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  1. https://nanotrasen.se/forum/topic/16362-create-a-banner/ Reply to this topic with your submissions! (2 maximum per month)
  2. I think it should at least be an upgrade
  3. "Did X, watch for more X, seems to be having issues with X keep an eye out" Adminhelp: "Excuse me? I am not having issues with X. That other incident with X was well over 3 months ago and etc." 2 months later: "The only reason you're PMing me is because it says in my notes I am having trouble with X, that note is wrong because [insert argument that won't change the outcome of anything and just waste time]"
  4. I can't read that you need to use paragraph spacing.
  5. We don't note people when we give them permission to do something for a round, there would be no proof in your notes.
  6. Someone gets warned Admin makes invisible note Person goes to check notes Person sees note is not there Person demands to see the invisible note Person gets declined to see invisible note Person goes around saying "so and so is talking smack about me and I can't even defend myself because it's invisible!"
  7. Intentions or not, that's a big false accusation. The context of the quote takes place in a conversation, which implies direct PMs with an administrator. It doesn't visualize what you wanted to; as you said. Thank you for clarifying though. It is not a comment you have to spend minutes "carefully crafting". It is not that hard to not misrepresent something to that degree. If you misconstruct a point, and your point is taken in the misconstructed way, it is entirely your own fault. People cannot read into your mind to see what you really meant, only what you portrayed. You portrayed your real point poorly, and it came across as a different point entirely. The portrayed point in this case is completely false and is equal to a lie, minus the intent. At the end of the day, the portrayed point, not the real point in your head, was responded to. Exaggeration in arguments is a fallacy (flaw). You shouldn't include these when you are having a serious discussion. It discredits you and your proposition.
  8. Thank you all voters and artists. Submission #5 has won, artist is @PhantasmicDream
  9. carbonic acid fumes are bad to inhale open the windows and air the place out
  10. What do you think we should have as our banner? Vote in the poll above! Voting will close August 4th. More info: https://nanotrasen.se/forum/topic/16362-create-a-banner-read/ Submission 1: Submission 2: Submission 3: Submission 4: Submission 5:
  11. This mainly comes from people who skirt around space law and are a general nuisance towards security, so if they don't want security being a nuisance back then don't dish what you can't take.
  12. https://nanotrasen.se/forum/topic/16362-create-a-banner/ Reply to this topic with your submissions! (2 maximum per month) Edit: Submissions are now closed and voting has begun https://nanotrasen.se/forum/topic/16595-july-2019-voting/
  13. Death gasp sound if person has oxy damage?
  14. This is a monthly contest that allows you to submit art to be displayed as a banner! My submission won! Congratulations! It will be displayed as our Discord banner for a month You may not re-use it in future contests You will get a contest-winner role on Discord for the month with a cool color! My submission didn't win : ( That's okay, you can try again next month! Submissions that didn't win may be re-submitted. General Rules If a winning submission is found to be inappropriate, the next appropriate submission in line will be chosen. In the event of a tie, each submission that tied will be assigned to a number. A computerized dice roll with only those numbers will determine the winner. Formatting Upload an image that’s at least 960x540 pixels in a 16:9 aspect ratio. Have a 1920x1080 image handy? Upload that and we’ll automatically resize it for you. Keep the top 48px of the image fairly simple and free of any busy imagery. This way the title of the server will be easy to read. Submissions Reply to the forum topic/thread in this section named "MONTH-YEAR - SUBMISSIONS" with your submission(s)! Submissions can be silly (such as stick figures), high quality, or just something you whipped up one night! Submissions are limited to 2 per person per month Submissions must be appropriate and follow all server rules Voting On the last Saturday of every month, submitted submissions will be congregated into a single forum topic titled "MONTH-YEAR - VOTING". Each submission will be numbered. There will be a poll at the topic asking you to vote for which number. You may only vote for 1 submission You may change your vote, simply return back from the results page and select a new number then submit. Voting will be open until next Sunday. You may vote for your own image if you want The submission with the most number of votes wins