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  1. they are more of a problem to crew than clings are how do you stop them?shooting them?nah they will just vent crawl to another place with walls and stuff to decontruct and make the crew's job impossible,emping them?nope unless you want to shoot them 40 times(real numbers)shotgun them?good luck getting your hands on it while disabler hell is coming to you how do you do chemistry when your machines are must how do you do science when your machines are gone? how do you do cargo when your machines are gone? how do you do medical when your sleepers and cryo cells are gone? how do you do sec when your brig has as many holes as the clown's brain? how do you do engineering when your metal supply is gone?
  2. you just gave yourself an objective,do you really need game mechanics to do them?
  3. well...atleast you could make some chemicals without being scared your lab explode because some asshat putted a welding tank right ontop of the dispenser guess im the only one that liked old medbay then,or were bigger and the general space inbetween facilities(cryo,sleepers,surgery) limited the potential impact an incompetant doctor could have to a single sleeper,OR,cryo or the lobby yes i do agree that maint doors on ORS needed to be removed,but it wasen't that bad,i remember that as surgeon we would only get some metal to build a wall insteed
  4. for those old enough to remember old medbay,which did you prefeer?
  5. buying enough poison bottles as traitors so you have gibbis,put it on cig,watch and laugh as they explode
  6. Im from Space Canada Canada,in Quebec ,land of the most depressed people in Canada with our proud maple syrup and our less proud shitty roads
  7. Do you think water is wet?
  8. Try to make a teg engine,get arrested by sec cuz AI told them you sabotaged atmos get super filled n2o tanks,release it if your ~~bored~~ traitor
  9. my favourite weapon for self defense is the IMO too strong portal gun and on offense its ecrossbow + esword
  10. please do also note that being realistic is nice but we should not sacrifice game mechanics for the sake of it
  11. you shouln't necro year old thread...
  12. il just say how i killed a paramedic: coroner was traitor too,i was phsycologist bought my friend the esword,an emp implant and a smugeler satchel got a borged person(name was SYRINGE) from the morgue and setted it as bait in old bar paramedic did not buy it,they got the borg nammed SYRINGE(i dont have to think too hard of who it was...) and beepsky engaged emp to takeout headsets and takeout borgs/beepsky pulled out sword and killed them all hide all my stuff in the satchel and hid the satchel under a floor tile took off all suit sensors and hid the bodies in escape pod locket passed the rest of the round with no evidence linking me to the murder