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  1. @Medi Keep in mind that block and reflection are two completely different stats and that ALL shields and some weapons have a chance for blocking bullets/lasers. Only energy shields and double energy swords have the laser reflection tied to them instead of block. So by doing what you propose that would mean you are nerfing both its melee block % chance and its bullet block % chance.
  2. Honestly, we could just take TG's double eswords with how they handled it which works very well. You still have the same reflection chance for energy projectiles, but it no longer has any melee block chance, however it has in exchange a low reflection on physical bullets.
  3. I would honestly be fine with xray being removed from regular player use. It is one of those "I win" buttons people rush to get if possible.
  4. I uh...accidentally killed the entire shuttle in two button clicks. On my end the shuttle did not dock with the station yet for another 30 seconds, so I tried loading the fancy shuttle for everyone to enjoy since it was a chaotic round. But, as it turns out the shuttle had already docked with the station instead, so the new shuttle replaced the old shuttle....and removed everything on it.
  5. Name:Henry 'Grandpa' Gadow Age:59 Gender:Male Race:human Blood Type:AB+ General Occupational Role(s): Supply and Service jobs with Quartermaster being his main job Biography: Henry is an older member of Nanotrasen who has been working with them for many long years. Due to the life extension via their advanced cloning not even he truly remembers how old he is anymore. Henry joined up with NT in his earlier years wanting to quit his job of being managing a fish and chips parlor on old terra in what used to be Wales, England. Getting intially signed in as a freight mover on a defense station in the Tau Ceti sector, over the years he eventually became the stations quartermaster and due to his excellent management of the stations supply department he became the central command supply master for some time at the NAS Crescent in that sector. His love for supply and cargo management in general grew over those years in that job, managing the supply shipments to the multiple stations there and building good rapport with the cargo crew there. He would occasionally butt heads with the leadership by making a random bar or fish and chips parlor in the cargo department backrooms, leading to some antics with drunk techs staging gambling in the form of mule races. After some 'subtle encouragement' from the NT officials there he resigned from the job of Supply master in exchange for returning for a quartermaster job at some new station in the Tau Ceti sector which needed a firm hand in getting things sorted there. With a party for his stepping down by the cargo sector there and a warm farewell, the officer in charge deemed Henry to keep the mark of his office due to his work, and with that he stepped onto a shuttle departing to the NSS Cyberaid. Qualifications: Freight management, mining, basic engineering and construction, basic first aid, mixing drinks, cooking basic foods, and cleaning floors. Employment Records: Fish and Chips parlor manager on Old Terra Freight move and quartermaster for NDS Inferno Supply Master for NAS Crescent Quartermaster for NSS Cyberaid Security Records: -Ocasionally will be found running a 'medicinal majuana' shop on station -Enjoys gambling - Keep an eye out for mule races -Has a weakness for cigars. Once sold a space ship for a years supply of genuine cuban cigars Medical Records: Personnel Photo (Appearance text): Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: "To be detailed"
  6. @ZN23X Only if it involves a lot of booze, drunk karaoke, while standing on a mulebot.
  7. Don't you dare @Fursamie. The only thing like such grandpa would wear is a kilt.
  8. Nymph ops. Goal? All the stations blood.
  9. I am wary of mods like psi due to the fact in multiplayer certain spell combinations can create a memory overload and crash the server. I have seen it happen a few times in the past.
  10. Oh, I would imagine some players would like to see bibilocraft in as well for making their homes look nice.
  11. List of mods I would like in as well. - Ancient Warfare 2 - Botania - Magical crops and magical crops armory - Reliquary - Extra Utilities - Twilight Forest - Entire Thermal lineup : Dynamics, Foundation, Expansion, Smeltery - Applied Energistics and mods associated with that - Travellers Gear - Artifacts - Cosmestic armor - Hardcore Ender expansion - Flaxbeards Steam power I would imagine the regular mods like tinkerer's and such do not need to be mentioned.
