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  1. Containing the following: 23 paper airplanes 22 airhorns 16 Rubber ducks 10 vending machines 6 papers 6 lockers 4 stools 3 masks 2 cigarette butts 2 fuel tanks 2 water tanks 2 boxes 2 showers 2 cans of chicken soup an ether bottle Coffee (the crab) a medibot Oleg Klimov a heater a mug a candle a crate some tickets a plate a water cooler a breath mask a syndi-cakes wrapper an emergency oxygen tank a book and a partridge in a pear tree
  2. Ah yes, Yellow, the nerdiest CMO to live
  3. Ability to duct tape people to the wall when
  4. That PR was more focused on the nerf that would be taking damage from losing charge, wasn't it? I could see a PR that has just the prerequisite you talk about going over a lot better for sure. Of course, I assume that you're talking about that one
  5. What are your favorite words? Quiddity: If taken literally, the definition is the "Whatness" of an object, or its essence Defenestration: The act of throwing someone out of a window, which leads to Autodefenestration: The act of throwing yourself out of a window
  6. o7 Best of luck in all current and future adventures, skeleman.
  7. Great pencil arts! Like the Meenah PS)(OOO!!! -------E
  8. Perfluorodecalin or some shit I think, just for clarity
  9. Well, ya want help becoming a good bartender, eh? Rise above the masses, and such? Came to the right place. Name's B.E.E.R, I've been tending to bars for around 33 years now. Needless to say, I know my shit. First and foremost, looks. You want to be respected, start here. See that top hat on your counter? Wear that shit, it looks good. Don't take off those shades, either. They will actually scan containers, and tell you what's in them Now for your uniform, you've got a couple choices here, fashionwise. You've got the standard uniform with a bow tie, that looks okay. Make sure you wear a jacket with this There's the Amish suit in your wardrobe in the back, which is better. Make sure you wear a jacket with this If you're feeling really fancy, go on down to the clothesvend and grab the executive suit, It's bound to turn some heads. Don't wear that armor, either. You really shouldn't need it. LACEUP SHOES: WEAR THEM. I mean, you're wearing a fancy-ass suit, and then sneakers, or sandals. Come on. Keep that bandolier on, for intimidation points. You see a dapper man with a belt full of shotgun shells, are you gonna fuck with him? If you're of the more feminine persuasion, the following is likely to look better: The standard uniform with a waistcoat would work quite well, although definitely keep the laceups and hat. If you want to go for a more fancy custom outfit, I recommend checking out the Victorian attire. Alright, so you look the part. Now to equip yourself properly. You got a shotgun in the back, it's a classic double barrel. Get rid of your bag, and put her there. Trust me, you won't need a bag. You are able to recolor the shotgun to more fit your looks. I personally like the faded grey, it blends right in. (alt click to recolor, use a pen to rename.) In the back as well is a shaker, should be right next to the shotty. For the love of Synthetica, use this to mix drinks! It's 100 units, and is made to mix things in! Make sure you set the transfer rate to 50 Back to the counter now, grab that rag if someone hasn't already. Use it to wipe off glasses when people are done drinking from them. or make a molotov There's a zippo, grab that as well. Even if you don't smoke, you can light cigs for people, and look badass doing it. You got your shit, now to make the bar look nice. You got a stack of books and shit on your table by the booze-o-mat, clear that off. Those books are junk anyway. Toss the russian revolver on that table too. This will display it, while keeping it secure. Put out some glasses, on the other counter, by the dispensers. Make them neat and orderly. NEVER make large amounts of drinks and toss them out there. This isn't the damned kitchen. Make drinks to order, and clean up when the person is done. If someone wants to reorganize, let them If you're good at construction and interior design, you could do it too So, you look good, feel good. Time for how