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  1. That sounds like a big improvement. I'd say put the number at the high end for both positive and negative modifiers.
  2. Yeah, a partial solution is what I suggested before: the repeat offender modifier should start the second time and be harsher. I think a lot of modifiers in general should either be harsher or come with an alternate sentence that can be applied (for example, 25% or five minutes at the officer's choice.) Slapping someone with an extra 45 seconds just doesn't quite make sense. I think that overall if we want to see some of the changes that we're looking for, we're going to need to have a space law that's harsher on minor crimes, and rewording plus very minor numerical tweaks isn't going to solve that.
  3. Yeah, that example isn't great. I'd be down with letting magistrates up sentences for crazy unreasonable shit. It would give them something to do and people might actually play the role.
  4. Yeah, that's one of the thing we really need more guidance on. We should at least have some nice solid guidelines on when it should be tacked on. Also, how do we deal with multiple escape attempts in the same sentence? Do we add extra time based on the original sentence, or based on the sentence with the first modifier already applied?
  5. Wait, that's new. My understanding was always that you had to at least break your cell open to earn a reset. Are we allowed to reset to cell vandalism now? If so, how much vandalism is necessary?
  6. Sec borgs may be robust, but not all borgs are sec borgs. Space law has to cover the poor janiborgs, service borgs, etc as well.
  7. No, I think damaging both a should continue to be assault. While your idea makes sense from an IC perspective, we've got to remember that these are players being hurt and that should be treated equally. I also just realized how low the refusal to cooperate modifier is. In order to get the maximum of 15 minutes, you have to have an hour long sentence already, and by that time, you're probably headed to the permabrig! It should probably be harsher or have a minimum time (for example, officer gets to choose between 25% of your sentence or five minutes.)
  8. Also, I know this is technically under legal SOP, but let security take away any spammer's headset. It's annoying and demoralizing for both Security and the crew.
  9. I'm pretty sure that's a good way to get a bwoink anyway.
  10. Because there are are a few problems here. The first is that something more pressing could be going on and it might just not be worth it to go through the entire process of brigging someone when the HOS is screaming "Help Slings Eng maint" on the radio over and over. Another possibility is that the actual contribution to the crime can be so minor as to be negligible, or I may not even be sure if it happened at all, but I don't want an unusually rules obessed IAA or Magistrate (you know the type) breathing down my neck because I didn't sentence a guy to his five minutes (this can also apply to the situation above.) The last one is that I, the officer, can be wrong. I could have misread the situation, I could have the wrong guy, his friend could have though I was mindslaved, or a million other things could happen, and in those cases, I should have the freedom to let the abettor go, rather than being forced to give him five minutes brig time. At the very absolute least, let us parole the time. The current wording makes it seem like that's not an option.
  11. I like a lot of what I see, but I think that we need some improvements, many of which are aimed at being harsher on typical graytide behavior. Cut the repeat offender modifier down to start the second time someone is arrested and make it +10 minutes. This will give it some teeth, and almost nobody gets arrested for the same thing three times, because by that late in the round, security is too busy to do anything but respond to calls that get people put in the brig for a long amount of time. Make successful prison breaks their own crime, distinct from resisting arrest, so that there's no doubt that anyone who intentionally escapes their cell/causes it to no longer imprison them gets +10 minutes in addition to the timer reset. The list of people that can permabrig may seem like a good idea at first, but that's actually a list of people who are mostly either not present or very busy. The person on that list who will reliably the there is the warden and if he's gone, I guess you just can't perma people? We need guidelines for this situation. Do we hold them in normal cells indefinitely? Do we ahelp? Do we just ignore space law and do it anyway? I guarantee you, this situation will come up more than you think, especially once people start screaming that they've been held in processing for too long. Refusal to cooperate needs some rewording. I'd replace "This modifier almost entirely refers to repeated attempts to unbuckle or escape from cuffs." with something like "Any attempt to physically resist processing or imprisonment, including fleeing, is refusal to cooperate." This will unambiguously nail down all of the most common graytide behaviors that take up insane amounts of time in processing. I'd also say that it should stack with every attempt to escape. I know that there will be a brief period where admins get angry ahelps about this from a small group of players, but they're the ones this new policy is targeting. Don't include any minimum sentences that officers must follow. To decrease the number of officers needed to keep the brig staffed, sane, and functional, you might also want to increase the penalties for any crimes committed while imprisoned. Something like a flat +25%-+50% might work. This will also mean that the Brig Phys and IAA's will be able to do their jobs much more often since people will have an additional incentive to not just rush them. Finally, make aggravated assault, manslaughter, and attempted murder (but not assault of an officer) a capital crime if someone is already permabrigged. This will allow security to remove troublesome prisoners from the round while allowing more peaceful prisoners to continue playing. I know that there's solitary and three lockdown cells, but in practice, security often needs to use at least one of the lockdowns for dead drops when prisoners aren't cooperative, and solitary is pretty much a dedicated Vox lockdown cell.
  12. Can we split this thread or start a new one? I think it's important to have a discussion about security (and antags, but that's a separate discussion,) but I think it should be separate from this thread which is largely tied down in specific allegations against administrators.
  13. There's one simple thing we can do with zero code changes: change the rules so that in rev, sec gets a free pass to straight up kill people that they reasonably suspect are revs. If it's supposed to be a fast and violent game mode, let the people who specialize in violence actually engage in some.
  14. Be very careful when dealing with people even within the brig. If they're clever or you're unlucky, things can go surprisingly poorly.