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  1. Karma is what's supposed to separate people just trying to have a swell time and people who want to play a role, it's why karma exists in the server. I'm personally for this, as it gives value to your credits and bank account.
  2. You mean people in the game have real lives outside of Space Station 13????????
  3. The title made me think this was a PSA to Spanish people for some reason
  4. This is real now, and anyone who wants to challenge him needs to come to the holodeck for a thunderdome match.
  5. There's pretty good chance that if you're a mob spawned in by a gold slime extract and have been made sentient, you can completely destroy any airlock in your way. Even something silly like a living crate.
  6. what happens if you inject a slime person's core with plasma dust?
  7. Actually, there's never been a mime counterpart the the cluwne. How about the nmaeime (mime with a bunch of letters that don't make any sound) that physically can't be killed because of the invisible walls surrounding it.
  8. Holoparas now each have unique abilities. Some of them are super op and some kill you when someone looks at your back. Of course the MOST POWERFUL HOLOPARA ABILITY is letting you drink piss.
  9. Revolution continues after all the heads are dead and now the revs become the heads. Optional second part where NT comes in with the deathsquad.
  10. Mime knows every language, but can't speak any of them.
  11. Actually I think that one already happened
  12. Okay so I just ran service borg again and the only real three bottles of alcohol you get is whiskey, vodka, and tequila which is insane how much you miss out have only three bottles EDIT: Oh wow you can also accidentally break your only three bottles on people's heads and now you just don't have bottles anymore