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  1. This, I would be okay with. It doesn't make them much stronger than they currently are in terms of equipment and it gives them the slightly more interesting gear that people want from a karma job. Giving them any form of martial art, regardless of how much it makes sense from a 'realism' perspective is too much of a power increase imo
  2. Out of curiosity, how much storage do the Paradise servers have? In spite of the huge amount of data being accessed, I assume there's actually a relatively small amount of storage required to keep things running and logged?
  3. I'd much rather try and entice existing players to roll antag. A lot of people are scared to try it, or get frustrated at the 'must-win' attitude that seems to permeate a lot of the out of game channels. Mind you, I personally don't roll antag very often any more because I enjoy playing a regular crewmember far more, but that's me.
  4. Although I've given my opinion on this already, I had a chat with a non-SS13 buddy of mine about this. He suggested something like this: Whether or not this might be an injectable or an ability like their charge implant I don't know (the latter would likely have balance issues) but from a lore perspective, I thought this fit rather well.
  5. I just imagine it as NT handing out basic boxes of stuff to every crew member and not really going beyond that. Trying to prevent suffocation only and help people stay out of crit until medical personnel arrive on the scene. Therefore, the only change I'd personally be willing to accept is swapping out the autoinjector to something relevant for species which have no use for epinephrine. Where suffocation is a non-issue for Plasmamen and Vox for example, the epi-pen remains useful. In the case of IPCs, neither the injector nor the oxygen are of any use outside of assisting another crew member. That said, I cannot think of any appropriate item currently in existence which would be a fair and balanced exchange. Welders, while common, have a lot of uses outside of IPC repairs. Same goes for Cable Coil. Nanopaste is rare (in terms of default placement), and rightfully so. Creating a new item to 'stabilise' a limb perhaps might be good, but I'm also not sure that this is such a big issue that it requires redressing with the addition of an entirely new item...
  6. Ooo, as ideas go this is a pretty good one! Either an esword change or uniform change would work. +1 from me
  7. Love playing brig phys - covered all the bases here (though I do think you grab a little too much gear to start with, but to each their own). I also have a slightly different rotation for grabbing shit, but hey-ho. Good guide, would recommend to other Doctor: Survival Mode enthusiasts.
  8. Ralta


    Glad you've enjoyed your time so far - if you haven't already, you should hop on our Discord as well! :-) https://discord.gg/nuqD478
  9. Except that's not quite what the wiki says, which I would assume is where everyone gets that impression from: Source: https://nanotrasen.se/wiki/index.php/Lore So they're not entirely wrong; it's reasonable to state that the previous shifts before this one were 'normal' and the current shift is the defining be-all, end-all.
  10. I see no harm in it being an option, though. It's one of three choices, all of which are perfectly reasonable for destroying an antag. Love the idea. +1
  11. Why would you ahelp something that can easily be resolve ICly?
  12. Dear Vargh, Thank you for your question. While Olive Oil may improve flavour, it does little for the cooling efficiency of your CPU! I would recommend a brine solution because, as we all know, the ocean is very cold and this is due in no small part to the salt content. So top off your watercooling with brine (26% solution would be ideal), or simply fill the case up with this magical cooling liquid to reach previously unexplored framerates in your Spessdude 2D game. Enjoy the jealousy of your friends! Kind regards, Doctor Ralta, MD, BSc, BEd, BEng, BCL, BFF, OAP, BS, SNAFU Doctor Ralta accepts no liability for any fault or failure for any parts or components damaged by following these instructions. You will not be compensated for your losses, and we will laugh at you excessively. @Vargh