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  1. None of my characters are really like me. Thank god. However, all of my characters do have something in common with me in a way - they're all from interests of mine. Boris, the war vet Soviet who's inspiration came from a WWII soviet aesthetic mixed with references in his character to the Soviet-Afgan War and Chechen Wars. Mariya who stems from my interest in the Russian Civil War and Spanish Civil War. (But no one has picked up on those subtle references) Aylin Orban who's first name is actually a feminine name meaning 'moon' in Turkish and is my love for Turkish and Ottoman history - which I try to reference in his story. I'm nothing like the poor-Common speaking bulky Russian man, the mostly quiet music lover with a temper, nor the asshole vulp. None of them are like me - however all of them contain my interests in them. So there's a mild connection, I suppose.
  2. Magistrate, IAA and NT Rep. Reason is mostly the same for all of them. I enjoy the interactions I typically get to have with others as IAA, Magistrate and NT Rep. You can get a lot done with paperpushing, you can make really N I C E looking papers using formatting. Captain and Head of Personnel I really enjoy these but they're iffy sometimes. Captain can be sitting there staring off into space while you watch the station fall apart but in a way it's nice to be able to have some authority. Not be a dick using it but making decisions, impacting the round and actually doing stuff such as big judgement calls. Interactions with crew can be great too, especially actually having your belongings be targets of antags which makes you have to deal with them to an extent. Head of Personnel is similar but add on some paperwork and the ability to change someones ID from Engineer to C L O W N for being annoying. Plus - traitor HoP is honestly great to do. Messing with ID's, sometimes struggling with objectives due to everyone's eyes being on you yet being easier due to your mystical ID machine, etc. Left one out - Warden. Wardening is fun to do since you get to control brig timers. The issue tends to be trying not to be a dick by shoving someone in a cell for 15 minutes for something small even if space law says you can give them 15 minutes with how many charges. It feels unique from Sec officer in a way - some good interactions with other security members and prisoners. Managing the armory, being a sort of 'backup' Sec officer on code red/when the station is DYING. Being security but being a bit 'separate' from the regular officer when it comes to what you do. Plus you can make rounds for people, fix Security being Shitcurity with their timers, etc.
  3. I mean, to an extent. They are based off earth doggos in looks. But it would make sense since the Wiki even says they 'resemble' Earth's canines but are structurally and organically different. Still would make sense. On Oracle code they were allergic to chocolate and I found it to be interesting and fun - even when playing as a Vulp.
  4. Honestly - what I'd want is the re-adding of dietary mechanics for Vulpkin and all races. Partially for 'flavor' and realism, the other part to give the chef something to do and have to serve more types of food. Vulps are supposed to be carnivores only, just like Unathi, but dietary mechanics in game are turned off. That and making chocolate poisonous to vulps would be GREAT.
  5. It was interesting to see the crew work together to make a new station since the old one kinda went byebye but oh god that medbay was horrible and the setup was painful
  6. Accurate description of what I was going for in one image.
  7. 01010011 01101000 01110101 01110100 00100000 01110101 01110000 00101100 00100000 01101110 01101111 01101110 00101101 01110011 01111001 01101110 01110100 01101000 01100101 01110100 01101001 01100011 00101110
  8. Name: Mariya Sankinov / Mariya Vladimirovna Sankinov / Mария Bладимировна Cанкинова Age: 27 Gender: Female Race: Human; Space Russian Blood type: A+ General Occupational Role(s): (Security) - Warden (Internal Affairs) - Internal Affairs Agent/Magistrate (Command) - Nanotrasen Representative Biography: Mariya was the youngest of the Sankinov children, her brother Boris being six years older than her while Misha and Tanya, both being twins, were almost ten years older than her. Included in the family were her two step brothers, Sergei Sedev and Alexi Sedev. Mariya was born on September the 25th, 2536 aboard Rostov Station-01 which lay deep within U.S.S.P space. She was the youngest of her family as she already had two older brothers, an older sister and two older half-brothers all in the same household with her. Boris was only six years older than her, Misha and Tanya were the oldest - being twins. Her half brothers were named Sergei and Alexi Sedev and were from her mother’s previous marriage. Her father, Vladimir Sankinov, was a statesman in the Supreme Soviet, and ex-labor union representative. Her mother, Mihaela Sankinov, was a housewife who had emigrated from Sol-Gov under strange circumstances with the death of her first husband Ivan Sedev - a prominent member of the Space Russian mafia that operated