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  1. Космическая станция 13 does not exist
  2. *fax machine printing a message* From: NT Representative office fax machine To: NAS Trurl Communication office fax machine Subject: Hello Hey guys, it is blueshield Swarner. I had to use fax, without nt rep knowing, since the situation is kind of bad. I have to stand on bridge for hours, in front of many people staring at me, and i dont look good enough.... I need a katana on my back, you know.... Like a true warrior i am. Bluespace teleport me one please. May the swag be with you. Yours sincerely, Blueshield Marcus Swarner [Sign] *granted stamp*
  3. It sounds like a 0.5 out of 5 stars fan made skyrim modification from category "non-serious/other" I mean... It just doesnt fit the game
  4. How many times paradise servers are better than google servers?
  5. What about a different game, where we get 5 max caps irl? Anyway, i would bomb clown office five times
  6. I think this, while definitely requires some tweaking, is very interesting idea. For example, the device you need to plant should appear in your inventory much like secret documents at round start, and final location should definitely be secured, like head office at least. There should also be a way to prevent heads from checking their stuff for that device from time to time. Also, there are adv. Magboots, tele armor, hypo and so on. Why is there nothing to steal from hop? How about id with id computer access? Bank accounts data? Some new unique paperwork device?
  7. No bwoinks today, but three successful erp acts at arrivals toilet
  8. Sounds like a normal day on nss cyberiad
  9. There is no actual need for IAA to do their job. Thing is, IAA is very optional and unnecessary job. And it has its problems. There is no way to fix IAA situation immediately, but in my opinion there is a way. Problems come from general attitude of playerbase towards IAAs, which comes from IAAs behavior. Thing is, often less experienced players take that role, they open up wiki and what do they see? It is your job to ensure sop and space law are being followed, and if not, you REPORT. While this is true, wording creates certain impression for new IAAs on what others expect them to do. But in reality, job of IAA is no less roleplay than for example librarian. You should interact only with those, who are willing to interact with you (unless it is head, then they are kind of obligated). In my opinion, first thing we should do is to tweak wiki description of a job, to make it more clear for people that they are here not to fight, but rather to help and improve. I believe more people will start to behave correctly and less aggressive, other people will become more and more willing to talk when IAA approaches them, and at some point, the situation will fix itself.