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  1. Looks like you need some more oxygen in there, plasma getting starved!
  2. I can confirm Ian ran. Wait did I say ran? I meant got burnt to a doggy crisp.
  3. I have SO MANY screenshots. I think I need to start posting them. These will not be in any order necessarily, just going to dump a bunch! First off, WEDDING! Sarei and Iri get married. A match made in heaven, or if you are a sec officer, hell. Added bonus, perfect timing. The crew got the dance machine. The AIs (yes there were two of us) were sad we couldn't hear the music, so we got central to bluespace one to us. Best shift ever. Abductors had a successful day, so we partied first on one shuttle then on the bridge! Traitors only get 20 tc? Naaaah, lets go for...76. The cult won, but some of us psychopomps weren't into the whole kill and convert thing, we went to the beach instead. And as a finale for now, I give you...FIRE!
  4. Corporeal Shield runes are your BEST FRIEND! When activated non-cultists can't move through them or shoot through them. They also can't be easily destroyed like other barriers. Watch out for the chaplain though, his null rod will erase the shield in a snap.
  5. So I just finished doing an shade army hijack and a problem became apparent. Shades are able to attack their master and due to either not knowing shades have a master or being upset that I killed them I had a number of my shades attack me. I was unable to attack them back and so the only way to stop them was other shades or admin intervention. This seems like an issue. There are 3 proposals to fixes for this, I don't know the feasibility of them though. 1. Give shades and their masters a hud icon like mindslave has. This way they can easily identify without having to sort through chat which may be scrolling fast. 2. Disable shades from attacking their master. Seems like it might be more complex to implement but definitely a complete solution to the problem. 3. Allow masters to attack shades. This one is a very basic bandaid that doesnt fix the problem. This at least allows masters to stop from getting killed by shades that attack them. I don't know how easy or difficult coding and implementing this would be, but it seems like a good thing to fix.
  6. Thanks for the points! The old dogbeasts guide is outdated now on a few key points which is why I made this as an update. Add to whatever you want. Im just going to go over your points really quick Whoops, thats a mistake, you should of course upgrade RnD first, it is utterly vital. Definitely upgrade the bin first, but since the first upgrade takes just metal and glass you should pretty much never run out of materials for it. Robotics is a good upgrade to do, but I have found roboticists generally difficult to convince that they should let you in to upgrade. If they do, go for it, but dont waste time trying to convince them if they are being standoffish. The initial upgrade won't have phasics but that doesn't mean dont do it. The upgrade to the sleepers is hugely beneficial and it does help cloning. Teleporter upgrades make me swoon. The items in the list are picked because they are cheaper than single sheets so I would recommend just using the list. A question though, do you know how to remove the double space formatting? I don't like it but damned if I can find a way to fix it. It just wont do it.
  7. Hrm. This is worth some considering. I mean I don't know if it is at all a good idea, but definitely worth looking at.
  8. Hey everyone. Xantholne wrote an excellent guide for RnD that I have been using for a long long time. I want to give him all the credit because this guide is built entirely on his as a base. RnD has changed enough now that we need an updated guide so I am here to provide one! Thanks again to Xantholne for the hard work. The first thing you want to do is go to sci chem. MONKEY EXPLOSION TIME! Grab a beaker and make at least 10u of unstable mutagen (Chlorine-Radium-Plasma). Get a monkey cube from the box (it has to be a cubed monkey, the one that starts there will NOT work for this) and rinse it in the sink. Currently cubed monkies don't work. I don't know if it is intentional but at least that is how it is. This same strategy works on the pre-spawned monkey now so just use that instead! Get a syringe and fill it with 10u of mutagen. You then want to double inject the monkey. Click on them repeatedly to make sure you are injecting in quick succession or this will not work. The first injection will humanize the monkey, the second will gib them. BOOM! Monkey organs and guts everywhere. First thing is clean up the gibs with the space cleaner there (be nice to your co-workers) and then eat the eyeballs, it is not necessary to eat them but they are scrumptious so I highly recommend it. Grab the monkey heart and brain and head. When you are done grabbing it make a beaker of sulfuric acid (Sulfur-Oxygen-Hydrogen). Head on over to RnD! Let's get started! Monkey Heart, from SCICHEM (Biotech: 5) Monkey Brain, from SCICHEM (Biotech: 5) Basic Capacitor, made in PROTOLATHE, AUTOLATHE (Power: 1) Micro Manipulator, made