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  1. *screeches like a pterodactyl Painfully cute!
  2. Some of the junk foods around the station have a high sodium content and can make you zone out / drop stuff!
  3. That is a great addition to Cluwne. But I'd say only do it for the spell Cluwnes. Not ones punished by admeme. They need to suffer for bible farting / assfaxing CC
  4. I've always wanted to do something similar to this. When its the abandoned xeno station or even hotel / wizard place. Creating a fully functioning area with its own mini departments. and @Aletmagne assuming their titles reflected their gateway status i think it would be fairly simple to track someone down. Especially considering GPS.
  5. When your target is in sec, waiting for them to walk by holodeck or creating a reason for them to be around. Let the Holocarp to the heavy lifting.
  6. *chirping intensifies
  7. Malphystoh

    Id Shredder

    that's like the worst disguise ever. Job title Terminated? Incoming boots and stun batons. The vast majority of those IDs have negative things associated with them. Like they were a murder victim or were executed / sent to perma. You wanna rummage through filth to slap on a target sign to your head? Be my guest. XD In addendum, if it goes through the grinder its gone. Your premise hinges on they can still be used. This assumes a cargo tech gives a damn when checking the refuse pile before just letting it go off to the disposal. Regardless. Even if I think its a terrible disguise if a traitor wants it. Great. Super. Let them rock it out. If that is the main pretext of your argument. (it can be used for bad things) then all the better. Give the antags a chance to roam around in trash IDs. It adds more depth to the entire situation. My initial premise is I don't leave them laying around. If its terminated into the trash it goes. Though I could see saving them if you were running out of spare IDs due to theft and murder.
  8. Malphystoh

    Id Shredder

    I mean to say the disposals grinder can handle the iDs. No reason for an extra thing. Just throw them away. They are already terminated. The ID is worthless.
  9. Malphystoh

    Id Shredder

    Once the ID is terminated, just toss it in the disposals. Not sure why you wouldn't throw trash away
  10. L....LEWD SAVY IS LEWD ~!~ Don't tolerate that lech Pretzi
  11. What Spark says is true. But I did hear a good suggestion here. If people knew that if the round ends up extended. then more ~FUN~ would be happening, (Such as ghost rolls or any number of things to bring people back into the round, Heck even just suggesting that a new wave of immigrants are sent to supplement the losses, and pushing willing ghosts back to the lobby) Setting up more / different traitors or other things. I think a compromise could totally get people thinking round extension could be worth while! A lot to consider... Thanks for your perspectives fellas!