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  1. When a strange plant is put into a fermenting barrel the alcohol potency is random each time. It can be anywhere from .1 to 1.5. There's a 1% chance it'll be 2. Even drinking straight Ethanol, Suicider, or Pan Galactics only have an boozepower of 1. If a sip tells you the alcohol is suicidally strong its over 1.2. Sadly its hard to mass produce as every plant added will be random. You have to work one plant at a time and taste every batch. You'll get hammered faster than any clients.
  2. Alternatively they can easily chill a tank of otherwise unused nitrogen or co2 and make a tiny chamber on your own. You don't need every step done for you at round start. *back pops* Back in my day we didn't even have slime management consoles, we did all the slime raising by hand and thats the way we liked it! Goshdurn it!
  3. An upgraded science HUD could maybe read the contents of the RPED in your hand and put a marker by machines upgradable with the parts inside.
  4. Pretty sure the only flogging that should occur on station is the Captain 'disciplining' the HoP with the Chain of Command for opening multiple high priority clown slots. 1 Honk = 1 Lash
  5. I haven't gotten a chance to really sink my teeth into the New Crit system. My only medical rounds have been in chemistry and I just know I'm pumping out chems all shift with barely any free time. However my big gripe currently is not all the changes are centralized in one place. Its hard to tell whats change and what hasn't. Can we have a end all location where all these changes are listed. Discord points to the guide and the guide doesn't mention a lot of the smaller changes. Almost every round the CMO will still give me their hypospray not realising it contains mitochloride instead of omni. The only place that seems to be mentioned is halfway down the PR. I only learned Corazone was disabled by reading the feedback thread. I was adding rezadone to my SR pills to help combat the clone damage without realising that that detriment to SR no longer exists. Its going to be a hard pill to swallow either way but can we at least get all the changes transparent and centralized?
  6. Just wanted to say that in early parts of the shift resources are limited. We already sometimes get issues when Robotics or the mechanic get to the ORM first and drain all the materials leaving nothing for RnD. At least if Robotics takes it all you can complain to the RD but if engineering, medical, or the lawless tide get a hold of all the diamonds good luck getting any back. Incentivize other departments to get all grabby and I kind of feel that the researchers are going to get shafted. Even late round isn't completely safe. I've gone to restock on materials for robotics/RnD and had the ORM drained but diamond statues all over the station.
  7. If chem dispensers got upgraded I'd like for it to be upgrading the parts gave some extra features instead of just faster recharge. One recent semi complex idea would having resivoirs in the machine for chems. Instead of making oil each time or juggling a second beaker, hold it inside the machine to be dispensed at a button click. Maybe start the round with only 2 slots and 100u each but upgrade to something like 4 or 6 and hold up to 300 each. This one is semi related but some way to process monkey cubes straight for blood, so we don't have a dying monkey in the chem lab all the time. Put a monkey cube squeezer in the chem dispenser that gives you X blood to work with for each cube. Or make ground up monkey cubes make monkey powder, which when mixed with a small amount of water produce a large amount of blood. If you combined it with the resivoir then just piggyback off that system. Insert cube, get 500u of blood to work with. I find that as a chemist I'm 'decent' but I only really drain my dispenser when pumping out really simple chems, otherwise its usually hovering midrange. And with the recent changes to sleepers I think I'd really struggle keeping up with medbay's needs. I don't need more speed, I need more Quality of Life features.
  8. I think its due to being wired into the borg overriding the posibrain's natural speaking ability. Or even dead Borgs and IPC would be able to talk.
  9. Github is the place to watch if you want to be up to date on any upcoming changes but I felt like this one was important enough to bring over to the forums just in case you don't check it regularly. Cloning is a pretty big deal and while I personally support the idea of making cloning more rough I'm quite sure its the best way to go about it. You can find the PR HERE. If you have input you should post it in the PR discussion on Github primarily as there is no guarantee it will be read here. A summary of the changes in case you have github viewing troubles (I know I do on mobile.): 1. Cloning times doubled 2. Pre-scanning removed 3. Autocloning removed 4. Strange Reagent will gib any body that belongs to a clonable species, not just those over the damage threshold.
