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  1. would you mind drawing Ruum? in any style or action that you'd wanna do
  2. stinky admins reply to this?
  3. anything is soap if you're brave enough
  4. 16+ If you're old enough to be murdered in a space terrorist attack you can drink. 16+ If you're old enough to be murdered in a space terrorist attack you can smoke. Medium RP. Plus it can be assumed the extremely young are either savants in their field or they slipped through the cracks. Vox is Pox refers to a time when Vox-race-loyality and general Vox graytide was at an all time high, bringing about alot more trouble then they were worth.
  5. Kidan: Glowy bits that actually glow in the dark. Allow them to wear glasses or at the least huds. Light psionic abilities, able to understand which Gray is speaking to them instead of an unknown talker. Vox: Allow cortical stacks to be implanted directly into borgs. Grey: Decrease darksight, they're spaceship faring beings that have no use for dark vision. Drask: Increase darksight to 6x6, glowy spines and eyes. Have a small chance (5%) not to drop items in hand due to extra thumb/Remove decay after death. Slimes: Easier revive, healing items/water restores their decay status to the previous stage. Plasmamen: Remove space resistant suit.
  6. I play Drask because I love weird alien species and the weird sounds they make.
  7. very interesting backstory! never would've thought about a permanent ipc modification
  8. take the dirty soap challenge...
  9. Agree'd, if it wasn't for the Greys inclusiveness on their ships I could easily see some of 'em having good discussions with Dionea and their lifelong experiences/ideas.
  10. This threads for anyone who wants to talk about the lore, no matter the topic. I'll start off with a little topic, which races do you think mix best? Which ones would probably work together for mutual gain?
  11. First Name: Ruum-Ovv-Oumn Gender: Male Orientation: Doesn't matter Nicknames/Alias: Mr. Rumbly. Dread Captain Ruum Picture Age/D.O.B: 103 (83) 9/28/24(7)58 Place Of Birth: Hoorlm Species: Drask Blood Type: B+ Alignment: Neutral Evil Affiliation: Nanotrasen. Shellguard Munitions. Phobos Privateers Religious Beliefs: Animism Childhood: Student Adulthood: Overqualified Worker Detailed Information Appearance: Ruum stands at 6'5 with light Cyan skin, around the digits of each hand, as well as the end of his trunk, the skin has buffed out forming what look like calluses in small patches. He also has noticeably bad posture, always with his shoulders slouched and a slight lean either forward or backwards. His waistline is littered in odd looking scripture, and what seems to be numbering next to it. Character Voice: He has a very drawn out and low pitched voice, drawing great attention to his O's and U's and vibrates in peoples heads with his guttural rumbling. Personality: He can range from silly and jovial to serious in a matter of minutes, ranging from both extremes to an odd gray in the middle ground. Medical Record: Drask Physiology. Especially sensitive to heat. Frequent treatment for Laser burns Character Biography Background: Ruum was born and raised in Hoorlm, a child of two caring parents he eventually ended leaving them, and pursuing his academic career. Ruum learned most of what he could from the elders and teachers of Hoorlm, and when their planet came in contact with the other species he saw it as an opportunity to learn even more, the universe was a crueler mistress then Ruum had first thought. After failing out of standard school, Ruum had little in ways of proper credentials as he journeyed through NT space, and through tough times Ruum became a bouncer for some seeder establishments then he wanted to talk about. With gusto and patience, Ruum landed a job maintaining robots on mining ship, thankfully the Miners had a miniature library at their disposal, and Ruum was more then happy to take full advantage of it. Ruum lives alone in a refitted cargo ship. The hold is split between a living space and a dock meant for any miniature pods that want to visit. Family: Saar-Oorm-Hoorm, teacher and moral figurehead. Mnoo-Ovv-Oumn, Estranged child Personal Relationships Heimdall (Acquaintance): He thinks that Heimdall may be one of both the nicest and strangest Greys he's met, and while he doesn't mind the quasi-nudity of the grey, his mental infiltration does bother him. Isthel Straub (Respected): Ruum respects Isthel for all of her worth and he's always grateful that she'll patch him up no matter the circumstances. Ipsum Bellus Crinitis (Friend): Ruum thinks that Ipsum is horribly under qualified for the kind of work he does, but expects his fighting spirit, but also tries to protect the young vulp anyway. Kennard Rose (Admire): Rose is the only one that he would consider adult-like on the station, his demeanor and attitude speak volumes to Ruum. Zsi (Friend): Ruum see's an equal part friendship, and rivalry in Zsi and it could either end in great fun or horrible times. Naar-Dromn-Viisk (Acquaintance): He enjoys seeing another one of the Drask on board the Cyberaid, but more so enjoys Naars spirit and personality. Eeehirawk (Acquaintance): While Ruum doesn't see the Vox that frequently he's rather protective of her, especially since her and his daughter are roughly around the same age. Kaiikah (Friend): Ruum can rely (most of the time) on him and he'll try to keep him out of his antics most of the time. Faction Relations Nanotrasen: Like Syndicate: Like Wizard Federation: Dislike Changling Hivemind: Neutral Shellguard Munitions: Like, previous employee Council of Vampires: Like Privateers: Captain of the Match for None Allied | Love | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy Theme
  12. A mix of Julia Ecklar and filk songs for the calm shift, remixes and fast paced songs for an up in the air situation.