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  1. Time for that 6-hour grind, where everyone lays in their bed and tries to drift into night land.
  2. 3:39 AM at the writing of this message (I live in Texas, that's kind of a fucked time for anyone not of the US) Insomnia is a pain.
  3. 12 dollars to do an oil change on a family members vehicle. "Honest pay for honest work"
  4. Those eyes, their staring into my fucking soul................ Oh right, Gein (one)
  5. To be honest, we need more fun and quirky personalities, the whole efficient character is a really big drag, the reason I've been taking a prolonged hiatus from this game is that there hasn't been a big change in personalities, its all been either the "I know everything that is about to happen" or its new players that know little about mechanics (Also I've been in a small dark area of my life and work has also been keeping me away, but enough about that). Jimmy Rodgers is an amazing personality and a really great character, in my opinion so don't delete him, there is my vote.
  6. Well you and the five others need to be here, or the admemes would take over, and that's no fun.