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  1. I Alright let me share my favorite stories, one as a Nuke op, and one as a crew member. As nuke op we declared war and I kept trying to get set up, in the ship as we were getting ready to launch but the ship kept getting moved and I kept falling. After five times I got annoyed and sat down. Forgetting of all items the pinpointer. Well we break in and everyone splits up well on my own I managed to run into the captain, who gets a face full of shotgun pellets and goes down easier than a nice glass of vodka. I grab the disk and find the tunnels are full of people howling for my blood so I try to call for backup but everyone is dead and finally I make a new breach and flee into space. I search my bags for the pinpointer.... I had remembered tools, spare ammo, to get an emag, everything but the pinpointer. And getting lost in space I lost the disk and the ship, but found the depot. So I ended the round popping the top on the space beer, eating syndie cakes, and vowing to get the cyberiad next time. Lesson of the story: nothing is more important than the pinpointer as a Nuke op. Now as a crew member, I recall being a mechanic and checking out the gateway. It was the wizard school and I had a brilliant idea. I got the spell book of recall and recharge, learned the spells, and went back and bound the NAD. My plan was get in my space pod, fly around, avoid nukies, and if I heard the captain died I would recall the disk, leave the z level and let me the disk disappear, return recall repeat. Well it didn’t go as planned... one nukie stole the sec pod and shot me out of the sky and I barely had time to get in the station where I met a friendly borer. With brain buddy we went to the bridge and saw a bomb, we moved it and got chased by a nukie who shot me into crit and took it back. Borer somehow saves me and we limp back to see the bridge is now a crater, and the captain was silent. So I recall the nad and form a new plan. Dump the caps backpack with nad in the disposals, flush, move to new disposal, recall and repeat. This works and the shuttle is called, I run into the captain who wants the disk and I recall it.... only this time it was still in the disposal so it appears still in the disposal which is now broken and nothing can be taken out. So I make my way to the shuttle, recalling it as I go, and the last nukie is there. They try everything they can to get it out and fail, then in a rage they hijack the shuttle which winds up at nukie hq, but since the disk was on the shuttle and not in nukie hands it was a crew major victory. lesson of the story: sometimes being clever can overcome all the guns and bombs in the world.... and never recall something in disposal bin.
  2. I didn’t know a syndicate toolbox was that powerful. I might have to start hanging onto them instead of just throwing them away. Really great guide here.
  3. To be fair science on paradise kinda already has these goals. Roboticists are expected to build one cyborg and one ripley/firefighter while scientists are expected to do RnD and ship disks back. But I do like the idea of giving other jobs their own goals as well, like say the chef have to make 10 cakes and 10 pizzas. Botany having to grow Deathnettles. Chemists in medbay needing to keep the fridge stock with 100 units worth of synthflesh. Or even just the bartender having to successfully create certain mixed drinks.
  4. ZN23X raises a lot of good point. Just one good antag can tear apart a well geared but inexperienced/uncoordinated security team and I've seen one good security officer catch a round's entire roster of criminals. And when either side starts displaying actual teamwork even in small numbers that is when you see people getting steamrolled. It's been my personal experience that it is easier to build good lasting partnership as an antag with other antags, than it is to build a good repertoire as a security officer with other officers. There are certain people who I've partnered over my long career here who know I will have their back and in turn I know they have mine, we can count on each other to help one another and save one another if something goes wrong. On the other hand most of my experience with security is everyone doing their own thing scattered across the station and comms being flooded with "why is this guy set to arrest?" Yes it's painful when security only has two officers and a detective against an army of changelings but I don't think the solution can be found in trying to limit antag numbers based on sec numbers. It's gonna be found in finding ways to encourage more people to make security their main and getting them to build the same kind of teamwork through regular rounds together that the frequent antags have. Which may require doing some work on security itself (which is being covered in another topic.)
  5. Swarmers are my favorite antag of all time to play as and personally I've never seen any problem with them other than swarmers who tend to forget their mission and go looking for a fight. The most deadly thing a swarmer can do is teleport you and yeah sometimes it can send you somewhere that kills you, which was one of my funnier moments in game (Oh crud I'm in space, oh wait I'm a vox I'm fine, no I'm not ohgodcarp!) But it's a pretty fun and simple creature to play as, just running around nibbling this and that. And they are pretty fun to fight chasing them and dodging their disablers and that satisfying pop when they die. And unlike say Terror Spiders or Xenos, I can't say swarmers have ever ruined my round when I'm an antag. All in all, I say leave them be.