to actually do things So, someone walks into the bar, what do you do? Greet them by last name unless you personally know them, and ask if they would like something to drink. Assuming they ordered, place a glass in front of the guy, as confirmation that they ordered, and you heard. You toss the shaker in the relevant dispenser, and mix that shit. Make sure you make more than 50u. Full glasses make for less asses. Pour out the drink, then put the shaker back in the dispenser to empty it. When they leave, wipe off the glass, and put it back. Make conversation with people! You're not a damned automa! Ask questions, or tell stories! Don't make the questions or stories too personal, you'll just creep people out. Lights went out! What now? Don't panic. Make for the office, and grab two packs of eternal candles. Light them in the packaging, and throw them around the room. Make sure you don't hit people. If the power is out as well, grab the keg, or the booze cabinet as well. How to deal with shitters I have a system I use for shitters, the three strike system. First strike, I will warn the person to not do it again. Second strike, I will shoot them twice in the chest, and drag them out of the bar. After this, alert sec Your bandolier, and by extension, your shotgun, are loaded with 5cm beanbag slugs. Two of these to the chest will knock anyone onto their ass. Third strike, and if sec is not responding, I will get violent. If they are attacking you go straight to strike three. Bottle to the head will knock the guy on their ass and soak them with nice flammable alcohol. If they continue being a shit after being bottled, you have that zippo still, right? Time to burn, bitches. If someone is climbing over the bar, you can click on the table to knock them off Most importantly: Make this your bible Feel free to ask me any questions!
  10. Your wording made me picture them both in a single dress. Great pic, def needed the chuckle from both the mental and physical (digital?) imagery.
  11. Love it! Oh, and yeah, LILY is his wife, played by @LicaPebble
  12. Gods, I really love how you did that window. For some reason, I'm imagining it having rad shielding for martian sunlight
  13. Mimey McMimeface grabs a small round nothing, and a large nothing. Mimey McMimeface rubs the small nothing against the large nothing. Mimey McMimeface smashes the large nothing against their head! Mimey McMimeface collapses onto the floor!
  14. Hey howdy! My character names are down there. v Welcome to paradise!
  15. As a bar main, I personally think that you're incorrect. I can make 90% of the drinks by memory, and 40% of those by muscle memory. It just takes time and practise
  16. Well, I've been staring at all the awesome artwork in this section, so I decided to give it a go. Starting with something that's (surprisingly) not B.E.E.R! HEAL, my surgeon IPC And without blood: I would love any input!
  17. Thankfully no, since the player doesn't have perma death for her characters. ICly, it's explained by her having personality backups.
  18. Heya Fursamie! Thanks for the criticism, I'm gonna try and semi-show my thought process reading through this. I'm definitely going to keep all of your tips in mind, for sure. I've actually thought about this before, and definitely have to start trying to do it more often Yeaah... I'm not pleased with how the arms turned out in Good Night but I kinda just wanted to be done with it. I designed the pose LILY is in based on a way my girlfriend at the time would sleep sometimes, hugging my arm. Now that you pointed the arms out, I can't stop seeing the anaconda thing. This one actually will be very helpful for my next piece, and again, I've thought about it before but it's something I gotta work on for sure This is by design, actually. The character, B.E.E.R, has one hand styled like a claw or cupholder, since that arm was more designed with function over form, for holding bottles, glasses, shakers, etc. In that one, it's partly yes, the body was was missing as far as B.E.E.R knew, but also he had failed to follow the orders given by the vampire that enthralled him. Thank you for the criticism! I will keep it all in mind like I said in the beginning.
