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  1. I support telescience's existence in the game but you have to be aware of the fact that none of the maths matters when you have a telescience calculator and can find co-ordinates using the Dream Maker map editor. Balancing a mechanic with "hard maths" is really stupid and doesn't work at all. That being said I don't think telescience is an issue.
  2. In the future discord will be integrated directly into our brains.
  3. If this item didn't exist it could be almost impossible to find items. There's plenty of places you could hide the theft objectives and with no mechanic to actually find where they were you'd be relying on luck alone. You could even throw the theft objective into space and if you throw diagonally there's a high chance the antag would never find it. Simply the theft items are too simple, easy and too few.
  4. Inspired by would probably be a more accurate description.
  5. Deosn't work anymore iirc. Should still work with carp though.
  6. Nice necro of a thread that's over a year old. I made a PR adding an OD threshold and it was rejected.
  7. Secure the disk in your pocket then robust those nukies and make them regret invading your station. Abusing the laggy game engine is for chumps.
  8. What's your record for fastest RnD maxing?
  9. The Mulligan Shot isn't something that's in our codebase?