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  1. ;g absorbing AI in captain office Slith as changeling
  2. Dont worry, they will find your body... Thanks to @PhantasmicDream for her character Zeke Varloss!
  3. Antag team is getting together
  4. inb4 janiborg killing greys by washing them
  5. more chibi for the chibi god
  6. ipc dont need to breath, they dont need survival kit at all. wires and welder? well you dont see trauma and burn kits in human box, do you? if any, a custom thing may be added, which is like emergency autoinjector, but for ipc.
  7. I support the idea of staffs and meathooks to be possession of a weapon. But overall aside from one or two times, i seen no mining impact on antag/crew balance. Blobs and xenos can be destroyed without any mining.
  8. unfortunately the most fun paperwork ive seen are against the rules to share
  9. heeeeey, little art thing for fun. really fun
  10. Greetings! If you happen to have any questions regarding game mechanics - feel free to hit f1 and select mentorhelp! And adminhelp for other questions, like questions regarding rules.
  11. Well, we have specific rules that restrict something like this. If you see someone nonsec validhunting, you should report them to admins. And ofc there are certain valid antags (wizard, nukies, blob, demons) which are perfectly valid to be hunted by anyone, and i dont see any problems for miners to use gear from lavaland to do it effectively. Not like killing megafauna is easy enough for miners to storm maintenance in full gear 10 minutes into the round. Also restricting antags from using lavaland loot is also a bad descision. All the fun around lavaland is to bring loot to station. Also often miners share gear with sec or command.
  12. And right after liznerd here goes slimenerd, Vespa for @Cheeseman