  6. Alright did a bit of editing and added the first ever drawing of Savinien Brassheart done by one of my best friends Kitty Reid which is what made me decide to go ahead and throw the biography back up here.
  7. you know, Savinien was 29 when he started working for NT.
  8. For what it's worth, I don't believe anything you did was ever with malicious intent, I know you have a good heart. And I do hope you come back, guilt is a terrible burden but you have friends here willing to help you shoulder it, so let them help you, let paradise help you the same way you tried to help it.
  9. You know 1 time I tried being a brig phys and didn't even make it fully to the brig before nukies set off the nuke.
  10. First Name: Savinien Middle Name: Alexander Last Name: Brassheart Gender: Male Orientation: Straight Relationship Status: Married Nicknames/Alias: Savinien Alexander Luminima Picture: Age: 31 D.O.B.: 3/13/2531 Height: 6ft 5in Weight: 280 Hair: Black Eyes: Red/Violet Place Of Birth: Luminima Industries HQ Species: Human, Romanian. Blood Type: O+ Main Roles on the NSS Cyberiad: Scientist, Roboticist, Spelunker, Medical Doctor. Alignment: Chaotic Good Favorite Food: Berox (A german pastry stuffed primarily with beef and cabbage, and other things based on his mood.) Favorite Color: Red Personal Quote: Love is the answer to all of life's problems... But a Ripley with a drill makes a pretty good guess. Affiliations: Luminima Industries, Omega Corp, The cult of the Speaker Religious Beliefs: Formerly a follower of Rat'var, Savinien has in recent times turned his back the idea of worshipping gods though as an ally of the Speaker he currently runs the cult of the speaker. He is not atheist, he believes entities such as the Speaker and Rat'var exist. However he believes that gods are nothing, they are no better than the people who worship them. And it's summed up in this quote by Savinien. Childhood: Roboticist for Luminima Industries Adulthood: Head Roboitcist of Luminima Industries, Freelance Miner, and Mechanic. ================================================================================================================= Detailed Information Appearance: A tall man with broad shoulders and a thick strong body earned from working on heavy machinery and mining his entire life. He has thick black hair, which all curls back into a sort of pompadour. A nasty looking scar from a laser pistol can be seen on his chest over his heart whenever he takes his shirt off. As a general rule, Savinien loves wearing a shirt and slacks or a suit, but he always has a lab coat and a pair of jackboots if he can find them. He has a tattoo on his right bicep of a heart and the words "Amor Itaque Excessum" as well some blue markings all over his body that look like tears in his skin. He wears a golden chain that has his and his ex-wife's wedding rings on it, the latter's ring scorched and warped. His left eye is violet and seems to sparkle, while his right eye is a deep shade of red. On his left hand is a silver ring with a brilliant blue sapphire. Character Voice: Deep and soft most times, when he gets passionate or angry his voice gains a rough coarseness to it. Everything he says carries a tone of arrogance to it, making him come off as condescending even when trying to be sincere and complimentary. He has a Romanian accent that is subtle but becomes more obvious when he becomes frustrated and starts muttering things in his native tongue. Personality: Arrogant, nostalgic, generous, a bit uptight, believes in being on time and is never satisfied with just getting a job done and will always put in maximum effort. Values friends and loyalty and will go above and beyond for those close to him. Does not care for fighting physically. Stubborn and determined to a fault, when he does get into a fight he will dig his heels in and keep at it until he wins. Security Records: Multiple counts of assault, murder, trespass, and sabotage with an Exosuit, illegal possession and selling of contraband, industrial espionage, smuggling, credit laundering and excessive force against Enemies of the Corporation during his career with security. Medical Record: Color confusion that makes it hard for him to distinguish between certain colors, severe emotional and mental trauma that has lead to extreme dislike and distrust of most vox and vulpkanin. Right eye seems to constantly irritate him and is sensitive to direct light. Becomes very agitated when seeing pink cowboy boots. =============================================================================================================== Character Biography Background: Born into the Luminima Family who own and run the small company Luminima Industries, they specialized in simple cheap and efficient machinery for a variety of jobs, he is the eldest of four siblings all of which who share the family affinity for all things mechanical. However a violent falling out with the family lead to Savinien leaving home and severing ties with his parents. Working freelance for a few years as a miner he would eventually come under the employment of Nanotrasen. One of their finest scientists and roboticists, he would be arrested and sentenced to hard time for various capital crime. However due to his cooperation and confession, he was paroled and allowed to return to work. History: 3/13/2531: Born Savinien Alexander Luminima, first son of Thomas Luminima II, CEO of Luminima Industries, and his wife Sara. She would give birth in the medical wing of Luminima Industries HQ and some of Savinien's earliest memories are the comforting hum of robots and machines working in perfect harmony. Preferring the company of his siblings and his creations, he would spend most of his childhood working on ways for the children to explore life outside of the factory as well little devices to entertaining his brothers and sister. 