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  1. Updated relations and added a few new ones.
  2. if ONLY i had stellaris..its been one of the games i've been debating getting.
  3. P.S. if i have a sudden desire to you might expect more sprite based art.
  4. I asked Spark if he wanted me to do a sprite edit of some random fitting character from starforce so i spent a bit to do this at the bottom, Theres also the Tanker i drew of one else.
  5. I really love this thank you so much for it!
  6. If its alright could you draw Kerri if your not busy with some already? For the ref theres only this image.
  7. Are you the best possible vox?
  8. Well mainly reffering to the character itself.
  9. HowmanypeoplewillsaythenewthingiaddedisanIPC?
  10. Favorite cheap type weapon is always a baseball bat or something like a spear. For the fun kind theres the M-6GL, the Kinetic Crusher, and my personal favorite is the L6 Saw.
  11. Updated some relations and added some new ones.