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  1. -what did german say when asked if they want some hummus for dinner? - nine
  2. How about a 120 hours round where people will start dying?
  3. You guys are totally right, but you all forget those newbie medical doctors who forget to read morgue tray DNR tag (Or even can be nor aware of what dnr means)
  4. what Christasmurf has written is a very cool and interesting idea, i would love to see such karma job (this is also a good idea for different departments instructors karma jobs, but that is another stroty)
  5. i dont feel like people are going to take energy weapon instead of shotguns because some of the nukies can get said shield (which also makes operative unable to attack, which makes it quiet pointless). Making it blocking every projectile and introducing new tank playstyle to nukeops is better imho
  6. It is not about the job, kiddo, it is all about fulfilling my syndicate contract.....
  7. If You are spamming like this, you better get restarted soon. 14? Whatever
  8. walking irl around the strets as a civillian you are you also hit someone randomly? what cops are thinking about it?
  9. SpecOps wizard infiltrator tactics: Take no cloth, desintegrate and minswap, any other spells are up to you, though knock/charge/jaunt/teleport are good choice. Get to the station unnoticed and wait in maint for a first victim. Mindswap - wake up - desintigrate fool in your old body - pick up head and brain. Now you are part of the crew. Release engine as an engineer, arrest an desintegrate poor bastards as sec, blow up all borgs and make some max caps as scientist, sabotage medbay from inside, declare basically anything as captain, possibilities are endless, for fun and grief not even hijack traitors are capable of. Though you better make it fun and not just grief, remember the rule 0.
  10. Preorder now and also get: hardhat collector and premium floor reinforcer
  11. Never had a single problem with cyborgification papers... Anyway if you Are upset with papers they make and want a better one - make it yourself, here is the guide
  12. R is used to activate "throw" stance
  13. what? they totally can do it silently and unnoticed... (if only i knew how to make max caps...)
  14. Make it so soul inside is necessary