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  1. A little piece of art done for @Mochi (psst Mochi, if you want a hires version - dm me) Also, if anyone wants an art of their character - dont hesitate to send me a mesage
  2. Also there is crematorium, cheft traitor specific item butcher knife that gibs bodies (not sure if it destroys brain tho). How about implanting a brain into a monkey and leaving it dead somewhere? Who is gonna check the brains of monkeys? Also, does unsuccessful use of SR leaves brain?
  3. McRamon

    IPC EMPs

    Well maybe emp should only damage "organs" and not limbs
  4. McRamon

    IPC EMPs

    Here is what i think about it. Emp should stay as an ultimate way to assassinate an ipc. If you are to approach an ipc with intent to kill them, emp must make the job. HOWEVER, while i dont play ipc, i think in certain situations they might feel of it to be a bit unfair. You say its even harder to fix ipc? Well, if you are my target and you are organic, i will make you unrevivable at all, like.. at all. No way back, no matter how good the doctors are. And i dont even need emp. But, imagine you are an ipc nt rep casually sitting on bridge. An evil tator comes to assassinate a "front of bridge audience" who is also an ipc, or if not, maybe tator just uses emp to disable comms. Or you are just a walking by witness. Or one of many other situations, where you are not an original target. In that case, it is not fair that there is a chance that you round ends in a second. What if - emp places ipc into a station of special crit, where you are unconscious and die if a little bit of force is applied to you. So, instead of outright killing ipc, emp instead would make them almost dead, and for a traitor to finish the job, it would require like two crowbar hits. Not a big difference for traitors. If you dont get additional hits, in about 30-60 seconds you recover from that state, with just some damage. Basically what DerpehBoi suggested, but a bit deeper. Antag-ipc interactions would stay the same, but ipc-accidentempnearby interactions would be a bit more fair
  5. McRamon


    Make yourself at home
  6. Welcome! See you onboard the NSS Cyberiad
  7. What if not normal cells but specially designed balanced rnd ennergy weapon cells?
  8. What about removable cell? You still have recharges but if you want to, with for example proper access to balance it a bit, you could remove basic powercell from it and swap it with charged slime core or bluespace one, making a normal energy gun a much more dangerous spammy lategame weapon? Bonus points - more interactions between sec and science Alternative idea - if all energy gun get selfrecharging, that means they get wireless transmission of energy which comes from... Engine! What if, depending on power output, energy weapons could get increases charging rate or even damage! That will make a reason to set up a supermatter engine (tesla could be safe and easy power source, but lord singuloth would produce much more power to the sec team) and also a reason for antags to sabotage engine (in Non-destructive manner ofc)
  9. -what did german say when asked if they want some hummus for dinner? - nine
  10. How about a 120 hours round where people will start dying?
  11. You guys are totally right, but you all forget those newbie medical doctors who forget to read morgue tray DNR tag (Or even can be nor aware of what dnr means)
  12. what Christasmurf has written is a very cool and interesting idea, i would love to see such karma job (this is also a good idea for different departments instructors karma jobs, but that is another stroty)
  13. i dont feel like people are going to take energy weapon instead of shotguns because some of the nukies can get said shield (which also makes operative unable to attack, which makes it quiet pointless). Making it blocking every projectile and introducing new tank playstyle to nukeops is better imho
  14. It is not about the job, kiddo, it is all about fulfilling my syndicate contract.....
  15. If You are spamming like this, you better get restarted soon. 14? Whatever