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  1. I must honestly say that I don't feel anything for the paperwork job. However, for the secondary jobs (for example medbay hygiene specialist or w/e) is something I would really like. It could make for some great roleplay. Spiritualist sounds really cool. While it /could/ be abused, there are rules against metagaming and also the cooldown/mechanics could make it so that it would be simply too tedious to make long sessions. Also, in addition, there could be a limit as to how long a seance can last. For example, after some time, the spiritualits (I do agree that this could be integrated into chaplain/librarian), would get a message saying "You begin to feel tired and lose your connection to the spiritual plane of existence" ... or something along those lines.
  2. Set up the shield barrier in front of the bridge .. small thing but hey, it may help. Set up a third airlock on each side of the bridge (I often do this as engi borg) Override the door timings to brig/bridge !! Have an officer actually man the security checkpoint at arrivals! Make some kind of .. entrance .. where they are checked before they're let in? (We totally should have a customs officer job back for this, for RP reasons .. at least I would RP as one )
  3. Notes really don't have to become public. There's no reason to and it'll do more harm than good.
  4. @necaladun By doing nothing wrong, I meant doing nothing wrong *on purpose*. I know accidents happen, and admins take things into account.
  5. I will keep this brief. At one side, you have the administration team, who manage the server, police the rules, and keep tabs on various things. And on the other side, you have the regular players. Some things should not be divulged to regular players. In most situations, it is necessary to have notes/internal actions kept a secret, both to make sure admins can do their job without fear of immediate reprisal and to keep the integrity of the server and the staff constant. This is not to say that admins aren't reprimanded when they do something wrong, though. But if notes were made public, well, there would be a plethora of complaints/flaming/etc about notes, and this would not be beneficial for the admin team and for the players alike. If notes were made public, admins would have to walk eggshells every second they take any action in-game, because god forbid a player does not agree with a certain note or punishment. This could result in staff members 'hesitating' to take certain actions at certain points in time, because they may feel like they do not have enough justification for a certain action, in case a player sees the note made of it. (The action in question can be a ban, or a note for deeper investigation, etc). This, in turn (the 'hesitating to take action' part), could lead to moderation that is too soft, and it will only make experiences worse for the admins and players. Less moderation/staff actions = more rulebreaking = more negative experiences for players = decrease in server reputation = bad. This is crude, I know, but you get the gist of it. I know this is 'just a game', but think of it this way: Let's say the police/intelligence agency made their 'intel' public, that would be a VERY bad idea, for multiple reasons. So would the idea of making notes public. The thing is, if you don't do anything wrong, you have nothing to be afraid of. And even *if* you have a note or two, it doesn't automatically put you on a black list or whatever. Hell, even I have notes. (I put Sarin in pizzas around when I just started playing and I got one ban because I said a slur when I just started here) Do I mind the notes? No, why should I? I just play the game, stick to the rules, and enjoy the time I spend on the server. And if you really, *really* must know something about notes/an action taken against you, you can always PM a head of staff for more info, in private.
  6. While I love terror spiders, I think this would make them even more OP. I mean, most of the times, if terror spiders manage to survive their start-up phase, they utterly butcher the crew.
  7. Alfred Keitel, German jack of all trades, good friends with J'eff, Jean Regulier and Phoebe Dean. Bing Bong - Clown that tells horrible jokes Thanedar 'The Wise One' chaplain/card reader.
  8. While I love the idea for the engi borg, it'd make them essentially more OP than they already are. IF anything, I'd only change the projector for the atmos one. The concern for OP' ness goes with the changed to medical borg too but I would like those changes personally, it's very useful for hectic high pop/low pop rounds where medical is understaffed.