  12. I decided to draft up some bingo cards for ghosts and observers. Enjoy
  13. With this being a planet that the pod mechanic and pod pilot cannot just fly too like they can currently, the seabase itself could be a multi story structure. And above sea level and below sea level base. The above section would be a smaller isolated Z level area with a FTL gate stationed nearby that pairs up to a FTL gate at the station the mechanic/pilot can fly through with their pods to visit the base. This would allow sec to still have a secondary method to get down there outside of just using cargo. The reason for the mechanic to have such a travel method as well is for them to be expanded in their job duties with create seaborne submersibles the miners can use to travel deep sea chasms. There can be two types of vehicles, a single/two tile vehicle and a multi personal 4 tile vehicle. Danger can be found in the deep chasms however in the form of larger aquatic creatures that make their homes in the depths.
  14. Delivery boy is actually a good idea idea for a job. Arguably Cargo Techs might do this, but in practice, they don't. On the first server I ever played, "mailman" was a selectable job one day of the week (it wasn't that day). I could see the old janitor's office being turned into a mailroom. A service desk a la the one at the kitchen, a disposal with a looping conveyor belt so received packages continually go in a circle like at a baggage claim. Add some package wrap, gift wrap, tape, crates, destination tagger, one MULEbot if we want to be ambitious. Perhaps a Rapid Crate Sender and a cargo telepad: now cargo can beam crates directly from the shuttle to the mailroom and just tell the mailman what to do with it. Mailman can beam empty crates back to cargo with the RCS. Give the mailman both supply and service comms, a message console and a newsfeed. Ambitious mailmen could set up a store at that location. Antags could really do well with that job, too. May need more room to make all this happen, and the more I think about it, I'd think that two slots could work. You might say, cargo right now has the EXACT SAME layout I just described, down to the service desk. But I think that separating the mailroom from cargo could really make things interesting. Maybe cargo techs can work there instead of a new mailman job. Mailman or cargo tech, they should report to the QM. A server I was playing on a few months ago had the mail room separate and a little room attached to the kitchen for the food delivery boy/girls and it was actually pretty interesting. There was a good balance of antag options being available with those jobs. Captain order a special meal just for him with the highest quality ingredients and you are tasked to deliver it? How about poisoning the food or slipping in a bomb into the box. It may also help in moving that usual chaos and bloodbath that happens in front of the kitchen/medical if food is getting delivered to departments. Maybe give the food delivery person a little robot they can ride around like the janitor has (Your food to you department in 15 minutes or less).
  15. 1 - For the janitor a new centralized office could be both good and bad, but overall the rewards outweigh the risk for it. Just make sure to have a camera installed in there. 2 - For the Shaft Miner the EVA room would need to be expanded out by one to fit the new suit needed and to be honest, a spare suit someplace else would be handy as well due to the amount of miners that go SSD after encountering a patch of bad luck out on the surface and never have a GPS so we can find them. Increase in supplies as well would be needed for that to go with the manpower. 3 - For the detective I can agree with Purpose on the fact a second detective would bring a lot of sec power and could be a problem if they are competent. Would make the antag rounds those detectives are on duty for a drag. So detective secretary/assistant role would be best. 4 - Now a place I would like to a position open as the game goes on is a Permabrig Officer. Whenever someone gets sentenced to perma, open up this spot in security and their job is to control perma brig as the warden tends to only keep watch on the front jail cells. This leads to things happening in the back there at Sec which should not normally be going on. 5 - The cargo slot is iffy for if cargo is doing their job then it gets boring quickly and there is not much to do, however if cargo techs go missing, go SSD due to the boredom, ect then things get chaotic there real quick. I think part of that problem lies in the quartermasters not hiring new assistants with the guest pass terminal when the HoP is unable to help in the situation. Maybe in the future we could create something else that cargo can do when it is quiet there. 6 - A new chef/cooking section spot of a delivery boy/girl for delivering food to departments may be something that could be done. Another thing that could open up new things for people to do is to start working on porting over the new TG lavaland map for mining. It adds many new things for people to spawn as instead of an assistant. Ashwalkers, Free Golems, Veterinarian Hospital, Beach Hangout, Crashed Prison Ship, Botanical Plant people, and clown stuff.