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  1. Zeke the Barbarian is the swolest of swole, you can not defeat such a master of the flex.
  2. The game is really fun, just don't turn you back on @Normalyman or you end up like Artie
  3. Trust me, I wish we could quit. But we all signed contracts, those guns they showed us really helped persuade to sign on the dotted line right?
  4. What is the max amount of songs to express your character with on this list is the question here Dreamy, If we go by three I think these fit best for Terry honestly. Love and War by all good things The Wolf Siamese In Cauda Venenum by The Dear hunter
  5. It's an honest fear a lot of us have. I still pause when I turn the lights off, have a flashlight beside my bed in case of emergencies at night. As a child I slept in a bunkbed that had a string of led lights wrapped around it for when I slept. To this day I don't remember what really made me afraid of the dark. As for something I still truly hate and fear there are two, open water such as the ocean and silence. True silence will always put me on edge.
  6. mannnnnnn, going for the perma already? How about a coke instead.
  7. noooo, nooooo. The drinking should never stop!
  8. Nope, never awooed. Awooing is a heresy, a HERESY!
  9. Don't really have a rival I can think of, a ton of people that I enjoy the back and forth conflict with but no real rivals.
  10. Been a few weeks, apologize, had to deal with a few things but the answers will return!
  11. Personally I'm of the mindset I'm just an admin, but the badmin title is one given by the playerbase.
  12. 1.) I'm sick of Tacos, I make them every day at work. I'll choose pizza. 2.) If you wish to teach Atmos I'm more then happy to learn, but keep those bombs away from me. 3.) I will get a restraining order against Aunt Margaret if she goes for the smooch 4.) I WILL MURDER YOU ARTIE IF YOU PULL THAT AGAIN! >:C