  10. I'm against pretty much all of these for either making life harder for antags or hurting interdepartmental cooperation. 1. On high pop there are sometimes shortages of supplies. However the Belt and Med HUD are neither critical nor terribly hard to get. As someone who works RnD and Botany decently often I'm more than happy to outfit the paradmedic if they swing by the window and ask. Who knows, if you're joining late enough you might even get upgrades. 2. Same as 1 but I could see Chemical Beakers being printable from a Autolathe. Something to get the Chemist out of the lab for a moment at the start of the shift. Giving cargo something to do. They might even be a little larger but fit in none of the grenade types to keep things ballanced. 3. Absolutely not. Procuring omnizine is a mid tier task for the Chemist. They either need to interact with the CMO, or finagle a chimp to get some. Strange Reagent is always liked yes. But we don't want to flatten the difficulty curve to the point its a straight line. 4. This would be an absolute givaway to any traitor who didn't or couldn't manage to turn off suit sensors before critting their target. As soon as someone gets into crit everyone on station carrying one of the things will know about it. 5. If its just crew pinpointers this one might be alright. As you said, if their sensors turn off while you're already tracking an individual then it'll bug out anyway. But at the same time, now you're alerted even if pinpointer is in your backpack. 7. Might be alright but it seems kinda strange that every jumpsuit on station has the equipment needed to relay that info over the radio network. Its strange enough it can transmit basic health data. If its upgraded though it might give too much info too easily. Previously someone who has 200 suffocation damage might have been in an air drained room, accidentally left their mask on, or got vamped. With the upgrade you could tell immediately. Knowledgeable doctors might even be able to tell what weapons are being used just by the damages. To be honest I'd say that its not the crew monitoring console needs a buff. Its that there need to be less handheld crew monitors available. With 8 on station at roundstart and being easy to print from Science half the roundstart security and medical teams could have them. I'd rather see ONE for the Paramedic, ONE for the Blueshield, and in science at the end of the Bluespace and Medical research paths.
  11. Here's one more for cigarettes. They can actually be lit with a wand of fireball. There may be a failure chance for Non Wizards. HONK!
  12. Aren't there enough ways to open a crate you don't have access to? 1. Acquire access 2. Shoot it a bunch 3. EMP it 4. Blow it up (Even an IED can do this 50% of the time) 5. Emag it (6. Maybe chuck things at it, not 100% on that one) So that's at least 4 ways to do it without an emag. Do they really need to be hackable with a multitool on top of that all. If all it requires is a multitool and screwdriver then it really becomes zero effort. Worst case scenario, you perma lock a crate. Not exactly a real downside considering how you're often swimming in points by midshift.
  13. We all do already know that shadowpeople are a thing right? They typically have full crew rights since 99% of the time they were crew, just injected with mutationtoxin. This almost sounds like it should be a separate thing, like a variant shade that takes damage in light.
  14. A suggestion I've seen is to make those with X-ray extremely flash vulnerable. I'm talking to the point where all welding protection is useless, because you're seeing right through it. Flashes go up a tier in effectiveness where the AoE makes you drop things and direct clicks stun you like Borg flashes. Flashbangs once again hit you just as hard as someone with no protection, even through walls. If you see that thing go off you're getting the maximum stun. It would put it more on the level of thermals. Of course if this happens then all Antags with the X-ray vision should have the same issues with the option to toggle off the ability. I'm mostly for a full removal except for the Orb of Scrying but at least giving it some heavy downsides might ease things. It just feels like an edge that goes too far in stopping innovation.
  15. If my interpretation of the code is correct its anything UNDER 10. 10 itself should go through. Given enough time the humble iron rod or reliable toolbox should break through an airlock.