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  1. Hi there, What are the clown and mime service job slots on a state-of-the-art plasma research station even for? Definitely not to boost morale. If anything, they just prove a hassle. Sincerely, [sign]
  2. I would like to second bugging high security machines. Bugging the RnD servers would be a good one, make people check on them more in case someone is leaking tech levels.
  3. I'll stoop to any low to show how I'm right and you're wrong
  4. the strictest definition of a jam is a fruit boiled with sugar and put in a jar. Ketchup is prepared the same way. Check these citations for reference. Check... mate!
  5. it's sweet and made of fruit, I don't know what else you want @fennofen. Brb, gonna go spread some ketchup on my toast.
  6. Hey, I already had this discussion with hotdogs! Ans the answer is no, hotdogs are tacos.
  7. putting paper on your hat is great for inventory management and paper planes can be thrown much further than normal paper. These pro tips are not useless at all! ;security!!! Help maint!
  8. Threeinone

    The Devil and You

    Who said it's world ending? It's a perfectly legitimate contract that has no downside whatsoever.* *THAT'S A LIE RUN
  9. Emagging arcade games means if you die in the game, you die for real make them more dangerous to play. Fighting dudes renames the boss to Cuban Pete and Orion Trail activates "realism mode" maybe a better reward for winning, but you'll probably die before you get anything.
  10. Nah, that's just the N2O flooding the life support.