3/14/2549: One day after turning 18 he would begin working for Luminima Industries, as a part of their robotics division. A mere formality as he had long assisted in the department for most of his teen years, but it came with a paycheck and now Savinien was allowed to travel on his own. The next five years would expand his horizons immensely as he saw mechanical inventions he didn't even think were possible and immediately spend all his money on these marvels to bring home to try and reverse engineer them while also improving the design. 12/10/2554: At age 23, Savinien becomes Head Roboticist for Luminima Industries. Over the past 5 years with his younger brother Oran and twin sister Orianna, they expanded Luminima, the company now producing medical robotics attendants for home use as well exploring implants and cybernetic enhancements for the first time. However the CEO and father of the siblings Thomas the II would ask Savinien to expand even further and put him in charge of developing equipment for military and security forces. Savinien was wary but began work on a line of non-lethal cyborgs including a spider-esque one that could shoot movement inhibiting web grenades. However Savinien claims all prototypes and plans were destroyed, and any attempt to ask him for details has been met with total silence. 8/9/2557: A violent dispute between Savinien Luminima and Thomas Luminima II erupts over the direction of the military branch of the company. Savinien had tried time and time again over the past few years to please his father but every single time he was met with anger and disappointment and the single demand for a more powerful machine. Savinien's last exosuit design under the Luminima brand, the Luminima Sentinel, was armed with a crowd dispersal grenade designed to blow a riotous crowd apart with a non-lethal grenade launcher that still would result in broken bones and organ damage. Thomas II seemed pleased but asked Savinien if he could increase the force to ensure 100% lethality and that is when Savinien finally realized what his father meant when he asked for more power. The shouting between the two men was loud enough many nearby worked can recount the conversation word for word. It's at this time workers reported the sounds of a fight and then a flash of light, followed by a thud. Thomas Luminima II has shot his son Savinien through the heart. Realizing what he had done and overcome with remorse and grief, he cried for help and several workers helped rush the fallen son to the medical division of factory. Whether it was a miracle or sheer determination to live, Savinien managed to survive several grueling hours of having machines help keep his blood flowing as his old heart was removed and a mechanical one put in place. He can still vividly recall the agony of having veins reopened and reconnected after being cauterized shut, having muscle, flesh, bone, all mended or replaced with synthetic equivalents. The trauma left Savinien weak and confined to bed for several days. He would recover physically, but emotionally and mentally.... 8/16/2557: There was no forgiving the betrayal of his father. Their family's legacy, their company's ideals, the trust between a father and son that says the father won't shoot his son through the heart, were all destroyed. By the time his father came to in check on him that morning his bed was already made with a neatly folded letter that stated he would be resigning from Luminima Industries and the Luminima family effective immediately and apologized for not giving a two-week notice. The resignation was signed 'Savinien Brassheart.' Thomas would find every single design that Savinien had come up with deleted from the databases and all files removed including Savinien's employee record. As far as Luminima Industries was concerned he no longer existed. Oran, Orianna and youngest brother Richard would be furious with their father. With Orianna and Richard leaving home and Oran staying for the sake of their mother but adopting the Brassheart surname as well. 12/28/2560: Using a lifetime of experience and his own innate talents he was able to get by as a freelance mechanic for a while, repairing various broken objects for cash until buying a used Nanotrasen APLU Ripley and returning to the family's roots predating robotics, mining. For three years after leaving home he would work for a variety of employers including the syndicate as a land clearer. It was on this day though his life would change when on a now-defunct supply depot and rest stop, a small emergency escape shuttle infested with a small hive of xenomorphs would dock via the automatic navigation system. It didn't take long for them to sense fresh hosts and start clawing the escape hatch open. Before the first one could fully make it out the door, it would receive a plasma blast in its elongated head. Savinien pushed the hive backed and all the patrons of the depot could hear was shrieking, laser fire, and the piercing scream of a drill tearing through chitinous hides. By the time it was done his Ripley was completely destroyed, not by