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  1. I will agree that a lot of the locked jobs do not have the exact same responsibilities then the jobs below them but most of them do require at least some knowledge of how to do the jobs below them. For example, I've seen CMOs that knew nothing of Virology or Chemistry and a little bit of surgery. I've also seen RDs that didn't know how to do xenobiology or R&D. The current system allows players to spend all of their time playing Bartender for example, and then suddenly decide they want to be the RD when they have absolutely no idea what that job expects. I will say that, as a mentor, we do try to help out new heads of staff frequently and we do get mentor helps from them quite often, but it is not our job to explain all of the intricacies of a command role. The changes I've proposed would simply make it so that anyone who wants to play a command role has actually spent some time in the department they want to command. It would make it so people that wanted to be CMO actually spent some time playing and learning how to treat patients and do surgery and hopefully as well as some time in medchem and virology. I'm not saying it will fix all of the problems that occur sometimes when we get inexperienced command members but it should make them a lot less frequent.
  2. So I've been spending some time on the Bad Deathclaw server and they have a system there that I really thing should be something that we tried to implement. This IS just a suggestion though as I lack the code knowledge to implement it myself. Anyways, the first thing I noticed when I joined was that the different roles were all time locked, as per usual for all of the servers I've been on except CM. But what was different was that each of the different factions on the server, the NCR, Brotherhood of Steel, all had different time locks. So, for example, the Brotherhood of Steel had two starter roles, the Initiate Scribe and Initiate Knight. In order to unlock the next role, the Scribe, you needed 10 hours of playtime as the BoS specifically. The NCR had the same thing for the Sergeant and officer roles and the like. Anyways, my idea is that this mechanic should be applied to every department except service. So for example, in security, if you wanted to play Warden or HoS then you would need to play as a security officer for 5 hours to unlock warden and then 10 hours as Warden or Officer to unlock HoS, for example. The exact timing can be figured out later. Then for like medical, if you wanted to play CMO, you would need 10 hours of experience as an MD or Paramedic. Maybe a 5 hour barrier on Virology. Same for science with the RD. Not sure about HoP. Maybe like a 1-2 hour time block on QM with experience as a cargo tech. And then for Captain you would have to play 10 hours or something as any of the other command roles. AI would require maybe some time spent playing a cyborg or something. I'm unsure how hard it would be to code but I think the game already keeps track of play time as specific departments already from what I've seen in the player playtime menu so the system is already there to track department playtime. Anyways, that's all, appreciate any thoughts.
  3. Love it, Serah Storm is actually someone else's character. Spark is just a hater. They are on discord as @Serah Storm and on here as @Seraphina
  4. Miss you Rora, hope you come back! Hope you feel better too.
  5. I like it being off but I usually had it disabled anyways because I found it super distracting.
  6. I don't know, I just feel like I never saw stuff like what @ZN23X Tetra is saying before the change was implemented. I may be wrong, but nothing like that comes to mind.
  7. It's a lot to think about sure. Thanks for the input from everyone and for the very thorough response from @tzo and @necaladun.
  8. I assume the argument is that it's too hard to code? That's fine, I just wanted to put it out there. I was unaware it had already been pitched and brought down. I don't look at the forums very often. @Purpose2
  9. So since the revamp of the job unlocks from account age to play time there has been, in my opinion, a large increase in the number of terrible players in the command role or people who don't actually know how to do what they are supposed to know how to do. My friend who plays Serah said she saw someone yesterday who was playing the CMO and didn't know how to do basic surgeries and the patient almost died because he/she ran around trying to find someone who could do it. Serah mentioned a change that she thought might help. She thought it would be good for command roles to be unlocked by play time within that department. For example, in order to unlock Chief Engineer or Chief Medical Officer the person would have to have played X amount of time in that department as each role so that the player in the command role would have at least basic knowledge of their own department. So in order to unlock CMO they would have to have time as Chemist, Virologist, MD, and Paramedic. To unlock Chief Engineer they would need to play Station Engineer and Atmos Tech.