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  1. mass IPC crash, circa 2564
  2. I love this rendition of voxxy! Very cute and dynamic Giki!
  3. "Whysies under arrest, officer..?"
  4. Smol art spam time! Liznerds Our one and only awooing Terry The lovely Umbra
  5. "Uhh, security? I think we're going to need a little more than a taser." My part of an art trade with @Drakeven ! To see her part of the trade, head over here:
  6. Proof that even spessmen can be successful. GJ, GL dude and take care of yourself!
  7. Adoooorable, thank you!! It was a memorable round and I'm happy you immortalised it!
  8. A thread for art I've made that has been requested or commissioned by others! Commissions - Open Requests - Closed until July I'll also list my prices here once I've done up a sheet! Consider this opening post a WIP for now.
  9. Kikeri: (Ability: Run Away) Screech Pluck Helping Hand Minimize An evasive, speed-based ally!
  10. Gonna miss ya. Take care and all the best!
  11. Thanks for all your hard work and all the best!
  12. Last in the ELO series for now! Not even a terror spider will take a patient who can be saved!
  13. I love it! Cute faces and dynamic poses