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  1. Fine, you can't speak and most people don't use emotes anyways unless they're the mime or it's one of the few they have macro'ed.
  2. You can't RP while in crit anyways since taking 15+ oxygen damage removes your ability to speak. I agree that people standing back up again while in crit is really, REALLY irritating and has actually gotten me killed while playing as a terror spider before. You could make it so that you take stamina damage yeah while in critical but that's about all I can think of.
  3. So my dislike of new-crit is not a secret at this point. I've given up on seeing it reverted and, after looking at PRs, I see that a reversion was already shut down so it's extremely unlikely that it would ever happen. So instead of trying to bring back the old system I will propose one change to the new system that will fix it's greatest flaw. The greatest flaw with new-crit is how players are basically immune to death until they've ticked out to brain damage or cardiac failure. I've seen, and have also experienced personally, players that have gotten wailed on by energy swords, guns, lasers, ect. and have taken hundreds of brute/burn damage and just lie on the ground, gasping for breath as they slowly tick out to brain damage or heart failure. I've even seen players take hundreds of damage and still stand up to fight back or even put their own attacker into crit or even kill them. This is, honestly, unacceptable. Player conflict is one of the core mechanics of the server and the fact that someone can get hit with an energy sword dozens of times before they finally die is unacceptable. Therefore, here is my proposed change. Everything about how new-crit works now will remain exactly the same. Players have a chance to go into shock at the same point, and then cardiac arrest and what-not BUT once the player has taken 200+ combined brute/burn damage they die. Period, no exceptions. That means that if the player is sitting at zero HP or -20 or whatever, they can still go into shock and die from untreated wounds but that ALSO means that if the player takes a large amount of lethal damage from lasers or swords or whatever other weapons then they will still die. This change will make it so that terror spiders don't have to wait to wrap people who are ticking out to cardiac failure if they just keep biting them. It'll also make it so that holoparasites will die properly. It'll make it so that players who have already lost the fight don't have a chance to just stand back up suddenly and perhaps pull a taser or stun weapon out to turn the tide. It'll remove a lot of the RNG from combat in a system that is already woefully RNG heavy.
  4. The heart of the matter, to me, is that it doesn't help the player for them to be kept secret, it only helps the admins. If you make it so that the player can read their own notes whenever they want then they have a complete record of times where they did something that they should not have. It also removes some ambiguity from when people like myself have had applications declined due to note history but then when I inquired I wasn't told what the problem was, only that it existed. Being judged publicly based on private information is a problem. It would also be nice, assuming what the admin I spoke to a while ago said, that if some admins leave positive notes to be able to see things that impressed admins about how people played.
  5. It's been 4 years Spark, I also feel I was a bit more...verbose about my reasoning besides "This can't possibly go wrong." It's not like it's infeasible.
  6. So first off, I'm unsure if this is the correct sub-forum but at the heart of this thread will be a change of server policy that I think will make the server better so here goes. To get started, let me state how we go about admin notes for those who might not be aware. The basic idea is that when an admin sees a player do something wrong, be it an invalid murder or just poor behavior, and they message you about it they will usually leave a note on your account that other admins can see that describes what happened. It could be as simple as "Player killed some guy when he wasn't an antag, corrected behavior and issued a warning" or as complex as they like. From the little I know they are usually at least a few sentences that describe what the player did wrong and the steps that were taken to rectify the problem. These notes are kept a secret and can only be viewed by admins. Now let me talk about Colonial Marines. The basic principle is the same on CM, they see bad behavior, they correct it and make a note about it and how they handled it. The large difference is visibility. At any point if a player wanted to know about their notes all they could ahelp and the admin will show them their notes. Now, for a third example of how I've seen it done, let me talk about Bad Deathclaw, the Fallout server. Once again, the basic principle is the same except the big difference is there is a button in the OOC tab at the top right where you can just click the button and it'll pop up your admin notes, making it so that the player can view them whenever they want and see the names of the admins that left the notes so they know who to address questions to. Now, onto the problem. The last time I asked an admin, that I will not name unless asked by another admin, about what my notes were I was told that I was not allowed to know. They said that it was for admin use only and they were afraid that if players were able to view their own notes then the admins would be less likely to leave notes when they see players doing bad things. As much I can respect that thought I still disagree that it should be a barrier to players being able to know what they might have done wrong. I've been told different things in the past about my own notes but I've never been able to get a straight answer. Imagine, if you will, you were on trial before a judge. They had evidence against you but you and/or your lawyer weren't allowed to know what that evidence was and you would be judged by that evidence alone. I want to be able to know what I have done wrong in the past to eliminate that behavior for good. I want to know problems that admins have had with how I play so I can do a better job of trying to protect that behavior. Having something explained to me is never as effective as when I can just read it myself. My proposal should be obvious by this point. I suggest that we adopt one of the two systems in use by our sister servers of Bad Deathclaw or Colonial Marines. Either notes are something that the player can view whenever they want or they are something that we can just ask an admin to give to us if we feel we want to know what they are. Honestly, I doubt that the policy will change but I wanted to make a public statement on why I think they should change where others would be able to offer their own ideas and make the server better. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Something else that I wanted to address that is closely related to this but I don't think was worth it's own thread was the new policy on ban discussion on discord. I was fine with the old policy where active bans weren't to be discussed in the public discord because, honestly, that just wasn't the place for players to be discussing it with various staff members. The new policy though on no discussion of bans, past or present, is troubling to me. To me it signals a desire to shut down conversations about punitive measures that have been taken in the past and the reasons for which they were applied. If people aren't allowed to discuss what they might have done wrong in the past for others to read then how are they to know where the lines are drawn. The server rules aren't perfect and there are some grey areas in them, mainly in the self-defense area. I've seen players brutally kill antags in self-defense with no repercussions but then I've seen other situations that were vastly different. Obviously, I won't go into details for the reasons stated above. The lessons of past examples is invaluable, it allows players to share what is bannable behavior with actual in-game experiences and past admin actions. I know the ban appeal forum is there for everyone to read but it feels like it's not enough. Forums can feel dead and slow while the discord is a free forum for fast dialogue and expression that no forum will ever be able to match. I suggest that this new policy is reversed and we return to the previous policy where only current bans can't be discussed. If you've gotten to this point, thank you for reading.
  7. I will agree that a lot of the locked jobs do not have the exact same responsibilities then the jobs below them but most of them do require at least some knowledge of how to do the jobs below them. For example, I've seen CMOs that knew nothing of Virology or Chemistry and a little bit of surgery. I've also seen RDs that didn't know how to do xenobiology or R&D. The current system allows players to spend all of their time playing Bartender for example, and then suddenly decide they want to be the RD when they have absolutely no idea what that job expects. I will say that, as a mentor, we do try to help out new heads of staff frequently and we do get mentor helps from them quite often, but it is not our job to explain all of the intricacies of a command role. The changes I've proposed would simply make it so that anyone who wants to play a command role has actually spent some time in the department they want to command. It would make it so people that wanted to be CMO actually spent some time playing and learning how to treat patients and do surgery and hopefully as well as some time in medchem and virology. I'm not saying it will fix all of the problems that occur sometimes when we get inexperienced command members but it should make them a lot less frequent.
  8. So I've been spending some time on the Bad Deathclaw server and they have a system there that I really thing should be something that we tried to implement. This IS just a suggestion though as I lack the code knowledge to implement it myself. Anyways, the first thing I noticed when I joined was that the different roles were all time locked, as per usual for all of the servers I've been on except CM. But what was different was that each of the different factions on the server, the NCR, Brotherhood of Steel, all had different time locks. So, for example, the Brotherhood of Steel had two starter roles, the Initiate Scribe and Initiate Knight. In order to unlock the next role, the Scribe, you needed 10 hours of playtime as the BoS specifically. The NCR had the same thing for the Sergeant and officer roles and the like. Anyways, my idea is that this mechanic should be applied to every department except service. So for example, in security, if you wanted to play Warden or HoS then you would need to play as a security officer for 5 hours to unlock warden and then 10 hours as Warden or Officer to unlock HoS, for example. The exact timing can be figured out later. Then for like medical, if you wanted to play CMO, you would need 10 hours of experience as an MD or Paramedic. Maybe a 5 hour barrier on Virology. Same for science with the RD. Not sure about HoP. Maybe like a 1-2 hour time block on QM with experience as a cargo tech. And then for Captain you would have to play 10 hours or something as any of the other command roles. AI would require maybe some time spent playing a cyborg or something. I'm unsure how hard it would be to code but I think the game already keeps track of play time as specific departments already from what I've seen in the player playtime menu so the system is already there to track department playtime. Anyways, that's all, appreciate any thoughts.
  9. Love it, Serah Storm is actually someone else's character. Spark is just a hater. They are on discord as @Serah Storm and on here as @Seraphina
  10. Miss you Rora, hope you come back! Hope you feel better too.
  11. I like it being off but I usually had it disabled anyways because I found it super distracting.
  12. I don't know, I just feel like I never saw stuff like what @ZN23X Tetra is saying before the change was implemented. I may be wrong, but nothing like that comes to mind.