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  1. No, check the rules on making a appeal post.
  2. i have an extreme hate and fear of horses. when i was a kid i was hit by a horse and nearly trampled, then a day later while i was riding a completely unrelated horse it got extremely close to a fence and nearly crushed my leg in the process. horses are shit
  3. If you're going for the gimmic of wearing the veil, why would you need other equipment or clothes that wouldn't fit the style
  4. a wonderful picture and accurate to vox lore.
  5. ingame year goes up one every year of ours
  6. would you mind drawing Ruum? in any style or action that you'd wanna do
  7. anything is soap if you're brave enough
  8. 16+ If you're old enough to be murdered in a space terrorist attack you can drink. 16+ If you're old enough to be murdered in a space terrorist attack you can smoke. Medium RP. Plus it can be assumed the extremely young are either savants in their field or they slipped through the cracks. Vox is Pox refers to a time when Vox-race-loyality and general Vox graytide was at an all time high, bringing about alot more trouble then they were worth.
  9. Kidan: Glowy bits that actually glow in the dark. Allow them to wear glasses or at the least huds. Light psionic abilities, able to understand which Gray is speaking to them instead of an unknown talker. Vox: Allow cortical stacks to be implanted directly into borgs. Grey: Decrease darksight, they're spaceship faring beings that have no use for dark vision. Drask: Increase darksight to 6x6, glowy spines and eyes. Have a small chance (5%) not to drop items in hand due to extra thumb/Remove decay after death. Slimes: Easier revive, healing items/water restores their decay status to the previous stage. Plasmamen: Remove space resistant suit.
  10. I play Drask because I love weird alien species and the weird sounds they make.