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  1. Its pretty easy! My husband and I will make three. One for each of us and one for our little black kitty :3 A Jack O'Lantern starts off as a pumpkin, but once its carved then its officially a Jack Fun fact they used to carve turnips originally! They are meant to emulate the ol' Will-o'-the-Wisp of ancient peat bogs and other tales. Here is a horrifying turnip one for reference. While we are on the topic of Jacks! Have you heard of the tale of the Headless Hessian Horseman?!?! One of my favorite colonial ghost stories! Sleepy Hollow is a fascinating tale, and the township still exists.... to this day!!! Who would dare to walk the bridge on all hallows eve, the witching hour drawing near.... *Insert spooky laughter!*
  2. Spooky Scary Skeletons. Skeletons everywhere! ~ ~ We will be carving Jack O' Lanterns soon here in Colorado.
  3. Malphystoh

    I'm back.

    There are now clown mag boots as a traitor item ! Welcome back
  4. Having Salicylic acid as a pill form minor brute is so odd. That's how the ancient cultures used willow bark and to further quote wiki, " Salicylic acid was also isolated from the herb meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria, formerly classified as Spiraea ulmaria) by German researchers in 1839. While their extract was somewhat effective, it also caused digestive problems such as gastric irritation, bleeding, diarrhea and even death when consumed in high doses." The most common modern use for this seems to be for topical acne / wart treatment.
  5. I learned very quickly that you have to guard that spare ID like a mad man if you gonna be lazy about it. Never leave it there. Hide it in the box of other spares. Dont name it or anything so it doesn't stand out. or label it as a terminated civilian who doesn't exist. Set up punji spike trap on your table so nerds don't climb up and yoink it.
  6. Flash bang, then bean bag? I dunno. I'm always down for more unique ammo. I wouldn't get rid of the individual ones. Perhaps some actual rubber "buckshot" shotgun rounds that do a stun as well as the stamina damage. As opposed to just the bean bag. A hefty stun perhaps. I mean there is no way you can cuff more than 2 people on your typical good stun. At that point you are finishing up and maybe starting a third. How do you drag or consolidate that many people? I can see it more as a dispersing method or a way to stun a group hard and pluck the currently wanted out of it. Then consider setting other aides and abettors to arrest once the current wanted is secured. A lot to consider. Heaven forbid one of those 5 ish people gets that stunshotgun from ya though.
  7. Capturing a live xeno hunter (PC) with knockout chems and debraining them is my super goal currently on Magnus Torsen. You raise an interesting concept of implanting them into a body and cloning to end up with more xeno brains for the endless army of xenoborgs that will inevitably wash over the station in a white tide of laser claws and hissing. Now to just somehow figure out how to get those brains to wake up if their technically catatonic since there is only the one intelligence...... Hmmmmm...... (Mad Sciencing intensifies)
  8. The only things missing are an overflowing ashtray and a half empty bottle of whiskey. Muh feels!
  9. Zeke in the heavy blissful sleep. Jonah waking from nightmares... ~ ~
  10. *so and so seems to imitate gargling a liquid silently. *so and so then holds out their hand index finger out as if its some sort of blaster *so an so points to a glass winking.
  11. Absolutely. That was a great time with some fantastic RP!
  12. Was that by chance with a certain Vampire old fellow, and a glass of Demons blood?