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  1. I would strongly urge you to consider all the points I made. Not sure if you read them or skipped to the end, but I think the SOP makes perfect sense and should be followed.
  2. You know, I really feel like people should embrace this procedure. This is supposed to be a medium rp server after all, and people should be excited to roleplay the helpless citizen or whatever during a code red scenario. People aren't just locked in their departments with nothing to do. You can talk with your co-workers about what's going on. You can continue to try to do your job if possible. But code red is code red yo, it should be serious. People should be afraid for their lives. They shouldn't WANT to go wandering the halls. I don't understand why so many want to fight this rule.
  3. I agree. I'm all for red alert being more important and being more restricted. And I would say the admins should step in if people are willfully violating department restrictions when they aren't an antag. People are only going to REALLY start caring if the admins back us up.
  4. Yeah. That doesn't happen when I'm Captain though. I'm actually starting to really enjoy playing Captain, since now I have something to be proactive about. Though to be fair all this stuff is REALLY what a Head of Security should do, perhaps... but a Head of Security has a LOT MORE to worry about than just these specific things, and these things are what I'm wanting to focus on. Plus I'd hate to play a HoS then have some Captain go against me.
  5. I like your idea of the checkpoints. My main concern would be staffing them. If you go with only one officer each, that puts 2 officers at risk being by themselves. And if you go with 2 then that's 4 officers tied up which in most cases is half the security force. But I think checkpoints would be a good fallback thing to do when there isn't something else to actively respond to. If there were enough officers they could also be used to block the entrances to the departments. You know, a checkpoint at the bar/medical would serve to cover bar, medical, science, and also serve as a hallway checkpoint, it's 4 birds with 1 stone. You could use 2 officers to do it. Then have another right there where the aft hallway connects to the central hallway. 2 officers for that. That's 4 total officers and it locks down the ENTIRE hallway. Forcing people to line up to get through, I like it. I'll be trying it in my next run.
  6. Well that's basically what I'm saying then. We should start using code red properly. I'll play Captain myself if I gotta.
  7. I think it adds to the "feel" of it being code red. Code red should be a big deal you know. It doesn't mean you can just carry on business as usual. The hallways need to be damn near empty except for security or emergency responders (medics or engineers that are directly responding to something). Assuming no further incidents take place beyond the initial one that gets code red called, this gives security 15 minutes to breathe and get a handle on things. I think this law can be taken to the extreme so long as we're also aggressively using the 15 minute rule. Because I agree it's a bit unreasonable to shut the entire station down for almost the entire shift. Alert status should be fluctuating frequently.
  8. "All personnel are to remain inside their Departments for the duration of Code Red, unless specifically requested by Security and/or Command" This is a law that I had never seen enforced, for as long as I've been playing SS13 off and on (a few years). I decided to try it out myself last night, playing as "Triage Unit", a security borg. Once code red hit I announced the law over comms. I then began patrolling the hallways and escorting people back to their departments or the bar. It didn't take very long before the hallways were pretty darn clear, except for security and command staff. There was a huge party in the bar, about 70% of the server was there. It worked really well. I don't think I need to get into the nitty gritty of why and how this helps security and hinders antags. I ran across one myself when I attempted to stop someone that didn't have an ID. This went on for about an hour until an admin decided to "temporarily change" the SOP. Instantly the station was flooded with people again. What I want to discuss here is what you guys think of this law. Should it be removed? Do you like or dislike it? Do you think it should be practiced more regularly? I think that at least as an experiment, it should be tried for a while longer. I do understand that from a player perspective it can get a little boring in the bar, or even in your own department I guess. But you can imagine how this sort of thing would hinder a cult, which from my experience wins more often than not? I certainly don't want to make the game not fun for people. I think that if handled correctly this could be an enjoyable part of the round. One thing in particular I wish to point out, that wasn't really followed perhaps, was that: "Confirmed Code Red threats have been properly handled or subsided on their own. It is recommended that, after 15+ minutes on Code Red without any hostile activity, Code Blue be called" If this had been followed, then indeed people wouldn't have been stuck in the bar the entire time. But I think if the station can get in the routine of doing this on code red, it could be fun and it'd enormously help security. Anyone outside of their designated area is immediately a potential suspect, they are stopped and searched and dealt with (usually escorted to where they need to be). It removes the clutter. It protects the civilians. I really want to do more with this law. Thanks for reading, please post your thoughts.
  9. And you have contributed nothing to the discussion. Thank you for the random and completely unneeded insult.
  10. Agent Che here is on point.
  11. Woah, woah, woah. And now you're attacking him. Accusing him of being uncivil. Sure, he has a direct way of speaking, just like I do, but that doesn't mean he's being uncivil. I'm sure what he means is that your decision is "potentially" wrong. It can be difficult for us to come up with examples concrete enough to actually convince you, which is why we like to refer to the fact that most people involved in these conversations seem to be leaning toward- again, for Medical borgs specifically- giving them a few pick-me-ups. They feel a little too limited. I again point to the numerous threads I linked. Those are some very simple things, and if all of those were done I personally would be extremely happy with where Medical borgs stand. It's not like they're drastic changes. This wouldn't even require a shift in your design policy. At least as far as my suggestions are concerned. And I don't recall anyone else making suggestions that would require this change either (for example giving them hands)- and even if there are, I would say THOSE people are in the minority. But you don't care about majority/minority, do you? This whole conversation feels pointless. Every time we try to make even a simple suggestion, it seems like you rebound back to "working as intended" and don't want to change anything. And this gets turned into a whole philsophical debate about whether medical borgs should be more powerful or not, when all we wanted was just simple little quality of life improvements or very small improvements- again, like the threads I linked.
  12. Don't worry about me, lol. I'm not getting frustrated. I'm just saying how it is.
  13. They don't care about polls, they don't care about popular opinion. They care about their vision.
  14. I don't think many people are actually pushing for hands or radical increases like that. I am mostly fine with current Borg functionality. I just wish that functionality was -better-. I don't think Medical borgs should be able to do every part of medical, but as for the parts they ALREADY do, I wish they could do that BETTER. I reference you to the threads I just linked as good examples.
  15. Since I think it's relevant to this thread, I'm going to take this opportunity to link to those threads I mentioned. I'm not necessarily trying to argue that medical borgs should be way more powerful or given drastically better functionality (I'm definitely not an advocate for hands). These are some really simple suggestions that for the most part are quality of life.