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  1. I have nothing against the map, but I still like BoxStation more. If they maybe added some trash and made the maints interesting to explore with perky little rooms full of random supplies in which you could make a small outpost/hideout, I would like it more. 6/10
  2. Or massive tentacle kraken mutants!!!! :0000
  3. Also, I'm scared of oceans and I love them at the same time, I love the mystery of them, but at the same time it's scary-.. as anything can lurk from it, right?!
  4. I have a fear of sleeping trough school and then waking up.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. Danzig

    I'm back.

    Sup, I'm Danzig, I'm playing since 2016 but I took a big break since the June of 2018, now I'm back. Some of you might remember me as Kurt Plasmafeuer and Malcom O'Brian. Anyway's, I mostly play as Atmos Tech cause I love the simulation of atmos on this sever. Tell me something new
  6. Here you can see me bribing the captain with my booze bottles i stole on my great bar heist.
  7. Danzig


    Wassup! I'm Erik. I've been playing SS13 for solid 2 years now with switching servers a lot. I used to play a lot on TG but then i quit for some reason, so i tried Paradise. It's been a blast! It's kinda' late for an introduction, but i have to do it sooner or later. In-game i play as the 'infamous' Kurt Plasmafeuer. You might have heard of me being an Toxins Research Main, because i really love the atmospherics simulation on this server. I have mained Atmos Tech, but then i switched to Plasma Research because i like the aspect of mixing gases and making bombs. I've heard some rumors around Kurt that he is a 'terrorist', but he isn't! Sometimes accidents happen, but Kurt is an really out-going person. I'm always willing to get new people in my Toxins Room, and if you're new to Toxins, i can teach you some advanced methods on Toxins 101. So if you see me around, don't be afraid to approach me, and if you want to learn, i'm always willing to help. Yeah one more thing, sometimes you can see Kurt's flesh grey, bloody and burned because of the 'failed experiment's'.
  8. I never got medals because 3/4 of station thinking that i'm a terrorist. Well you know, Toxins Research is hard.. but harder is to get away with it when you blow up 5 bombs with a signaler. I'm not a terrorist, please.
  9. reminds me when as chad atmosia i released a N20 and Plasma mix into virgin cargonia because they told me that atmosia is shit, after the seconds i head in tcomms their agonizing screams for help :)