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  1. I went into my brother's room one time in 2011 and he was on this weird game. "What is it?" "Space Station 13, you should download it and play with us." I left his room and forgot the conversation had ever happened. On Christmas day, at about 2:30am in 2016 I suddenly remembered the conversation with my brother and downloaded it. I have only played on Paradise since I started.
  2. Well the idea we have at the moment is for the Instructor to act as a guide for Security staff and as a field IAA, to make sure SOP breaches are prevented before they even happen. Anyone encouraging new Officers to just murder everyone will probably not be allowed to play the job, as higher RP standards and SOP would prevent that entirely.
  3. Finally, a place to dump all my dumb paperwork templates. I'll start this nice and calmly with my Security Related stuff. Parole Permit: Weapon Permit: Execution Order: And, of course Internal Affairs Complaint Form: Internal Affairs Investigation Report: Still need to write up my Search and Arrest Warrants that I've been planning. I could also drop my Command paperwork if people want that. Now let's post this and see if I did the spoilers right.
  4. If it's decided as a karma role, they could be held to the same standards as the Magistrate and the NT Rep, in terms of the role being sensitive and higher RP standard required among those who play it to act more as an adviser to other Security rather than a higher ranking Officer. If it's decided to be a high playtime role, then maybe they could be deterred with high levels of SOP for IAAs to keep an eye out for, and potentially a higher punishment due to the fact they're meant to be an example to others? Or it could be specified that while being tasked with helping Security and keeping an eye out for malpractice in the field, they do not outrank any Officer and will be held to the same standards for SOP breaches/malpractice than anyone else in Security would be held to. I really don't know. Could attempt a sort of trial event in which CC promotes someone in Security to Instructor, they go to the HoP for an ID change and see how players react to it all. Although that would require some communication with players to see who's new to Security and who can help them out.
  5. I'd like to imagine while not teaching new players, the Instructor could act as a sort of in-field Internal Affairs Agent. Keeping an eye on other members while they are treating criminals outside of Brig, while, as it seems the direction of people's opinion has gone this way, also just performing usual Officer duties. General consensus on this thread seems to prefer them to act as more of a Senior Officer rather than a VIP. As such, I'll include a new idea for the uniform (which doesn't involve the VIP elements). - Same as most general Security uniforms, maybe with a few minor changes. ~ Potentially could spawn with a different weapon than the taser, if it's decided to be a karma role they could even have the same revolver as the Blueshield. ~ Normal Secbelt stuff, or just make them pick one up same as the rest of the Officers. ~ Same general access, maybe elevated to include Detective's Office or Internal Affairs (if people agree on the integration aspect). ~ Officer's beret to help distinguish them from regular Security at a glance, would help new players identify without having to examine everyone for their ID. They could also just PDA them so that's not entirely necessary. ~ Could have their own office, but that would require the addition of a whole new access level and would probably be more effort than needed. ~ Maybe give them a SWAT mask on spawn? Obviously the previous load-out I provided would be for the VIP aspect, but I hope the idea of a more general role helps too!
  6. I'll add my points: - Security Instructor could be a karma role, similar pricing to either the Nanotrasen Representative (30 karma) or the Magistrate (45 karma). - They'd have a small office somewhere in/around Brig, with a locker and other such furniture like a desk, filing cabinet, Camera Monitor console, maybe a fax machine, that kind of thing. - Their Standard Operating Procedure would be somewhere along the lines of allowing them to arrest/process in code green/blue in order to show a recruit the procedure and other such proceedings in Brig. Code red would allow them to do it based on how effectively the actual officers are working, similar to the Detective. - They would be a Central Command VIP, similar to the Nanotrasen Representative, Magistrate and Blueshield. As such, they would outrank all other Security staff but would not have authority to overrule many orders and proceedings, much like how the NT Rep functions within the Command staff. They would act as an adviser/direct trainer for Security staff up to and including the HoS. This would give people who are in the process of transitioning from Officer to Warden to Head someone to look to for guidance and support, as the HoS role can be a difficult one to grasp. - Their equipment would include an Officer's beret, a spare Navy Uniform, white gloves and armour, as well as a full Security belt and HUDglasses, with a headset that can only connect to Security communications. (Command too if you want them under the protection of the Blueshield, similar to the NT Rep and Magistrate). - They would have access to the labour camp, processing, cells, Detective's office and the firing range. That way they can teach new officers a list of different things, from analysing evidence, to processing procedure, to combat practice. They would not have access to the armoury, pod pilot bay or HoS office as they would only need access to teach very specific things about those jobs, which can be provided by the staff member requiring the guidance. (Bridge access could additionally be granted should they be under the Blueshield's protection). Along with the Instructor, a Cadet role could also be added. - Cadets would have basic equipment: A flash, handcuffs, armour, headset and HUDglasses. (Given on spawn). - Stunbatons/weapons can be given to Cadets based on station threat circumstances and training, at the discretion of the Warden/HoS/Captain. - In order to advance to Security Officer and Detective, you must first have a Security playtime of somewhere between 3-4 hours, making new players have to go through the Cadet system in order to advance. This would give them about two full shifts of learning time so they can properly grasp their duties and Space Law before diving right into the deep end. - Cadets can be buddied up with Security Officers, Detectives, Pod Pilots, Wardens or the HoS based on the discretion of the Instructor, or failing that, the HoS/Captain. - This also gives opportunity for mid-round Security transfers in the form of the Cadets, which have less access to equipment but can still help out with arrests by pairing up. - Access would be similar to the Detective, with no access to the main Security Officer lockers or the firing range. Map changes could require additional doors/moving of the vendors/clothing lockers for access, or instead they could just ask for access to use these facilities. That's my addition. Hope this helps in any way.
  7. Let's get down to business To defeat the mimes Did they send me shitsec? When I asked for crimes? You're the saddest bunch I ever met But you can bet before we're through Mister I'll make a clown out of you Break in with the chemists Get thermite and win Once you slip the captain Use the spare, break in You're a silent, pale, pathetic lot And you cannot robust too Somehow I'll make a clown out of you I'm never gonna slip up Sec Say hello to those who'll brig me Boy was I a fool in lobby, choosing civ This guy's got me in a cell Hope he doesn't shoot right through me Now I really wish that I knew how to slip Be a clown You must be swift as a gygax mech now Be a clown With all the force of a blobbernaut Be a clown With all the strength of nuclear op Mysterious as the dark of side of scimaint Time is racing toward us Till the mimes arrive Heed my every order And you might survive You're unsuited for the service SOP So pack up, go home, you're through How could I make a clown out of you? Be a clown You must be swift as a gygax mech now Be a clown With all the force of a blobbernaut Be a clown With all the strength of nuclear op Mysterious as the dark of side of scimaint
  8. Name of Event: Insurance Fraud (Credit to Triiodine for coming up with the idea, I just wrote this up) One Sentence Description: Some crew members are trying to get Insurance for the station. Map Changes: No Code Changes: No Suggested Number of Players: Any (45+ at least) Full Description of Event: Upon the shift starting as extended, the admins are to locate certain integral crew members. This can be anyone from Command to Civilian. These players are to then be given the objective "Subtly disrupt your department's operation. You may have others working towards the same goal as you." An announcement is made for the Internal Affairs department to keep an eye out for fraudsters, due a recent outburst of fraudsters on other Nanotrasen Stations. These players can go about disrupting their department in many ways; cutting wires as engineering, losing surgery tools as medical, leaving a prisoner in their cell with tools, that kind of thing. (Nothing rule breaking will be permitted. Murdering or bombing not allowed. These are not Syndicate Agents, just crew members looking for fraud.) The admins can give special objectives to certain people, such as the Captain to collect and "lose" certain items. At the end of the shift the crew will be judged on certain things, however the admins decide how to judge the crew. Suggestions: Amount of bodies that needed cloning due to lack of medical assistance, amount of brig escapees, that kind of thing. Those with objectives must be subtle, as they will be hunted. Internal Affairs, the NT Rep and the Magistrate will have to work with Security to locate those committing the fraud, and have them detained. Now, they may not even realise that one of the Officers could be helping to commit fraud. These three jobs will be given the objective to "Locate and perma the fraudsters for collection at Central Command." Those found will be placed in perma, and transported to Central via the shuttle at the end of the shift. The crew's rating will be altered by how many fraudsters they can find and bring to Central.
  9. Name of Event: Nanotrasen Defectors One Sentence Description: An SIT and the crew go on a manhunt for one or more players. Map Changes: No Code Changes: No Suggested Number of Players: Suggested 45+ with at least 5 ghosts or more. Sizes of teams can be scaled depending on the player count. Full Description of Event: One or more defectors from Central Command have escaped and boarded the station! Around 5-10 minutes into the shift, a shuttle docks with 1-4 people inside. All of these people are normal civilians, and aren't suspicious at all. Little do the crew know they are fakes, forged IDs by Central Senior Officer who decided to defect from Nanotrasen. Around 10 minutes after they've arrived, an announcement is sent to the crew: "The defectors are currently unknown, but what is known is they've stolen high security intelligence and may be on the Cyberiad! It would be advised for Security forces to look out for anyone not on the manifest..." The NT Defectors have two objectives: 1. Do not get caught at all costs, and 2. Contact the Syndicate and await extraction. The defectors must be wary though, as telling the Syndicate too much information could tip off Central too, via intercepting the messages. Short and sweet, as the saying goes. Around 5 minutes after the fax, the Syndicate Infiltration Team will arrive to try to find the unnamed Officers. Every 15-20 minutes or so, more information will come out from Central. Firstly, stating that the crew records were tampered with but they do not know who is fake and who isn't (telling the crew that the defectors are actually on the manifest). Secondly, stating the descriptions (Race & Hair colour at spawn) of the Defectors. Thirdly, they will have cracked who tampered with the consoles, tipping the crew of the counterfeit IDs and the "crew members" responsible. Each announcement makes finding them easier for the crew, but also the SIT too. If at around halfway through the shift they are not caught, an ERT can be requested to assist with their capture (the ERT would have the relevant equipment for the alert level and/or how many defectors remain. So, for example, if two defectors have already been caught, an AMBER team may be sent). Crew Objectives: Capture the Defectors. Deliver them to Central Command either via the ERT or the Ferry. ALL THE DEFECTORS MUST BE CAPTURED AND PRESENT IN ORDER TO TRANSPORT THEM. The Nanotrasen Representative and/or Magistrate is expected to have all the sensitive information the Defectors carry to hand over to the CentComm Officer on the Ferry, if that is how they deliver them (should both an NT Rep or Magistrate be missing, then the HoS or Captain may do so instead). Should any documents be missing, the crew cannot hand over the Defectors. ERT Objectives: Capture the Defectors. Focus all manpower on first collecting the sensitive information they hold, then deal with other issues the station may have. The ERT Commander is expected to go with the Defectors back to Central while having all the sensitive information on their person. Should any documents be missing, the ERT cannot take the Defectors back to Central. SIT Objectives: Get all sensitive information off the station. The Defectors MUST be collected if possible, but if not then they are not necessary for the mission. SIT only wins if all sensitive documents are present at the time of departure. Equipment changes: The crew receive the same equipment they normally do at shift start. The ERT are focused towards Security, as they would need more men to be on the lookout for the Defectors. The SIT have the usual SIT equipment: Chameleon suits, Agent IDs, PDA uplinks, Syndicate encrypted headsets. The Defectors have Civilian IDs, PDAs, plain jumpsuits and shoes. They have normal bags containing the following items: 1 cryptographic sequencer (for setting the fax machine to Syndicate), 1 set of sensitive documents (the same kind found in the Vault), an m1911 pistol with one clip inside, a gas mask voice changer.
  10. I still think the "a-thralling" should be ascending, but it's too late now!
  11. I quite like the idea of a Service subhead, but I doubt it would work well considering the actual Heads barely get listened to by that department. Hell, even Security Officers in the process of arresting Botanists don't get listened to by the people they're arresting. I think this would add an interesting element to the game, and would rely less on the HoP to constantly pass messages on to Cargo. I'm not sure how it would work properly though, as every role currently with access to Command channels are either karma locked or playtime locked. I just feel like the Quartermaster could feel like something more than a Cargo Technician with slightly more access. Give them more of a voice than the whiny guy constantly asking for Security when their Cargo Techs start beating each other to death.
  12. Thank you for alerting me to that video. I am now more complete this holiday season.