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  1. Updated personal relations, it's been a while! Expect an overhaul here soon.
  2. Semi-related to what @BqRel is saying. A while ago, someone asked me how much the credit is worth compared to IRL, and I did the math based on a cup of coffee. Where I live, there's a local shop that sells a regular size coffee for $3 a cup. In SS13, it's 25 credits for a cup of Robust Coffee. So, 3/25=0.12 1 credit = $0.12
  3. All five of my major extremities are sunburnt.
  4. Pretzel is a good! Keep on learning, little bot!
  5. The face on M.I.S.C.H.I.E.F is reminiscent of Omega Flowey
  6. Fantastic art! Loving the synthetic!
  7. Oh, that's L.I.L.Y., B.E.E.R'S wife!
  8. Lazzuxei! That's what it was! Sorry about the uh, mixup. Well... The credit is actually worth .12¢, or $0.0012
  9. Dangit, Mr. Ikamura. At least clean up when you're done.
  10. What are your favorite words? Quiddity: If taken literally, the definition is the "Whatness" of an object, or its essence Defenestration: The act of throwing someone out of a window, which leads to Autodefenestration: The act of throwing yourself out of a window
  11. Beep boop nice bio not much more for me to say here
  12. I'd love for there to be an ability to donate your own karma to other people, but I can see how it can be abused
  13. Here's something cute Good Night Would have finished it further but things came up so yaay