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  1. Inspired by would probably be a more accurate description.
  2. Deosn't work anymore iirc. Should still work with carp though.
  3. Nice necro of a thread that's over a year old. I made a PR adding an OD threshold and it was rejected.
  4. Secure the disk in your pocket then robust those nukies and make them regret invading your station. Abusing the laggy game engine is for chumps.
  5. What's your record for fastest RnD maxing?
  6. The Mulligan Shot isn't something that's in our codebase?
  7. It's worth noting in this thread that the damage mod for IPC was also reduced so they will take less damage in general.
  8. I do hope that this kind of approach is taken to other things going forward. For what it's worth I agree with this change especially considering something is being done mechanically to address the problem of security being able to immediately identify traitors here -> Less admin intervention and more code based balancing is only a good thing IMO.
  9. For anyone who doesn't know about this from /tg/