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  1. Name: Rhemus Miller Age: 76 Gender: Male Race: Human Blood Type: O- General Occupational Role: Chaplain Biography [ONLY ACCESSED BY NT REP AND CC]: Qualifications: Excels in sermons and prayers Employment Records: CURRENT JOB AVAILABILITY Chaplain (only wants to be the chaplain, nothing else) PAST JOBS N/A Security Records: PAST CRIMES N/A Medical Records: PAST INJURIES N/A PROSTHETIC LIMBS Right & Left Hands Mechanical Right & Left Feet Mechanical MENTAL STATUS When approached by a Psychiatrist, he is distant and not upfront. Personnel Photo (Appearance text): A person who is older than Christ is standing here, he has light grey hair, grey eyes, and a long beard, he is constantly mumbling, and all you can hear from it is he is asking for forgiveness, looks like he has lost his marbles....... Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: Hands and Feet were surgically removed by a professional, it is unknown by who. Prosthesis are custom made for a purpose, but can't determine due to heavy tinkering by assumed Rhemus Might have changed his name in some point in time, possibly why records are empty.
  2. "THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE" - Someone, from something I can't fucking remember.
  3. But one can only go to two once, as when one goes to three its kind of stupid.
  4. But it will probably take at least two days to get ready, I keep falling off my fucking brain-dead horse, damn trees.
  5. This might have already been said but eh fuck it. Keep a mug of hot chocolate in your backpack, its the most filling out of any food item and a hell of a good time saver if your starving, a good 3-4 sip puts you to full from starvation, just don't down the whole thing, then you will become obese, this is a handy trick for mining, or anyone off station/always on the move away from the chef or a food dispenser.
  6. Sitting on my front porch, wearing some sort of costume that covers my face with a bowl of candy that says "Take Three Pieces, OR ELSE" and wait for that one little shit to come and take the entire bowl, just to jumpscare his ass and have him run away. I don't care if I get the cops called to my house, or TP'ed, the look on peoples faces will be well worth the price
  7. Used to play on Hippie a long time ago, when I realized hippie was a hellhole compared to every other station, my time was then shared between Colonial Marines and Para, but I slowly drifted from Colonial to full-blown Paradise because of the normalcy I wanted from Space Station, and how much they changed Colonial Marines, I also had a stint with Fallout 13, but that didn't last long.
  8. What kind of two-toned space age shit do we have there?
  9. I have four shits to give, and no one here is gonna have em.