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  1. Byond 512 used to randomly make characters naked. I used to wonder where my tail went And then I found it. Tailchairs when? *wag When observing, these messages aligned in a way that was incredibly satisfying Who do you think you are Running 'round leaving Skaars
  2. The mass-spectrometer was removed, IIRC- try replacing it with a reagent scanner.
  3. Honesty is a good start to righting wrongs, and more often than not, what makes a person isn't their mistakes, but how they're willing to go about fixing them. It gives you credit that you're willing to mature, look past wrongs in the face and grow and learn. Acknowledging that a line of thought that felt beneficial to you was ultimately unhelpful is hard, but in the end, it'll be worth it. For you, and for others. I look forward to seeing you around.
  4. You can fit tiny items into a candle packet and upon examination of the packet it will say something like "the candle packet has (x) candles in it" even if you filled it with random stuff
  5. fishheads.mp4 I did a silly animation after fish heads got stuck in my head and Dreamy added the sound to it for me (characters not mine, obv)
  6. I'm looking at your art on a big monitor for the first time and it is such a treat for the eyes.
  7. How much would a wot wot if a wot could wot wot?
  8. I love how expressive everything is! Happy page 100!
  9. Happy spessmens anniversary! Let's all celebrate around the clown's corpse!
  10. gangelwaefre


    Well, ya kinda said it yourself- if you used that knowledge, it would have been metagaming. I'd say that little circle of vision exists to provide players who are asleep for an extended time (surgery, etc) a view into the game, so they don't get bored. A nice medium between 'your character is knocked out so you can't see anything no matter what' and letting the whole screen be visible. There's always quality control, bringing the hammer down on people who metagame stuff they see while they were supposed to be knocked out, if that's the problem, and besides, who's going to believe a dude who springs up out of a sound sleep and yells "HEY, I SAW (XYZ) JUST NOW!" Is your concern the immersion quality? Hearing stuff and seeing that little circle? Perhaps think of it as the way you slip in and out of sleep, and catch little glimpses of what's around you, but don't really recall it afterwards? Really, I just see it as being for the player's sake, but that could be your IC inbetween, or something of the sort