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  1. I love this idea. They also have to hunt down baldies and give them hair
  2. Yup! Humanoid aliens are fine, but there's plenty of humanoid aliens that don't have to be anthropomorphic animals. We don't need to add any more new species unless that new species is especially compelling in some way. Drask, for example, were a really cool, unique concept.
  3. Because the rules and mechanics are just a starting point for what you should do. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should do it. We can't anticipate every single thing you can abuse in our code. If your mindset to this game is "I'm going to try to maximize destroying my enemies as much as allowable within this set of rules and mechanics", then you're not in the right place. If your mindset is always "how am I going to help make this round more fun and interesting for myself and others around me?" then you will have a much better experience in the long run. This isn't true at all. The whole purpose of antagonists is to help create a more interesting story; every good story has a good antagonist. SS13 is the farthest thing from a PvP game. It's a cooperative story telling game, and if you view it as a PvP game, then you're going to have a bad time. Go play overwatch instead if you have this mentality.
  4. Hi John! We're always excited to see new contributors. You can check out our github issues for some ideas on places you can start contributing. We also have a discord server where you can ask other coders questions in the coder_chat channel. Hope this helps!
  5. What happens when you ask Alexa to play Despacito on Paradise Station? She gets an ion bolt to the chest
  6. Murder requires intent. I feel like in your case, this would be, at worst, manslaughter, since you were honestly trying to perform a requested service for someone. Not having the paperwork makes this a little hard to prove, however, which is why you always have paperwork on hand for any borging. At that point, the person may have realized there was an error in communication, or they consent to the borging and you're good to go.
  7. Because ICly, what happens is that the shuttle is called for auto transfer. Supposedly the crew's getting shipped off somewhere else to go work.
  8. The vote isn't IC, it's an OOC vote. That's why dead people, observers, and even terror spiders can vote to end the shift.
  9. Half the people not voting is probs because they know it's gonna be crew transfer 99% of the time, not that they don't care either way.
  10. Great story! This is the kind of shenanigans changeling is all about. Well done on your impersonation of that sec officer! And hey, this story proves that the end result of greentext doesn't matter, it's all about the journey
  11. Speaking of minimum values: one way to disincentivize breaking out of your cell early on, since resetting the timer gets linearly worse the longer you spend brigged, is to say "add enough time to reset the timer, or five minutes, whichever results in the longer sentence". This will make it so that if you try to break out of your cell 1 second into your sentence, you will get 5 minutes added instead of 1 second added.
  12. Can't you just press X in hotkey mode to switch hands? The real reason why officers are told to patrol in pairs
  13. Empirically, drones are an incredibly difficult role because they were designed to be hands off fun little things for ghosts to do but the reality was much different. In fact, tg just removed drones entirely cause they were too much of a mess for admins to handle. Drones even had a static overlay where they couldn't see who crew members were and tg STILL removed them. In the words of one of their admins, drones are "infinite all access ghosts that require admin micromanagement because they're only allowed to build and ignore people in a multiplayer game and they get in trouble when their buildings impact those other people in a multiplayer game" That's just drones on their own without being emagable. It's already extremely difficult to avoid interfering with the round as a drone, and now you decry the removal of the temptation to throw off those chains and become an agent if chaos that requires the attention of half the station to catch and destroy? My intention with the drone nerfs initially was to move them into a support role. I presented a bunch of nerfs that would work towards accomplishing that goal and also took some ideas from the PR discussion. Staff wanted to move the emagged drone into more of a targeted sabotage role, which I thought was pretty cool too. And I think you maybe right that five minutes may be too short to accomplish some forms of sabotage. However I'm tired of arguments that drones are just like any other convertible role. They are not. And no amount of theorycrafting is going to change the fact that this is empirically false, which can be attested to both by our staff and the staff of other servers, none of whom have antag drones and one of whom have removed maint drones entirely.
  14. I love how Aurora Caelus brings crew of all kind together to enjoy the view! One of my favorite events.
  15. Depends on your definition of fun. Emagged maint drone isn't "fun" in the sense of you get to robust people, but it's not that different from normal maint drone play in that you're just doing your job but in an evil way. The "emag = death" thing is helpful in that it incentivizes drones to run away from being emagged. Before the changes, drones would run toward antags to get emagged all the time.