claws and fangs, but simply from all the acidic blood coating it and entrails clogging its machinery. Savinien however was mostly intact though cursing loudly about the ripley as he headed for a bathroom to wash up. Several off-duty Nanotrasen employees that witnessed it would later drunkenly recount the event on their stations, bringing Savinien to the attention of Nanotrasen who offered him a steady paycheck, personal living quarters, incredible health benefits, and the promise that they would replace his Ripley. He would accept and immediately be sent to the NSS Cyberiad as part of the security force, banking on what they assumed was a natural robustness to help safeguard the research station. However, Savinien's security career was at best mediocre, with him preferring to man the front desk and help organize arrest warrants. 3/13/2561: The day of his 30th birthday saw Savinien facing a new threat he had never encountered before, Terror spiders. The armory had run out of weapons and cargo was now a breeding ground for the arachnid abominations. He rushed to the science department hoping to get something more than a stun baton and a hybrid taser to fight with and while passing by the robotics lab, he happened to see a pile of parts for an exosuit he had never seen before and a catatonic roboticist slumped over a table. Climbing through the open window he removed the roboticist's toolbelt and welding goggles and began to teach himself how to assemble this strange new machine. In no time he found himself staring at a Durand MK-II and with hands shaking he added the last weapon to it before climbing in and heading right for cargo.... It is said whenever the NSS Cyberiad's temperature controllers malfunction and the station become hotter than normal, you can still smell the spider entrails he splattered all over the shipping bay. Security cameras recorded the entire shift and it became clear that Savinien Brassheart was not meant for security and was transferred to the robotics department of science. 7/29/2561: Savinien Brassheart has begun dating XXXXX XXXXXX, a red and black vulpkanin, her influence is quite noticeable and eventually leads to an experiment that forever changed him. Savinien appears physically the same, his eyes have shifted to a strange shade of violet and he has exchanged his mechanical heart for an organic one. Further changes to Savinien are still being investigated as well as what exactly happened that day. A partially destroyed journal found in a raid on his home a year later would find one passage scribbled in blue ink. Currently all attempts to translate it have been met with failure. 8/10/2561: Savinien Brassheart marries XXXXX XXXXXX in a small private ceremony in which she takes his last name followed by the two flying off into space in a pod built by the groom himself. For the next seven months, the universe was their playground with the pair running raids on syndicate supply depots, capturing abandoned medical ships, and slipping into the gateways all while seeing how many people they could make cringe with public displays of affections and the constant use of flirting and pet names. However, Happiness didn't last long... 3/15/2562: For the first time in almost 5 years Savinien has resumed using the Luminima name and files for divorce. When asked for the reasons for the divorce he would cite irreconcilable differences, incessant fighting, as well as abuse both physical and verbal. And the refusal of his spouse to attempt to repair things through couples counseling. XXXXX Brassheart would respond by suing him for the entirety of their marital assets including the rights to his last name, claiming he was the abuser. 3/18/2562: Savinien Brassheart did not receive confirmation of his ex-wife's signing of the divorce papers but instead found a smoldering golden ring upon the doorstep of his home. Searching Nanotrasen records he would find he was the only official Brassheart once more on the list of crewmembers for the NSS Cyberiad as well as the deletion of the records of his ex-wife. All charges of abuse towards his wife would be dropped, however, the toll of a failed marriage and legal battles had left Savinien in a very damaged state emotionally and mentally, so at the encouragement of friends and co-workers he would take a one week vacation for his mental health. 3/24/2562: Passing all mental and physical health checks, Savinien Brassheart returns to work aboard the NSS Cyberiad. He remained in therapy but reported a steadily improving quality of life. However something still seemed to bother the young man and fighting with a friend of his ex-wife made it hard for him to stay focused on improving his mental state. 4/1/2562: Savinien Alexander Brassheart for reasons known only to a few people decided to contact Central Command and fax them evidence of over 25 counts of industrial espionage, and 12 counts of smuggling and trading Nanotrasen equipment as well as his list of accomplices which included his ex-wife and her friends. He is sentenced to prison with a chance of parolore in one month due to his confession and cooperation in his finding and arresting his accomplices. 4/11/2562: Fighting and shouting is heard from Savinien's cell and guards rush in to find him covered in blood and covering his right eye. A medical examination would find deep claw marks over the eye and the iris of the eye had turned blood red. When a light flashed into it Savinien growled and smacked the light away. Other than discoloration and light sensitivity, no other injuries are found and Savinien is issued an eyepatch to be worn at all times. 