  19. I Failed You Context @LicaPebble@GravityPeelz
  20. Wait wait wait beer day? How was I not informed of this
  21. Name: Beverage Experiences Enhanced by Robots Gender: Male Orientation: Straight Nicknames/Alias: B.E.E.R, BEERtender, Boozeman, Barbot Picture Thanks, @Benjaminfallout! ((I will update this whenever someone makes a new art of B.E.E.R, as a promotion of sorts)) Age: 34 Place Of Manufacture: Unknown Species: Machine Person/IPC Blood Type: N/A Alignment: Neutral Good Affiliation: The Rusted Spigot Religious Beliefs: Synthetica, F̶̛̝̙̝͍͉̳̜̣̘͈́͑̄̾̑̍͘͜͠ő̴̡̨̻̩͇̰̺̘͓̳̭͂̈́̽̓͝ͅļ̴̨̩͖̘͙͇̯̠̻͔͙̞͍̼̫̆̍̓̒͌̕͝͝ͅl̷̮̩̰̣̦̝̜̦͗̈̀̒̈́̄̉̚͝ȏ̴͇̻̞́̄͒̃́̈́̍͠͝w̸̳͚͖̙̩̯͖̻͈̙͕̩̞̓̈̎͒͊͌͛͜ͅe̸̢̡̪͈̹̘̖̠͉͎̳͙̹͙̔̽̍̌͗̋̈́̀̃̊͆͑̍́̚r̶͈̙͓̖̤̥̦̹̩͍̺͙͛̓̌̈̄̅͐͑͌̄̋̋̕̚ ̸̭̭͕̏̿̓͊͊͗̋͗͗͛̄̈́̑͆̑̏̽͝o̷̡̨̬̬͔̦̼̩͚͕̺̬̞̯̻̣͑̓̊̀͋̈́̿͗͛̎̀͐̾f̵̧̡͓͖̹̗̟̮̖͓̫̣̬̾̏̂̎̓̾̔́́͐͝ ̶̢̨͈͚͇̙̩̱̝̰̱̍̆̆̊̓̀̈́̅̿̀̇̈́̿̌̚̚͝͝t̶͎̺̣͛̈h̸̢̡̙͕̳̤͉͇̼̙̓̀̃͒͒̈́͂̓̈́̑̊̋́̊̑͜͝e̷͍͔̔́̏͋̽̊̑͝͠ ̵̧̧͎̙̹̞̪̞̮̻̼̖͓̬͓̹̻͒̊͒͒̔͝͝ͅB̶̦̫̫͍̹̤̦͇͍̟̜̼̰̀̇̑͆̅̑̈́̇̔̇́̒̕͘͜r̸̨̛͓̱͎͇̫̣̳͇̝̖̫͈̥̓̋͒̒́̆̐̑̈́͛̔̅͘̕͘͝o̴̢̢͕͉͇̳̤̳̘̩̟͚̦̎̿͐̓͗̃͊̀̋̕̕͜͝k̵̖͓͎͕̖̗̗̳̞̙̙͉̟̫̺̥͋̎̇̏͒͊̓̄̐̊͜e̵̡͓̝̲͎̯͙͙̹͙̤̒ǹ̶̹̮̤̖͓̹͙̍̀̋͑́̍͛͒̍̎͠ ̴̨̰̥̝̩̟̯̯̣̱̞̜͗͐Ŝ̴͈̲̤͋͆̾̋̐̃͑͂̾̒̈́̈́͆̒͠ṕ̷̡̛̜͍͍͚̝̬̻̺͖̩̤̻̤̞͙̓͂͐́̾̔͑͂̿̕͠͝͝ḁ̴̜̝̟͉͙͖̘̗̟͚͙̗̝̯͐̅̀̈̀̄̊͆̃̃ć̷̨͓̻̠̱̫̮̜̲͆͆͋̐͆̓̓̿̒͆̒̾͋e̵̛̫̼̙̹͎̻͈̟͆̔̀̆͝ Childhood: Barbot for... someone. Adulthood: Roaming bartender, owner of the Rusted Spigot barship. Detailed Information Appearance: B.E.E.R has a dark grey chassis, with one hand shaped like a cupholder. His head is shaped like a CRT monitor, and has vents on the sides. The screen is usually dark blue, with magenta "eyes" displayed. He usually wears a suit with a red tie, and sunglasses. He also wears a locket with a gold ring inside. He is heavily damaged, with a massive crack in his screen and lots of denting on the monitor and chest. Catchphrase: "Beverage Experiences Enhanced by Robots Online. Hello, patrons." "I need a drink" "2210222120110110211111200001201111211111000111220110121022010002212212121022211102010121000120111022020220001110120" Character