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  1. Basic mining lasers no.. but the mining lasers yes, and the upgraded mining laser can strip that asteroid. However the R&D requirements for any of those means it's pointless to make a mining pod by the time it's researched.
  2. Mechanic has access to the Orm and a notification board yelling them when new minerals arrive. Get there first. You are just as entitled to the Ore as science is. So is the bartender.
  3. Borgs and drones have laws they have to follow. Also I can guarantee any sort of stun or shock is a no go.
  4. Object throwing is quite ridiculus at the moment. A glass shard shouldn't hit and kill you 20 times in 1 second.
  5. What went through Dreamy's head when her geneticist polymorphed into a Vulpkanin version of her?
  6. Reduce the cost to Enthrall. 300 is ridiculus.
  7. Well, that's what I mean though Tully... I mean, you look at geneticists not following SoP, and 9/10 times they're not punished for it, let alone told about it. No enforcement or mention of guidelines would kind've make it redundant to have lines in it right? Genetics is the one's supposed to be manning the cloning, that never happens, no one ever does anything about it, so does it need to be in the SoP at that point?
  8. One thing that I generally notice... Geneticists never follow their SoP. Actually, most engineers don't either. They'll just grab their tools, a hardsuit, and go start on random crap.
  9. At the end of the day it all comes down to admin discretion, who reserve the right to make you change your name.
  10. Like I said, it's the glaringly obvious ones that are the issue. An abstract unknown will rarely become an issue until it starts being an issue. The nail that sticks out gets hammered. Also, brb writing a paradise fan fiction with everyone's character names.
  11. Yes, we're talking crew that is registered on the crew manifest with a Job not relating to clown or mime.
  12. I think that if it's glaringly obvious it shouldn't be allowed for your standard crew member names. Mimes and Clowns being the exception, as well as AI, Borgs, and pAIs.
  13. In this con text are we talking about antagging in the same regards as the "antags" of the rounds? Also, the lawsets use ridiculously broad terminology for the reason of them being interpretated differently. Look at Robocop for example. "Serve the Public Trust" makes no sense as Public Trust is a term used for democractically elected officials regarding corruption, and "Uphold the Law" is very very broad for a machine that has multiple instances of "The Law" being thrown around such as AI Laws, A sec borg using *law, beepsky saying I am The Law, and the warden SWAT mask saying "I am the Law". Open interpretation and "rule lawyering" is literally apart of the role as a lawset bound synthetic. Also, By guidelines are you talking Standards of Procedures? Space Law? AI and Cyborg were always set up to OOCLY follow server rules, followed ICLY by the Lawset, and finally for Cyborgs the AI they are slaved to, in that order. AI and cyborgs are station equipment, not crew. Why would they follow crewmember Standards of Procedures? That's what the lawset is for.
  14. What, don't want to see an influx of new players take off their plasmamen suits?
  15. Just going to state.. scientist only antag item? I'm pretty sure science doesn't need more ways to Powe game than they already have.