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  1. Personally I'm of the mindset I'm just an admin, but the badmin title is one given by the playerbase.
  2. 1.) I'm sick of Tacos, I make them every day at work. I'll choose pizza. 2.) If you wish to teach Atmos I'm more then happy to learn, but keep those bombs away from me. 3.) I will get a restraining order against Aunt Margaret if she goes for the smooch 4.) I WILL MURDER YOU ARTIE IF YOU PULL THAT AGAIN! >:C
  3. Personally I don't see the point of not pulling the lever if in that situation, as if they are arguing its murder well. Doing nothing can be considered murder in a way as well, you're still guilty as you choose to just stand there. Its simple, one or five must die. As for the Newcomb's problem I admittedly had to look that up as I've never actually encountered that, personally I'm a one box man. It may sound a bit silly, but in that scenario I'd rather go with the 50/50 then the sure thing if they are capable of predict my actions. Yes, you can predict but there will always be that chance they are wrong, and admittedly I'm a fan of throwing people for a loop.
  4. The Forum name is one I use constantly, Shatterdcoyote is one I'm usually known for. the Discord username was created for Eve online originally and was using the first name of the character there to throw people off if they were hunting for me, and my ckey I honestly do not remember making, I tired creating an account last year and found out I already had one. The age of the account has to be rather old, since its the same name I used for runescape when I was a kid.
  5. I feel like this is a heavily bias study by someone who fears anything that isn't human, didn't realize we had Fox news in space.
  6. I'm not really sure who'd I pick, a Jim Carrey clown could be funny.
  7. The wot can wot Wottlingly when the Wot wants to Wot.
  8. I can answer this with Terry's responses Wolf: ...the fucker beats me with shoes, he's okay I guess? But if you're asking me if I'd date him I'd rather gargle acid thank you Ty: Who? Oh right, the blue one. Eh? I don't know him at all really, and not looking for a date Valthorne: . . .Fuck you for even asking that, Valthorne and I have a history as friends. There's some shit a side of him did I will never forgive, so don't ask me that. Mercy: Sweet woman, know her through Valthorne who she's married to. Is this a trick question?
  9. Lawsuit? What lawsuit? I'm one hundred percent innocent, no problems here!
  10. without any context as to who is there, what they done, or age of the people on the tracks? The simplest answer is yes due to the amount of lives will be lost, I believe it's 3 instead of five? REally depends on the detail if any provided in the scenario.
  11. I mean it's a pretty good song, BUT NO I DIDN'T HELP WITH IT!
  12. I haven't followed Wow for like a year, played a bit of Worgen which I think was Alliance?
  13. Because I don't awoo, there's no proooofffff! You just force the awoo every few rounds!