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  1. I was actually there for this shift. The slaughter demon wasn't actually adminspawned as far as I know; it was a random event----a very very very rare one. That's some serious bad luck.
  2. There's not many around from "the old days", but back in the day, crime stacking was very much a thing. It had no impact on the low end, but on the high end, it was used as a tool of crappy officers to punish people they really didn't like....orrr just to throw the book at you because they took a personal distaste to your approach for things (ie: you break 3 windows; officer normally would only charge you once, but because he really doesn't like you, for whatever reason, he charges you three time). Personal bias has no place in space law. We saw the effects of it in the early days, and it had very little positive impact, but a lot of headaches.
  3. There's a longstanding bar on certain firing pins as implemented by TG. We're okayish with the entry level concept of some guns being pinless, by default (for instance, ones produced by R&D), but we're not keen, at all, on things like mindshied firing pins. We're hypothetically ok with nukies also having firing pins, but that's still up for debate. The overall firing pin system has good aspects about it, but the one we're most skeptical of is the mindshield one. This seems, to me, to be a side-step from the mindshield firing pin, so color me extremely skeptical. This system also assumes the HoS and Warden aren't just going to unlock all the guns by default--after all why not? "Just in case".
  4. I was waiting for someone to make this suggestion. And it makes zero sense. By this logic, Vulp should be immune to hellhounds and Tajarans immune to the panthers. It doesn't work like that. Swallowing a bunch of ravenous space ants is going to be a bad idea no matter who you are.
  5. I'd personally rather it just be that you can ahelp for more objectives and drop the "but you should fax instead!" thing, then leave the numbers of objectives where they're currently at. Faxes pigeon holes your strats since it forces you into purchasing an emag. Likewise, just using a fax without getting caught isn't particularly easy, either.
  6. Traitors will use this mechanic to permakill their targets, without taking them hostage at all.
  7. Even on TG, where the rules are super lax about stuff like this, you're prevented from intentionally, at round start, making atmos uninteractable by the AI. Later on, in the shift, if the AI does prove rogue, you're allowed to, but doing so, at round start "just in case" is not allowed. I personally generally agree with this, though I do certainly think the AI should also be within its rights to say "yeah man, I don't care, do whatever". On a similar note, round-start bolting of everything remotely sensitive is also frowned upon there.
  8. Goon's RP server, before the recent greytide explosion, was a wonderful place to play.
  9. I'd be all for this, personally. I'd also all be for a HRP day where it's the opposite and things are tightened. As we're MRP, we appeal to both crowds.
  10. They also don't have stealth on their side; they can't exactly max 5 max caps without being noticed and drawing suspicion; a traitor who's a scientist can.
  11. This sounds nice and all, but the server culture is distinctively different, too. It also makes things incredibly administratively grey. If you have no objective, this inherently means that you can do just about anything. Some players will definitely use this to do actions like releasing the singularity literally every single time they get antag or carpet bombing the entire station. Other people will do as above---and yet other people may run silly little gimmicks, too. I kinda doubt most players and staff would be too keen on allowing people to do whatever whenever. Putting such a rule in place then puts the player in the very strange area of "what do I do then?" This also, administratively, puts extra scrutiny on "why did you do X"--likewise, it becomes very difficult to judge what someone is really going for. Did they just murder those 5 people to set up for the most epic and hilarious IC joke while also making a definitive point? Are they trying to roleplay out some scenario or situation and they had to kill those 5 to do it? Orrrr do they just like killing people and did it because they can? Situations like this invariably invite favoritism, with those who individual admins deem to be "good" at roleplay can get away with a lot more than those they do not. Given that we're aiming to be medium RP, objectiveless antags are really awkward, and trend towards "do whatves man"; I'm not sure how well it'd work here; it'd either lead to antags just doing...well, whatever the heck they wanted...orrr it'd result in situations where antags did even less for fear of getting bwoinked (an oversimplified version of what plays out on Bay). It's an unfortunate problem with no good solution. While allowing antags to do whatever leads to some pretty hilarious situations, interesting roleplay adventures, and great gimmicks....I'm not sure it'd be great here. Having a designated time, once or twice a month of "Syndicate Slaughter Day" where antags can do whatever on those days may be a way to alleviate this to a degree, without going full chaos, but who knows.
  12. Updated the guide to be more clear and concise for the new crit minimal changes PR. Removed some unnecessary info and added some new; corrected errors and adjusted things to factor in the newly submitted PR.
  13. So, the reason this exists is because resisting out of grabs is absolutely supposed to be a thing, but since grabs apply stuns, you have to be able to resist through...stuns. Also not being able to resist while cuffed would mean no more slipping cuffs---or putting out yourself being on fire. It is a problem and it is frustrating, but at the same time too, we want people to be able to resist out of certain things, least of all neck grabbing becomes the be-all-end-all of unescapable stuns.
  14. Uh, this is hyperbole in the vast vast vast majority of cases. At 0 health to -49, you can only roll for a chance to acquire shock. It's only from -50 health onwards that you start rolling for a chance to acquire cardiac failure. You don't start rolling for a heart attack until you're below -100 health (you'd be dead by this point in old crit). Now for extreme edge cases where you roll for shock the split moment you enter crit (3% chance of this happening), then the very next tick it advances a stage (6%) chance, the tick after, it advances another stage (another 6%), then the tick yet after that it rolls for giving you cardiac failure (5%) chance, this could happen, but you're dealing with chances far below winning even the lottery (0.00054% chance of this happening). The chances of you acquire cardiac failure prior to -50 health are very very very low. Heck, after 25 ticks of being in crit, there's still a whopping 54% chance that you won't even acquire shock. The chance of you not acquiring shock by the time you're at -50 is still a sizeable 22%. So again, is it possible to acquire cardiac failure by the time you hit -20? Technically yes, but statistically, it's extremely unlikely to happen; you'll see it when their health is under -50 (over 150 damage), but outside of this? Incredibly unlikely.
  15. What I'm most concerned about is the audio. Two separate codebases have lowered audio quality to make things smaller--one of them had objectively bad audio (and still does) because of it. The other attempted it, but ended up reverting it because despite the fact that it was supposed to be a lossless conversion, people still picked up on the change. I admit, I'm a bit of an audiophile and hypersensitive to sound and pressure changes, so subtle differences in audio quality I can pick up on quite easily. If the audio is to be compressed (not opposed to), then I would want to be sure it's virtually indistinguishable from the source. (same for pictures, but I realize that that's a bit easier to do).