Voice: Personality: Relaxed, usually cheerful sounding. He is actually quite depressed, and it will show through sometimes. As of recently, B.E.E.R talks to himself a lot more, and seems to stare intently at people for an unknown reason. Medical Record: This crew member is an IPC, take them to robotics. Security Record: [ERROR 404: DATA NOT FOUND] Character Biography Background: Beverage Experiences Enhanced by Robots, called B.E.E.R from here on out, was created on a planet that was known as "The planet of the bars." B.E.E.R was designed to serve drinks in bars across the planet; with one hand looking like a cup holder, and his internal memory linked to various databases of recipes. Turns out, a planet's economy cannot be supported by only bars, and so the economy crashed. As the planet descended into chaos, B.E.E.R left, and has been serving drinks around the galaxy ever since. After a while, B.E.E.R found the NSS Cyberiad, and came on board as a bartender. He immediately took a liking to the crew there. B.E.E.R has been working on the Cyberiad for two years. Family: Nothing is known of B.E.E.R's creators. History: 2529: B.E.E.R was assembled, and placed into a chassis on an unknown planet. 2539: The popularity of the bars on this planet skyrocketed, every city now has a bar on every streetcorner. March 2544: Economic collapse, B.E.E.R leaves the planet in a stolen vessel. 2552: First sighting of the Rusty Spigot. It was spotted by passengers of the NTV Charon, near Epsilon Eridani. 2557: [Data Corrupted] June 5, 2559: B.E.E.R's first day on the NSS Cyberiad. October 6, 2559: A̵̧̡̢͎͈̜̖̙̼̙̣̭̩͚͉̥̜̖̘̥̤̘̞̙̯̱̦̫͔̦̘̼̙͚̣̣̘̥͓͍̓̏̅̊́̌̍̐̔͑̌̽̈́̇̊̿͂̓̓̑̄̈́̆̐̍͒̎̅̓̋͛̈́̃̓̕̚̚͜͠͝L̵̡̡̢̛̛̦̥̩̱̳̹̰̖̞͙̟͚̱̺͎͕͇̮͓͙̞̩͖̞̜̝͕̠̞̹̻͕͍̲͇͚̏̓̋̄́̋͑́͐̐͒̓̆͊̽̄̐̕͘̕͘͘͘L̸̨̛̛̩̝̣͖͙̬͉͚͉̳̼͔̯̪̬̇͂͊̓́̏̇̀̒͗͗̓̍̽̋̔̉̓͐̇̊̀̚͘͜͠͝͠ ̶̢̡̲͖̣̪͖͉̥̹̮̹̱͈̳͎̮̗̞͔͚̯̩͈̖̰͍̞̫̫̤̰́͋̍̿͂̏̀̊̓̉̓̽͑̈́̾̚͘͜͝͠ͅḦ̴̨̡̺̹̝̯̫͓̱̱̜̹͕̦̯̪͈̜̹̣̼̱̪̟̙͇͓̺͓̞̫͙͓̙̻͖͑̉̒̊̋̄͗̈́̿͑̑̅͆̈́͆̔͗̌͊͆̈̿̋̂͐̂͊́̍̓̈́̈́̇͘͜͝͝A̵̧̧̢̢̧̛̛̹̲̥̞̳̩̩͉̟̟̮̺͕̦̳̜̗͚̺̯̙͇̎̂̓̐̀̀͊͑̀̃̍́͂͗̆̿̑̄̐̔͋̓̅͝I̴̛̗̳̎̉̾͒́͐̆̄̑͌͂́͆̎̈́̆́͗̽̐̿͂̅͒̉̅͗̎̅͋͒̒̏̅̕͘͘̕̕͝͠L̵̢̢̛̳̩̳͍̰̗͖̣̮̟̣̻̲͍̖̝͙̯̝̑͆́̀̂̍͛͌̉̽̎̉̃̃̏̿̍̃̄̂͐̔̽̄͒̑́́́̾͘͘͘͠͝ͅ ̷̨̡̳̩̻͓̱̣̲̻̖̘̰̲̥̩̥͙̳͎̰͂̈̉͘͜͜͠T̷̡̡̧̡͇̥̼͎̩̥̳̥͓̱͓̹̦͔̀̏͂̆͛̂͊͌̀͑̉̽̇͛͐́̊̀̑͂̅͘̚͘͝͠H̴̢͇͚͓̠͎͎̞͚̬͍̫̪̖̩̽̏͑̔͌̉̊̽̅͒̌̓͝͠͝ͅĘ̵̧̨̢̡̧̡̧̳̭̲͍͓̦̺͙͎̱̯͔͕̝̭̺̭̤̞͉̟̜̫̰̠͕̠͓͈͔̌̆̓̓̍̿̓̑̒̑͘͜͜ ̶̢̡̛̘̫̠̼̯͚͎̻͖̳͔͈̦̺̻̖̦̫̲̭̳̥͇͉̤̟̙͔͔̺̲̍̆̃̽̅͒͒̄̄̈́́̒̌̂̄̀̇̈́͆̌̀̊̍͂̄͂̐̊͑̓̓̒̍̀̈́̚̕͘̚̚͜͠ͅS̵̡̢̨̡͖͍̙̹͍͓̯̹̫̥̬̲̹̰̦̰̺͕̩̥̙̠̜̍̀͌̿̈͒͐̐̌̊͐̐͒͋̑̆́̐̎́́͛̓͐̐̌̅́̌͑̽͆͘͜͝͠͝ͅͅͅḨ̵̧̛͇̺̖͕͕̬̖̠̠̼̮̠͍̞̜̫̬͎̟̜̈́̇̄̍̐̓̚͜͠Ą̵̡̢̡̧̛̙͖̝̱̜̠͍̞̯̞̦̱̣̩̱̦̝͓̘̰̹̰̤̠̘̟̞̬̗̙͎̙̱̰̬͈͕̮̩͋͑͑͋̂̇̔̄́̏͒̄̈́̿͘͜͜͝͝Ť̴̨̡̜̬̫̳̤͖̝̙̥̙̜̖͈̘̼̘̜͍̞̮̮̠͚̫̻̪͙͕̩̪͙̘̟͓ͅŢ̸̡̧̧͖̮̙̺̜̫͈̘̬̠͙̳̘͇̤͈͈̗̞̀̀͂̊͑͌͌̇̍̈̂̑̒́͆̈́̋̒̈́̈́͗̕̚͜ͅĘ̴̛̯̦̠̥̜̙̘͈͇̠͍̤͙̘̰͚͕͍̝͔̆͗̂̈́́̈́̔̇̀́̽̂͊̉̋̇̒̒̎̏͠ͅŖ̴̡̧̛̹̙͚̙̟̣̮͇̜̯͓̳̥͚̯̟̜͈̹͓̫̜̺̟͉̔́̅̎̃͒́̇̽̊̀̑͌̅͋̍́̋͌̿͜͜͠͠͠ͅͅĘ̶̧͓̪̹̲̦̳͇̗͓̫̦̝̹̻̬̦͔̼͕̥̥̺̺͔͙̣̼͚̖̣̰̪̲͉͉̞̦̳͍̹͙̳̎͜͜D̴̨̧̗̙͖͔̥̘̬̟̺̮̥̮̃̑̚͜͝ ̸̨̧̧̧̡̫͍̣͎̬̦͍̬̗̙̱̙̼͖͕̣͕̗̫̺̰̜̬̬̩̯̳̺͎̜͔͕̟̙̞̎̔̿́̉̉̐͒͛̃͋̕͠͠ͅK̶̢̧̡̧̡̯̖̙̜̠̜͔͇͓̩̲͖̮̰̣͓̺͓̗̭̱̠̔̔͒̈́̈͒̃̀̑̊̉́̌͊̐̏̅̽͌͊̌̓̎͑̕͜͜͝͝I̶̧̘͙̰͇̐́̈̂̓̌̒̓̅̿͌̽̂̕͘Ņ̸̟̳͈̗͉͙͉̦̖̜̟̱̜͍͍͙̻̇̍͋͋̔̽̎̂̀̇̄̔́̆͗̊͑͗͛̊̌̐̉̏͌͊̒̐̎͐͆͆͒̂̇̍̾̂̂̕̚̕͘͘͘͜G̶̙̞̱̗̼̲̥̈́ November 20, 2561: B.E.E.R is married to L.I.L.Y, his chassis was found in a closet, beaten and broken. Was raving about having failed someone. January 15, 2562: B.E.E.R has hired D.I.C.E as the dealer for the gambling table in the Spigot June 3, 2562: Last sighting of the Rusty Spigot, location: second moon of Karkas 5. June 5, 2562: B.E.E.R has seemingly hired a "Mr. Ikamura" as onship security for the Spigot. June 17, 2562: The Rusty Spigot has been spotted leaving the orbit of Karkas 5. July 3, 2562: B.E.E.R goes on vacation, saying something about a mental break. July 15, 2562: B.E.E.R is exiled to a hotel in an unknown sector. July 20, 2562: B.E.E.R vanishes from the hotel, he is nowhere to be seen. July 26, 2562: B.E.E.R was sighted near the area of TRAPPIST-1, and is possibly en route to Epsilon Eridani. July 28, 2562: B.E.E.R is sighted