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  1. The hell did I just read. That's one hell of a discussion. It wouldn't be sustainable in the long run but eh, if I had to survive, then sure ...? Just skip the brain.
  2. For the MINOR crimes ONLY for example, it would certainly be doable. For class 2 and up, brig time is actually worth it. Let's change this discussion to: FLogging as a possible sentence for MINOR crimes.
  3. It'd kinda half of a joke really. Like, I would like to see some variety in punishments, if possible. It just feels so dull at times, especially for MINOR crimes. The minor 5-minute crimes are more hassle than it's worth, when it comes to processing, bringging, etc.
  4. Flogging at the discretion of security in the end. Security could always refuse and do jail time instead. It should be optional, not mandatory. OR Make it so only the magistrate has the power to order a flogging. Or caning or whatever. This would be doable, the magistrate spawns with a telescopic baton. It would be a good 'lesson' for minor offenders. To be fair, brigging someone for five minutes for a crime is often more hassle than it's worth. You're also on a science station, time is short, staff is often sparse and not always able to constantly keep watch on prisoners in the brig sufficiently. It would also give people less incentive to just go SSD/suicide in some cases. And what with the way NT acts (strict, authoritarian, etc), this would also not be far-fetched at all. With the implementation of the new medical (if it gets implemented), this would also be good because it would make damage more significant.
  5. My idea is to include flogging as a punishment for certain crimes instead of brig time. The amount of flogs would be proportional to the severity of the crime(s) committed. Security would always have the option to deny it and have people serve brig time instead. I would also propose public flogging in front of the bridge, or in the bridge, for people to watch, to entertain the crew. Have the magistrate and the HoS/Warden start with a whip at roundstart. Having flogging instead of jail time would make security run smoothly at times and would make processing faster. We could make a holodeck option for a 'flogging arena', with benches and everything, where people could watch it. The flogging would happen with an actual whip though. Overall I think this is a great idea to boost crew morale, provide stress-relieving activities for security officers, provide alternative punishment options and make security run smoother by having to waste less time with brigging, keeping watch and all that stuff. EDIT: Slight change: FLOGGING ONLY FOR MINOR (class 1) crimes. Class 2 and up still get brig time.
  6. In any case, the CQC blueshield PR, as was sadly expected, was closed on github.
  7. Ha! I was the detective that shift! Excellent work! HONK.
  8. It would also be able to be a new objective for antags to steal the blueshield's gloves, if it were done in a gloves-way.
  9. So the dev's hate it, it doesn't get implemented. Dev's like it, it gets implemented. That's sadly how it is. Look at medbay and all that. The blueshield does need a buff. The validhunting is NO excuse, we have a rule for that and admins to enforce the rules. If that's not possible, change the rules or get more admins. Validhunting in general needs to be punished more severely, but I'll not go into that here. The blueshield is supposed to be highly trained. CQC would fit in that. Or some other form of training. If the blueshield doens't need CQC, IMO the warden doesn't need krav maga. Because that makes even less sense IMO. Blueshield acting like redshields should get reprimanded. The captain can also just fire them. We have OOC AND IC options to deal with validhunting. Witholding the implementation of new features should not be one of them.
  10. I too would be in favor of this idea.
  11. Yes. Delete pre-scanning, seriously.
  12. @Ty Omaha It was YOUR PR I thought Farie had made. And I see now it has more down- than upvotes, though I still think *that* should be looked towards more.
  13. I made a mistake, that wasn't the PR I meant. I'll try to find the one I meant.
  14. Another idea is, REVERT the previous medbay nerf so that the extra chemicals DO become available, and THEN use the new pain-crit system, this would still give more use to the extra chemicals in the sleepers, wouldn't make them too OP and it would still make chemistry (perhaps) make extra medicines.