in PROTOLATHE, AUTOLATHE (Materials: 1, Data: 1) Basic Micro-Laser, made in PROTOLATHE, AUTOLATHE (Magnets: 1) Toolbox, made in AUTOLATHE (Combat: 1) Welding Tool, made in AUTOLATHE (Plasma: 1) High-Capacity Power Cell, made in PROTOLATHE, AUTOLATHE, MECHFAB, PODFAB (Power: 2) For all of these first objects they should be sitting around in RnD, use them. Science Goggles, made in PROTOLATHE (Engineering: 1, Magnets: 2) Advanced Capacitor, made in PROTOLATHE (Power: 3) Advanced Scanning Module, made in PROTOLATHE (Magnets: 3) Mass-Spectrometer, made in PROTOLATHE (Plasma: 2) Advanced Reagent Scanner, made in PROTOLATHE (Magnets: 4, Plasma: 3) Advanced Hard Disk Drive, made in PROTOLATHE (Data: 2, Engineering: 2 Tracking Beacon, made in PROTOLATHE (Bluespace: 1) Global Positioning System, made in PROTOLATHE (Bluespace: 2, Materials: 2) Holographic Sign Projector, made in PROTOLATHE (Data: 3) Mining Drill, made in PROTOLATHE (Engineering: 3, Materials: 2) Cluster Hard Disk Drive, made in PROTOLATHE (Data: 4, Engineering: 4) Advanced Matter Bin, made in PROTOLATHE (Materials: 3) Machine Board (SUPERPACMAN-type Generator), made in IMPRINTER (Power: 4) Console Board (Telepad Control Console), made in IMPRINTER (Bluespace: 3, Plasma: 4) Machine Board (Quantum Pad Board), made in IMPRINTER (Bluespace: 4) Machine Board (Teleportation Hub), made in IMPRINTER (Materials: 4) Make a RPED and fill it with 10 Supermatter Bins, 10 Pico Manipulators, 10 High Power Micro Lasers, 5 Advanced Scanning Modules, and 5 Advanced Capacitors. Upgrade all 3 RnD machines first. Upgrade the ORM. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you upgrade Xenobio too. You need a screwdriver and can use a wrench for the shortcut. Screwdriver all 3 of your machines and apply the RPED to switch out the parts. Re-screwdriver them and make sure you sync with the database! Now head to cargo. You can either walk there like a pleb or take the disposals superhighway. To take disposals click and open the disposals interface window. Then click and drag yourself into disposals. WHILE THAT IS HAPPENING click the engaged button to flush the disposal, this will cause it to flush as soon as you are in. You'll fly through the pipes to cargo. Run over to the ORM and screwdriver it, apply RPED and screwdriver again. Now at this point either bug a cargo tech to let you out or you can wrench the orm to unsecure it and pull it out of the way. If you do move the ORM, you MUST MAKE SURE you put it back and WRENCH IT IN PLACE! If it gets stolen because you centcomm will send clown commandos to literally honk you to death. On your way back I recommend popping into medbay to upgrade the sleepers and cloning machine, but that is optional. Security HUD, made in PROTOLATHE (Combat: 2) Large Grenade, made in PROTOLATHE (Combat: 3) Exosuit Board ("Gygax" Weapons & Targeting Control module), made in IMPRINTER (Combat: 4, Data: 4) Chain of Command, from CAPTAINS OFFICE (Combat: 5) or Deathnettle, made in BOTANY (Combat: 5) or Combat Shotgun, ordered from CARGO (Combat: 5) 99/100 times you will use the Chain of Command, just ask the captain nicely. I have yet to have a Captain refuse to let us use it for RnD. Deathnettles depend on botany and good luck convincing security to give you a combat shotgun. At this point you are stuck without minerals. You can go upgrade more things or give the clown some lube, whatever you feel like. When mining drops of materials, rush and get it. Diamonds are king here, you cant do too much without them but if you get silver you can make a Bluespace RPED which is excellent for upgrading. Reviver implant, made in PROTOLATHE, MECHFAB (Materials: 5) Bluespace Polycrystal, from MINING, (Bluespace: 6) Bluespace Polycrystal, from MINING, (Bluespace: 6) AI Module (Purge), made in IMPRINTER (Data: 5) Diamond Mining Drill, made in PROTOLATHE (Materials: 6) If you havent done so, build an Exosuit Fabricator. P-X Tesla Cannon, Made in EXOSUIT FABRICATOR (Material 4, Engineering 4, Combat 6, Magnet 5) P-X Tesla Cannon, Made in EXOSUIT FABRICATOR (Material 4, Engineering 4, Combat 6, Magnet 5) Phazon Torso, made in EXOSUIT FABRICATOR (Plasma: 5) Xray Laser Gun, made in PROTOLATHE (Illegals: 1) At this point you should print out at least 30 of each top level machine components and upgrade the station (you'll want more matter bins and manipulators). You should be upgrading all RnD machines, Xenobio, Robotics INCLUDING THE CHARGERS, the Botany Machines, all the Kitchen stuff, everything in Medbay, the ORM and cargo Autolathe, BrigBay Sleeper, Pod Fabricator. Print 10 Tech disks, take to Cargo after loading a tech level on every disk of different techs Machine Prototype, ordered from CARGO (Engineering: 6) Machine Prototype, ordered from CARGO (Engineering: 6) Ambrosia Gaia from Botany or Sentient Slime Potion from Xenobio, Biological, 6 Glow-berries from botany or Yellow Slime Core from Xenobio, Power 6 TADA! There are a few more things that can happen, but I can't spoil everything. If you can get your hands on anything unusual see if it has levels. There are some cool hidden stuff you can get in very rare circumstances.
