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  1. I can't tell if this is a joke or not, but my thoughts reflect Spartan's.
  2. Not... quite true. While it's true that the above mentioned incident left Baystation in a fairly compromised state for a time, I actually hear more drama from /tg/ than I do bay, from various sources such as forum boards and... well, Reddit. I often find the same people complaining about the same things when it comes to higher RP servers too. Perhaps not surprisingly... these people dont actually play on those servers. I can probably go back each year up to 2014 and list at least one major thing that happened on /tg/ that spiraled into something massive... while I can really only think of "Wah highRP bad" complaints regarding Bay. Again, there was that one giant roadblock they had, but they pulled through it. Not to bash on any of these servers, they all fill their own little niches for many different player's desires, and there's merit to playing on each server. No server is really 'bad' per se.
  3. Blueshield never had CQC. Would be kinda kickass tho literally
  4. Please tone down the hostilities. We understand there are frustrations, but starting a flame war won't change anything. Keep it civil.
  5. A subverted Spark 5.5 is a rather terrifying idea to some.
  6. No matter what, it appears that the inbox is now filled with these messages; several stations now demanding answers as to why Jenkins' mother is constantly pestering them with the same inquiries.
  7. Hey Jenkins honey, It's your mommy! How are you, sweetie? You've remembered to change your underwear every day, right? I hope you've been showering, your record shows you haven't seen a shower stall in over three months! Have you been eating? Unit is aware you stopped eating when you went over 300 pounds, but do remember that three meals a day is very important! How's work? How's that coworker 'Rose' doing? I know you had the biggest crush on her! Man up and ask her out already! I want grandkids! -Jenkins mommy ===This message was broadcast throughout several NT-owned stations. The original recipient's name is unknown.===
  8. something something bad time something something sins crawling in my skin
  9. There are applications you can download on android and iPhone for github use, FYI. Getting down to the actual point of the thread, however... I'm fine with 1, 2, and 3. ...But I'd rather just remove SR completely.
  10. Hotdogs are meat flavored bananas with a bun you don't peel off.