrays out fast (which I don't really consider a problem in of itself, two departments working in tandem should be rewarded) or how genetics with some good rng can get xrays out in under 15 mins (which has happened to me several times and irritated me more than I care to admit). Of course, xrays can turn a one-sided fight in favor of sec into a complete slaughter, and rendering the rest of the round extended (as others have mentioned, cult is a biggie here) In the end, xrays are by nature counterproductive to what this community expects out of antags and what the nature of the game is. No antag (including full powered vamp) nor sec should have it, and in my opinion it should be removed completely, or changed so much it is no longer recognizable from the original xray. Thermals should be the absolute most someone can get, and even then, would do good to be changed (being able to see heat signatures through walls instead of being able to fully see every detail about them through a wall). Shame a complete removal will never happen, though it is nice to dream sometimes. Sadly though, despite several attempts of prs to change this, they are declined and nothing is done even though a massive majority of people see it as a problem and desire a change. For what ungodly reason, I am not quite sure. However, this has been going on for years now, and probably will continue to go on. Apologies if I come by as aggressive or abrasive, but this topic has come up countless times in dchat and discord, and nothing is ever done despite attempts. I can't help but feel disheartened from that.
  3. I couldn't not choose this for Rurik Varlim: "Happiness is Overrated" by The Toxic Airborne Event.
  4. Yea! That's it, couldn't remember the name for the life of me. I always did love the look.
  5. Combat Turtlenecks would be a great one that I would sell my soul for. There was also a time where I got into the syndi outpost (not the depot, just the small two room and hallway outpost) and I got a neat lighter. I can't remember the name, but I think it started with a g. Little cool collectables like that would make great trading items.
  6. As have I, usually dozens of rounds in a row. Perhaps that meta has changed as of late however, I don't know.
  7. I like that idea a lot. Having it so simply cheesing them with a toolbox is a little harder is always a good idea in my book, especially since its so easy to do.
  8. If you hate the current one, I'd love to have seen what you thought of the previous sat before the changes. That being said, the issue more lies with thermite making Rwalls useless. If someone takes their time to deconstruct all the walls, along with using the girder to block the turret shots and deconstruct the SMES to get behind the AI, your looking at a 5 - 7 min completion. If the AI calls for help, sec should be there within that timeframe. However if you use thermite, then emp the turrets or use desword, it will take upwards of a min, if that. Good luck getting officers to reach it in that timeframe with their lack of access. The AI's best hope at that point is a pod pilot to nab the thief in space. Even if the place was made more round and circular as you suggest, one emp will just nock them all off, and it will be stolen ez pz. You will only make it harder for those who don't have desword/emp. At the end of the day turrets will be easily cheesable, no matter how much damage it does or how it is placed.
  9. Revolution gamemode is added as a mid round event with the same chance of spawning as terror spiders. This is probably the greatest idea I ever had.
  10. What Davidchan stated more or less rings true. I'd argue it has to do less with coordination and teamwork, and more with a good tc build and competence/robustness level. But the point stays the same. If the ops are robust, coordinated, and have a plan, they can win quickly and easily. And they would win quickly and easily every time, but luckily the antag selection adds newer players that aren't quite so elite. Even then, two robust and coordinated nukies can do it themselves. Hell, just one can carry at times and get the nuke disk solo, even if it is the exception instead of the rule. In the end, nukies can win easily with experienced players that keep their eye on the ball. Making changes like these, any of these, I fear would tilt the balance towards where nukies stomp with just one good player consistently. I know it sucks to have a team of flukies, all die, shuttle called, and everyone leave and pretends that round didn't happen. But balancing around the newer players instead of around the elite who know how to play it perfectly, I don't think is a good call.
  11. I'm willing to bet they buy ammo for the magazines themselves instead of the actual ammo. That's what I tend to do at least, 3 magazines makes it a lot easier to load and shoot in a hurry than one mag and a box of ammo.
  12. Only 39 for adrenals? Color me surprised, figured it would be twice as much at least. Also tfw 0 for the Power Beacon.