  9. Combinations that are too powerful are removed to prevent abuse. A hulk can not have carp projectile protection, or a double esword, a bunch of powerful genetics powers will cause you to die from genetic instability, carp should not be able to be combined with antags such as changelings or vampires, vampires especially. Vampires are very dangerous in close quarters. They have excellent stun abilities with an AOE glare, a stunning shriek. They can summon bats to help them escape, they can shadowstep out or mist form away. They have an anti stun, they have thermal vision. A single full feeding will give most of these powers. Combining this with immunity to all projectiles is ridiculous. Now the obvious argument against this is that vampires dont have easy access to hulk, they don't get telecrystals or an uplink. While that is true, currently it is not working out that way. People are purposefully seeking out traitors to get carp fist, usually in exchange for completing their objectives. As well with the current round balance, traitors+ rounds are very common so having vamps and traitors in the same round is fairly likely. An obvious solution would be to crack down on friends seeking each other out to try to code word each other to get their carp, but that doesn't appear to be against the rules technically and much more importantly would require a ton of work from the admins. The simplest solution is simply to make it so a vampire can not use a carp scroll. If they want to get syndie equipment they still can to help them, but not something quite that incredibly over powered.
  10. Borg lockdown is very powerful, a borg is only able to talk locally and in binary chat when they are locked down. It is very useful, however in it's current state it is over powered and very unpleasant for a borg player. A borg can be locked down, the person who did it could be killed or distracted, and the borg is then screwed for the rest of the round. This also is way too easy a way to mess up the AI if they are malf, or even just suspected. A simple idea (I don't know how simple the code execution would be though) is to give lock down a time limit. 5-10 minutes or something in there, after which a borg automatically regains control of itself. Maybe make it so a borg can resist the lockdown and can "hack" itself out. Another additional possibility is to add a cooldown to the lockdown so that you have to use lockdown intelligently, because if you use it too early you can't lock down that borg for a short time. A lot of these ideas are minor though, the biggest thing is that it needs to be changed that borgs can be locked down and are left to rot for the rest of the round. The last round I played all of the borgs were locked down and we stayed that way for the rest of the round, until we got detonated. It was a very long time. One borg was on the construction station so he had basically no chance of ever being found. You are able to resist cuffs and welded lockers, you can break out of jail and perma, a locked down borg should be able to get themselves out or be released automatically. Permanently locking down borgs is super powerful, but much more importantly, is a HORRIBLE experience for a player and a fix should be implemented.
  11. Abductors decreed that I need corpses. So I corpsed. One was a bit more talkative than I would have expected, but that's life.
  12. Okay so I talked to Ansari about this during the nuke ops round that happened and I wanted to bring this forward to everyone else. From my point of view there is a big issue and that is that it is painfully easy to steal the nuke from the nukies shuttle. A pod flown up to the blast doors will blow the doors off allowing easy entry and take out the turrets, letting you waltz in and moonwalk out with the nuke. A single player doing this can prevent the nukies from getting a major victory, even if they completely crush the whole station in a straight up fight. This is a big problem that I think should be addressed. Solutions. What I would like to see is that it is still possible to steal the nuke, but difficult. It would ideally require a concerted effort by multiple crew members to do so. A simple solution would be to make the door blast proof, but that strikes me as too far the opposite direction. Other ideas I have had are to increase the number of turrets, placing ones inside that are out of reach of a smaller explosion, changing the location of the nuke inside to make it harder to get to, or even just placing more shuttle walls inside. I would love to hear what you guys think of the issue and to see if there are any ideas. Is this as big a problem as I see or not? Do you have good solutions to it?
  13. Non-gateway/derelict cults. I just love cultstended when the station base is found in 10 minutes.
  14. We need more tea, never enough tea.