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  1. sometimes I feel like people take IC things to heart too easy, tbh. a bad call or two, or even a quirk or trait of your character that makes them handle their work differently than most, doesn't make it bad overall, it just... makes it different I've seen your captain char around and i don't think he's bad from a character standpoint, though he is a bit quirky for the setting/other characters people are used to, but doing something different from the norm isn't bad tbh o: honestly, as long as a character IS doing their job, and not abandoning post to go sit in the bar/wander maint/gateway/etc all round, then by all means, be different and do something interesting, while also playing your role ovo7
  2. and here we have- a picture of the proudest robot on station traitor tried to get to the captain, i caught the fact the AI was subverted before anyone else noticed, PDA'd the CE, and managed to haphazardly hold off the bad guy (while having no cuffs to actually detain him) while they hacked into the bolted room to help u-u the guy got away in the end, but the captain still thought i did good ;-;
  3. I am back with finished commissions woah for @V-Force_Bomber for @Normalyman Aaaand a bonus blueshield sterling! *^*
  4. Aaah, stuff I've drawn lately and forgot to post! A commish for ID107, who i don't think has a forum account... and another picture of ID107, because i'm super proud of how this turned out. sterling the angry robot, complete with esword this started as me just scribbling and somehow became playing around with lighting, i like it though. (slightly related: i just realised i forgot his head accessory thing, aaah...) aaand a proper, full body picture of sterling, because i like how it turned out for some reason i've been drawing sterling a lot lately...
  5. ... I just realised I thought I was looking in the ss13 subforum and I wasn't *scream WELL, I'll amend my earlier statement and say I think those sets of word fridge magnets you can rearrange into sentences are cool, those are common aren't they...
  6. @Benjaminfallout I didn't know we had notebooks... Also, I like sunglasses and the black and red victorian suit from the autodrobe o:
  7. TEENY TINY ROBOTS! (and one slime) it's SAM, STERLING, LUMI, ELO, PATCH, BEER, BT-7274, ID107, and serac ( unrelated: i totally forgot i was going to draw tetra last time i looked at this thread, i am a sham )
  8. Screwdriver the middle part to open maint panel and then use wirecutters on it, then close maint panel I had the same problem you did when I first tried to make a teleporter tbh, I wish it told you to do that somewhere
  9. i forgot to post this, so it's a bit old, but voxxy got to experience being taller than the average voxxy thanks to slith's growth serum apples :D
  10. ahhhh I'll miss you ;_;7 sav was admittedly one of my fav characters to see around... good luck out there, though u_u
  11. I play IPC because I dunno. I like robots, and when I first saw IPCs around in game I thought they looked so cool, so I fell in love w them ;_; *ping (Runner up for my other fave is probably Grey though.) As for jobs, I mostly play science now because I got good at it I guess. I like playing RD and getting RND done each round, even if it is a tad repetitive sometimes Theres also the fact I can do weird experiments and get away with it in sci too, though *snap
  12. For a moment I thought you were going to talk about that round with the changeling that took your stuff yesterday, but this is even more meme I wish I'd been there to see it tho (I play S.A.M.)
  13. I decided to build a mini bar in the maint nook above the HOP office, I didn't get a screencap of the original mini bar, but a nice engineer (zack glover, i think?) decided to help me out by expanding it into the command meeting room above it (as the request of a golem and a xeno queen who said i was Very Important) then the round ended, so, in regular ss13 fashion we blew it up! :D
  14. It's pyrope.5A *^* this character actually used to be arsenic.exe, but since I lost interest in their original "backstory"/origin, i decided to rename them and make them into a new character with mostly the same personality, and so i made a new reference picture too they're in the same "family" of positronic units as another character i made recently, cinnabar.4B (who i will try to draw a thing for... eventually... ;_; )
  15. Oh boy, I finally have a story for this thread, even if it's kind of short. So, I decided to play my grey Seven in science for a round. Everything's going good, it's a rather quiet round for me so far. Then we get spiders. I start walking around welding vents and stuff, and come across a spider in experimentor that's standing there trying to attack a wall because it can't get to me, so I just stand there and stare at it for a moment. Another scientist walks up with a monkey and suggests feeding the monkey to the spider, and I decide to humor him, so I point to the door and he opens it, so the spider immediately attacks me. We manage to kill it, but being a fragile grey, I die as a result of it. And here's where the shitcurity comes in; the scientist who was with me drags me to medical through genetics, to get me to cryo, but another doc momentarily steals my corpse and scans me in the cloner, then the guy continues to drag me out of cloning to cryogenics where a random sec officer cuffs my corpse while they're trying to defib me. Then I pop out of cloning, naked and confused, and a doc lets me out, so I immediately notice my second body in the cryo pod and scream. I walk over to cryo to try to get my body back, and the officer from earlier attempts to cuff me despite the fact I've very obviously just gotten out of cloning. Doesn't even try to give me a chance to get some clothes on. He fires disablers at me but I run and hide behind the other people in cryo until my body pops out of the pod, at which point I drag it away to cloning so I can get dressed. The officer, of course, follows me and tries to arrest me AGAIN while I'm trying to get dressed. I can't exactly talk fast to him because I only speak wingdings, so I just back away repeatedly while putting all my clothes back on and dragging around my second body, which is alive because it was defibbed. Then... As I'm getting all my stuff, the officer harmbatons my second body, cuffs it, and drags it off to the brig, and it dies soon after. He doesn't even seem to realise he's arrested the wrong person, let alone the fact I followed him all the way to the brig. Or the fact there's two of me. I decide to chill in processing while the officer "processes" my corpse, and then the warden shows up, and the officer tells them that the HOP thinks I'm a changeling, and then starts punching my corpse a few times. I telepathically explain to the warden that the officer arrested my corpse instead of me, and that they have no reason to think I was a changeling. So the warden tells the officer he arrested a corpse, and then says to let me go. The officer never even seemed to realise he arrested the wrong body...