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  1. Finally got around to fixing my spell mistakes and updating Mariya's marital status. Only took me over a month to get around to that.
  2. Two plasmamen torture a Soviet spy into a false confession. Awarded medals for torturing said farwa. Such is life on the Cyberiad.
  3. The most infamous words uttered before the destruction of a station via strike team:
  4. N.S.S Cyberiad, 5/4/2263 - "The Coup" Nanotrasen's new 'Democratic Experiment', hosted by Admiral Bush, took place aboard the N.S.S Cyberiad. Candidates for president included: Fillmoore Greyson, Boris Sankinov, Kete Wawakari as well as a few others. First, the candidates had to be SHOT by Admiral Bush before they gave their election speeches to instill a sense of 'freedom' and showing the 'right to bear arms'. While the candidates were dying, still giving their speeches, Boris snuck off to unfairly heal his wounds put his plan into action. That of vote rigging. Boris submitted three votes for himself using different pens and different font sizes/types. On top of that Kete and one other also voted for Boris. However - Fillmoore won by one vote. While angry at first, Boris let it subside as he was made Vice President due to Fillmoore's VP not being present after the election. A devilish idea came to Boris. If democracy had failed him - he would make democracy fail. Stage one. A fax. Stage one consisted of a fax to the U.S.S.P requesting support to overthrow the Captain subtly. This fax was received. And approved. Stage two. A plan Stage two consisted of gathering three men together to execute Boris' take over. Darren, Andrew and Dustin. Ministers of the Red Army, Interior and the General Secretary - with Boris as their Premier. However, Boris was found out. Dustin had been a TURNCOAT! While arming himself in a mech, waiting for the infamous lines of "Red Dawn" to be uttered - Dustin informed command of Boris' plans during their meeting. Boris was detained, demoted and was to stand trail for his attempt at a coup. When suddenly the next stage came. Unexpectedly, a song blared as an explosion went off. HELL MARCH Stage three. EXECUTION A U.S.S.P strike force hit the bridge and began to destroy the station one piece at a time with Mauler mechs. Boris was freed as to escape. In an attempt to link up with his comrades, Boris grabbed the hand teleporter and beamed himself to the bridge. Where then he was shot by his fellow comrades 'rescued'. It took the combined might of Nanotrasen's Death Squad and a entire platoon of Sol-Gov Marines to destroy the planned attack. The last words uttered by the mad Space Russian were: "COMRADES! IT IS YOUR NEW PREMIER!" Such is life.
  5. If your wedding isn't bombed by a rouge borg and kills everyone except one of the brides - who is left shivering, sputtering and crying. . . You aren't doing your wedding right
  6. Captain proceeds to be arrested and Nanotrasen orders an execution for ‘mutiny’ Such is the life of a Captain trying to do the right thing.
  7. Hard one. I can never decide on what songs fit for my characters. There's just so many. Probably "Soviet Strength" for Boris since it really fits his whole attitude. Plus it's from one of my favorite games. And Mariya's is really hard. It's kind of a toss up between the Black Army's version of Oh, little apple/Yablochko and Dark Night. While I really like the first one, I've been told Dark Night really fits - someone outright sent it to me saying it's what they pictured as Mariya's theme. And I have to agree.
  8. None of my characters are really like me. Thank god. However, all of my characters do have something in common with me in a way - they're all from interests of mine. Boris, the war vet Soviet who's inspiration came from a WWII soviet aesthetic mixed with references in his character to the Soviet-Afgan War and Chechen Wars. Mariya who stems from my interest in the Russian Civil War and Spanish Civil War. (But no one has picked up on those subtle references) Aylin Orban who's first name is actually a feminine name meaning 'moon' in Turkish and is my love for Turkish and Ottoman history - which I try to reference in his story. I'm nothing like the poor-Common speaking bulky Russian man, the mostly quiet music lover with a temper, nor the asshole vulp. None of them are like me - however all of them contain my interests in them. So there's a mild connection, I suppose.
  9. Magistrate, IAA and NT Rep. Reason is mostly the same for all of them. I enjoy the interactions I typically get to have with others as IAA, Magistrate and NT Rep. You can get a lot done with paperpushing, you can make really N I C E looking papers using formatting. Captain and Head of Personnel I really enjoy these but they're iffy sometimes. Captain can be sitting there staring off into space while you watch the station fall apart but in a way it's nice to be able to have some authority. Not be a dick using it but making decisions, impacting the round and actually doing stuff such as big judgement calls. Interactions with crew can be great too, especially actually having your belongings be targets of antags which makes you have to deal with them to an extent. Head of Personnel is similar but add on some paperwork and the ability to change someones ID from Engineer to C L O W N for being annoying. Plus - traitor HoP is honestly great to do. Messing with ID's, sometimes struggling with objectives due to everyone's eyes being on you yet being easier due to your mystical ID machine, etc. Left one out - Warden. Wardening is fun to do since you get to control brig timers. The issue tends to be trying not to be a dick by shoving someone in a cell for 15 minutes for something small even if space law says you can give them 15 minutes with how many charges. It feels unique from Sec officer in a way - some good interactions with other security members and prisoners. Managing the armory, being a sort of 'backup' Sec officer on code red/when the station is DYING. Being security but being a bit 'separate' from the regular officer when it comes to what you do. Plus you can make rounds for people, fix Security being Shitcurity with their timers, etc.
  10. 2 sleepy pen stabs to keep the admins asleep.
  11. I mean, to an extent. They are based off earth doggos in looks. But it would make sense since the Wiki even says they 'resemble' Earth's canines but are structurally and organically different. Still would make sense. On Oracle code they were allergic to chocolate and I found it to be interesting and fun - even when playing as a Vulp.
  12. Honestly - what I'd want is the re-adding of dietary mechanics for Vulpkin and all races. Partially for 'flavor' and realism, the other part to give the chef something to do and have to serve more types of food. Vulps are supposed to be carnivores only, just like Unathi, but dietary mechanics in game are turned off. That and making chocolate poisonous to vulps would be GREAT.