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  1. Though the question is who would Slith be doing it WITH if he was always blamed?
  2. I never actually put the newest one of the Captain up here. (well newest given i haven't made a new one but its close enough.) So uh..have this one.
  3. That comm from draw-it ralph is amazing reminds me ALOT of samurai jack with that particular artstyle.
  4. I was there to witness the lewd jokes and felt dissapointed that something super wholesome was turned lewd in a few ways. :c
  5. I hope you've made friends with the dark cause you're FUCKED otherwise.
  6. All the pressure just sets in when you get submerged in darkness.
  7. Holy shit ARtie is FREAKIN out in this i love it.
  8. hes a lookin guy..
  9. rb is a bully and doesn't let it go higher than 4.