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  1. Magic powers, not ones from wizard but something new and fun like ability to spawn a beer bottle in someone's hand. Unique dnd toys (overwatch? Tes?) A bodyguard sent from centcom
  2. No they did not ( one and five other is six totally). But whatever. Square root frome four!!!!
  3. Greeting mate! My name is Marcus as well, Marcus Swarner, nice to meet you! I havent yet mastered anything specific, but have a fair amount of experience in research and development, medicine and chemical research as well as genetics and robotics. Would love to work with you for the glory of nanotrasen! *pda softly beeps*
  4. It is number 7 and that means bush did nine/eleven (eleven is nine plus two and guess what? Nine is seven plus two! Chessmate!)
  5. After all the information people gave about desword counter, i think we need to make it stronger.
  6. Which was made from two specific ingredients
  7. Not going to read this, this is pathetic
  8. I really love the word "suffer", it sounds really cool. Also word "sin" i like.
  9. Possibly it is just my imagination, but the second picture looks like it shows the consequences of the first one... )
  10. Strange thing, this type of discussion about security-antag-admin shenanigans happens from time to time, but still, after playing for a year on para, i havent got a single problem with killing antags as an officer or being killed by an officer. Once or twice tho after being killed i ahelped about it but it was in the manner of "if killing me in certain circumstances is a valid thing to do" and not "i was killed, punish the officer reeeee" so admin could talk to me and explain if it was valid before talking to said officer and interrupting his gameplay without any needs. I understand that most players, especially new ones, dont behave in the most responsible way they can, but that is not something that might be fixed i think, not on the most popular crowded medium rp server.