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  1. Thats why we place all the cool stuff in no security areas! ME BREAK GLASS ME TAKE BELT
  2. Can we have a unique "we know" dark brotherhood paper placed in janitor closet?
  3. Not worth it You are *redacted* and *redacted* *redacted* (Based on a true story)
  4. With being vampire, you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain
  5. I dont think they are so metal you say they are. For a machine to be as agile as an organic being is, you probably would have to make it out of some soft synthetic material, which probably is not as good as flesh, muscles and bones are. What i really dont understand is why computers are not space proof, they dont have any blood pressure inside of their non-existatn veins. Either way, IPC are easy to destroy yet also very easy to repair. There are other factors in space which make it hard for IPC to operate normally, but that is totally not the lack of pressure. Probably making them survive space but malfunction(like blindness, "drunk" effect and hallucinations) if they dont wear space suit will make them a bit stronger, more unique and fair.
  6. Please remove. Just make people not able to eat at some point much like with junk food. Or make it description-slow movement thing. It was so stupid when i suddenly dropped my stuff on the floor including jumpsuit and therefore contraband in pockets, it was not even funny, all after one, ONE donut over the top.
  7. True. Nothing has to be changed. IPCs are just robots made specifically to carry an emergency kit in case some superior race person around is in trouble
  8. Well, no, idea of emergency kit is to give everyone a way to survive emergency, while spending the least amount of money possible. Nobody will spend money/resources to cool off air for drasks, you could the same way place there parches, pills, weapons, surgery tools...
  9. I believe that was suggested a multiple times, especially ipc stuff. Just change the ipc kit to welder and wires, and species who breath different gasses should have their tanks filled with these gasses. No need for cooled gas for drasks, it is emergency kit after all.
  10. If you could allow any famous person/character to be used as a crew member (like, you know, Jim Carrey as a clown or Bill Nye - the scientist), who would it be?
  11. And once again admemes prove that their brains work with 30days lag xD