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  2. Definitely agree. It'd be great for quality of life as said and good for inventory management, it'd also make it quite clear you use these items to treat shock and such rather than people having to guess what to use. Not all would understand it but...the majority likely would.
  3. If the brain is destroyed you can't clone them at all. The brain would need to be damaged. We don't really need any easier ways to permakill people than we already have, nor do we will need any one hit kill methods. Though if it just instacrit them to the point of needing medical aid or dying, that could be a decent/interesting mechanic. Otherwise....entirely against antags getting a semi easy instakill/permakill move.
  4. Just an average day in medbay. No big deal.
  5. Brought to you by Angry Russian Station.
  6. You can still do brain transplants VIA SR as far as I'm aware, by the way. It should fullstop revive them, period. It is a revival chem after all.
  7. The Corazone recipe was removed. I'd be in favor of chest compressions if it didn't give Fox even more of a reason to give every species a heart and/or blood even if it makes no sense for them to have it. Actually sounds pretty neat.
  8. What did you re-use them for then? Why were they even removed? They were the only means of reliably treating brute and burn damage if chemistry was entirely inept. Now they've been replaced with single use patches that really do not heal all that much whatsoever. It'll now be even harder, if not impossible, to effectively treat someone heavily damaged. Especially Vox or Slime People. Unless of course the intention was to make them harder to revive while also making it harder to treat others, since you and others are in favor of making them harder/impossible to revive outside of transplanting? I'm not accusing or anything like that, I'm genuinely asking if that was one of the key reasons the kits were removed.
  9. Not really nice to have if it means advanced kits are being phased out entirely. Compared to them they're not that useful whatsoever. I don't even really understand why the advanced kits were phased out in fair of 'Neurological Kits' that are just some pills of mannitol. Especially if it's being added to the medivend itself. Removing the kits is a very severe nerf to medbay, especially on low pop rounds without a chemist/rounds without a chemist/rounds without a decent chemist. Having to rely on chemistry isn't a bad thing to a degree. Having to rely on it to the point that if you don't have someone do it constantly you won't have any reliable way to heal damage? Not at all. Not to mention the points brought up on karma races and Diona.