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  1. -- My english may suck, so be prepared! -- Well, it was a very good day. I was in charge of Cargo, people called me QM. My Cargo Techs were energetic and motivated. Especially one Cargo Tech. She was always by my side and asked me to get permission for "searching crate in maint". Well, nothing wrong about that, right? Some time has passed, the Cargo Tech (i call her...Sharon, just to have a name), was absent more often and i was thinking about it. Later, the IAA came to me, he told me that there are Cultists on the Station and that some of my people may be cultists. I thought about Sharon...could she be a cultist? I tried to lure her into a trap. I got me some nice holy Water. I wanted to mix it with a drink, like "sharon, you do great work, let's drink something". i never got the chance to mix the drink, because sharon came to me first and asked me to follow her into maint. I knew that this was a trap, but i wasn't unarmed (had a cleaver in my pocket) so i followed her. She lured me deep into maint, and then it happened. a flash hit me and i was paralyzed, i had no chance to react. She said something strange and then...well, I was a cultist, she converted me... i belonged to them. I faced my destiny and met the other cultists, we teleported into a abandoned room so we could make a strategy. And then it happened again...a flash, well not that bright and not painfull...why? becauce it killed me in an instant. What happened? Well, one cultist activated an EMP Grenade...accidently of course (or some EMP spell, i dont really know). You know it by now, right? My heart was a mechanical one, so the EMP attack killed me instant. The first comment i saw in chat (as a ghost) was "woops, we killed the QM". And that's it, maybe not that heroic, but it was a funny situation for me.