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  1. Sounds logical but antags will suffer from it so hard. If instead of removing access restrictions from maint which is pointless, there was a button that made maint airlocks only engineering or security access only, and required red alert to do so, that could possibly be good
  2. Captain, Blueshield and HoP after HoP made a crown out of stolen gold from ORM
  3. Doesn't matter how many emp nades you have, only combining 4 e-sword together into quadro energy sword, you finally can outrobust clown
  4. Idea is good. What i and probably some others dont like about it is its look and meaning. If instead this spell transformed people into valid mass of moving flesh which spread deseasees and vomit around it (the reason for crew to kill said abomination) it would be much less stupid. Clownish stuff , like slipping and cluwns, is fun and games until we have everything on station dedicated to it. I mean, i see no problem with one unlucky guy transformed into cluwn by chaos staff, but having specific spell....
  5. Sure if antags start to murderbone with double esword-meth memes, you are more than welcome to build cloner, get shitton of biomass, prescan officers and just crush antag with bodies. But during quiet moments, it is better to make life of worthy prisoners better.
  6. There is a big difference between ways of dying. Disintegrate makes you ghost instantly, which allows you to observe and possibly join round as ert or midround antag, which is good even if boring. Cluwn thing not only finishes your round without killing you, it is also most nonrp stupid fucking thing that exists in the game (thats why it is great for assfax punishment and such). I am really surprised it has not been removed already. Midround wiz could be good, but even without op spells it really can turn any current gamemode into wizard round, and therefore should only be adminspawn only, not random event. Ragin mages... just nah, even if some people like me played it 1-2 times at all, it is better to kill a newbie wiz and start a new shift than to fight unending meaningless chaos without history behind it. Imho
  7. But thats why brig phys is a karma locked job. Yes, anyone can apply trauma kit. Brig phys job is to bring more RP to brig, not to outrobust malfunctionbay. Yet, it is good idea to have surgery table and sleeper in there, but making them there by default is wrong since while playing said doc, you need something to do first 20-30 minutes before prisoners arrive and officers get hurt.
  8. But this will happen and will give other players and admins trouble. And it is fun and games until 15-30 minutes into the round, after that security most likely won't have time to interact with perma prisoners. I really see more negative things than positive in that idea.
  9. So, after an EXPERIMENTOR accident in science, we got dead bears and therefore, bear pelt hats. Captain had a great idea to make a group photo wearing these, so i got more from vendor. As you can see, RD refused to come ("he was in surgey"), so... we came to RD Unfortunately, CC didnt like it
  10. I think, dionas themselves understand their age somehow different, but their opinion is totally irrelevant, and other species use the first variant, mainly for bureaucracy reasons
  11. McRamon

    Id Shredder

    but there are some ways to do that without shreder, acid for example - and i dont see any problems with that Anyway, as a person who plays HoP from time to time, i would really appreciate a new way to deal with IDs which are no longer in use, alternative suggestion might be something like this: The "terminate" button doesn't just change job title to "terminated", instead, a window pops up where you choose or write a reason for termination, or maybe just add commentary like "unable to revive" or "borged" or even "criminal, EoC", and then the ID computer gives you clear ID, moves person from manifest to "terminated" section with comments you made and maybe even updates certain records (security or medical, depends on what happend to the person). But, shredder is a nice idea, it doesnt have to be only ID shredder, i also would like to see a way to destroy normal papers and stuff. Adding emagged option would also spice things up (speaking of ID, it could for example only accept terminated IDs, unless you emag it, or even accept.... body parts? agressivly grab someone and click on emagged shredder to place his hand inside for... well, painful ghetto amputation). Cool idea!
  12. but i has already happened
  13. you all forget mighty cryodorms, inside of which person could stop aging but yet see specially produced reams to educate and get experience that is indistinguishable from real life one. Pretty simple. Tho as not everybody has the same level of experience, i imagine those educational dreams are product of companies like NT and are expensive. Maybe some people have live long contract to pay for that education they get.... damn dystopia
  14. how about putting pills in drinks? it shows a message about you doing it in red so it is kind of stupid since putting pills inside others drinks to poison them should be at least a bit sneaky