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  1. Here, I made a wiki: https://cm-ss13.com/wiki/Marines
  2. No to #5 Instead of linking the wiki it should link the website landing page because that has all the links including the wiki
  3. https://nanotrasen.se/forum/topic/15704-sec-instructor-jobs-a-remedy-to-newsec/?do=findComment&comment=127544
  4. The name is incorrect and should be based on logic rather than a number which is almost 50/50. I don't care about the look, the hat reminds me of a state trooper hat. New security officers are going to want to get yelled at 24/7? No Drill Instructors are going to make them to drills? No Do Drill Instructors play an active role on the field? No The Security department is not a paramilitary organization. edit: The poll is also about the outfit, not the name.
  5. Drill Instructor is completely wrong and this should not have the title of that, @Furasian Drill Instructors are military (or in the academy, not in the field) They're not making the sec officers do drills, which is what the whole point of a drill instructor does. Drill Instructors don't "drill instruct" in an active situation Field Training Officer is literally what the actual role of someone who does this is Security is not a military
  6. How long did it take for you to make this song?
  7. "Security Sergeant" sounds better or something or "Field Training Officer"
  8. lmao thats hilarious - have health inspectors inspect medbay too and give them the authority to shut it down until its cleaned if there's blood all over the floor (that would be all the time though so rip)
  9. In the future our brains will be discord