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  1. i think if the extremities didn't contribute to the vomiting that would be good and more realistic. However those limbs would very quickly swell up and become necrotic instead. I'm not really sure how that would play out coding wise and may be quite complex.
  2. Wow! These are incredible character studies! You're really evolving into an incredible style!
  3. 1. Hypnosis 2. Dream eater 3. Counter 4. Headbutt
  4. it would be nice if you could vent crawl the unwrenched pipe to get back in.
  5. you can kill them with floor tiles and patience.
  6. Coders can code, but they cant be bothered to update the wiki as they modify things it seems. Change it as you do it.
  7. Maximvs Orion. Puppy Supreme. 


  8. flip table, do deed, put the table back.
  9. Just another day In Chapel Town. Thanks to Lakanaloa for sharing the screen shot!
  10. I was just as surprised as you are!
  11. lol right! I summon someone, they have a cigar and poof. Fire everywhere. I was impressed that the cultist hardsuit, lots of unholy water and a emerg injector kept me alive. Proceeded to resurrect one of the others with a dead mouse corpse. That was a crazy round lol
  12. Nevermind the NT rep came there to assist with capturing culties.
  13. I'd likely of stared at you glaring. Then you'd likely suddenly teleport to the bridge and I'd feel guilty for not insta tazing you. Start freaking out over coms. Be advised by the captains statements / tazers firing from my north west / checking the teleporter's calibration, Head back and begrudgingly detain you through force and conversation. Since I likely wouldn't even have cuffs. ( do BS's start with cuffs? Can't recall. )