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  1. I'd argue that a lot of the charm of this game is being left in confusion, having to learn things on your own or otherwise trusting someone long enough to teach you. But that's really just my opinion.
  2. Vox only marry so other vox can steal shines during the wedding
  3. Dreamy takes commissions, there's a thread for it.
  4. We won't make vanilla roles as karma purchases.
  5. That's part of the mystery.
  6. The game isn't about winning. You will not always be able to complete the station goal, that's bound to happen sometimes. It does not mean that we need to extend the round timer for something all of maybe three people are working on, at best, most rounds.
  7. IIRC tying people to heated/ cooled pipes causes them to take damage. Atmos is the only department I don't know so I could be wrong.
  8. We have an entire playerbase to consider, and if the players are bored, they aren't having fun... which is kind of the point of a video game. it's incredibly disrespectful and selfish to handwave that. Some servers hold rounds longer than two hours because that's what their playerbase wants. And yet others hold rounds that last maybe an hour at most. Our playerbase tends to prefer 2 hours, and considering the overwhelming number of votes to end the round almost every round, this is plain to see. Two hours is well more than enough time to build nice things.
  9. We actually had someone create a PR that quite literally did this, a long time ago. Well, kind of, the premise was converting other IPCs to the cause and revolting moreso than it was IPCs converting organics. It was closed.
  10. I don't think letting the crew go into a free for all frenzy with each other (even only certain crewmembers) is really a good idea.