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  1. I haven't played mining in a while, but its based on personal preference, I mainly think an unupgraded KA is useful for gib clearing, but when its upgraded with special science upgrades, then the asteroid could be cleared in one fell swoop, trust me, I've got that far. As for this, I think a chat with the coders, or admins would be the right call after you get enough people behind the cause, nothing convinces change like 100 people behind you screaming the same thing. Also, take this with a grain of salt, I have no idea how paradise and the staff roles with such, this is what I would do personally, so it's up to you.
  2. It is currently 10:10 where I live in the central time zone of the US, pretty coincidental I must say.
  3. Yeah, that was my bad, I thought you were talking about the Kinetic Accelerator, a different ballpark entirely when it comes to mining tools. As for your problem, think of it as a balance, the Kinetic Accelerator is slightly useless when it comes to mining, and mediocre at killing things (until you upgrade it with science's help), but it's easily storable, while The Kinetic Crusher is useful in its own right, but a pain in the ass when it comes to storage. Hope this helps.
  4. Five is a not a number to be happy with. What do you want from me, an original joke? I'm all out of those.
  5. Yeah, unless they recently changed it, you can still put it in the backpack, I wouldn't see how, or why this is a problem.
  6. Update #4 - Light edits to some things, Added background for Maria, and a middle name, for reasons, some possible RP options, and a third photo, Thanks again thatdanguy23! (I know I should be doing better things with my life, but this is basically the best thing I will ever create, I know, sad)
  7. And now I'm going to do what most people do and have a 12-hour nap. Goodnight.
  8. And I'm going to need five ibuprofen for this fucking day, I hate people.
  9. Too bad Bananablaster the Henkmeister got assassinated on the 6th of an unknown date. The shooter was No Breath, No Booth, a Mime sympathizer.
  10. Five. Yes, I'm awake, Also happy mothers day, for anyone who applies.
  11. Well, now we're at 22, see what happens when admins don't snipe this thread? Amazing things happen.