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  1. A few suggestions for xenobiology I feel would be nice: 1 - Slime extracts now disappear instead of turning into used extracts, apart from extracts like green, blue, etc. It makes using them a lot easier and less messy with not having a bunch of used extracts all over. I don't think they even really get used, apart from cooking which rarely happens anyways, and you can just use the ones that normally leave a used extract for that. 2 - Hotkeys for the slime console, like on tg, not sure how hard it would be to port/make them, but it's a really nice feature to have, along with being able to use slime potions via the console.
  2. Portable chem dispensers can be upgraded, why not the normal ones? Science still has to do RND, and chemists could do with an upgraded dispenser for advanced chemistry.
  3. Never made one of these, might as well make one now. I'm Trexter, or Kharvoz on the discord. I'm a nerd that plays SS13 a lot. Hit me up on the discord if you want to chat or play something else. I currently play Kraven Lockharte, used to play Vichichikineiyacha, Saturn, and Khar-Voz-Vin.
  4. Wouldn't mind seeing more contracts, one that gives you an actual guardian (tarot deck guardian, holopara, or brood swarm), or a different version of wealth that gives you endless food. If we have more varied contracts we'll have less all-access hulk wizards.
  5. Wiki says it's contraband when it's literally just a bag. Anyone else agree that it should be removed from the contraband section? Syndie MMI is still contraband though.
  6. Basically it's a shiv that allows you to silently stab someone. It doesn't show up in the chat log and only shows up for the victim as a message that says 'You feel a sudden, sharp pain in your lower body!" It causes bleeding and maybe internal damage. Costs around 3 TC and can be used three/two times with a sixty second cooldown inbetween. And you can also poison the tip by applying 5u of a reagent to it. For the craftable version, it does less damage, has a chance to reveal the stabber, and is one use only. This would enable more stealthy strategies, and imo its balanced.
  7. But still, it doesn't make sense that something little like a telescopic baton can instantly stun a full hardsuit wearing nuke ops.
  8. Instead of telescopic batons, stun batons, and improvised stun batons being a guaranteed instant stun, make it have a chance not to stun. Armor increases the chance that it doesn't stun. It doesn't make sense that a greytide with a tiny telecopic baton can instantly stun a nukeop with full armor. It's balanced in my opinion. If not this, then atleast disable full hardsuits getting stunned with them.
  9. 1. probably going to use it during steam christmas sale 2.
  10. It's fun, atleast in my opinion. It'd be pretty neat if xenomorphs were added to the secret rotation.