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  1. This one is short. Is it ever appropriate to bump one's own appeal?
  2. Is the map on the github for someone to tweak on their own time?
  3. https://wiki.ss13.co/Staff_Assistant Assistant objectives for goon. It can't be that hard to make up something for paradise
  4. Goon does a great job with their objectives. One thing I hate more then anything when I troll these forums is that regulars comment that the SOP of a role/job is good enough and that nothing ever should ever be ever done to change that ever. I feel like they play in am insular bubble
  5. I'm happy for you to not experience these things, but like others are commenting here, it happens. It goes with a player complaint I made not too long ago. At some point, what someone is allowed to know has to have some limit
  6. I dunno man the way you say it sounds like an excuse for valid hunting. Maybe if tatorgear was ID locked and could only be found out if it was ran through a destructive analyser it would be a different story. But right now a sec officer randomly stripping crew and activating every item looking for "stealth" gear doesn't make it "stealth" gear
  7. Why is meta knowledge not against the rules. That seems like an open door for players to rules lawyer meta gaming
  8. I mean, I started playing ss13 at the beginning of 2017, so I can understand that maybe I don't have enough experience to stand on my point. But from my own personal experience, I have very rarely seen an antag if caught come out alive on the escape shuttle or rotting in perma. Again, you can SAY that that shouldn't be the case, but in practice it just doesn't hold up.
  9. I mean, while I agree with this not turning into tg, what you say about antags is simply not true. It is EXTREMELY rare for a caught antag to not be executed, and if you're argument is that "It's a POSSIBILITY they won't be killed" then that is pretty weak
  10. Why is the E.X.P.E.R.I.M.E.N.T.O.R. something that no one is talking about? It's like half put together, the wiki on it can be best described as "unhelpful", and you don't really get anything out of it
  11. I absolutely agree with @Shadeykins on this. I've been doing the beyond tutorials for a few months now, and while I am be no means a pro I still want to learn. Having some sort of mentor thingy going for potential coders would be awesome. There's also the patreon munnies that can be used if the bugs are so bad that para could freelance
  12. Ah ok. So hopefully last question. Potency. Is saltpetre the only way? Is growth serum the same thing?
  13. So you mean if I grow the strange plant, that it's seeds will have randomized traits, not just the one the original plant had?
  14. Thank you for the replies! Yeah I tried again with bees and no go. Mentorhelped too and no one really seems to know how bees work anyway.