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  1. pAIs aren't meant to be little more than talkative companions with a few neat features to go with it. As is they're already fairly useful, especially being a player controlled death alarm.
  2. Capturing the AI is hilariously easy, especially for a syndicate agent. I can give an absurd list of simple ways to capture one from its satellite. If you don't want it blurting everywhere about its presence to borgs, you can always subvert it or fly into space for a time. You also don't have to capture it the moment the round starts either--especially paired with a well made freeform/ hacked law, you have plenty of time to storm the satellite. It's a very rare round that the satellite is so much as given a single door as an upgrade to its meager defenses. The objective isn't meant to be easy in the slightest, as you're stealing a giant station element. This isn't akin to stealing a positronic brain. This isn't even beginning to talk about the ability to create a new AI, which is trivial for roles such as a scientist or engineer.
  3. Because the AI is vastly more different/ difficult than the posibrain, it's a giant role in the game and taking it away can be a rather big blow.
  4. IPCs have blood in the form of oil now. Vampires still can't go after them for it, but otherwise it's pretty similar to humanoid blood.
  5. The problem with that is that an explosion that would wipe out the entire station like that would actually slow the game down to a crawl while it was processing, taking up several minutes. It would potentially be even more anti climactic, as players would actually be able to run away from the explosion as it crawls towards them (as best they can amidst the lag, anyways). The nuke going off shouldn't take long; the round is over the moment it detonates and players want to move onto the next round. Otherwise, it'd be a neat idea.
  6. Spark is totally your friend but you didn't see that door fly off its hinges. It didn't happen. You saw nothing
  7. ELO is telling Runtime about her recent carwash
  8. The chances of newer players clicking on the wiki once on the website is fairly minimal, however.
  9. He's trying to forget about what he's seen The visions of Zeke and Isthel will forever haunt him.
  10. Terry learned quite a bit yesterday.