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  1. Have a slight redesign of one of my roboboys named Horjin. (part of the redesign i had in mind from a friend i talked to about em they make REALLY good art.)
  2. What an adventure for the little vine cluster.
  3. YungCuz

    :wave:, well i wish you the best Shadey hope things go well and i'll miss ya.
  4. Personally its..NOT the best thing in my mind espically if it kind of..complicates things especially since theres just been a lot of this whole..syncing thing and what not and its been sort of hit or miss for me and this..feels like a miss in my opinion.
  5. A fairly big update that adds to her history, adulthood, relationships, themes..and medical record.
  6. Huh..neat little templates to mess around with. I approve.
  7. oh my. thats a intresting position.
  8. Though the question is who would Slith be doing it WITH if he was always blamed?
  9. I never actually put the newest one of the Captain up here. (well newest given i haven't made a new one but its close enough.) So uh..have this one.
  10. That comm from draw-it ralph is amazing reminds me ALOT of samurai jack with that particular artstyle.