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  1. All I can say is: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/8937 TL;DR, what maintainers said:
  2. Question: How do you get rid of your mindslaved target in style? Answer: Have them sacrificed to Chulthu by the chaplain.
  3. According to the code: game_year = ([something something current year] + 544)
  4. The game is coded in such a way that a NAD cannot be implanted. Quote from the code: Central command would kill you if you implanted the disk into someone. Even if in a box. Especially in a box.
  5. You mean Comes ons, kins, poses with voxxy, yaya?
  6. That's nonsense, what would they be doing then? Peace mages?
  7. I find this a lot more sensible... But I have not been arrested for ages, so I don't care that much. Just keep in mind that the current sounds very funny.
  8. The general idea is good, but let's say X kills Y with the weapon Z got. Why would Z get more time?
  9. Why would the helper get a longer sentence than the one committing the crime?
  10. @davidchan Well, people always assumed automatically that the chaplain is the bishop, thus I made him so in order to avoid confusion.
  11. Bxil

    Privacy Policy

    Oh shit. @necaladun is an admin again! Someone, hide the lawyers! and me
  12. I've been expecting an e-mail from Paradise about privacy policy update, and I am very disappointed that none arrived. Expect my lawyers to visit soon. -With love, Bxil
  13. Oh, there is also anatidaephobia: the fear that one is constantly watched by a duck.