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  1. General thoughts: Everyone feeling like they understand the rules and can play without fear of getting in trouble if they're honestly trying to follow them is more important to me than what the rules actually are. Very sympathetic to what Rurik is saying. I would like less traitors, but each one having 2 objectives again and having more freedom to go beyond them. Getting an antag role should be special, not 5 minute objective then you're just crew again. It's always going to be hard to have RP between antags and sec in a game where RP opens you up to a single shot stunning you and ending your round. Requires trust, which is hard when you get burned for doing it so many times. Feels like Sec and Antags are just two factions detached from the crew and crew generally doesn't care who wins as long as they're left alone. Crew doesn't fear antags since the rules protect them, when that should be sec's job. Hard problem to solve. Strongly disagree that sec should be 'open season' to antags for bunch of different reasons. Elaborating on it could fill a post in itself. We have way more people than the game systems were really designed to handle right now. The tide is still too high and it's throwing everything off. We're seemingly stuck on box forever so it's not getting better until the tide recedes.
  2. So in case anyone has noticed, I haven't been around lately. I generally don't talk about irl stuff or my personal life, but I feel like I should say something instead of just disappearing. I finished studying for my A+ and I have a new job on an IT help desk. It's higher paying than my old position I was laid off from, and has a lot more opportunity for advancement. They're offering access to cbt nuggets and to pay for testing when I eventually go for my Network+ cert. However, while I am in training I have hours that require I endure a 2 hour plus commute each way, which means I've been putting in over 12 hours a day between actual work and the commute. I basically have about two and half hours of free time in the evenings to do anything I need to do, including cooking and eating dinner. Once I'm out of training, I'm going to be on a later shift where I avoid most of the traffic and cut the commute down by more than half. I'll be less tired once I'm acclimated to my new schedule as well and there may be some opportunity for work at home shifts in the future. I'll try to pop in here and there when I can. Good luck on your spess adventures in the meantime.
  3. This is actually just a common myth. Syndicate implants and holo-parasites are never detected by body scanners. The code lists implant that it can detect: var/known_implants = list(/obj/item/implant/chem, /obj/item/implant/death_alarm, /obj/item/implant/mindshield,/obj/item/implant/tracking, /obj/item/implant/health) Those are the only implants it can ever detect, there's no code to add syndicate implants when it's upgraded. Note that cybernetic implants that are installed surgically like Anti-drop or X-ray are considered organs by the code, so it will always detect those and list them as organs. As near as I can tell, upgrading the scanning module does nothing.
  4. The problem with all of the oversight positions is that there's really no reason to assume the oversight person is going to be any more competent on average than the person they're supposed to be providing oversight for. Just because someone picks IAA instead of security doesn't actually mean they're any more knowledgeable about space law or SoP than security is. Which is why they usually aren't. I'd imagine we'd end up with the exact same problem here.
  5. I'd be fine with ahelping over faxing, but I don't think either one is better than just giving traitors two objectives outright. Admin intervention should be for special cases, not something that's just expected by design.
  6. Every chem you need for dealing with critical (and some others) is now in the med vendors, with more than enough of it that chemistry probably won't need to make any. Chem is really just needed for SR, Cryox for biomass, and Mito. They don't even need to make patches anymore since each medvend has 10 brute and burn patches with 40u per patch.
  7. There probably isn't one. The way a Nanotrasen space station is run is just insane in pretty much every aspect. Having plasma that can be easily routed into the circulation is about on par with security that exclusively uses physical cards that can't be deactivated remotely if lost, and power generation that destroys the entire station if there is an accident. Nearest we can say is Nanotrasen is greedy and the crew is insane so corners are cut to an extreme degree. Even that doesn't make much sense, though. There's no way it's cheaper to rebuild an entire station when containment fails that it is to just not use insanely dangerous engines in the first place.
  8. It depends on the round but I'd say in general admins tend to stick to the normal rules and only grant permission to break them in special circumstances. That shouldn't really be surprised, the rules are the rules for a reason. That said, no one has ever been punished for asking.
  9. Steal objectives aren't just off limits for non-antagonists for the benefit of antagonists. They are off limited because stealing is normally allowed, and if you were allowed to steal antag objectives then you could basically be an antag every round by just deciding you feel like stealing the compact defib this shift. Part of the self-antaging rules is preventing non-antags from basically acting like antags when they aren't. Also, even though on paper the idea of conducting an investigation and tracking down the item sounds good, he reality is in the majority of cases if someone else steals it and you don't have an advanced pinpointer, you aren't finding it. If you do find it, it will be because you got lucky. It's actually very easy to grab a random traitor objective and then head out into space and just leave it somewhere no one is ever going to find it.
  10. Captain Hudson, As I stated when I replied to your fax during the shift in question, the firing of Heads of staff is at the discretion of the Captain, providing there is a legitimate reason for demotion. Further, the actions as described would certainly be a legitimate reason for demotion. Therefore, there was no reason to question the legitimacy of your decision to demote Head of Security. As to the long term consequences for their behavior, the incident has been noted in the appropriate personnel files. A decision regarding punishment, if any, will be determined by Human Resources. I will add your recommendations to the incident report. Although I have no direct authority in this incident, I can say that in general isolated incidents like this usually are not held against the employee in question, unless there is a clear pattern of misconduct. That should not be taken as an authoritative answer, merely my personal opinion based on my experience with such matters. Respectfully, Padraig Callahan Special Operations Officer, NAS Trurl, Epsilon Eridani
  11. We're always watching you. I mean, you. Specifically.
  12. So upon further testing: You can use a 60/60 atropine/Cryox mix in your cryotubes. It won't save everyone but with how much RNG there is in the system, nothing will. The only caveat is that you have to make sure their heart doesn't stop, so if damage is below -100 or so, eject them every so often to check. It'll be pretty rare anyone that hurt makes it to medical alive, though. The other option is atropine and then use a sleeper to inject salgu, salb, and epine. This will eventually stabilize them. Or in the field, atropine and treat the damage like you'd normally do. I hope a pattern is developing here. Carry syringes of Atropine round. Although patients don't instantly die at -100, much beyond that they die so fast that they might as well. I wasn't able to save anyone with more than -200 HP even giving them immediate treatment with defibs and atropine, they still just randomly die, even without cardiac arrest hitting stage 3.