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  1. We basically already have FBPs minus the ability to start with a human brain MMI inside an IPC. Hell, we even have more customization and other features than Bat's FBP. While their concept is neat on Bay, I feel it'd be a downgrade if applied here.
  2. Even with that being the case: A) Roboticists don't have easy access to that, especially at the start of the round. B) You are correct, it doesn't work for IPCs C) I... don't think it should be necessary to shove them into a body scanner just to see where someone's cut open. Even if it's coded so I have to remove all their gear, I should still be able to see where they've been visibly cut open. These aren't tiny cuts we're talking about, these are massive slices that blood is gushing out of.
  3. Hi yes the next time I have to jab every single part on an IPC with a screwdriver/ crowbar or an organic with a cautery because some nerd didn't finish a surgery and I can't figure out what they were doing last I will break @Dumbdumn5's computer with a plastic coffee cup lid Something that says 'their [limb] is cut open!' would do wonders.
  4. It originally didn't include the 'I want to start a new act' part
  5. If life is a theater can I close the curtains I want to start a new act
  6. I think you meant to say 'Kyet's baaa-aaa-aaa-aaaad twin' No regrets
  7. I have a bone to pick with you five.
  8. I miss the days when one could fill a fire extinguisher with pepperspray It was ridiculously overpowered but oh my lord was it funny to see massive clouds of pepperspray
  9. Nobody uses exile implants honestly
  10. You cannot run from the truth about yourself
  11. Scientists have access to every part of their department sans Robotics. RnD, which can be maxed out really early on, can certainly be a major support tool for a person that wants to go crazy. Toxins, again... who openly runs around with a bomb in hand? It's easy to conceal, and very deadly. Annnd you're still glossing over xenobiology and scichem. Robotics, especially early on... really only needs a Ripley (hell, even an Odysseus is amazing in the right circumstances) to do crazy stuff. Not to mention IRCs they can get after mining brings in their first haul most rounds, implants they can make and install fairly easily... Mining isn't really out there. Again, I have no issues with proper SoP regarding what they can do on station, but I think you're making a big deal over nothing. A mechanical nerf isn't necessary to most of these items.
  12. Science doesn't get in trouble for carrying most items unless they're blatantly using it maliciously, which can be said the same for miners using their items. I don't think you really know what you're talking about.