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  1. Lavaland is a big addition and with it comes some roles to add even more content to an already very large change. I'm laying down this as a guideline to keep things consistent. Below are some baseline things to know for the roles, as well as a few extremely likely to arise scenarios. Ash walkers: Your job is to protect lavaland from invaders, that includes miners, golems, and possibly syndicates. Your job is NOT to amass enough people to invade the station. Attacking the mining outpost is a large move with an impact on the round as a whole You and people from the station are mutually valid. A miner can kill you, you can kill a miner. This is valid in all circumstances. Ash walker and miner befriend each other and ashwalker goes to the station or miner goes to ashwalker camp Yes that's very nice and all but the validity remains. If a miner brings an ashwalker to the station, Joe Toolbox can run up and beat the ashwalker to death, and that's still 100% valid. In the same breath, that ashwalker could suddenly go hostile and kill someone before being put down by security. Ashwalkers are not a recognized species and as such, Nanotrasen does not entertain the idea of giving them any kind of status as crew. Ashwalkers cannot be hired into a job. (don't fax asking for it, the answer is no.) If you intentionally bring an ashwalker, a primitive, hostile, and inherently violent alien to the station, you are legally liable for any crime it might commit. Syndicate: The Syndicate roles at lavaland can be chosen by ghosts. You are manning an outpost dedicated to bioweapon research. You are 100% justified in using whatever you have at your disposal to terminate intruders. While it might be logical to think you should plot to harm the station in some way, remember that as an outpost you aren't necessarily prepared for a full scale engagement. As with all things of this nature, ahelp it. You should make it a priority to keep your presence at lavaland a secret from the station. Note however that you're more likely than other lavaland roles to be a factor in an admin event, so this is subject to change. A traitor seeks entrance to the base and wants to work with the syndicate staff Bear in mind that the syndicate is not a very cohesive organization and that various entities within it are actively hostile to each other. While both parties can decide to work together, they likewise might not. Indeed they might also turn on each other at any point and this is a hazard of attempting such an arrangement and 100% valid as well. The syndicate staff may assist a traitor but should not leave lavaland or in any way compromise the secrecy of the base's existence to Nanotrasen. if you decide to work with a traitor you may invite them inside the base but that's a risk you have to weigh. I'm a lavaland syndicate and I need to leave the round. If you can, ahelp it first, if not then don't worry about it. It won't result in a ban. Ideally though you tell the admins so we can let someone else take your place. If you do SSD without warning for an extended period, expect that you might be replaced. As people are eager to play these roles. Diona: You’re a small group of diona on a crashed ship. You have an elaborate botany setup. This is a perfect role to potentially play around with the botany mechanics and figure things out. This has no grand goal to it, you’re a diona who grows plants. You’re not crew, as far as synthetics are concerned. You have no real reason to ever leave the shuttle and do so at your own peril. Miners should not seek out the diona just to kill them for the hell of it, likewise diona should not go out looking for miners. You aren’t ashwalkers, you’re essentially reclusive farmers. Treat the role as you would a station diona that grew from a nymph. You’re still bound by OOC rules as you’re a fully capable person/mob. Much in the same way a station grown diona would be. Im a lavaland diona and I want to join the station crew Theoretically you could do this but it’d require you get to the station. And at your movement speed, that’s easier said than done. Lavaland mobs are vicious.
  2. I have admin'd while intoxicated many times. If they ever port goon's drunkmin mode it might be because I did something stupid. Odds are if I'm doing that thing where I let ghosts into the admin room to do whatever, I'm drunk at the time.
  3. I remember the round we had it in was very laggy, yes. We also had a bug where all the normally black space on screen (things you couldn't see because of walls et cetera) was instead space parallax.