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  1. Shitcurity is yet another "allowed" derogatory term, like furry, that all the edgy teenagers use because they aren't allowed to use the derogatory terms that have been normalized by the other garbage environments they were raised in playing other games. Plus they naturally have to kick and scream like the children they are any time stuff doesn't go how they want it to. That all being said, the initial post here was clearly a troll post to stir shit up. Stop responding to it in a serious fashion and giving it some sort of validity.
  2. Imagine how tired you'd be if you actually did something genuinely physical. Being sore for a week after 4 hours of VR means you are out of shape. Get in shape. Time sink problem solved. I'm here for ya bud
  3. I'm interested but 10 PM PDT is 1 AM for me. I'd need this to be around 9 EST for it to be feasible. Not saying change the time just for me, I'm saying RIP me lol
  4. Pod pilot is fantastic if you enjoy sec. Its like being an officer with your own office, EVA, jetpack, and a freaking space pod. You are sometimes the most vital part of sec and other times sec will be such a disaster you'll be glad that you are just floating around in space away from the chaos. Blueshield is very unique but can be very boring depending on the round type or who is working command. Blueshield always comes with this exciting anticipation waiting for your first nukie round.
  5. Rubberband Man is best part ✌
  6. Didn't know Catscreamwhatthe was so jacked~
  7. @RealSenpai I'm a sec main with hundreds of hours in sec, saved the station from utter destruction countless times and I've never gotten a medal lol RIP
  8. I used to really enjoy being Warden and handling all processing but I've noticed a trend developping where many officers just process thier own prisoners because its quite simply quicker. Its easier for the arresting officer to handle brigging rather than explaining to someone else why they arrested the person. Despite how much I enjoyed processing everyone, and having uniform sentencing procedures, I do find this to be the more efficient method. Also, the HOS exists. Despite the fact that 95%+ of HOS think its thier job to help patrol and be a super cop, thier job is actually the same as any other head. To delegate and support the parts of your department that NEED help. If the brig is becoming too much for the Warden to handle, the HOS should stop patrolling maint (which they honestly should NEVER do) and go help the Warden. Honestly its extremely irresponsible for the HOS to be anywhere but thr brig or bridge unless there is an emergency that requires thier immediate attention. I guess thats a whole nother topic tho. Also, its OKAY if things get chaotic. Things are SUPPOSED to get chaotic. Prisoners are supposed to have time to kill themselves, each other, or try to escape or even succeed at doing so. It is okay if things get so out of hand that security can't handle everything. If security was able to stop every bad thing from happening every round then every round would be utterly boring. Its okay if something interesting happens.
  9. @Tayswift I was looking forward to punching in my lucky number for the second time in a week but I guess I'll have to punch in the 2 and let someone else handle the next one
  10. If you are 18 you are still closer to my sons age than mine.
  11. 1+0 is only 1 but if you get rid of the + and make them snuggle~ then you get 10
  12. bThere was a different version of maint that was on Boxstation for a month or two about a year ago. They ended up reverting to the old version of maint. I always thought it would be cool if the map switched between the 2 (or more) types of maint, mainly just to add variety, but also other reasons mentioned. No clue how hard that is to program but if someone is able I'm down for anything that breaks up the meta. It'd be nice if we switched between Box and Meta station frequently enough so that you dont have dozens of asshats saying "NOT MY STATION" on comms every time we go to Meta.
  13. Damnit, I was trying to think of something new to post that would get me lots of reactions. Foiled again. Time to write up my "Remove Spess" post...
  14. Not in a good mood so I'm summoning up some of that old badmin juice n invoking the power of the RA. Zero.