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  1. https://youtu.be/BqwU3mu4EII
  2. I love using the janitor cart with a mop and physical floor signs but its cuz I like how slow n relaxing it is. I also destroy all floorbots I see cuz dey terk err jerbs. ...and of course clean up the mess the deatroyed floorbot leaves...bcuz janitor. Also @shatterdcoyote...shut your snout, flea bag.
  3. If there was 3 admins with no feet that would be 6 feet, not 4, but then you woulda counted out of order n you can't do that... Oh well we need to start at zero again anyways...
  4. We need more drunken Jonah and Zeke convo. Also...important question: Does Zeke wear Jonah's work shirt as pajamas or does Jonah wear Zeke's pajamas to work?
  5. Use a holoparasite openly against sec, escape the fight, and somehow manage to nonchalantly stroll by officers in the hallway more than a half dozen times before they take you out.
  6. Having a good or bad Warden has as much of an effect on security as having a good or bad HOS...and a good Warden will pick up the slack where a bad HOS is lacking,,,and vice verca. I'd like to get into a debate regarding how too many HOS think its their job to go be a super officer and get their asses killed far too frequently...and that's the main reason there is even ever a NEED for the Warden to be promoted to acting HOS...but that's not why we are here. Things I think are important to be a good Warden... Pay attention to comms. You are in less danger then most of security so its easier for you to pay attention to comms and catch things others who are busy in the field may miss and help direct officers where they are needed. I usually have the brig doc grab me a crew monitor and make sure officers sensors are maxed so I can direct assistance their way when they are in danger. Keep records up to date. Set people to arrest promptly when asked. Clean records save a lot of time, confusion, and unnecessary conversation. (Officers...you can assist in this by actually giving a reason for an arrest instead of just saying "SET JOHN SMITH TO ARREST" because it ALWAYS leads to the follow up question of "For what?") Reward good behavior from criminals. You can let people off with a warning for most crimes. If someone gets brought in and they are very cooperative and understanding, skip the brig timer. Pat em on the head, tell them to keep their nose clean, and send them on their way. Much of the time they'll leave security in a better mood then they came and won't be hell bent on trying to make security miserable the rest of the shift. On the other side...if they are being an asshole? Brig them for all they are worth. Can even give them a chance to try to attack you by taking your time while uncuffing them in their cell to see if you can add more charges for them attacking you. Or even verbally taunt them to provoke them into doing something stupid. They really can't help themselves most of the time :^) I don't think anyone should play Warden if they aren't prepared to pick up the reigns and become the HOS if needed...but then again there are plenty of people who play HOS and other command positions that have no business being there. Most importantly...and this could sort of be said for all of security. Don't take it personally. Try to have fun dealing with the people who are intentionally being pricks. There will always be certain players who are just going to treat security like crap no matter what cuz you know...fuck authority...right? Once you can learn to have fun with those people, however you go about doing that, you are in a good place.
  7. If more security players and antags played this way it would lead to rounds being so much more fun and interesting for all. I know I've beat my chest about this endlessly on the forums but, I'll continue to say the best security players know when to turn it up and when to lay off the gas. Stomping the antags into the ground constantly doesn't make someone a good sec player. I think if we got to the point this behavior was commonplace on both sides it could even lead to victims being more respectful of antags...then we could see some really interesting stuff happen. Imagine antags and victims "working together" to make things more interesting. And security playing along with that. We would be in a place where being a target of an antag could be as interesting as being an antag. In a perfect world right?
  8. Was he a hero or villian. You decide. Someome offered him immediate counseling with a crowbar...then thr corpse was delivered to security to be detained...and possibly questioned. I'm unsure.
  9. I miss back in the day when we just immediately blamed Slith for this all the time.
  10. My friend was bored one night and looking at a list of "Top 100 indie games" that led him to watching Mandalore's video. He played a round himself where he had an unusual experience (imagine that). Between Mandalore's video and the story my friend told me I was intrigued enough to try myself. 800+ hours later here I be. This is all your fault @Pawneax
  11. Pick a single number or you start at Zero. And yall said 3 twice
  12. I think you meant to say, when ghosts incessantly beg for Terror Spiders on extended for the fifty thousandth time.