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  1. Just another day In Chapel Town. Thanks to Lakanaloa for sharing the screen shot!
  2. I was just as surprised as you are!
  3. lol right! I summon someone, they have a cigar and poof. Fire everywhere. I was impressed that the cultist hardsuit, lots of unholy water and a emerg injector kept me alive. Proceeded to resurrect one of the others with a dead mouse corpse. That was a crazy round lol
  4. Nevermind the NT rep came there to assist with capturing culties.
  5. I'd likely of stared at you glaring. Then you'd likely suddenly teleport to the bridge and I'd feel guilty for not insta tazing you. Start freaking out over coms. Be advised by the captains statements / tazers firing from my north west / checking the teleporter's calibration, Head back and begrudgingly detain you through force and conversation. Since I likely wouldn't even have cuffs. ( do BS's start with cuffs? Can't recall. )
  6. Love ya man! Glad to hear you will be lurking around for a bit. Proud of ya for living life to the fullest
  7. Lol awesome! And oddly hilarious :3
  8. as syndicate Explosives expert, i tend to buy a viscerator grenade if that counts!
  9. I like using it to dispose of bodies
  10. Its pretty easy! My husband and I will make three. One for each of us and one for our little black kitty :3 A Jack O'Lantern starts off as a pumpkin, but once its carved then its officially a Jack Fun fact they used to carve turnips originally! They are meant to emulate the ol' Will-o'-the-Wisp of ancient peat bogs and other tales. Here is a horrifying turnip one for reference. While we are on the topic of Jacks! Have you heard of the tale of the Headless Hessian Horseman?!?! One of my favorite colonial ghost stories! Sleepy Hollow is a fascinating tale, and the township still exists.... to this day!!! Who would dare to walk the bridge on all hallows eve, the witching hour drawing near.... *Insert spooky laughter!*