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  1. I've spent a hell of alot of time in sec, and cant speak for everyone on every shift, but the only time I do this or have seen sec do this is when someone is spamming comms with too much garbage. So maybe people are spamming comms when in prison far too often if you see this happening far too often. In my experience it doesn't happen that often...but maybe I just so happen to not play the shifts where it happens often by coincidence.
  2. I'd love the cuffs. Also cant emergency tanks already be filled to the same capacity as large tanks?
  3. ZN23X


    As HOS I try to sit in my office or on the bridge listening to comms and giving orders. I will only go into the field in the case of some sort immediate emergency that requires additional manpower (officers under attack somewhere and my intervention could be the difference between them surviving or at very least being recovered or not) or to help officers get into a specific location with my additional access (engineering, science, whatever). The worst type of HOS is the one who just takes the role and uses thier gear and access to be officer+. Your access, your gear, and your ability to keep security coordinated is too valuable of a resource to risk losing by patrolling. As awful as it sounds, thats what officers are for. They should be the ones patrolling and being put at risk because they are simply less valuable. Its also fun to jack up chucklefuck officers and show em whos the boss.
  4. ZN23X


    Echoing this, I have an Unathi who intentionally speaks common poorly but speaks his native language fluently.
  5. Pretty sure you'd just have to make a new account. At least ya figured that out only 7 posts deep
  6. Borderline? Can be like one of us lesser humans who just scrolls over stuff with the mouse n clicks...gross.
  7. Its just Jonah representing nearly every member of security at the 2 hour mark of nearly every round. At least the ones who are still alive. Barely alive.
  8. So my son was using my phone...and this happened.
  9. @EvadableMoxie I haven't played Megaman in so long that it took me WAY too long to remember the name. I legit sat there looking at the picture for a good 2-3 minutes while digging through the caverns of my mind. I am ashamed. ...Zero
  10. Didn't plan it at least. My original character on Para was Zeke. He was a greytide mute cuz it was more fun for him to be mute. I eventually made an Unathi who played sec. Fell in love with sec. Made Tetra after I unlocked pod pilot. And it became a story...thas about it. Give it a shot I guess my point is...stuff just happened naturally n I made it cannon. Just run with what works.
  11. Thats the funniest stack of lag I've ever seen.
  12. This isn't me fighting tooth and nail to protect something. You seem to think I actually care if xray is in the game or not. I don't. I hate that I need to keep referring to my original post, but I just said people need to get better at dying and losing. And since then I've had to elaborate as to why I think that. I don't care if xray is removed or nerfed. I also dont think its going to solve the problems this server has with people playing to win too much. You cannot remove enough features to correct this behavior. If you did then this game would be a shell of what it currently is. Its also annoying seeing players who regularly use cheesy tactics that aren't fun for others or ruin others rounds unfairly crying about how this does that to them. Its selfish and hypocritical. I'll leave it at that. Wasted enough time explaining myself already. Proceed.