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  1. Oh hey im in that picture as blueshield
  2. gibbis is a chemical that once injected,will give you gbs,a virus that if left untreated for a while,will gib you
  3. are you using tts to make a tutorial?
  4. @fishstix4days dont necro threads please
  5. huehuehue,disarms officers baton,take out cell,put plasma in cell,sweet free loot!
  6. We used to have xeno arch,it was broken,didint work and nobody was bothered to fix it so it got removed completly
  7. Thing is,I used to go off red alert alert allows us to get night shift off....
  8. A bored coder and/or sprite will notice it
  9. Next time,just leave a message in discord #coder_chat
  10. skeletons are actually pretty good they are space proof,fire proof,chem proof,virus proof IIRC
  11. wait,copy paste got rid of my formatting,sorry it became a wallof text:/
  12. Was carrying the role of GLORIOUS STATION VALIDHUN-I mean blue shield. Warops.....I tell captain to hide in brig because tactical,the bridge is weak At the brig,mime gets us some cheese to do the...cheesy....tactic that consists to put the disk in a cheese and put that cheese in an other cheese and so on,we had 3 cheeses and 1 of them had the disk. Captain takes one at random and I take the 2 others. We hear that the assault pod landed in bridge Like a bad captain,he went to fight after it with his antique laser gun,him vs a pod and 5 dual sword wielding nukies. When he got reckted,i had 2 options: attempt to save the captain which is a 3/3 chance to keep the disk but if I die cyberiad has 0/3 chances to survive or run away with a 2/3 chance to have the disk. I ran After loosing the only nukie giving me a chase in the maze in the hall,I went to medbay and activated lockdown for safety. I change into a doctor outfit for added stealth. CMO lifts the lockdown at some point and I decided not to wait on the nukies to leave so I leave by maint to engineering after I use my laptop to call the shuttle. At engineering,I have a little chit chat with the AI,but I waited too long in engi,a nukie tacks me down and I see him in the engineering tool storage,I was in the SMES room,I ran in the maint and went into atmos,activated atmos lockdown and left by the upper maint to turbine At the turbine I attempted to talk with AI,the hologram did not respond and AI private did not respond either. Since turbine is 1 exit only,I decided that it wasent the best hiding spot and got to scichem to see rd and some nerds. At science,rd tells me the AI told them the nukie is heading to science so I left for the brig When I arrived at the brig,the shuttle just docked and I heard someone talk about door wires. Being smart,I grabbed a welder from the armoury,dismantled a wall with welding procreation for the metal and went into the sec pod. In the pod,I didn't wait for nukies to come to me, I made a wall girder in front of the window for bullet protection,welded the door and for safety,cut the bolt wire on the door with my wire cutters. I see a single nukie flying outside the pod like its a space carp trying to find something to eat. I waited,he went inside the station,seeing that I disabled the pod door,he got back into space. He broke the pod window,I putted internals on and got my healing patch ready(I never wear a space suit on nukies because of mobility). He got blocked by my trustful wall girder. The emergency shuttl e left the station. He did not have a wrench to take it down,but at this point it would not matter,the dead body in the pod acted as a defense,would he have deconstructed the girder,the dead body would of fastmos slammed into him,spacing him. So he stayed on the pod until arrival at CC. Crew major victory!
  13. first: drama post like these is a good way to earn a forum ban too second: dont underestimate logs,they say more than only stuff said third: making ssd unkillable would get abused by antags so sec cant kill them
  14. i used to go off red before when treat goes away,but code red keeps night shift off so i keep red