4/13/2562: Having been reported missing a month ago with no sign or trace, XXXXX Brassheart is declared legally dead. A funeral service is held for her which Savinien is allowed to attend, he says nothing and only sheds a few tears as he watched the coffin burn. Lawyers later approached Savinien Brassheart and revealed to him that his paperwork loathing ex-lover never signed the divorce papers and with his wife's passing he would inherit her possessions and as such was now majority stockholder of a company named The Omega Corporation. 4/15/2562: Granted a temporary leave from prison to attend to wife's affairs, Savinien heads to Omega Corp HQ to meet with it's board of directors and after an intense meeting is accepted as the new CEO of Omega Corp in place of XXXXX Brassheart. Currently it is unknown what his plans are for the company but rumors of an alliance with Nanotrasen or the Syndicate have been floating around. Currently Savinien has left his two 'daughters' in charge to run things for him, Gali and Thuli. 5/5/2562: Savinien Alexander Brassheart appeals for parole and to return to work aboard the NSS Cyberiad and the parole is granted. However all special certifications such as his Mechanic's License have all been revoked as well as all credits he had earned in training and studying for other positions in Nanotrasen. But undaunted Savinien smiled and vowed to get re-certified and not only rebuild himself and his reputation, but to achieve even bigger and better things. 6/21/2562: In a sudden ceremony attended by several friends of the groom, Savinien Brassheart marries Pretzel, an IPC whom he quickly bonded with through several outings into the gateway and shifts working together in science. While seemingly impulsive on both their parts, the pair seem quite happy. ==================================================================================================================== Immediate Family: Thomas Luminima II (Father/Alive/Dislike) : Current CEO of Luminima Industries and the father of all four Luminima children. A very driven young man bent on changing the world, he wanted his children to work even harder and achieve even greater things than he himself could. Rather than give his children toys he would teach them how to build their own and as they got older would encourage them to self-teach themselves rather than ask to be shown. Savinien was quite close to his father until the Brassheart incident. Because of the traumatic event, Thomas II's repeated attempts to reach out to Savinien and apologize met with failure. Savinien refused to speak with his father for 5 years until finally reaching out to him with the simple message of "Hey Dad." Sarah Luminima (Mother/Alive/Neutral) : Like any good son Savinien loves his mother but the fact she remained with his father despite what he had done to him, the company.. Their relationship too suffered immense damage with Savinien only sending short letters during holidays. However, in recent weeks, Savinien has begun writing her slightly more often and keeping her more up to date with his life and that of his brother Oran. Oran Brassheart (Brother/Alive/Close Friend) : Second son and twin of Orianna, Oran is perhaps one of Savinien's best friends and the one member of his family he keeps in regular and frequent contact with. After the Brassheart incident, he would be the only of the four children to stay behind but would change his name to match Savinien's to make it clear to his father that he wanted no part of the Luminima name anymore. A gifted roboticist in his own right, it is when dealing with surgery and doing implants augmentations and replacements that you see his true skill. A dreamer he will often stare into space until Savinien smacks the back of his head. He credits Oran with being one of the main reasons he was able to get through his divorce and was all too thrilled to welcome him as the latest employee of Nanotrasen. Orianna Negato (Sister/Alive/Good Friend) : The sole daughter of Thomas II and Sara and twin to Oran, her specialty was building machines for entertainment such as cyborgs that could sing and dance. After the Brassheart Incident, she would move in with then-boyfriend Felix Negato, a freelance gateway explorer often sent through portals that even a clown wouldn't be stupid enough to run through. She has two children with him, twins Thomas III and Mary and is awaiting the birth of her second son William this year. She and Savinien remain on good terms and he often enjoys visiting his nephew and niece, sneaking them items from the NSS Cyberaid such as flags and corgi plushies. Richard Luminima (Brother/?Alive?/Good Friend) : The last of the Luminima four and only one to keep the last name, Richard was already going to leave home when their father shot Savinien and took away any hesitation the youngest had. A wild and adventurous man, Savinien last contact with him was sending a picture of himself riding a goliath with a pair of reindeer antlers and a red rubber nose glued to it during christmas. Savinien remains confident Richard is alive and that the goliath likely ate his PDA, an event he says has happened before and will happen again. "Yeah, Augustus... that's his goliath, it is a pretty rough customer for a pet, but I don't think he'd hurt Richard... too badly" -Savinien Brassheart Gallium 'Gali' Brassheart(Daughter?