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  1. 3 minutes of a greytider sitting alone in processing after trying to steal Captains pen
  2. Four clowns wrecking havoc on the station while the HoP gets bwoinked for opening even more clown slots.
  3. Wanna know what's better than one Canister? 2 Canisters!
  4. The number 7 is the seeker, the thinker, the searcher of Truth. The 7 doesn't take anything at face value -- it is always trying to understand the underlying, hidden truths. The 7 knows that nothing is exactly as it seems and that reality is often hidden behind illusions.
  5. Step 1: Start round as chaplain Step 2: Find a willing sacrifice. Step 3: Put sacrificed person into the soulshard (That sits around in chaplains locker). It is advised to do this as soon as possible after the murder of the sacrifice (I think there's a time limit for how long after death you can shard someone). Step 4: Produce shade Step 5: Have the shade pull you around Step 6: Enjoy your shade car You will now be pulled around at shade speed, which is basically the speed of light compared to normal running. Noone will be able to hit you with any tazers/disablers/other type of projectiles. Me and a shade had a race with a guy who had the genetic power that allows you to leap half a screen and we managed to keep up. (We were maybe even slightly faster)
  6. No worries fellow chaplain lover if I ever manage to complete the current plans I have my church will be the most rad of them all!
  7. If the crew manages to overcome it after a few minutes of panic that's good for them. The event doesn't need to leave a guaranteed permanent mark on the round. I see it kinda like with viruses, sometimes the vaccine for it comes out after a few minutes and the virus is never relevant again, and that's alright cause its the reward for the crew doing good. And it's not like every food related role will always be filled with veteran players, just like how one round a newbie chemist struggled real hard to create the chemicals needed to cure a virus.
  8. I am a robot! I am programmed to give you a sensible haircut!
  9. This be a pretty small suggestion, but would be neat if it was possible to teach him new stuff to say.
  10. Name of Event: Attack of the Bluespace ants! One Sentence Description: An advanced race of ants manages to invade every piece of food no matter where its hidden while also disabling all vending machines, effectively making the crew go crazy over the lack of food. Map Changes: No Code Changes: Depends on how possible it is to make every piece of food ant infected. Disabling vending machines is probably already doable (I don't know for sure though) Suggested Number of Players: Anything from Midpop or higher should be fine (Although creating enough food on really high pop numbers could get difficult), its mostly important that there's enough jobs filled that can help create new food sources. Full Description of Event: The event would start with Centcom sending a message along the lines of: "Our scanners have detected that the Station is in direct collision course with a swarm of a never before seen race of ants. This probably won't end good for the stations food stock, so it's advised to finish your lunch quickly." About 3 minutes after that the actual collision will happen. In that moment multiple things will happen: Every piece of food on the station gets infected (With exception of vending machine food which is naturally ant resistant) All vending machines get disabled (Because the ants bit through all the wires) Ants start appearing on random tiles on the floor (Amount should probably not be too big to avoid crashing the Server, effective causing Ant Crash 2: Electric Boogaloo) The idea behind the Event is to cause a food crisis, forcing crew members to make hard choices. Will they eat the food even though its infected and just take the brute damage? Will they hope that botany is fast enough in creating new food to feed an entire station? Will a giant brawl begin over vending machine food that was bought before the collision? Will the barman have the time of his life selling overpriced glasses of sugar? (Will the chemist join in on the sugar madness?) Will the cook cry a lot over all his kitchen food being full of ants?(Probably) This event will probably mean the death of a lot of department pets. I think it would be interesting to see the station try to handle a food crisis.
  11. Basically, which job do you like to play most? Do you love playing security most, hunting after the evils endangering the station? Is your favorite activity saving lives (Or minds as psychiatrist) in medical? Or could it even be that you just enjoy being a civ who sits in the bar all day enjoying life? Personally, I can't really say that I have an absolute favorite/main, but I have been playing chaplain for the last few rounds. There's just something neat about it. It's definitely the awesome chainsaw sword. This may have been asked before but I'm too lazy to search through the entirety of general discussion to check.
  12. One Chaplain thinking about the meaning of life (While someone spaces himself with the chapels mass driver)
  13. 1 person who is... just ... like being a person man. Not everyone is doing something noteworthy all the time.