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  1. I remember there being a Boozer round that made the person you shoot basically black out drunk, but it's a traitor item, a bartender traitor item, but it's still fun to use, even though it is a tool used to brutally murder someone, in my case at least.
  2. Personally, I do not have any sort of artistic style (or anything related to art for that matter) when it comes to pixel art, but by what I can tell, the first two I have no idea what that is supposed to be (looks like cheese with ants on it), but the champagne bottle looks great, and would say that a good way to improve on the bottle would be to slim up the top of the cork, as most bottles don't have the cork curving over the rim of the bottle like this one. Other than that man, they look great and hope they get implemented in the future.
  3. For me personally, it would be hats, I'm a hat person plus you can add a pinch of personality to your wardrobe with the right hat.
  4. Welcome to the station man.
  5. Time for that 6-hour grind, where everyone lays in their bed and tries to drift into night land.
  6. 3:39 AM at the writing of this message (I live in Texas, that's kind of a fucked time for anyone not of the US) Insomnia is a pain.
  7. 12 dollars to do an oil change on a family members vehicle. "Honest pay for honest work"
  8. Those eyes, their staring into my fucking soul................ Oh right, Gein (one)