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  1. Most of the times I enter the forum is just for that. The approved appeals section is interesting too. Its also satisfying to see that certain players whose awful actions you witnessed didn't go unnoticed and got finally banned. After that I go straight to the screenshot thread or some random ones that are shown in the recent activity section.
  2. I would have fun parsing the data, or at least trying, depending on the format it have, and making some graphs depending on the data available ?
  3. Alriac


    How this is not an actual suggestion. This should be a feature.
  4. Hi there! Thanks for all the feedback. I've published a new version with a very important feature that was missing (manually setting the offsets) and a useful coordinates history list.
  5. Prescription glasses without glass, just for fashion, with a description that describes the absence of glass, so everybody can see how cool you are. Odors! When a reagent is splashed or sprayed on something/someone, it causes constant messages similar to the food taste but for everyone who gets close enough, until it wears off.
  6. Easy yes, but is that fun? The difficulty is not the point, but the fun it can provide... Who would sit at a slot machine for 10 minutes just to greentext while being a traitor or a vampire? Maybe some sad players but others would make it a great experience for others and themselves.
  7. An antagonist with this objective would need to get an amount of credits by any means and put them in an especial hacked account via ATM. Depending on the amount this offers many possibilities to do so like making hostages and asking for a rescue, stealing credits for the vault, selling class S contraband, stealing IDs to get the money from their accounts... And would get some crew involved in their actions without killing!
  8. I think its a great idea except for the station goal. This way the antagonist actions will add to the round affecting the entire crew even if going full stealth. For the biggest sabotages that can destroy the station (destroy engine, release terror spiders and escape alive, etc) the captain could receive a warning from CC like "According to out intel our enemies have plans to [objective here] in the next hours" so it makes it more interesting both for the antag and security. The current objectives are overall pretty absurd and dont help to add fun to the round...
  9. Last round I managed to fix the abandoned white ship and flew it to the station. I didn't know that was possible, was fun.
  10. So it has been some time since I posted this, any thoughts? Is anybody else using telescience anyways? ?
  11. The only thing I miss from OOC is to discuss the last round from time o time, which is at the same time the reason I disable it at roundstart because of the chat spam. The most annoying think I can think of is when someone says something IC in OOC by accident, because it doesn't end just there, stupid messages trying to be funny without any success start to flood the chat. I would add a "Last Round" channel to the discord server, just to comment last round and for nothing else. Also announce it in the chat when the round ends and right before the server restarts, something like "if you want to continue your conversation about this last round you can do it in our discord server: link"
  12. Just like whatsapp. It would be hilarious.
  13. When you are a clown and people completely ignore you when trying to be legitimately fun: "Everybody come watch my performance at the bar!", "Can I borrow the hand tele for a escapism number?", "Need eggs, a burned mess and access to your grinder", "I require space lube", "Use these genuinely red shoes that aren't dyed clown shoes, they are wonderful!", "Everybody gather at escape, grab a tomato and wait for me around the chair for especial fun!", "You cannot arrest me for the consequences of my prank!", etc...
  14. Im from Spain. You would love it. We spend the day dancing to flamenco, running from bulls and eating rice with all sort of things in it. Most spanish also love eating snails, sucking them out of their shell, so tasty. Once every 4 years we experiment massive collective amnesia involving all about politic corruption and vote the most endearing old man without even reading the electoral program. Also most people don't know but spain is in europe, not in south america. Our vocabulary is very different from theirs. For example the word we use to say "grab" or "take" there means "fuck" in a sexual way (a must know for every spanish who travels there). Now you are wondering what of the above is actually true. Only two things are exaggerated stereotypes. Guess well.
  15. Station heroes, those really piss me off: If you see a kidnapping taking place and turns out the kidnapper uses a vampire power to stop you from helping, you don't jump back into maints, you thanks the vampire for not taking you, run away and report to security. Or when you suspect of someone being an antag and start watching every move, not playing the role you selected at all. Then we have the aggressive heroes. Those start to hit you with the hardest thing they can find for a minor crime they saw you commit. Your cover is lost, you need surgery for sure and the entire security department is after your. Your round is pretty much ruined either you ahelp it or not. And last but not least, PET SLAUGHTERS. These players who just kill your pet for absolutely no reason at all, or for totally unjustified reason, in cold blood. And then gib its body. I believe that should be explicitly forbidden in the server rules under a long jobban from everything but animals.