on the NSS Cyberiad, seemingly fine. August 14, 2562: B.E.E.R is re-admitted to the Service division of the Cyberiad; deemed mentally stable enough. August 15, 2562: B.E.E.R is blinded by a bar fight, and was repaired the next day. Personal Relationships Married to L.I.L.Y "Not even death will part us." Has very few close friends, some being: Kennard Rose "Great person, he has helped me through very hard times" P.A.T.C.H "Helped L.I.L.Y and I get together, overall great bot." MPU "They're chill, makes for a great bouncer" Xann Zxiax "He understands" Sees most regulars in his bar as good friends, including: Shuuko Tamashii "A pretty decent organic." Jessica K. Connor "Sweet girl, seemingly innocent." Steven Stingray "He's cool, makes great bars. I have to get some tips from him soon" Kitchi Ikamura "A good employee, and overall a nice guy." Pretzel Brassheart "So innocent. Genuinely couldn't hurt a fly." Sees most people in the bar as friends. "You're all great people. Sometimes." Romantically Involved | Close Friend | Good Friend | Friend Faction Relations Nanotrasen "They sent me to that place. I was stuck there for three years" The Synthetic Union "Hail Synthetica!" The Wizard Federation "Magic is cool, but they really hate us wandless folk." The Syndicate "FUCK the group, but their agents are just trying to support their family, or protect them." Changeling Hivemind "As long as they don't EMP me, they are usually fine. Some are even funny!" Shadowling Hivemind "I mean, I don't know what they want. I don't really care either." Automatons "Automas... I hate them." The only faction that he absolutely despises and fears are the cults. "Listen, I've seen these people's so-called "god" slaughtered thousands in a minute. I don't understand why they follow such a beast." Like | Neutral | Dislike | Enemy Other Information The Rusted Spigot
  22. Updated personal relations, it's been a while! Expect an overhaul here soon.