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  1. Smol art spam time! Liznerds Our one and only awooing Terry The lovely Umbra
  2. "Uhh, security? I think we're going to need a little more than a taser." My part of an art trade with @Drakeven ! To see her part of the trade, head over here:
  3. Proof that even spessmen can be successful. GJ, GL dude and take care of yourself!
  4. Adoooorable, thank you!! It was a memorable round and I'm happy you immortalised it!
  5. A thread for art I've made that has been requested or commissioned by others! Commissions - Open Requests - Closed until July I'll also list my prices here once I've done up a sheet! Consider this opening post a WIP for now.
  6. Kikeri: (Ability: Run Away) Screech Pluck Helping Hand Minimize An evasive, speed-based ally!
  7. Gonna miss ya. Take care and all the best!
  8. Thanks for all your hard work and all the best!
  9. Last in the ELO series for now! Not even a terror spider will take a patient who can be saved!
  10. I love it! Cute faces and dynamic poses
  11. Use-name in vox-pidgin: Kikeri Formal name: Trade runner of many routes, worker-engineer of ships, kin of clan Fortress-Branch, small one of strong limb, greyscale, green-quill and dark-tail. Gender: Female Orientation: N/A Nicknames/Alias: Kiki Picture Age: 24 Place Of Birth: Arkship 'Sunborn Wizened Branch' Species: Vox Blood Type: AB- Alignment: Neutral Good Affiliation: Nanotrasen Engineering Division, clan Fortress-Branch Religious Beliefs: None Character Biography + Background/History Childhood: Created on-board arkship Sunborn Wizened Branch, and given form. Joined clan Fortress-Branch, a group of primalis made for ship repairs, and practiced her intended use- engineering- with more experienced kin. Stationed on a raider skipjack, wherein she struggled due to her smaller stature, still-building strength and lesser combat skills, whilst her kin frequently challenged one another and brawled in a changing hierarchy with new-boarding members. At the bottom of the ladder, she was often challenged, given frustrating tasks, and had little joy with pushing her luck amongst her more experienced kin, much though she grew attached to the bristly crew. After a sun's pass, a new kin was assigned, and the elder resigned to a civilian skipjack. This new kin picked what seemed to be the smallest and inexperienced of the pack- Kikeri- and challenged her to a contest-by-combat, that new-kin might find their place. As it was new-kin's right and rite of passage, this was allowed, and also encouraged, as many were amused by new-kin's bravado. Though not much taller than Kikeri, new-kin defeated her in a show of impressive skill. Kikeri, despite disapproval from the kin who held her dear amongst the skipjack crew, left in shame. Adulthood: After skipping out on the skipjack, Kikeri stowed away on the last vessel that had been raided- the NCV Scylla. When inevitably found, officials were at a loss as to what to do with this unarmed, panicking little vox- and so, Kikeri was captured, restrained, and shipped out to the NAS Trurl. Whom also had no idea what to do with the confusing and, frankly, unwanted package. However, as she had nowhere else to go, Kikeri was offered employment! It took a few days' worth of consideration, but with her old life left behind, she had nothing but to accept. And so began her days on the NSS Cyberiad... Detailed Information Appearance: 2'10", charcoal skin/scale. Dark olive-green quills. Tail's scales fade out to an almost-black colour with a faint olive hue, which has been darkening rapidly since the 'demon' incident. Character Voice: Personality: Helpful to a fault. Easily embarrassed. Easily confused, swayed, and misled. Playful towards friends, albeit a little overprotective, and open towards strangers who need help and/or present with no ill intent. Medical Record: Occasionally presents with excessive anxiety. Has been prescribed haloperidol, 1 pill per day, for presenting with apparent hallucinations. Has more recently presented with reoccuring nightmares persistent delusions regarding 'demons'. Mechanical eyes, liver, kidneys. Family: Kin Personal Relationships Romantically Involved | Romantic Interest | Admire | Respected | Close Friend | Good Friend | Friend | Acquaintance | Neutral/Unsure | Dislike | Hate | Despise | Death Wish | Fear Kaskreyarawkta - Smart-beaked know it alls! Ro Ohryon - Engineer who can rely on! Scales Delvar Rattler - Best friends trio! Ekoh'O (Keos?) - Best friends trio! Kikiro - Wise kin. Airo Luminox - Fun friend, clever scientist! Shesi Skaklas - TOO TALL. Kerri Mendy - Always nice! I.P.A - Very fun pAI! Ben Bennington - Fluffy and friendly! Sihsse - Reliable and amazing! Jay Chase - Kind, helpful fellow engi! Many kin who have come and gone (Tell me if I've left you out, please!) Faction Relations Allied | Love | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy Shoal - Home. Nanotrasen - Questionable. Syndicate - Never should have trusted them. Other Information They came for me once. They will come for me again. They will take me home, to the darkness, and tell me truths upon untold truths of reality, of myself.
  12. Vox are smol, but ELO is also tol! Speaking of, here is more of our dear surgeon/CMO extraordinaire, featuring Runtime
  13. Commish for @V-Force_Bomber ELO! Only the best surgeon can get voxxy patched up after a disaster!
  14. Best wishes and thanks to Alffd and many thanks to Kyet for taking this on for us! May the future hold well for you both