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  1. i wish i had gotten more screencaps of the owo spider....... it was beautiful
  2. Ye, catching fire is a species trait unrelated to their organs ofc i actually had someone give my Vox human lungs once, it was weird but effective (granted they also had IC permission to do it so idk about the brig phys thing)
  3. Psst you can indeed transplant vox lungs to be able to breathe nitrogen, likewise for giving a vox human lungs so they can breathe oxygen, the air they breathe is attached to the organ and not the species same goes for plasmamen, who have a plasma filter in place of lungs
  4. @Benjaminfallout my price list is here! @shatterdcoyote thank youuu ;-;7 I'm still glad you like them aaaa
  5. It's been a while since I posted here, so here's a small art dump first, a commission for @Hibiscius of my character STERLING with their character E.R.R.O.R. 404, bein cute and stuff and a 2 part commission for @shatterdcoyote of terry and a younger terry and some pixel art i did for @Darkking1234 of WALASKI and a similar one for @V-Force_Bomber who wanted a picture just like it of ELO and finally, a commission for @Rayford of their character Brenden Singh
  6. You can still stun people as a cultist? There's a talisman you make for it (talisman of stunning) that, I think, has like 1 use
  7. I'm not sure.... Worth trying tho
  8. you can dip cigarettes and cigars into chems to fill them with chems... which can make for some interesting times if you use the right stuff :3c I'm sad I never see anyone else use this
  9. Two things: One, I am very proud of this DJ outpost renovation I did (feat. HOTrod, Spark 5.5m, Desmond, and a sleepy Irithyll) Two, Spark is an actual Jedi
  10. sometimes I feel like people take IC things to heart too easy, tbh. a bad call or two, or even a quirk or trait of your character that makes them handle their work differently than most, doesn't make it bad overall, it just... makes it different I've seen your captain char around and i don't think he's bad from a character standpoint, though he is a bit quirky for the setting/other characters people are used to, but doing something different from the norm isn't bad tbh o: honestly, as long as a character IS doing their job, and not abandoning post to go sit in the bar/wander maint/gateway/etc all round, then by all means, be different and do something interesting, while also playing your role ovo7
  11. and here we have- a picture of the proudest robot on station traitor tried to get to the captain, i caught the fact the AI was subverted before anyone else noticed, PDA'd the CE, and managed to haphazardly hold off the bad guy (while having no cuffs to actually detain him) while they hacked into the bolted room to help u-u the guy got away in the end, but the captain still thought i did good ;-;
  12. I am back with finished commissions woah for @V-Force_Bomber for @Normalyman Aaaand a bonus blueshield sterling! *^*
  13. Aaah, stuff I've drawn lately and forgot to post! A commish for ID107, who i don't think has a forum account... and another picture of ID107, because i'm super proud of how this turned out. sterling the angry robot, complete with esword this started as me just scribbling and somehow became playing around with lighting, i like it though. (slightly related: i just realised i forgot his head accessory thing, aaah...) aaand a proper, full body picture of sterling, because i like how it turned out for some reason i've been drawing sterling a lot lately...
  14. ... I just realised I thought I was looking in the ss13 subforum and I wasn't *scream WELL, I'll amend my earlier statement and say I think those sets of word fridge magnets you can rearrange into sentences are cool, those are common aren't they...
  15. @Benjaminfallout I didn't know we had notebooks... Also, I like sunglasses and the black and red victorian suit from the autodrobe o: