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  1. Warden spraying a poor greytide who accidentally wandered into brig Also I don't know how to draw vulps so have a fox with an awkward beret
  2. Quick let's keep going further before they find rules on this or something 5000
  3. NT Rep Emily-7 posing with an Enforcer pistol
  4. I have no idea where to even start for borg stuff tbh
  5. i had quite a few ideas on what the officer could be fighting but a clown got selected other ideas included a shadowling, a vampire or a changeling
  6. ...and without the blood or clown
  7. It is time for the worst best art to ever grace the forum. Kicking off strong with a speedy wizard boye:
  8. very good art 10/10 would check thread again
  9. Alright, kara outfit, coats and a white blouse with a black skirt. I might also do some bowties/decorative bows as accessories, I don't know.
  10. Current request list at the moment: blue bow dress alternative race sprites beige, red, black turtleneck for loadouts different colour fluff surgery masks vox beekeeper hat/suit sprite vox specific items in the loadout menu blue hair pin white tshirt with slime blob shirt with a duck black skirt (specification needed) HI I'M CONNOR THE ANDROID SENT BY CYBERLIFE I'll keep updating this and will remove items as I complete them, I can also provide images of each one if that's what people want.
  11. @Ty Omaha I love you and will 100% put that in. @White In Sky @farie82 @rapaskoti will do those as well. @Trubus how do you mean? On a shirt? And @Dinarzad if you could provide like, how you mean, that would be swell. If you mean a white blouse with a black skirt, I could totally do that, although if you have another idea for it I'd be grateful if you could give me an example, you can just draw it on paint or whatever and send it to me on Discord, my tag is Christasmurf#1753.
  12. Hi! I was thinking of making a sort of clothing pack, a medium(ish) project in which I add a bunch of community suggestion clothing ideas, either as loadouts or as general items you can get from clothing vendors/job lockers. At the moment the items I have are two new Security uniforms (smart red shirts, with a trousers/skirt variant, sprites for all races ready) a blue bow dress (will need other race compatability) and ideas for different kinds of turtlenecks (based on the tacticool but with suit sensors enabled, possibly loadout options, current colours are beige and red, but open to more colour suggestions). I'd like anyone who has an idea for outfits, uniforms, shoes or hats to give me suggestions so I can flesh out the pack and hopefully bring (even more) customisation to the playerbase. Thank you!
  13. I went into my brother's room one time in 2011 and he was on this weird game. "What is it?" "Space Station 13, you should download it and play with us." I left his room and forgot the conversation had ever happened. On Christmas day, at about 2:30am in 2016 I suddenly remembered the conversation with my brother and downloaded it. I have only played on Paradise since I started.