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  1. I think both adrenals and d-sword is the problem, honestly. In my perfect world, melee would be the king in tight spaces or from ambush, but ranged would be stronger in open areas. Instead, you just pop adrenals and mindlessly charge everyone with a d-sword because you'll close the gap before they can react anyway and even if they do you're immune to all energy weapons and 75% of projectiles on top of having massive armor. Even if they get a shot off, it probably won't connect. Even if it does, they're just going to be absolutely murdered a split second later. D-sword is the SS13 equivalent of W + M1. There is literally zero strategy, just run up and click spacemen until they go sideways.
  2. That is indeed true! Sadly, it only works with actual lighters and not welding tools. You can also light a cigarette off someone who is on fire.
  3. You can hold a piece of paper up to a camera and the AI will receive a message about it and have the option to read it. This works even if comms is offline, which is a good way to get the AI's attention when normal methods have failed.
  4. Back on my Neverwinter Night's server I made a post like this, but it was "Last Post Contest" where the last person to post there would win. It was actually the second incarnation of the post, the first died out when we migrated to new forums. The post was made on January 22, 2006, 01:02:00 AM. The last reply, so far, was on November 22, 2018, 11:50:43 PM. Yes, the thread has been going for just shy of 12 years. http://lotn.info/index.php/topic,16.0.html?PHPSESSID=s5oo1uo211autmo3sceanjn4i7 (Sakes is a much older internet handle I don't use anymore.) P.S: Zero.
  5. The only thing I'd add is the importance of station goals. For the DNA vault, Xenobio should breed gold slimes and inject with blood or water to create a bunch of unique animal DNA samples. For the BSA, they'll want to make a bunch of bluespace crystals out of bluespace slimes as it might be hard for mining to come up with the 20 needed for the BSA. It also takes Quad Caps to build both which generally require yellow cores, but as you point out, Xenobio should be making yellow cores anyway.
  6. You ever had just one of those days?
  7. I think Norwest brings up some good points. To add the two problems he states (Being Hated, Having no authority) I think there is a third major problem: The IAA isn't any more likely to know Space Law and SoP than anyone else is. IAAs are a non-whitelist, non-karma job anyone can play. There's no way to know the IAA actually knows space law or SoP at all, let alone better than security or the various departments do. This in turn is why they have no authority, because we don't trust them to have any authority. So why should we assume anyone else is going to trust them to be right?
  8. SoP restrictions isn't going to work because ultimately SoP is enforced by security, so it's asking security to police themselves. The initial response to that might be "No, security doesn't enforce SoP, they enforce space law!" Okay, so who does enforce SoP? Let's say someone is breaking SoP. The department head tells them to knock it off. They tell them to go hell. So the head says they're demoted. They tell the head to go to hell and keep working. So, what happens? Security has to step in to enforce the demotion. Without security's use of force, there's no ability to actually enforce SoP and thus, at the end of the day, it's security, or at least the threat of security, who is enforcing it. So ultimately if a geneticist is breaking SoP and giving X-ray to security, it's up to security to stop it. Security often doesn't want to bother with enforcing demotions in general, let alone when they have a significant vested interest in not doing it. And even if they do, do you really think all those sec officers who now have X-ray illegally are going to willingly remove it from themselves? We need a change in mechanics, not SoP.
  9. I don't know, I can't tell you what someone else's motivations are. I can tell you that it doesn't matter, though. It doesn't matter to the people who had a round that was no fun at all what my motivations are, the outcome for them is identical either way. You're right, it won't. What will is actually changing things. If we want cheese on both sides fixed, then we need to actually do something about it. Removing X-ray means one less cheese tactic. It's a step in the right direction. We all seem to agree X-ray is powergamey, right? And we all seem to agree powergamey mechanics are bad, right? You yourself say you rarely take advantage of it even when available so that suggest to me that you on some level at least agree it's not really a good thing. So where does this suddenly 180 to fight tooth and nail to protect powergamey mechanics that are bad come from? I feels like every single time anyone tries to fix anything the conversation goes like this: "So, X is really cheesy and lame right?" "Yup." "And we'd all be better off if people didn't do it, right?" "Yup." "So, we should nerf or remove X, right?" "Nope."
  10. Adding and removing features will never result in perfect behavior, no, but it certainly can improve behavior. Changing rules or mechanics are the only meaningful way to change player behavior. I agree with you that players should be more okay with their characters dying. I think that's great advice and I wish more people would take it instead of being salty. But to me that's really more about them reacting to being randomly killed, rather than expecting them to act differently in ways that are more likely to result in them being killed. The reason for that is roleplay. I like making rounds interesting, but I want to do that in a way that is internally consistent with the universe. I'm not afraid of my character dying, but my character certainly is afraid of death. Would any rational person with a fear of death turn down X-ray? As long as X-ray is in the game, whenever I'm offered it, I have to choose between roleplaying a rational character with a fear of death who would absolutely take X-ray every time, versus my own desire to make the round interesting. I don't like being placed in that position. I'd rather my character just didn't have that option.
  11. I'm just really interested in trying to understand your mindset because it seems really contradictory. I mean, I've seen you argue against security officers taping their boots or even traveling in pairs, but you want them to have X-ray? Why are you applying the idea of being okay with dying randomly to antags, but not to security? Because security are far less likely to die in ways they can't see coming if they have X-ray. The same argument you're making to keep X-ray because antags need to be more comfortable with dying could be reversed to argue it should be removed because security needs to be more comfortable with dying.
  12. Are you arguing that's a good thing? I'm not sure what your point is here.