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  1. I miss you ;_;




  2. I don't care if action is not is taken, I just want to know that if I send the fax, I get a fax back that it is received. It's a confirmation that there is a GA paying attention and I'm happy with just that alone.
  3. can you post a picture with a humanoid wearing them?
  4. Another option would be to make the emergency EVA suits a bulky item so they don't just stuff them inside their bag. Once they put it on, they cannot take it off or it'll make the suit useless kinda like how we had those cryobags. Maybe even a warning before you take them off like "Are you sure? Yes/No".
  5. Certified Pipe Wizard here. Fastmos is great. I want to see wind throwing go up. The problem I have is that object throwing is so bugged that it really kind of upset people so I understand why they want it nerfed. As long as that problem exist, I would rather keep Fastmos as it is right now. It's just the right amount of danger. Things that could be improve on are safety measures. Add more Firelocks and backup systems for repressurization.
  6. I'm not going to take the excuse that it's going to "add stack to the code" when there is so many parts of the code that already goes unused. If I were to make a PR about them, people would complain for improving it instead of delete it. All it does is gather dust. This isn't just for mute IC. This is for other things as well including blindness and even colorbindness! If I recall, being a colorblind vulpkanin allows you to see through the dark better and if they were to take mutadone, they lose that ability. To say that mute doesn't need to be mechanically disable is wrong. You can't scream, cough, sneeze loudly which the game forces you to do if infected or being bashed by a toolbox. In regards to dust gathering, this could be deleted (I didn't make those comments):
  7. But mechanically I wouldn't have to do that.I don't see it being a problem if this type of feature was added to the game. It's just for roundstart disabilities and nothing else. Unless there is a legit reason, which I don't see any, then that is something that should be discussed.
  8. So you're suggesting that I shouldn't have IC disabilities?
  9. Well whether you see it or not. Why do you not want people to have the option?
  10. Cloning is easily avoidable, just ghost away from your body is simple enough. As for opting all healing meds, that's pretty exaggerated. Mutadone on the other hand is more specific to a single medication. Let's look at two scenarios 1. We can continue to make the argument that if someone has a disability, they can be cured by mutadone plain and simple. This just makes disabilities useless even at round start. 2. We can remove disabilities from the creator, but people might lose their minds and reject that idea because "immersion and roleplay". Do you see the dilemma?
  11. "Ohh your mute? why not take mutadone? It cures your genetic disease, guaranteed! It's almost a miracle!" This is more or less a personal suggestion. I don't think mutadone should be the cure all solution to someone's genetic problem. Space Kuru for example is incurable or being cluwned, etc. I had to write my IC's medical record to make a work around on why mutadone is bad for them. Other than that, i'm finding it very annoying that, that is the end all solution. Mutadone needs to have its limits. I'm proposing that an option is made in the Character Creation for those who wish to opt out having their diseased cured by mutadone. So if I myself decide to play my mute IC and someone feeds me mutadone, it won't work. In addition, It allows creatures like Vulpkanin to keep their color blind ability to see through the dark, etc. I think this would add a layer to RP, so someone like myself doesn't have to come up with an excuse on why my IC is mute.
  12. Aren't shadow people technically players that injected themselves with slime juice? As for Golems. Anyone can kill them even without provocation. Why did you get bwoink? send an admin complaint. The rules aren't very clear. This is just another "spirit of the rule" scenario that kinda annoys me. The Administration really needs to look at this. I really want to know as well.
  13. Paradise should continue to keep up with the MRP standards. To say that Paradise would lose lots of their current players is questionable and not totally true. Paradise took in the wrong type of crowd and I have to sit next to them regardless of how uncomfortable it is.. Hell, the server is just too big as it stands right now to the point that we are what? Semi-listed? If the administration has the backbone to enforce and encourage MRP, I would be right behind them. I join this server thinking and wanting MRP. I'm not about to bend over backwards for the wrong type of community.
  14. Aright, I got the understanding that their won't be any jobbans. Now the only concern is just Station Goals in general which i'll leave keep the discussion here There is still the concern of the IC direction. Is the NSS Cyberiad really and feel like Science Station? The second question is, why do I feel like even though we claim to be MRP, we generally lean towards LRP? To explain the second question a bit more. Based on personal accounts, I see just about more than half of every round I join are nothing more than a meme. I'm only viewing this during present time and I understand we are basically coming into the Holiday Seasons just about. I also understand that we are trying to make every round fun, but I believe that draws the LRP crowd in which some intend to stay and I'm hearing more and more claims that they don't come for the RP in general (mostly on discord). Once that happens you get a conflict of interest and it kinda messes with the balance with what we have, action and roleplay. Not "action or roleplay, it doesn't matter to us".
  15. I'm only saying that, because it's highly possible given the direction the station goals has taken. Even when playing an Atmospheric Technician, I had CEs threaten to fire me because I refused to help build it. As long as it continues to be the duties of the Engineer to complete Engineer Station Goals, I feel like jobbans would be something that is likely going to be considered in the future unless the station goals are fixed.