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  1. Welcome to Paradise! Mining can be pretty calming, just keep an eye out for the local fauna and remember. Hugging the crystals can lead to some exciting, and deadly, results! Have fun out there!
  2. This is kidnapping, harassment, and abuse of an admin!
  3. what? This is totally up to good, this is baking soda. I'm getting it ready for cooking!
  4. Remember Kids, always update your ocular firewalls.
  5. One big flaw is the fact that if you are dealing with veteran officers this will never work, as there's a clear indication of when the holy water works. Text confirming that you have been deculted.
  6. The one true time I awooed I was ban and put in the time out corner for three hours, to this day I shall never awoo again to keep my position as an administrator.
  7. @ZN23X Listen you shaved bald sister of a Monkey! Do it right, call them a snaggle toothed flea bitten walking rug!
  8. Unoriginal insults of just screaming furry or foxboi, there are so many more fun options!
  9. wait, HUMANITY? wouldn't it be Skrellmanity? I knew it, its all a lie.
  10. My roommate showed me Colonial marines, I became interested and started playing there. Initially came over to para to learn engineering to try my hand at combat engineer on CM not knowing the two systems where different, stayed on para because of nerdy admins.
  11. *screams! I never agreed to this, where's the proof! LOOK IF I WAS DRUNK THEN NOTHING CAN BE HELD AGAINST ME! @Spacemanspark ban them all please, this is getting out of hand! BRING THE BIG HAMMER!
  12. . . .I think this thread needs a purge by fire I feel, yep fire. Lots of it. On an unrelated note I recently had a chance to head down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, other then trying to drive in the city the celebration was wonderful.
  13. wait, what? @ZN23X WO NOW HOLD ON A SECOND!