/Alive/Close Friend) : A young seemingly human girl in her late teens to early twenties that always complains about the heat and feeling like she is melting. No family tree for Savinien or any medical records indicate him ever having children nor has made any mention of her, yet he regards her as his daughter and she refers to him as dad. A slim girl with black pixie cut hair and fair skin her most noticeable feature are her eyes, her right eye is a brilliant shade of garnet red while the left eye is a shade of gold fit for jewelry. She along with her 'sister' Thuli run the Omega Corporation for Savinien as well as acting as envoys for him in business meetings. Gali largely handles the management part of the business as the CEO of Omega Corp making sure everything goes according to Savinien's plans. Thulium 'Thuli' Brassheart(Daughter?/Alive/Close Friend) : Savinien's second 'daugher.' who refers to him as father. She resembles a female vulpkanin with pitch black fur covering most of her body. The tip of her tail is a vibrant red and various streaks of red can be found along her body and ears that seem to resemble runic markings as well as the long wild mane of red and black hair that frames her face, she has long messy black hair with blood red tips the back of which flows all the way down to her tail and bangs long enough cover her to chest. Like Gali she has one red and one gold eye except the colors are reversed for her with right/gold left/red and in darkness they seem to glow. A pair of pitch black horns rest between her ears, curving slightly back. Despite her resemblance and similar name to his late wife, no evidence suggests she has any relation to late wife XXXXX Brassheart. Somewhat shy but regarded as peaceful and easy to work with, she along with Gali manages Omega Corp for their father with Thuli largely zipping between departments and helping where she can. She holds the title of COO in Omega Corp. =================================================================================================================== A Partial List of Savinien's Notable Relationships as told by Savinien himself. Pretzel Brassheart(Wife) : A sleek and well made mechanical maiden I met while in the gateway we ended up going out several times, to the gateway, working in science, flying through space, and now she is my wife. There is much we're still learning about each other, she's eager to learn and eager to please, and I'm eager to teach and make her happy right back. I won't lie it was a whirlwind romance and a sudden marriage but you know, I have hopes that this one won't try to kill me. Though, she has accidentally shot me several times. But she apologized, which is more than my late wife would ever do. Keos Delvar(Close Friend) : One of the first people I met on the security force and my mentor in the ways of the NSS Cyberiad, we quickly bonded over similar tastes in entertainment drinks and women. He would eventually move from security into the medical bay where he would teach me about surgery and medicine anytime I would come in banged up. Now semi-retired, he has been seen returning for the odd shift to keep tabs on me and make sure I'm alright. Madilynn Drago/Dragoo(Close Friend) : A mischevious little imp that talks like a vox and seems to be just as mad as one. But when my marriage was falling apart she was the only who believed things could be worked out. Granted, I'm now a widower but still Madi's neverending optimism and silly antics to cheer me up have made her one of my favorite people. Quite fond of the dwarf gene, if I'm working genetics she knows she can count on me finding it for her as well as a few other things to help her with her pranks. Her tunnel rat shiny seeking ways has saved me number times be it through finding my body or finding an item I would late use to save my life. She is a very adept doctor, surgeon, and geneticist but usually just likes running around and stealing duckies. At some point she became a slime person, I've been meaning to ask about it but afraid of the answer. Terry Watson(Close Friend) : A strange vulpkanin that strives to stay absolutely neutral in every matter, me and Terry have grown to trust and befriend each other as partners in crime. A former follower of The Speaker, Terry now despises him for a reason he hasn't fully disclosed to me. Despite the fact that I have resumed being on good terms with the speaker, Terry and I remain good enough friends for him to have visited me in prison after every shift while I was locked away and has remained a source counseling concerning my divorce to what was once one of his better friends. Lately though after a massive dispute regarding my late wife and the speaker, we haven't spoken more than a few brief times. Brenden Singh(Good Friend) : A prominent member of science that I can trust to help him get Research and Development done who's always got a kind word, a stiff drink and a sentient xenomorph queen for me. Whether it's changelings disguised as ERT wanting to capture the Protolathe for weapon production or Shadowlings hellbent on disabling Xenobiology, you can bet these we will be back to back ready to teach all would-be attackers the first law of science. Try to mess with science, and get messed up by Science. David MacTavish(Admire/Respected/Good Friend) : I consider no one a better boss to work for aboard the NSS Cyberiad and count him as a good friend who has helped me move past some of the