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  1. Someone give this man the harmbaton.
  2. @Trubus Right. I might be able to relay the prompt to the lobby, but I am not sure how much tweaking that will require.
  3. It offers it to all ghosts who have it enabled and are not banned from synthetics. What happens right now that everyone who says "yes" gets added to a list then it selects a random person from the list. I would say adding people simply to the current list would be fair. Quite tricky, actually. I am wondering about picking this up, for I wanted to do this myself actually... But it sounds quite difficult.
  4. Bxil


    Sir, you are under arrest for indecent exposure.
  5. Please note that you can rejoin as a drone. Unlike regular conversion antags where after getting gibbed you are gone for good, you can just press a respawn button.
  6. You mean you don't steal all the bananium and build a H.O.N.K. every round? What kind of blasphemous mechanic are you?
  7. Buy IPC if you enjoy instantly dying to EMPs. Save up some more for Vox, so you can be shitbirds toos and get all the shinies, yaya!
  8. Now, I am sorry. I am just the resident Grammar Nazi™! Here, take this broom.
  9. Can't you just quote it to me, give me a page number or something? I can't see any appendixes.
  10. Explain please.
  11. Did you vote for Donald Trump?
  12. That's the goal. @Benjaminfallout Welp, that's completely different from what I made. That would still be easily meta'd though if we only had that; and nerfing the meta is pretty much the purpose of this PR. However I might add something like that to this on the long run, we will see.
  13. @Benjaminfallout We pretty much share a vision. Fake walls are already generated, but obviously cannot be seen on the pictures (Most areas that seem blocked actually have a false wall leading into them). But why would doors need access levels? Also what premade areas? Did you check the images I posted for example? Those are completely random, not made from templates.