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  1. Here you can see me bribing the captain with my booze bottles i stole on my great bar heist.
  2. RealSenpai


    Wassup! I'm Erik. I've been playing SS13 for solid 2 years now with switching servers a lot. I used to play a lot on TG but then i quit for some reason, so i tried Paradise. It's been a blast! It's kinda' late for an introduction, but i have to do it sooner or later. In-game i play as the 'infamous' Kurt Plasmafeuer. You might have heard of me being an Toxins Research Main, because i really love the atmospherics simulation on this server. I have mained Atmos Tech, but then i switched to Plasma Research because i like the aspect of mixing gases and making bombs. I've heard some rumors around Kurt that he is a 'terrorist', but he isn't! Sometimes accidents happen, but Kurt is an really out-going person. I'm always willing to get new people in my Toxins Room, and if you're new to Toxins, i can teach you some advanced methods on Toxins 101. So if you see me around, don't be afraid to approach me, and if you want to learn, i'm always willing to help. Yeah one more thing, sometimes you can see Kurt's flesh grey, bloody and burned because of the 'failed experiment's'.
  3. I never got medals because 3/4 of station thinking that i'm a terrorist. Well you know, Toxins Research is hard.. but harder is to get away with it when you blow up 5 bombs with a signaler. I'm not a terrorist, please.
  4. reminds me when as chad atmosia i released a N20 and Plasma mix into virgin cargonia because they told me that atmosia is shit, after the seconds i head in tcomms their agonizing screams for help :)
  5. It's me again, posting late at night. Anyway's Atmos Tech has always been my main, because there is just something special about you giving air to station and killing off floods. Anyways Atmos is an important role to the station, it's kinda a god-like job because you control what people breath for majority of the time. I've played pretty common, making upgrades there and here, but i wanted to know. How do you play Atmos (if at all)? What tip's do you have, do you do some crazy shit experiments like making crazy execution gasses of some sort(One more thing i love)? Give me your wisdom <3
  6. Relatable, i main Atmos (2 years i believe?) and i love to smash people with baseball bats and wrenches. I just love that satisfying bashing sound and to see how my victims head becomes bloody and disfigured.
  7. Yes, word's count as weapon, boxing gloves are fun till' you hit HoS and he gulag's you :(
  8. Sup, i'm Ivan, i haven't posted anything on this account for over 2 years now, so i took a shot. SS13 has a lot of weapons, a lot, and i wondered, which weapons you prefer the most. The one's you can make cheaply and replace without any costs, or the high-risk weapons with which you can kill an entire crew or greytide's but then get battoned to gulag. I wan't to see your favourite one's. P.S: I tried making a new account, because of this nickname, but i guess i will have to use this one :P