within Federation space. Mariya’s family life was strained even in its early years. By the age of three her father had shipped off to Moscow Station-1917 near permanently, being appointed as the head of the Ministry of the Interior and becoming a minister in the Soviet Politburo. The children would come to only know their mother, their father already having been known as a stern, quick to anger man who spent more time at work in his office than at home. She was noted as being rather quiet girl during her early life, keeping much to herself and her mother. At the age of seven she began violin lessons - paid for by her father who spent most of his time off station. She began to find solace in singing and music, soon learning to play the piano, violin and mandolin by the age of ten. Mariya’s shyness ended when she got to her teen years. By sixteen she was detained after an anti-war protest was broken up aboard Rostov Station. The nearby rebellion on Kuban had sparked anti-Soviet tensions on station which she gladly took part in. She was released however due to her family's name and her age at the time. At nineteen she was arrested yet again due to protesting, this time in connection to an illegal labor union. Again, she was released due to her ‘records being lost’ by Rostov Station’s People’s Guard. She was known in circles as a labor agitator, writing anti-Soviet articles for illegally printed newspapers that avoided Soviet censors. Articles commonly regarded criticism of Soviet law - something that she was in higher education for due to her father's demands. At twenty years old, it all changed for her. Rostov Station was raided by an unknown force of armed men with advanced technology in bright red hardsuits. The large residential and trading station was rocked by explosions which were thought to be accidents at first. When the alarm went out, hysteria ensued - civilians making mad dashes towards the hangar bays which were already overcrowded. The station was not meant to ever support as many people as it had. Most of her family would make it off the station alive - barring her oldest brother Misha, who refused to evacuate, and her mother, who went missing hours before the blasts. While evacuating, Mariya suffered a head injury as nearly five inches of shrapnel were lodged into her head and into the temporal lobe of her brain. The same exact blast claimed her brother Boris’ arm. Her medical records in the U.S.S.P note her death on the surgery table before being resuscitated, permanent hearing loss due to damage to her auditory cortex, and speech impairment - possibly due to damage to the broca area of her brain, which was later picked up by Nanotrasen medical exams. Included in her U.S.S.P medical records are minor references to throat surgeries in an attempt to understand the reason for her pained speech - unknowingly damaging her vocal cords before knowledge of her damaged broca area was discovered. Mariya spent her time on a iceworld named Ural-1424 for nearly five years as she recovered and adapted. During this time she worked as a miner, while her brother Boris, who was injured in the Rostov disaster as well, worked as a overseer due to his missing arm making him unable to work physical labor jobs for the time. Boris was selected by a U.S.S.P lottery for a foreign visa after being on the planet for nearly four years. He was permitted to work for Nanotrasen or other ‘state approved’ foreign corporations - while Mariya’s entry was declined due to her impairment. After nearly five years of being stuck on Ural, believing that would be the rest of her life, she was chosen for a experimental implant surgery aboard Moscow Station-1917. Unbeknownst to her at the time, Boris had enrolled her in the program. Mariya had a U.S.S.P “C.И” implant installed in her temple, which successfully brought back her hearing. The implants purpose was to stimulate the auditory area of her brain and act as a proper receptor to aid in processing sound, while also being E.M.P proof. While the experiment was a success, the use of the device in daily life turned into a mild annoyance. Loud noises were incredibly loud to her, and her hearing was vastly improved in some aspects, able to sometimes hear a pin drop. The implant was made more for military purposes rather than a true hearing aid - but the near full restoration of hearing was too good to be true. After a few months on Moscow Station, and many applications later, Mariya was finally issued a Soviet visa and permitted to work for Nanotrasen alongside her brother. Despite struggling with becoming certified for security due to her speech issue, she managed to pass most of her certifications within the year or so she has so far spent working for the company. Qualifications: U.S.S.P Honorary Bachelor's in Soviet Law (R E V O K E D) Nanotrasen Security Qualification Nanotrasen Law Qualification Nanotrasen Administrative/Command Certification Employment Records: - Age 17. Enrolled in Rostov Station University. Declared major as ‘Soviet Law’. Excused from mandatory Soviet employment. - Age 20. Became a miner on Ural-1424. Five years of service. - Age 25. Obtained worker VISA, became miner at