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  1. Here's one more for cigarettes. They can actually be lit with a wand of fireball. There may be a failure chance for Non Wizards. HONK!
  2. Aren't there enough ways to open a crate you don't have access to? 1. Acquire access 2. Shoot it a bunch 3. EMP it 4. Blow it up (Even an IED can do this 50% of the time) 5. Emag it (6. Maybe chuck things at it, not 100% on that one) So that's at least 4 ways to do it without an emag. Do they really need to be hackable with a multitool on top of that all. If all it requires is a multitool and screwdriver then it really becomes zero effort. Worst case scenario, you perma lock a crate. Not exactly a real downside considering how you're often swimming in points by midshift.
  3. We all do already know that shadowpeople are a thing right? They typically have full crew rights since 99% of the time they were crew, just injected with mutationtoxin. This almost sounds like it should be a separate thing, like a variant shade that takes damage in light.
  4. A suggestion I've seen is to make those with X-ray extremely flash vulnerable. I'm talking to the point where all welding protection is useless, because you're seeing right through it. Flashes go up a tier in effectiveness where the AoE makes you drop things and direct clicks stun you like Borg flashes. Flashbangs once again hit you just as hard as someone with no protection, even through walls. If you see that thing go off you're getting the maximum stun. It would put it more on the level of thermals. Of course if this happens then all Antags with the X-ray vision should have the same issues with the option to toggle off the ability. I'm mostly for a full removal except for the Orb of Scrying but at least giving it some heavy downsides might ease things. It just feels like an edge that goes too far in stopping innovation.
  5. If my interpretation of the code is correct its anything UNDER 10. 10 itself should go through. Given enough time the humble iron rod or reliable toolbox should break through an airlock.
  6. Some things that are nice to have and do exist on station but typically don't get to the people who need them. Slime speed potions limberness SEs Nanopaste Incision Management Systems Some other things that might just be nice to get Rolls of 9000 tickets so you only need 1000 more for the bike, autoimplanters (Unless they're syndicate tech) And a silly item that probably isn't feasible but A Nanotrasen Indulgence/Pardon - Redeemable to get out of any non capital crime. (Possibly only any non-perma sentence.) Why not cut out the middle step and just have random plant trait and plant reagent disks. Otherwise I see either Botanists getting upset that their strange seed was a dud, or asking the trader to scan every seed, slowing the line down.
  7. GAR Mesons can't be mounted on your Ripley. Most people also overstate their combat power. They hit as hard as a floor tile or a fire extinguisher. However they do have a fair chance to embed while thown which makes them one of the few items able to do so without being launched out of a cannon.
  8. Holopad butt dials. Similar to an ass copying this calls a (possibly random) holopad with a hologram of your butt.
  9. I'm not sure what Triiodine said is part of Paracode. There is code for a suplex but its given from the wrestling style granted by a wrestling belt (Same sprite but diffrent from the champion's belt). From there its a disarm while grabbing someone with the style's special clinch grab to do a suplex. You'll both be stunned but your foe will be stunned longer and will take damage.
  10. This is false. Handcuffs, Zipties, and Cable cuffs all have the same cuff time of three seconds. Other than zipties breaking the differences are in breakout times. 60 seconds for handcuffs, 45 for zipties, and 30 for cable cuffs. I think Zipties are in a pretty good place actually. If they needed any changes it would be to make more available for security, currently the warden starts with a box in their locker and there are 8 in the security vendor.
  11. Really I think this choice can't be made with IC justification. It would make sense for sleeper agents to be on board. It would also make sense for agents to be on board during shadowling, blob, and cult rounds. However we don't have them for balance reasons. (Though I would love to see some agents who's goal it is to preserve the station integrity while commiting a more minor crime. Thats something else though.) The issue is with sleeper agents is that they add paranoia which while it can be fun it'll probably cut back on crew cohesiveness in a un-fun way. When the crew gets to stand as a ragtag team of sec, greyshirts, nerds, and cargonians vs a gang of heavily armed lunatics its lets the crew both work as a team and try out some of those crazy ideas. Plus for those who don't feel comfortable rolling antag yet it lets them have a chance at getting some gunplay or stunplay in without the pressure of playing security or traitor. I can see those oppritunites vanishing if Sleepers become a part of war ops. Which would be a shame. Stealth ops can already stealth in with their teleporter or a clean entrance. War ops can order borgs to help them out or try to be a cohesive team and roll through the station. Maybe adding buyable reinforcements with your TC will help but I think putting them on station will do more harm than good.
  12. I'd almost like to see this. Maybe as a buyable option for the operatives. Activating a sleeper agent with 0-10TC or just a headset key, with an mission given by the operatives to either disrupt the crew in general or have a more complex plan. Ideally they're also given some opportunity to get off station as well. Either getting to the gateway or perhaps being given notice that one pod will launch right before detonation. Making it an every time thing would discourage the security team from trusting anyone which might cut down on crew inclusion. Even having it be a buy in thing would likely cause some issues.
  13. Really I find them pretty equal in complexity. Never have to worry about bones in the way. Fixing organs is done with a screwdriver, pulling them out is a multitool. Damage can only reach the 'too severe' cap on the torso, everything else will fall off before that cap. And Nanopaste can always be used regardless of the damage level. They can't use cryo but a recharger will fix all external damage IF its upgraded. Though the one public recharger gets skipped over pretty often and its not obvious to most when they've been upgraded. Unlike Cryo which is the first stop for 75% of the tide as they run past the doctors and hop into the tubes themselves.
  14. I ended up doing those hard numbers tests and thought I'd share the results. Some of them surprised even me. Comparisons will be between IPC, Humans, and Robotic Limbed Humans ('RLH's). All three are available from roundstart. Augmented limbs are seperate and can't be chosen at roundstart. Firstly is damage differences, Humans take x1, Humans with robot limbs take .66x, and IPC take >1.5x. I'll also include damage values in toolboxings('TB's) to reach these thresholds. A toolbox hits for 10 damage on a standard human. Human hands and feet break at 15(1.5 Toolboxes), Arms and legs at 30(3 TB), Groin chest and head at 35(3.5 TB). Robotic limbs start to malfunction at 10 damage (.66 TBs for IPC, 1.5 TBs for RLH). This causes a drop of the item, scaling with damage. Human limbs are only dismembered after their reach their damage cap and even then only with a chance when hit with a sharp object. Robotic limbs are lost immediately when they hit their damage cap. For hands/feet its 30, (2 TBs for IPC, 5 TBs for RLH), and 50 for arm/leg/head (~3.5 for IPC, ~8 for RLH) At this point the limb is dropped and all damage that was on the limb is transfered up to the next limb. EMP damage is actually the same between the two, minus the internal damage and having 3 more zones on the IPC. A Severity 2 EMP with wound both pretty significantly. And a Severity 1 will kill both. Though now that I think about it I only tested with a chemistry(50/50) EMP grenade. Other sources might function slightly differently. The numbers weren't at all what I expected nor were the results. I had suspected the IPC to Die from both and the human to be at most crit by the Severity 1. However it can at least be said with some certainty that EMP damage is not influenced by the racial damage penalty for IPC.
  15. Just as a note here: Thermals cost more diamond but don't require Bluespace mesh or uranium. However I feel like their requirements are practically equal. You do need one higher level of materials, programming, and plasma but at the levels required you can do it completely from within science assuming mining is doing their job. The more significant roadblock is Bio 7 which requires Ambrosia gaia or a Sentience/Transferal potion from xenobio. As such they usually become available at the same time.