  13. Well, I see I am late to the party. Which is a shame since there is so much to say. With the danger of repeating what others have already said, I'll speak my piece here. First off this realism thing which I am very surprised is mentioned as an argument. As Moxie mentioned, SS13 is not based on realism, nor what would be realistic. It is a game that is meant to be fun, coming from a variety of things. Now I understand the other side of this argument is that the IC reason behind not using syndi comms is weak and feels OOCly forced. I don't see it that way, but if that's the case, couldn't the same be said for why traitors can't bomb primary hallways to kill or lure our their targets unless hijack? Or why the die a glorious death aka space yourself objective actually means die without killing anyone, especially sec, and without bombing the station unless you have special admin permission? Or as Davidchan mentioned, the IC reason behind not buying the sec team a bunch of syndi comms for all of sec on a open uplink (which would then be kept for all round on their person). You can make IC reasons for all of those, yes. Each one of those things I mentioned are instituted for OOCly reasons, very good ones at that. But just because a rule is made for a obvious OOC reason, doesn't make the ICly reasoning weak. You can have both. Now I strongly suspect that the reason for this somewhat sudden change is not because the IC reasoning behind not doing so is weak, but rather because of the strength of the syndi comms. I know plenty of people who consider it very strong. They are completely correct. Getting all comms for 2 tc is incredibly useful, especially if you are going in solo. Thus I understand why some would want to nerf it someway. However, it is completely wrong that it carries no risk. It is an item that will guarantee perma no matter what your crime is. Hell, you can get perma for a random search. That is a huge risk for stealth players. For people who go loud against sec, typically experienced and good players, they could care less. Now for the reason this is a bad idea. Most experienced and robust players go solo. Most of those players, go loud against sec. But you also have a huge spawn of newer players, and intermediate ones who enjoy/need teamwork, as well as some experienced players who just find it enjoyable. With that said, let it be known that this change will not add any risk or change to syndi comms. It adds risk to the teamwork on it. Players who go solo and loud will still have no problems and continue on with the very powerful 2 tc item. Experienced players who use it for teamwork will just find out everyone's names shift start, and find different means of communication between them and do that. With that established, all we have left is the newer and intermediate players. The only thing that this will change is these two types of players will be wordlessly tazed since they asked "Anyone here?" midround, after some newbie got caught with his comms on. After that wordless taze they will be pema'd accordingly, even if they literally did nothing all shift. It hurts those that fail a lot as antag as is. This is just kicking someone while their down, all because they said something in syndi comms when a officer also had it up. And lets not forget the powergaming attitude that exists within both sec and antag. This encourages the former, when we should be discouraging both. I can already see the super cops walking around with syndi comms, and hearing another traitor using it. They won't speak on comms. They will go to the HoS for access to their workplace and search to find them in radio silence, until they do and the syndi is wordlessly tazed. I can't speak for others, but that's not something I want to see encouraged. In regards to Neca's and Davidchans's conversations together, I am not saying that sec will go further with traitor equipment and use traitor weapons. I am not doubting the admin teams ability to enforce rules. I am saying that this will encourage them to go further in other areas that they are already allowed too. Such as Xray implant, CNS, meth tooth, AEG in back pocket and maint prowling with, now, syndi implant. I am not saying that it's going to happen all the time, but I do think it will happen more often now, even if only a little. As a disclaimer, I am not saying all this is going to happen constantly. I am not saying the world is ending and para is doomed. I'm just saying this is a change that was made for all the wrong reasons and will have a negative effect. tl;dr This change will hurt those new and intermediate players who already fail enough as is, while experienced players will remain unaffected. The value of the item will remain unaffected by those who know how to use it, and all the while give security the occasional all comms and fulfilling takedown on some newbie who was unaware of the change.
  14. That would be neat, especially if it can be dated so you can see how balance pr's affected greentext rates overtime. Bonus points if you can trace it to ckeys so I can see my own greentext rate.