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  1. When the gateway was 24/7 terror spiders. This is a legitimate round tip that I did not force.
  2. xProlithium

    mech nerf?

    To give some context in a militaristic perspective, Mechs are meant to be force multipliers. Similar to the Bradley and Abrams, solo they're vulnerable, but when supported by soldiers they provide excellent support. Let's look at a Durand and Gygax's combat effectiveness against blobs, and terror spiders. I'm leaving xenos out of my discussion because I don't play them. Durands are slow but well armored mechs and have a unique Defense Mode function. This means their best combat effectiveness is *supporting* a push, not frontlining it. Gygax are fast, but not as well armored as a Durand, where they lack in defense they make up for in mobility. This type of mech can be used in front line as it as an ability to nope itself out of a bad situation provided it has an exit. A blob is a stationary target, it's vulnerable to anything that is coordinated. Not to mention one of the greatest buffs blob has only works for energy based weapons, ballistics negate it entirely. I'd consider mechs a hard counter to blobs. Terror Spiders are a threat to be feared however. They are mobile, they coordinate (or should), and in time have enough numbers to overwhelm most obstacles. They're at their weakest when they first start. I don't believe mechs themselves need a nerf, like many things in the game, it takes skill and tactics to implement them properly.
  3. More on the point of unwrenched pipes, are there any reasons why spiders shouldn't be able to just re-enter the disconnected pipes? Why can they *only* enter vents and scrubber ports but not open pipes themselves?
  4. As somebody whose been through lavaland all of once as miner, I dont have too much experience in it. However the one run through I did, I noticed the explorer suit can only be upgraded with goliath hide a few times. Maybe trade off one goliath hide use for storm resist?
  5. A round I played earlier today had myself and another cyborg got hacked by traitors, then disabled by security and left outside robotics for about 20 minutes. Apparently all of the robotics quit or died. As a cyborg, we can't ghost if our power cell is removed, but we can't do anything with it removed. Perhaps make it possible to exit the borg body if it's been without a power cell for more than 5 or 10 minutes. I mean sure, after 20 minutes we had our power cells readded by a miner but still, that's 20 minutes of looking at a dark screen with nothing to do but chat in LOOC.
  6. If the psychologist gives you weed for your crack addiction, would it help?
  7. Mmmmaybe for the one that isn't dead.
  8. Two of these borgs are not like the others. And they are bound TO ME.
  9. Wait for gravity gen to go offline. Grab them aggressively, throw them out of an open airlock.
  10. <(o_o<) ..... (>o_o)> ..... <(^_^)>
  11. From an administrative standpoint, I can see how having a hard-cap on players getting into the server would be a bad thing. From a player standpoint and a logical standpoint, wouldn't overpopulation in high tide be more of a determent to the station then a good thing?
  12. So here's my story, I wasn't always a Tajaran, in fact I used to be human. I started my shift as a civilian. I went to the Head of Personnel. Hoping to get a job that I wasn't entirely qualified for but was still willing to learn. At the time Security was my interest, but of course got denied. Head of Security wasn't taking new officers. I guess he wanted ones straight off the shuttle. So a little while after the shift went by and me going around Maintenance and general quarters, I head to security. I wanted to get a feel for what was going on around security and learn from their actions, bear in mind I was somewhat new to Nano Trasen at the time. I walk in to the Security lobby to the Head of Security in his armored coat standing talking to a couple officers. A few minutes later a suspicious looking person walks into the Security lobby and is standing a little too close to the Head of Security and the other officers. He pulls something out and I could hear more than see either the Head of Security and the security officer try to disarm him. The suspicious person takes a few steps back, the Head of Security turns to go into the Secure area, and I, being a stupid person, tried to jump in and help. I attempted to disarm him, stood right in the way of the Head of Security and the guy ... and we blew up. The Head of Security makes it with moderate injuries, the Security officer and I are worse. I remember waking up in the OR gasping for breath, no matter what they did, my lungs had failed. So they did the next best thing. They transplanted my brain into a Tajaran, my body was biomassed, and I became a different species.