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  1. Your wording made me picture them both in a single dress. Great pic, def needed the chuckle from both the mental and physical (digital?) imagery.
  2. Love it! Oh, and yeah, LILY is his wife, played by @LicaPebble
  3. Gods, I really love how you did that window. For some reason, I'm imagining it having rad shielding for martian sunlight
  4. Mimey McMimeface grabs a small round nothing, and a large nothing. Mimey McMimeface rubs the small nothing against the large nothing. Mimey McMimeface smashes the large nothing against their head! Mimey McMimeface collapses onto the floor!
  5. Hey howdy! My character names are down there. v Welcome to paradise!
  6. As a bar main, I personally think that you're incorrect. I can make 90% of the drinks by memory, and 40% of those by muscle memory. It just takes time and practise
  7. Thankfully no, since the player doesn't have perma death for her characters. ICly, it's explained by her having personality backups.
  8. Heya Fursamie! Thanks for the criticism, I'm gonna try and semi-show my thought process reading through this. I'm definitely going to keep all of your tips in mind, for sure. I've actually thought about this before, and definitely have to start trying to do it more often Yeaah... I'm not pleased with how the arms turned out in Good Night but I kinda just wanted to be done with it. I designed the pose LILY is in based on a way my girlfriend at the time would sleep sometimes, hugging my arm. Now that you pointed the arms out, I can't stop seeing the anaconda thing. This one actually will be very helpful for my next piece, and again, I've thought about it before but it's something I gotta work on for sure This is by design, actually. The character, B.E.E.R, has one hand styled like a claw or cupholder, since that arm was more designed with function over form, for holding bottles, glasses, shakers, etc. In that one, it's partly yes, the body was was missing as far as B.E.E.R knew, but also he had failed to follow the orders given by the vampire that enthralled him. Thank you for the criticism! I will keep it all in mind like I said in the beginning.
  9. I Failed You Context @LicaPebble@GravityPeelz
  10. Wait wait wait beer day? How was I not informed of this
  11. Updated personal relations, it's been a while! Expect an overhaul here soon.
  12. Semi-related to what @BqRel is saying. A while ago, someone asked me how much the credit is worth compared to IRL, and I did the math based on a cup of coffee. Where I live, there's a local shop that sells a regular size coffee for $3 a cup. In SS13, it's 25 credits for a cup of Robust Coffee. So, 3/25=0.12 1 credit = $0.12