  9. Personally I am all for increased playtime requirements, and some form of basic access to other departments, especially for medbay and engineering. Kyet also made a very valid point about cracking down on people being shitty to security for no reason. That is also one of the biggest grievances security players have, I think. I myself find that when you have people who actually roleplay and treat security properly, I can play decently with them in return, it goes both ways., It's not always the security player(s) that behave shitty. I am all for harsher crackdowns and punishments for self-antagging and for being toxic. I think that is one of the biggest problems, not so much the experience of officers. After all, even IF you increase the playtime requirements, STILL someoen who will play officer for a first time will have to get used to it, even if you have experience in other roles.
  10. Alfred Keitel -- There's some of me in there. When he's on to something, he'll commit 100% to it. Be it cleaning or commanding a station. Also random bouts of OwO fun (*cough* @MysticLiger @TheSardele *cough*) and getting along splendidly with some colleagues who I feel are a bit alike ( @Regular Joe )
  11. I have not played captain in a long time, but I like it a lot. I also like mining if I want a quiet mining round (then RNG gives nukies) I like warden, hos SOMETIMES, and officer, even though I'm one of the most UNROBUST crew on the station. (And then RNG rolls nukies ) Detective is something different entirely. I go to the HOP, get a civ ID with sec acess, get greytide gear, put my sec encryption key in a normal headset, and go fully undercover. Then have officers in the brig wondering what the fuck a civilian is doing there and how I got in. Honk. Synthetic is one of my all-time favourites. MALFRED is quite frequent on the station. As cyborg, or as AI. Also, MALFRED is my AI and malf-ai name, no one bats an eye. Honk. NT rep for roleplay if CC is active, it can be really good. Blueshield if I want a (hopefully) quiet round. Magistrate for ZE POWER!!!!11!! but seriously, magistrate can be really good. I got the clown (I think it was Grin Fandango) out of a long sentence once, by pointing out security had no proof for one of the two charges. The clown was then released post haste because they had been in processing for ages.
  12. I'm a bit so/so about this suggestion. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have a designated instructor. It should DEFINITELY be a karma job, no questions asked. However the thing is, in this game .. there is often not the /time/ to properly 'train' officers. And, to be honest, and this goes for current officers as well: The biggest issue often is C O M M U N I C A T I O N. Communication, lack of map knowledge, lack of SOP knowledge. These are things an officer should read up on before actually taking the job, things the officer should keep in mind, things an officer should not have to be told a lot. It's only natural to communicate as often and as coherent as you can. Then again, it should also be common knowledge not to harmbaton everyone, but hey .. communication really is one of the biggest issues. And blueshields who interfere with security thinking they're redshields, but that's handled seperately. To be fair, I think a lot of this could also be handed to IAA's. IAA's are there for the whole station, but let's face it, they focus most on security. It could be an idea to make an alt-title 'security instructor' for the IAA job. This gives them actual things to do, makes them helpful. I'm not sure a *complete* new role is needed for this. I think, with what we have currently, we could work something out.
  13. Ey, it was just a thought *shrug . I don't care about that one. I know it doesn't make sense. But not everything in a game, in this game, has to make sense. Some things don't make sense. It happens. But really though, but that's for another topic, ants need more .. impact? I mean yeah they infest food but .. eh? What else do they do besides some dmaage if ingested?
  14. Not really logic, just a mini-boon *shrug* . That was mostly because I wanted to do something with the ants which are now added in the game.
  15. Kindan is, lore-wise, an ant-like creature. It's also the least-played creature, I THINK. How about giving them some more ant-like benefits? - Make them able to eat ant-infested food without taking damage. - Unathi have the tail whip/slap, give ants the ability to do an ant-sting, inducing 10 burn damge . (OR perhaps: 10 toxin damage, OR 5/10 units of lithium (see wiki for lithium effects)) Ability could possibly have a cooldown. - Make kidan able to eat bees. Ants, and moreso fire-ants, eat a variety of small animals. Make kidan immune to beesease. - Ant colonies operate like a hive-mind. (not sure how to explain this). Give kidan an ability similar to Grey (telepathy), but only limited from kidan-to-kidan. Of course, these are just thoughts. I just feel like the Kidan race should get some benefits. Thoughts?