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  1. It's the security records machines that allow you change people to arrest. There are quite a few around.
  2. The message will probably pop up about 3 times because people are incapable of standing still while on the summoning rune
  3. Changelings and why you never leave your friends during an attack.
  4. Assumedly if you're removing the greentext, you're removing the actual objective...? Removing the greentext sounds fun. It does mean that some direction is lost, but this invites antagonists to be more freeform, able to plan elaborate things rather than rushing for the captain's ID the second he leaves his office or putting someone down the second they leave their department. Greentext has no reward except for bragging rights, in all honesty... Hijack could be a rare fun little event. As a free antagonist you could do a lot... You could try to enthrall every single person on the station, or get everyone to ascension as shadowlings, typical objectives. I see Cult being the most fun round with this, as they have so much random utility. They don't have to summon Nar'Sie, they could instead sell magical services, as could the wizard. Keeping the "Escape" or "Die a glorious death" is still a good idea. This DOES kind of take the overt danger out of antagonists, but nothing is stopping them from kidnapping people and shooting down the Sec that chase them...
  5. So far I've killed 3 IPCs with EMPs... That's how many I can recall, there may be a fourth...
  6. The trouble seems to be primarily with EMPs... IPCs are made up of mechanical limbs to my knowledge, and EMPs really mess those over. The coding would be based around those two things. Depending on how it's coded (Whether the EMP applies burn damage to the limb or destroys it) will determine how much work that this specific problem would take to fix. If it applies damage to limbs it could be as simple as changing the values. If it instantly kills all the parts of an IPC... That's going to need to be recoded to instead apply damage to mechanical parts.
  7. I think if they've gotten to the body and you're on the floor dying in crit that's... About it.... Maybe EMPs shouldn't kill you in one shot then... >.> I just think it's nice of you to make it so I don't have to pull out the boom station damaging grenades. Heyyy, I haven't been salty at all!
  8. Oh, HoS. I somehow thought we were talking about a HoP... But anyway, if you're not in your office and you're a fleshy humanoid, then they may as well just bioterror you or instant KO you with some drug...
  9. I mean, once again, they need to break into your office and drag your dead body away... As they do with a human. IPCs don't teleport into space upon death unless that's been patched in?
  10. Malpracticebay exists. Organics understand your pain, being blind and suffering from brain damage while everyone is busy sawing off limbs by accident... Can you get diseases or bleed out? Do poisons work on you?
  11. Do IPCs have organs and bones and smushy bits? I know their hands break... You just kinda... Shove legs back on. The same goes for heads. Unless someone EMPs you while in space, they're going to have about the same difficulty as someone who has a non-IPC target. They still need to get your body, they still need to space you... The through walls bit is the only really sketchy thing I see here.
  12. But you can revive IPCs by just kinda slapping wires at them and maybe whacking them over the head with a lit welding torch... Playing an IPC comes with the sudden EMP deaths, that's half the fun. In return, you don't need oxygen.
  13. This... Still does seem a bit validhunty. Assistants are supposed to really just... Assist, get a job or get drunk in the bar and gamble a lot... Unless they're tators. Why would you even wander around the dark, dank tunnels of a spess station?