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  1. All you casuals with your fancy graphics and your tilesets. This is all a true Gamer™ needs
  2. Some changelings discuss the whereabouts of the clowns brain
  3. I'm more curious about why that borg was preventing you from entering. What lawset was it on? If it was on either crewsimov or corporate you should just have been able to tell it to move. Maybe it was subverted?
  4. I'm the one who initially stole your ID from your computer. I had hijack objective and I REALLY wanted access to science. But what really pushed me to steal your ID was, after 10 minutes of standing in your line, when it was finally my turn you decide to close your office. At that point I decided I was either gonna kill you or get your ID in some other way. I saw my opportunity to just grab it from your computer and took it, no regrets.