toughest moments in my life. I know MacTavish will always have my back in any situation and he knows I'll the favor whenever I can. MacTavish is always at the top of my list for a goodie-bag whenever I'm working RnD. I also credit him with teaching him the process of building machines during time together in science which has remained a very valuable skill no matter what I'm doing. Goobina(Good Friend) : A light blue slime with cat-like features that always greets everyone with a loud and enthusiastic HAI!, her tiny medbay has saved me countless times and her endearing positive personality and behavior have earned her one of the top spots on my 'Must Rescue' list. Irithyll Iestjarl(Good Friend) : She is a bit pushy, aggressive, likes throwing people around, keeps asking Silvern if we're an item. And yet for some reason I'm quite fond of her and close to her and she remains one of my confidants when it comes to certain things. Of course it's hard not to become close to someone when half of your work day involves rooting around in their body to fix numerous broken bones and ripped veins. Kikiro(Good Friend) : One of the rare vox I get along with, I find myself quite amused with the pet-obsessed vox even when the perpetual captain will often let the station burn so long as the pets are safe. I try to send him a gift bag of gold slime extract and syringes filled with water whenever he is on the manifest. Korlas 'Delta' Lassh(Good Friend) : The lover of Kerri Mendy and a very hard worker just like her, I quite often see her mining which is a huge relief since my main job in research and development depends on good miners. Beyond that, she has been a very supportive and helpful friend always backing me up and usually pulling my corpse to the cloner. S.A.M.(Good Friend) : How to best describe S.A.M. ...hmm, well it's like a TV that someone broke the volume on. Loud, nervous, anxious but an adept Research Director. S.A.M. is a good enough friend to confide in and I always try to help S.A.M. out even when the IPC doesn't always want it. I firmly believe he will be much happier and much quieter if he met someone, however, SAM thus far politely and repeatedly refused my offer of a date with my Microwave. I swear she has a great personality though. Aubree Hook(Friend) : A fellow member of the recently divorced club whose previous marriage was actually overseen by me during one of my shifts as a Nanotrasen Representative. Her perpetually perky nature and positive attitude always left me in a good mood after speaking with her and her lover. Pretty good taste in poetry too. Kennard Rose(Good Friend) : A man of amazing deductive skills and longtime friend, if sec tries to hassle me or I need information of any kind. He's the first guy I call. Mochikokiko (Admired/Respected/Friend) : Perhaps my favorite vox (no offense to the others), but when I see Mochi in mining then I know RnD is going to get maxed out quickly. Like many friends she has a good work ethic that I admire and goes above and beyond whatever job she is in. Whether it's mining, in the kitchen churning out food, or the rare instance I happen to be around for Captain Mochi. Sadly due to both of us always having our noses to the grindstone, well, beak for her, we don't really hang out much like I do with the others on this list. Kyekiki(Friend) : A curious vox eager to fit in with the rest of the crew that for whatever reason bonded with me the same way a cat is attracted to the one person that is allergic to it. I mentored him in science, in pod piloting, and human relationships. He feels like he has a solid grasp of most human traits except love which he equates with kinship and he considers me Kins (oh joy.) Speaker bless him he works hard to help me overcome my problems with vox by teaching me more about vox culture. But Please no, no more about the slugs and the stacks. Slith-Skaar(Good Friend) : It's hard to tell if we are friends or enemies and it seems to change every shift. But whether we are working together in science or I'm running after slith shouting "I'll cut off your tail and make you eat it!", we seem to remain pleasant enough and will usually assist one another if in trouble. For some reason he seems to have a growing female fan club which baffles both me and him, since Slith's biggest dream in life is to eat his own tail. I guess women like a lizard with ambition. Alice Sanders(Acquaintance/Respected) : Whenever I work command I'm always relieved to see Sanders waiting for me on the bridge. While I knows next to nothing about her I do know that she can hold her own in a fight and will always somehow keep me alive until we return home to central with about an 80-85% success rate. Mike Murdock(Neutral/Respected) : The husband of XXXXX before myself. She used to encourage me to be a real jerk to him and his lady. However, without her around, I find I actually enjoy Murdocks company and respect his robustness. When you're such a beast that the Syndicate calls in reinforcements against you, that's a guy you tip your hat to. The Honourable Han Sprite(Admire/Respected) : An imposing career Magistrate that I was all too happy to see when I used to work as a Nanotrasen Representative. We share of a love for the power of paperwork and I always vowed to someday match and surpass Han's total members of command demoted through paperwork. He's not unpleasant to be around though it's very hard to ignore when Han Sprite decides to have a 'snack' and I have to graciously refuse when I am offered a bite. Ide Taro(Neutral) : An antagonistic force in my life, he loves to critique and mock me at every turn due to my favoring jobs where I can work behind a desk. Over time I've come to take this with good humor and will often greet the snarky unathi pleasantly. It doesn't hurt that he is rather useful when we work science together. The Speaker(Friend?