Nanotrasen. Continuing employment presently. Security Records: U.S.S.P - (( / / C L A S S I F I E D - U.S.S.P \ \ )) - Detained, Age 16. Illegal Anti-War Protest. Released due to age. - Arrested, Age 19. Illegal Trade Union Membership, Illegal Trade Union Protest, Rioting. Escaped detainment. Charges dropped. (( / / E N D \ \ )) - WANTED, Age 27. Illegal Operation of a Trade Union, Undermining the Integrity of the State, Treachery. Awaiting Sentence - 10 years rehabilitation. Nanotrasen - - Age 26. Minor incident with U.S.S.P co-worker. - Age 26. Attempt to start trade union in violation of contract. - Age 27. Public Intoxication aboard N.R.S Unity. Medical Records: U.S.S.P - - Age 1. Ear canal surgery. Corrected potential hearing loss. - Age 20. Brain & head injury. Damage to the Auditory Cortex and minor damage to the frontal lobe. Died on operating table - resuscitated. Minor metal trauma, difficulty speaking and permanent deafness. - Age 25. Soviet experimental implant installed. Implant restored hearing. - Age 25. Throat surgery failure. Attempts to help speech issues failed. Deemed incurable - speech impairment permanent. (( / / C L A S S I F I E D - U.S.S.P \ \ )) Subject’s ‘Auditory Cortex Implant’ is a version of a experimental hearing enhancement implant. Subject reports cases of auditory sensitivity to loud noises. Project in development - implant appears to be E.M.P proof and work partially as intended. Implant fails to heighten sense of hearing as planned - experiments ongoing. (( / / E N D \ \ )) Nanotrasen - - Age 26. Mariya Sankinov is to enter speech therapy in attempts to correct damage done to her vocal cords. Damage to broca part of the brain detected - overlooked by U.S.S.P. Possible corrective surgery planned in the future. Uncertainty if curable. Family Records: Boris Vladimirovich Sankinov - Nanotrasen Employee, 5th year working for the company. Administrative, Captaincy, Medical and Security certifications. Ex-Red Army, U.S.S.P Bachelors of Medicine. Tanya Vladimirovna Sankinov - U.S.S.P Teacher aboard Moscow Station-1917. Vladimir Ivanov Sankinov - Member of the U.S.S.P Supreme Soviet and Minister of the Interior aboard Moscow Station-1917. Misha Sankinov - D E C E A S E D Engineering union representative on Rostov Station, ex-Red Army. Pronounced dead after Rostov Station attack. Body recovered, buried on Kuban-128, Red Army cemetery. *Mihaela Maria Sankinov (Formally Mihaela Maria Sedev) - D E C E A S E D Sol-Gov deffector. No U.S.S.P job history. Pronounced dead after Rostov Station attack. Body not recovered. (( / / C L A S S I F I E D - SYNDICATE \ \ )) Operative Mihaela Sankinov injured but retrieved in Rostov Station attack. Ex-Federation agent, U.S.S.P double agent. Secret plant within the U.S.S.P by the Syndicate in partnership with Shellguard Munitions. Undercover operation partial success. Station destroyed - NT relations harmed mildly and anti-Federation activities resumed by U.S.S.P. Operation did not make the Union cut affiliations with Nanotrasen as planned. Agent Retired. Alive but location unknown. (( / / E N D \ \ )) *Alexi Sedev - Ex-Red Army warrant officer. Sent to ‘re-education’ for six years under court martial charges. Second Chief of the ‘Committee for State Security’ - K.G.B. (( / / C L A S S I F I E D - U.S.S.P \ \ )) Member of the 'National Collectivist' wing of the U.S.S.P Communist Party. Openly anti-Xeno, violent towards other species and foreign born citizens. Warnings issued about radicalization - pardoned by First Chief of the KGB. (( / / E N D \ \ )) *Sergei Sedev - Unknown. Wanted by both the U.S.S.P and Federation for Soviet Mafia ties. Last spotted in Cygni system. * - Sedev Family Personal Photo (Nanotrasen enlistment records): "A pale woman who stands at about 5'9" with black hair put back into a messy bun and blue piercing eyes. She sports a highly visible cross around her neck, leaving it over top of her clothing. There appears to be a pair of small metallic implants in her right temple. Anyone with medical knowledge or an understanding of Neo-Russkiya may notice the technology is U.S.S.P related - most likely being a hearing aid of sorts by the abbreviation "C.N" engraved in one of the metal disks. A keen eye might notice the hair along the right side of her head appears to be slightly missing in a few small lines - a few scars being visible if her hair is pulled back enough. Her neck appears to have some similar marks on a much smaller scale around the center of it. There's a wedding band on her right ring finger." Commendations: Reprimands: Other Notes: - Mariya refuses to use her full name on all formal documentation unless required. She despises being called ‘Vladimirovna’ - translating to ‘Daughter of Vladimir’. - Mariya is a Sol-Gov citizen with the rights of a normal citizen who has not served in the military. Thus her reason for not being deported to face charges in the U.S.S.P, having her citizenship terminated by the Union. - Mariya is minorly known in some U.S.S.P circles as a journalist for the ‘United Front Papers’ and her protesting aboard Rostov Station. Though many of those who knew her for this ‘passed on’ in the Rostov Station disaster.