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  1. Killing the AI is far from difficult, especially as most antagonists. All it takes is one guy in a hard suit and a bomb to go around the back end of the sattelite.
  2. Pull Request, basically something that's used on our server's Github to apply for adding code and features. this is an example.
  3. You thought you were witty, but you merely performed one of the many rituals that summons ME from the depths of admin-land.
  4. I don't know what you're talking about :^)
  5. It's the most annoying thing ever
  6. Sorry but I'm behind ten slime girl firewalls
  7. Why do I keep imagining them floating towards the ground like Mary Poppins.
  8. I've been from the depths of Hippie all the way to Aurora/ Bay, and many things in between. Although 90% of my time is spent on Paradise.
  9. This is a robbery, give this unit your money -Spark