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  1. This would be pretty neat, as a 2 year IPC main, it would save hassle for sure.
  2. Hello, everyone. I'm aware a lot of you don't really look at me as pleasant person to be around, or deserve to be around, hell I don't even feel like I deserve a place on Paradise anymore. During the last couple of months, as quite a few of you know I haven't really been myself, feeling constantly down, trying to think of different methods to right myself, and this is sort of my last ditch effort, I tried everything else that I could think of, but now I must apologise to the Paradise station community in general. Writing to such a large amount of people scares me...So please spare me, and yes. I am man enough to admit that I have cried at this several times, even in the presence of admins. I'm sorry. Ever since I started playing Space Station in June of 2017, it meant the world to me I'd come from work, and play a good couple of shifts, and go to bed. Rinse and repeat. I established good relationships with people, people who I trusted dearly, but they came and went, with either personal lives, bans, other stations, ETC. With only a handful remaining of who I remember, and I hold them people dearly and wish to remain friends with them for a long time. But then, when people started to look up to me for advice, when I was a mentor for example, I took that for granted, started to treat people like shit, and began a long slope down when it finally hit me in September and I lost it, while yes, it hurts, I realised that my own sadness/depression wasn't because I lost some fancy title, or being in a staff position, I realised that the reason I feel terrible is because I've disappointed a lot of you guys, whether be admins, mentors, coders, or simple players, I want to apologise to the utmost for everything I have been in the last six months, I know from various Discords I've been apart of that I've been compared to having a very large ego, portraying my own job harder than it actually is, basically trying to pass myself off as someone important, where no, I am just a simple player. Always have been, my brain just always told me that I was doing an extremely good job and that I should continue at it. I don't blame anyone here, as its my own stupid fault for the things I have done, and I feel this is taking a large step into putting everything correct for myself, I don't deserve your pity, or sympathy's, I just need to get this off my chest, so that I can play the server again, make new friends, regain old ones that was lost along the way. And generally attempt to fix what I can of this situation I've put myself in here. Again, you have absolutely no reason to accept my apology, but I have to say, that I am sorry, if I have ever taken a patient from you in medical, ever called you a terrible doctor, ridiculed you, got in your way, made you feel like you shouldn't ever play again, please don't see that as the real me. Because its not, deep down I'm just a lad from the North of England who wants to make friends and role-play. I'm sorry. And yes...I will be returning...as a better, more mature player than I previously was, I just hope you can forgive me, and we can forget about all the wrong I have done in the past.... I was never really good at writing apologies...and I know there will be the people who think I am just...begging for attention, but believe me when I say... I'm sorry. Yours sincerely. E.L.O.
  3. Name: Electric Light Orchestra (E.L.O.) Gender: Female Orientation: Robotic Bi-sexual. Nicknames/Alias: Elbow, Elo. Personnel Photo: Age/D.O.B: 23 (14/07/2539) Species: Alignment: IPC Affiliation: Nanotrasen. General Occupational Role(s): Surgeon, Brig Doctor Chief Medical Officer Religious Beliefs: Synthetica Detailed Information: E.L.O. is a six foot tall and four inches. And is a well built machine, constantly keeping herself in well maintained, whether this be from an oil bath, or regular part maintenance, she is a very clean and well built machine. She constantly wears her medal for Distinguished Loyalty and Excellence to Nanotrasen, which she was awarded in 2562, for her very long and successful career in medical. Her monitor scrolls from left to right, which she also uses to convey emotions, such as: Anger, happiness, sadness, shock, excitement and many others. Her chassis is made from Morpheus components, and looks as basic as can be, her black chassis is padded with foam, so not to injure the organic lifeforms that she happens to walk into by mistake from time to time. She has her name inscribed on the bottom left of her monitor reading "E.L.O." in gold inscriptions, and the words. "EST 1971" on her right side, often seen wearing her medical winter coat, stethoscope, armband and toolbelt. Catchphrase: "Hello, do you need medical attention, sir?" Character Voice: She has a rather bright and synthetic British accent, from the 1980's. Personality: E.L.O. can be very serious at her job, she is practically married to her job as she spends months at a time on the Cyberiad working, she strives for perfection and for the utmost efficiency, getting people back as quickly and as professionally as she can so that they can return to their jobs without much performance lost, though when she is with her wife, she is a loving, and often caring machine. Medical Records: N/A Security Records: N/A Character Biography: E.L.O. is a very well distinguished surgeon onboard the NSS Cyberiad, currently serving the station still, a surgeon that is very good at her job and strives to achieve perfection, but recently she realised that all other doctors from med school need teaching, she used to scoff at new doctors, thinking they were all terrible, and never going to learn, it was only after she was reprimanded by Nanotrasen about the lack of junior doctors that she attempted to change her ways, now offering help to new doctors in any way she can. Backround: E.L.O. has a very brief and boring background, ever since she was first created she was a doctor, climbing through various levels of respect she found herself onboard the Research Station the NSS Cyberiad in the medical department, where she currently still works and has been decorated many times by the various captains. Family: E.L.O. only has one family member, her loving wife unit P.A.T.C.H. in which she rarely see's, working elsewhere for months on end. History: In 1971 Sharp's electronic company developed a calculator, a simple desktop transistor with a green display, somehow this very same calculate made its way to New Canaan where E.L.O. was created, and the very old, redundant CPU of the Calculator was implemented into her Positronic Brain, giving her memories and knowledge of events that happened hundreds of years ago, from the curing of Cancer and other nasty disease, and various conflicts that occurred. Personal Relations: E.L.O. has made many friends on the station, from Slimes, to Vox, to Plasmamen and the human race. Her best friends are Sistere and Serac, who she has worked with for several years now, and provide a great working and professional atmosphere in which she can work in.