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  1. But space law States sleeping carp scroll is contraband, not the technique itself. What if i officially announce that 5 years ago monks taught me the secrets of this martial art?
  2. haha its space related this time
  3. Problem is, if mistake happens, we restart, we play fair. So its one. Edit: Oh i missed it, you started over again. Well, my mistake. Since it is a mistake, we start over. One.
  4. Haven't posted anything for quiet some time. I dont have anything ss13 related, but as an artist, i i am hungry for attention, therefore i will post my last art
  5. you are getting better! keep it up!
  6. now you must sing it and record!
  7. All ai sit at one room like vault? All of them have objective to kill others ais?
  8. From the logic perspective - security onboard expensive private research facility would have nearly all access, maybe except for head offices and very dangerous places like engine room. But yeah, while i play security a lot, and i would love to see extended access, it would definitely ruin balance, especially for guys like chef, who has only kitchen access to rely on. And the amount of equipment stolen would be nearly unmanageable. All the tools from engi, med vendors and so on.
  9. How about add non-roundstart machinery to the list? Like sci autolathes, robotics protolathe, brig phys possible machines
  10. Do not cross the streams Wait, wrong thread.
  11. I have no friends for i am a lone wolf (not actual Wolf™)
  12. Well maybe some hosses and wardens should be fired by cc for ignoring legal sop as an examole? This may give iaas more power in other peoples eyes. Actually, if you play the role as intended, you will find people who are willing to talk to you and help with investigations. Problem as always with low effort players, newbies and glorified greytiders. I am not sure if it can be fixed at all. I totally support the idea of records access though, if you are investigating comdom hop, its quiet hard to get their records from them. And access to records would give no power to people who just abuse the access and tools iaa has. Absolute win. Nt rep doesnt really need to be boss of iaas, they can and do work in tandem easily without it. As well as with magistrate. Thy dont really need "boss"
  13. You spawn as an assistant near engineering and can weld down wall to tech storage right from the spawn. Nice
  14. You dont get medkits drop on your head when its emergency on an airplane, do you? Only oxygen, ESSENTIAL to survive. There is nothing essential ipc need to survive. It is the whole point of emergency kit. Also burn and brute kits cant be applied instantly, it takes as much time when used on yourself as with ipc patching itself. Overall, 15 cables and emergency welder will save 0 lives of ipc and basically a waste of NT money. Its a lore-based point, but even from balance perspective... Without oxygen, human will die. If for example they arrive to station when atmos is unbreathable. IPC will not. Every other tool is easy to get 1 minute in the round. Welders, wires, medkits. Ipc need that box for balance perspective (criminals can hide stuff there, since its a box everyone has, you have a small chance for it to not be searched, and for inventory management too). Again, i would like to see emergency autoinjector but for ipc, which like, reboots their system or overrides it so they have a bit more time before they drop on the floor and meet the inevitable death.
  15. those are not ss13 characters, those are forum characters