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  1. Cool guide but not very comprehensive. Doesn't mention vital implants like X-ray/adrens which are pretty much a must have. If you want to win the key is not to waste time fighting and get the disk as fast as possible. Buying mechs is generally far too expensive for their relative worth. Better to stock up with implants and more weapons. Elite hardsuit is way better than the standard one and there's no reason not to buy it on war ops unless you're getting shielded. Remember to take the free minibomb and syndie bomb from the shuttle. It's actually better to take the nuke with you. There's very little reason to leave it on the shuttle. It just means you have further to go and double back when you have the disk. Get one member to secure the nuke somewhere nobody will go like atmos or incinerator. Counter-intuitively it's actually better to not stay with your team mates. Get to the station and then split up into pairs or solo and flank for the objective. Sometimes it's worth one player being a distraction and attacking sec directly. Don't hang up too much on a plan, it will always break down as soon as you get in combat. Give your men loose instructions and let them improvise for themselves. Help your team mates, but don't sacrifice yourself for them.
  2. Even if notes were made public the admins would keep secret notes regardless. I am a huge advocate for transparency and I wish notes were public myself - but unfortunately some things have to be kept private in order for the admins to do their jobs. A halfway house would be to have public notes but with optional secret ones which the admins can use for confidential information. People can therefore look back over "official" warnings and the admins can still have their private notebook for confidential things. I don't think that would solve the distrust however. I have always been of the opinion that admin notes should be between the admin and the player in question, a note should be used for feedback which the player should have access to in order to take it on board as well as to provide context within ban appeals. If admins are writing things about players in their notes which are unsavoury then I would pose that they should act more professionally. I have personally experienced an admin telling me that my notes have stated that I have been spoken to about X on a number of occasions yet I could not recall any of those occasions at the time. Maybe my memory is just poor, but I think I would have remembered. As with most of these things. Making notes public would not be some magic bullet which would suddenly solve all division, distrust and discontent. The fundamental choice you have to make as a player is you either play under the framework that the staff put in place, fair or otherwise - or you don't. I'm also unsure as to why this thread like many others which criticise the staff becomes so hostile and standoffish. One page which can be interpreted wildly differently, applied to an uncountable number of varied scenarios and varies from easy things such as "don't touch SSDs" to incredibly nuanced issues like how much greytide one can get away with.
  3. I think the staff is far too strict both on antags and security. Antagonists shouldn't be punished for killing people who are acting aggressive towards them or chasing them away. They should also be allowed to freely kill security players for gear or even just to thin the ranks. The same applies to security, if an antag is going lethals then security should be allowed to take down that antag with overwhelming force. The same goes for self defence, if an antag attacks someone in front of witnesses then they should be completely allowed to jump to the defence of the victim until the victim is safe. If the antag runs off though, that's where the line for valid hunting should be drawn. I'm of a firm opinion that antags should choose their level of combat exposure - there is a plethora of items in the game for all approaches to doing objectives. I am currently antag banned for disclosure, but until that point antag felt more and more like treading on eggshells when it came to going loud and lethal and I am lead to believe it is far worse now than even when I was banned a year ago.
  4. I support telescience's existence in the game but you have to be aware of the fact that none of the maths matters when you have a telescience calculator and can find co-ordinates using the Dream Maker map editor. Balancing a mechanic with "hard maths" is really stupid and doesn't work at all. That being said I don't think telescience is an issue.
  5. In the future discord will be integrated directly into our brains.
  6. If this item didn't exist it could be almost impossible to find items. There's plenty of places you could hide the theft objectives and with no mechanic to actually find where they were you'd be relying on luck alone. You could even throw the theft objective into space and if you throw diagonally there's a high chance the antag would never find it. Simply the theft items are too simple, easy and too few.
  7. Inspired by would probably be a more accurate description.
  8. Deosn't work anymore iirc. Should still work with carp though.
  9. Nice necro of a thread that's over a year old. I made a PR adding an OD threshold and it was rejected.
  10. Secure the disk in your pocket then robust those nukies and make them regret invading your station. Abusing the laggy game engine is for chumps.