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  1. I love how Aurora Caelus brings crew of all kind together to enjoy the view! One of my favorite events.
  2. Depends on your definition of fun. Emagged maint drone isn't "fun" in the sense of you get to robust people, but it's not that different from normal maint drone play in that you're just doing your job but in an evil way. The "emag = death" thing is helpful in that it incentivizes drones to run away from being emagged. Before the changes, drones would run toward antags to get emagged all the time.
  3. I think the goal on that change may have been to make emagged drones a sort of sabotage helper. Since drones had their combat capabilities severely nerfed anyways, they weren't really meant at that point to be killing things. The idea is that you can use your drone to do targeted sabotage that can't be traced back to you.
  4. Edit: I'm so sorry. I couldn't resist. Can we make officially trialmins not count for this thread?
  5. I'll second Neca on this. It's not like it's a death match between antags and security. Antags aren't always working together or working at the same time. Some will be backstabbing each other, others will be sitting around biding their time. It's not as simple as making it a 1:1 ratio.
  6. Thanks for helping me get started and hope to seeya around, I can't be the only ancillary justice fan here!
  7. This isn't true. Diseases from cannibalism are prion diseases, and prions aren't destroyed by cooking.
  8. It's not really meta. In real life, you wouldn't hire random peeps into a private security force either. People go crazy with power as the Stanford Prisoner Experiment shows. Recruiting a random person off the street and giving them a gun and a badge is a terrible idea, ICly and OOCly. Security officers are supposedly trained and vetted somewhat extensively, which is why they're always loyal to NT.
  9. Other places to put pens that are inconspicuous: on your ear, or in your clipboard (which would be perfect for QM!)
  10. Nanotrasen is a corporation, but they've become so powerful that they don't need to follow the rules and regulations of SolFed. Or they have enough political influence or military power to avoid SolFed trying to impose rules on them. It's a capitalist dystopia where a corporation has become so powerful, they can impose punishments and decide between life and death. This could be possible today with private space colonization. Let's say SpaceX establishes a colony on Mars. Without government presence on that colony, SpaceX would have to find their own way to enforce law and order in their colony, probably through private security contractors or something. If you did something bad, they could probably throw you into the brig and then deport you back to Earth for trial (Andy Weir's novel Artemis has a pretty cool description of a near future private moon colony that only has private security, no government sec). NT has just taken this to the extreme. It seems absurd that SpaceX could execute its employees, but that's what happens when a corporation grows so powerful it can't be controlled.
  11. The Sol marines aren't supposed to be an ERT in the traditional sense, since SolFed is a governmental entity and NT is a corporate one. If the SolFed marines are on the Cyberiad, then things have gotten bad enough for NT to request governmental aid (very rare for such a powerful corporation) or SolFed has a direct interest in something occurring on board the Cyberiad. The latter isn't normally gonna be true except for some sort of event, so there's no need to make sure SolFed have nonlethal weapons.
  12. @Benjaminfallout I'm guessing you weren't there for the day paradise took over the hub
  13. The point is that even though SOP says the brig phys's duties are caring for prisoners, they've power creeped into caring for sec. If we add in a role that right off the bat says "build a parallel station for sec" on the tin, then that's going to be 10 times worse. Edit: IMO, it's fine that the brig phys extends into supporting security. But it is technically an overextension, so it keeps you a little more restrained. A brig engineer would not even have the appearances of not powergaming security.
  14. As Fox has stated, Brig phys is aimed to be a doctor for prisoners, not for sec. It's only over time turned into a doctor, but for security. Making an engineer, but for security, will just legitimize powergaming in the form of building an entire department.