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  1. Hello there and welcome to Paradise! I hope your time on the server is a lovely one, if you have any questions we are more then happy to answer them for you. As for the time requirements, they should be ticking down as normal, if you find anything odd about them can always ask an admin to take a look at it for you. And again welcome to Paradise!
  2. I fully approve of our new box overlords
  3. Ya I agree with Wolf here, ten out of ten silly!
  4. Very pretty art there Lumi, love to see Terry in your style at one point if you'd be up to drawing him!
  5. I vaguely recall that AI before my Hiatus, helped me out a few times in engineering and the other departments I frequented. I hope you enjoy your time on the forums and welcome!
  6. Since the others were asked, it's only fair we ask what Rissa's favorite department/Job is and why
  7. You forgot the one of TY with underwear, show those heart boxers!
  8. You? Causing problems for me? ha! You still haven't even managed to beat me with shoes like you threatened.
  9. Nah, that's Jerry Joorg who mains Cargo. I started out in Cargo when I started playing on the server, but Engineering has always been my favorite department. Recently I've been trying my hand at other departments, but Engineering will always be what I default back to.
  10. Well it might be a bit late since I've been back for a good three weeks, but hello! Took a good four months break from Paradise due to a few things, but like many people I just couldn't stay away. For the most part I play Terry Watson, have a few other characters I should give a try that I might actually get into. I'm an engineering main but I bounce around the departments and can be a bit of a menace when bored as a civilian. Look forward to seeing everyone on shift!
  11. Burn out happens to all of us man, and shit rounds are always going to leave you feeling worse then when you started. Hope your break goes well, and I'll save a glass at the bar for ya.
  12. I said it before, I'll say it again. This was a great picture to be surprised with and your design is amazing, keep up the amazing work! @thatdanguy23