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  1. While I'd like this, I'd also like the option to selectively choose which characters can be what antags, rather than have it be a global preference.
  2. Into a plasma fire while unprotected, sure.
  3. I don't mind this, I think it could be quite useful and interesting, in contrast.
  4. We've had this talk a few more times since then. While I might not have given my reasoning for wanting it at the time, several other players and staff expressed their distaste for it, and have since. I'm inclined to agree with them now, four years later.
  5. We actually full on had this feature, years ago. Every round every officer (myself included, shameless admission) would rush tech storage for a better power cell.
  6. If someone goes loud like that then they're going to get what's coming to them. If you decide to devote a good portion of your shift after that hunting the ling (suppose they had gotten away) that'd be where the line is crossed.
  7. When you insert a strange object there's a special little option that pops up on the EXPERIMENTOR for it. Are you selecting that or just using the usual buttons for it? That said, I agree the use of the EXPERIMENTOR is generally pointless at best.
  8. We really don't need to be making IPCs human code-wise. If you want to play those antagonist types, play organic races.
  9. Ehhh I will say that I'd love sound effects, certainly. My concern lies with our already massive resource download size, which takes ages to download with Byond's capped limit.
  10. pAIs aren't meant to be little more than talkative companions with a few neat features to go with it. As is they're already fairly useful, especially being a player controlled death alarm.
  11. Capturing the AI is hilariously easy, especially for a syndicate agent. I can give an absurd list of simple ways to capture one from its satellite. If you don't want it blurting everywhere about its presence to borgs, you can always subvert it or fly into space for a time. You also don't have to capture it the moment the round starts either--especially paired with a well made freeform/ hacked law, you have plenty of time to storm the satellite. It's a very rare round that the satellite is so much as given a single door as an upgrade to its meager defenses. The objective isn't meant to be easy in the slightest, as you're stealing a giant station element. This isn't akin to stealing a positronic brain. This isn't even beginning to talk about the ability to create a new AI, which is trivial for roles such as a scientist or engineer.
  12. It necessitates skill. It's not meant to be easy.
  13. Because the AI is vastly more different/ difficult than the posibrain, it's a giant role in the game and taking it away can be a rather big blow.