/Respected) : The 'god' of my former lover and at one point I served him too, for a time I turned his back on the Speaker, but when I had lost what mattered most couldn't find an answer as to what to do next I heard him whisper the answer. He may not be my god, but he will always be a friend. And I always do what I can to help my friends. Kerri Mendy(Dislike) : A former hard working unathi lass, sadly due to repeated negative incidents beyond my control our friendship was strained and she no longer trusts me. I've noticed she also slacks off much more often running around Slith and Szlaa. Such a shame really but she is still all together not a bad person or someone I would wish ill of. Silvern Ragnar(Despised) : A vulpkanin I once cared for, her destructive nature and cold attitude combined with an inability to understand one another turned us against each other and now with her new husband she is one of the most obnoxious and unpleasant parts of working about the cyberiad and most tend to agree with me. The Pink Booted Pigeon (Despised) : If you want to know why I have a hatred and general distrust of vox then look no further than this horrid bird, just seeing it's pink boots was enough to make my eye twitch. As a friend of my ex-wife, it seemed to delight in tormenting me and attempting to frame me for breaches of space law and SoP as well as thermiting my office walls and shocking my doors. However due to her involvement in the massive criminal scandal I revealed, it is currently serving out a life sentence with no chance of parole at Nanotrasen's Maximum Security Prison. XXXXX Brassheart (Late Wife/Dead) : Ah Th-.... Well, I can't say it here due to a rather annoying virus she entered into NT's database that corrupts any entry with her name in it (Which specifically targets entries I make) but everyone knows it and her first name is shared with chemical element 81 on the periodic table. She was my lover, my wife, and at the very end my most bitter enemy. While her body has never actually been found, a funeral was held after she was reported missing for over a month and thus declared legally dead and I know in my heart that it's true. Our divorce was hard and I don't think either of us handled it well, she blamed me for everything bad she could think of including things that never even happened or happened to other people. And after her I didn't think I'd ever remarry (turns out I was wrong). Despite all that I still wish we could have worked it out. But in the end she died cursing my name... well, at least I'm sure that's how she died eh heh.... But wherever she is, whatever counts for an afterlife I hope she's finally happy (though probably still bitter and angry at me) and that she knows I'll always love her and I will forever carry a piece of her with me. hehehe.... ============================================================================================================ Faction Relations: Luminima Industries(Dislike) : God, they have strayed so far from what Thomas the First wanted it sickens me. Omega Corp(Allied/Owner) : So I now own stock in an arms manufacturing company, well my father always did want me to go into lethal weapon development. Nanotrasen Corporation(Neutral) : Believe it or not, the food in prison was better than what I get on the Cyberiad with only a 10% chance of it having drugs or toilet water in it. The Cult of Nar'Sie(Curious) : She hated you, and feared you. But why? I should make an effort to figure that out. The Cult of the Speaker(Allied) : Despite being a cult, it's not as bad as you think. The Syndicate(Dislike) : "Hey your last paycheck bounced, fix it or I won't work for you again! The Wizard Federation(Like) : It really depends on the wizard, but they are amusing enough most times ==================================================================================================================== Due to the fact I was forced to edit certain things (namely someones name), I have made a brand new DA account with the unedited version of this biography which will also house stories concerning my characters that just can't be told in a normal round of paradise. So if you're interested, shoot me a message and I'll send you a link.
  11. Being an engiborg and deconning the floor and watching people slam into each other left and right, then as they try to get up and kill me... making another hole. What it lacks in creativity and style, it makes up for in simple slapstick comedy.
  12. Being a man who believes in go big or go home, I don't settle for a simple gun or sword. Give me a durand or phazon with a yellow slime cell, increased ranged armor, a taser, and an lmg/scattershot. But with fastmos, a lot can be said for a simple ripley with a drill and putting a hole in floor of a crowded room and watching magic happen. But if we're talking specifically hand held weapons. The Combat Defib from the syndie supply depot coupled with the m90 is fun and effective, if I don't give you a fatal heart attack from the defib then the lengthy stun will keep you down long enough for me to put a bullet in your brain.