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  1. It's not IAA's job to function as pure oversight for Security, not in the sense you're making them out to be entirely. They aren't meant to watch processing like a hawk and ensure security processes correctly; that's the Warden's job. They aren't meant to manage records. That is also the Warden/Magistrate's job. Their job is to ensure security doesn't mistreat them/steal from them/etc, report to the Warden/HoS/Captain/Central(In that order) if they aren't. Idea #1 could be a good thing really. Though at the same time might not be. It'd only fortify the mindset of 'ace attorney' IAA agents thinking it's their god given duty to question every single thing security does/try to be a lawyer. Idea #2 just sounds weird/annoying. Idea #3 would be absolutely perfect to have it broadcast arrest stats change along with the reason why over security comms. It would make securities life 100% easier. Idea #4 Sounds good, so long as IAA/Magi doesn't lose Security channel access. I think removing the 'Lawyer' job title would be a good start as well. IAA need to understand that they are NOT by ANY MEANS a Lawyer unless an actual court hearing/trial is being conducted. So many times that I've seen IAA flashspam their ID card and scream about being a Lawyer instead of being productive/actually doing their job. It should also be noted when they spawn in they're NOT TO HINDER SECURITY. It is not their business to know every single detail of every single case, they are not a Magistrate, they preside over SOP and ensuring the station(not just security) follows it. Quite honestly I am unsure why they are under the security branch of things and not under, say, service.
  2. The random bits of green is my gif software being a butt
  3. Mitchs98


    I personally disagree with it. Abductors can already cheese enough as it is by making themselves looked like a cuffed person or something similar. They can already be hard enough to figure out, and if they really want to they can already look like a grey. I do agree with Ide though, insofaras reworking them in some manner, but I feel the race itself is fine as is.
  4. Just another day in xenobio with Tesla loose. Never forget Sir Chimperton and the Ook Squadron of 2556 *salute
  5. I see no reason for a Janitor to start with more access. A lot of Janitors are already greytidey and griefy, this would only let them be able to do so in more places as well as cause complications in workplaces. Most notably the Janitor slipping people for funsies in medbay/surgery, going into viro and accidentally releasing Space Aids, stealing everything not nailed down, etc. Not only that but as mentioned they'd be a target for antags that are allowed to kill for access. You yourself have also not responded with any good viable reason for them to have access to any areas listed other than extreme hyberbole. Most notably this line here; It makes for more viable sense for security to get all access/extended access than it does a civilian janitor that really shouldn't be anywhere near wounded people/people being operated on under normal situations for sanitary reasons. Arguing that 'it's very intrusive' applies precisely to you wishing for Janitors to have more access as well. No one said anything about giving science all access, merely extended access. Other than you of course. And the reasons listed was basically your reasons for Janitor receiving it? Efficiency? If the Janitor can get extended access to perform their job better, why can't Science? That is your basis for adding it right? Actually not true at all. Most botanists are terrible at their jobs. If anything, it'd be a very good thing to give the Chef access to botany by default. It'd allow them to do their job better and more effectively if they didn't need to request to be let in or for supplies. Again. Same argument you're making for Janitor. Brig bay isn't really usually equipped to deal with most severe injuries. And the medical area on mining certainly isn't. This still isn't a good reason to give them access to everywhere, including places they shouldn't be in. But if you're going that route why not all access? A body can appear anywhere, all access would allow them to do their job better right? You are getting criticism, you're just choosing to ignore it in favor of spouting hyberbole and attempting to say the arguments are invalid. Some a little exaggerated, but still very valid. Something being against the rules or not does not mean to add more things for people to be tempted to toe the line with, especially if adding these things could be arguably added to nearly every job and role. For the record. None of the responses to your thread had a failure in reasoning. Once more, you're simply ignoring them in favor of hyperbole and fallacies of your own. You've done nothing but deflect and provide poor reasoning as to why your suggestion should be supported. The exact same could also be said about your responses to the criticism, as I stated above. You have entire double standards for your idea and aren't registering the criticism in favor of trying to shove it down others' throats as to why your idea is a good idea and certainly not any different than what @McRamon mentioned.
  6. A button simply labeled 'The Button'. Red, shiny, unable to be removed or destroyed in anyway. Spawns in dorms. Description states 'Pressing this will cause a co-worker to EXPLODE with joy.' Randomly gibs a crew member each time its pressed, no cooldown.
  7. I tend to move it myself if I can remember too. Honestly makes more sense for it to spawn there than the bridge itself
  8. It does have an effect. Place a high enough capacity cell on it and it stuns and lights the victim on fire.
  9. This is what happens when the Captain leaves the bridge for donuts..
  10. Same thing as saving terribly wounded crew. Brute and burn to heal their wounds, only charcoal if they have low water instead of epi/salb for low blood, water if they have low water.
