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  1. Deluxe Chemical Dispenser board. Chem dispenser that instead of basic chemicals dispenses all kind of medicine, drugs and other stuff. (No pyrotechnics or poisons) Military grade autolathe board. An autolathe which is able to produce wide vatiaty of security gear, from cuffs, ammo and stunbatons to swat armor, flashbangs and shotguns (not high tear science weapins, but something that can easily restock armory and resupply officers) Industrial exoskeleton - kind of hardsuit, but also has ability to hold inside things like crate or mining ore box. All these requires coding though, i dont really expect it to be implemented
  2. Box of mystery - a crate with 3-5 random items, one per sol trader. Most of the time it should be something you can win at arcade like plushie animals and stuff, with rare chance of unique fluff items, like diamond zippo, some unique normal items(already existing like those pink cuffs from security secret room or something new.... like... i dunno... rainbow crowbar? Xenon hardhat?), and with really rare chance - something really strong (demon heart, katana, scarab egg, medibeam gun, etc)
  3. As a blueshield, i always throw away that piece of bridge security breach
  4. Ian is not the only corgi available for fun of the tider
  5. What about janitor having all that access and security officers (mindshielded personnel) not? what about traitor chef hiding bodies in his freezer with "curious" janitor constantly checking that place? While being pretty simple noob-friendly job, it provides more ways for people to communicate (people call janitor to clean up their place, and janitor can ask hop for more access (yes, there is hop who can give more access, lets make his job even more useless?)). Another problem is - department access is also equipment access, if there was a way to give only airlock access and not vendors and lockers access - it would be an option. on a side note - janitor need to clean places - lets give him access to those places. security need to catch criminals and are mindshielded(trustworthy) - all access. science need minerals - they can mine faster than miners, lets give them mining access. oh and botany, armory and captain's office, they need to get some items from there for research. chef need to cook - easy botany access. let botanists grow dank weed without being bothered by chef. paramedic - obvious all access i hope you got it
  6. Nah man, its not a problem at all, english is not my native language either. I kinda find this game and community as a way to improve my english.
  7. You should not do that in the first place Anyway, it is much better to assume "dont give guns and all access, there might be traitors" than "its nukies so no tators or lings, arm the crew reeeeee"
  8. Unless it jumps straight to four, it isl stupid indeed
  9. Yeah right, one after one... nice Guess, we have to start over. 1
  10. You know, people, who worship not-so-good gods, you know... they tend to loose more than they get, most of the time. So what if, we make them as follows: 1) classical holy water skill 2) access to evil looking null rods, just because they, well, look evil 3) blood sacrifice - skill, which either allows chaplain to cut his own hand to sacrifice some blood (it just spits on the floor) or possibly hand of another person or monkey (takes 5 seconds, so no "griefing) Which does nothing. Literally. Just self brute damage. Thats all. Neutral has armor, light has blessing of some sort. Dark only get damaged. But, along with that, you guys (admins) when answering chaplain prayers, stick to this attitude: compared to other types of chaplains and current way of handling prayers, you answer them much much rarely. But if you do, sometimes, dark chaplains might finally get that dark blessing they were looking for - something strong, unusual, unavailable for others, like you know, give the a holoparasite. Sure it should be done or not done depending of how good the person is rp-wise, and this maybe will make you even more busy than you currently are, but if said dark blessing hard enough to get so it would not happen more than lets say once a day, it would not be much of a problem. Just an idea