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  1. At some point this will be a full thing.
  2. New picture and a slight history update along with a theme. Credit goes to Phantasmicdream i REALLY love her art.
  3. Have uh..this thing i have mainly mixed feelings about with really. I kinda drew a blank of what the main purpose this was but i suppose it looked cool.
  4. Added some new history/relation updates/another voice thing where i'm debating which of those fit more.
  5. It was..a really odd wedding espically with the HOS and then borers trying to mess with it.
  6. My excitement jumped through the roof.
  7. Everything crashed and exploded literally.
  8. Have a uh..idea i had after i had been playing alot castle crashers. I'mnotbadatitiswear.
  9. I revisited a thing i did for experimental value and then kinda changed somethings here and there and improved some of the colors.
  10. the secret is out spartan likes fishnet clothing.
  11. i see cool people all around and a reaper look alike
  12. A bit more sprite stuff..the one on the left is unfinished..kinda couldn't quite..get around the hair but the ones on the right are good. For context i picked up necrodancer again and i felt like putting together some new sprites based on it.
  13. added a new picture, some new stuff to med records and history and changed some other bits here and there.
  14. Added some new Relations and changed the Adult Hood up a bit. (also if there are any particular requests do tell me.)