  11. 'Sup folks. After recently imparting some medical knowledge on slime revival to someone on helpchat I decided to go ahead and write a detailed guide on how to revive us squishy folk. Ansari's guide and several others touch on the subject, but I decided an indepth guide I can quick reference on LOOC and the like was a good idea. Slimes genuinely aren't that hard to revive if you know how, much easier than space birbs/Vox, and certainly easier than plasmamen. Now that said. Let me make this as clear as I possibly can. WE CANNOT BE CLONED. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLONE SLIME PEOPLE. Now that that's out of the way...our core(heh, core) revival mechanic/chemical/method is Strange Reagent. Strange Reagent is actually a very simple chemical to make! It is mixed thusly; Standard Strange Reagent Revival Have a dead slime? Worry not, they're very easy to revive although in some instances tedious. But you can nearly always revive them if you actually try to do so. What you want to do is pop an SR pill in them. Before you use Strange Reagent(or SR) to revive them, ensure that total brute/burn AND GENETIC damage COMBINED is under 150. If it is not you will gib the slime and they will need to be transplanted into a humanized monkey. You cannot remove genetic damage while dead, and each successful revive with Strange Reagent causes 50 genetic damage alongside some brute and burn. Advanced Trauma and Burn kits will each Brute and Burn 25 damage per use and can be used on the body as if they were alive. Synthflesh in 20u patches is the easier option as it heals Brute AND BURN, though it's not always on hand. To a lesser extent stypic and silver sulfadazine patches work as well. Once their damage is under 150, if they have been dead a while take them to surgery and cut off all of their limbs. SR will randomly apply infections to the limbs or even cause them to be dead, causing the slime to rapidly die of toxins. They can regrow their limbs anyway so that's not an issue. Once done, bring them over to the cryotube and give them the pill. If they don't rise try 2-3 more times. If they do, immediately place them into cryo. Once they pop out give them any surgery they need, checking for infected/dead limbs, and giving them water should they need it. Congratulations, you've revived a slime! This is however standard revival, there are some edge cases that are a bit harder to revive though by no means impossible. Epi-Pens/Emergency Auto-Injectors WILL help as well, so be sure to inject one! Defibrillator Revival Slimes can indeed be revived with a defibrillator. However, in most cases unless they've only very recently died I.E on the operating table or were brought in immediately, it's not a good idea to do so if SR is on hand. Slimes take large amounts of brain damage depending on how long they've been dead, up to and including causing 100 brain damage. Fear not though, this can be as easy although more lengthy than simply using SR. If you defib them and they die immediately, move to surgery and conduct standard brain surgery on them then defib them again. This sometimes has to be done more than once, worry not, simply conduct the surgery and defib again. They should revive just fine. Conduct any surgery required, if they should die again on the table defibbing will no longer cause brain damage if done immediately. If they must be left dead for a longer period of time while dying on the operating table, use Strange Reagent to revive them. Epi-Pens/Emergency Auto-Injectors WILL help as well, so be sure to inject one! Dead Core Revival Core showing up as dead, or even septic and dead on the scanners? Easy to fix! Provided you have mitocholide. All you must do is remove the brain and splash/spray 5 units of it on the core and put it back in followed by using Strange Reagent as normal. Simple as that. Mitocholide itself is relatively easy to make as well, should you need to break in to make it yourself. It is made with cyroxadone, plasma, and synthflesh. Synthflesh is made with stypic powder, carbon, and blood. You also do this if their head itself is dead. Cut it off and spray it with mitocholide to revive it. Heavy Toxins/Water Loss Revival This is the hardest thing to revive a slime person from. It is still relatively easy, it just often takes time most doctors are too lazy/don't care to give or there's simply just not supplies. If they are dead from toxins inject Charcoal alongside Pentetic into the body/forcefeed them pills of it, then use Strange Reagent. They will more than likely die instantly, this is okay! It almost always happens, simply defib them and put them into cryo. They may end up dying multiple times, simply add chems where needed and continue to defib them. The timer will reset each death allowing you to defib them infinitely until they need to be revived. If the cause of the toxins is a lack of blood/water simply force them to drink water alongside the toxin removal chems. If you actually have it, and their total health is below 20, Calomel will rapidly purge all chemicals and is the superior method to the aforementioned chemicals. You typically won't have it, so don't expect the luxury, but if you do this is the way to go. Epi-Pens/Emergency Auto-Injectors WILL help as well, so be sure to inject one! Overall, as you can see, due to only having one organ that is the core Slime People are by far easy to revive. Some cases take more time than others, but generally speaking you can almost always revive them(Yes even from a skeleton!), and you should generally never transplant their core unless they've been gibbed or their genetic damage is too high to continue attempting revival. There are always instances where people will mess up, this guide does not mean that you will always be able to do it. New doctors that simply don't know or simply don't care to read the wikis or ask questions will fail to revive them, gib them, or simply morgue them once cloning doesn't work. If you're a new doctor that DOES know and/or care to seek help and you're reading this, good on you. Do not get discouraged if you can't replicate this guide fully, simply keep trying and you will learn if you care to. If you don't wish to learn or care not too, don't half-ass the job and fuck up. Give it to someone that knows how to do it. Any more specific questions, please do feel free to direct them to me. And thanks for reading.
  12. I personally never had an issue with you in the first place. I'm glad that you'll be returning soon though, I had wondered why you left the Discord and such. Not much else to say o7
  13. I fucking love that Oleg tossed himself in.