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  1. The Corazone recipe was removed. I'd be in favor of chest compressions if it didn't give Fox even more of a reason to give every species a heart and/or blood even if it makes no sense for them to have it. Actually sounds pretty neat.
  2. What did you re-use them for then? Why were they even removed? They were the only means of reliably treating brute and burn damage if chemistry was entirely inept. Now they've been replaced with single use patches that really do not heal all that much whatsoever. It'll now be even harder, if not impossible, to effectively treat someone heavily damaged. Especially Vox or Slime People. Unless of course the intention was to make them harder to revive while also making it harder to treat others, since you and others are in favor of making them harder/impossible to revive outside of transplanting? I'm not accusing or anything like that, I'm genuinely asking if that was one of the key reasons the kits were removed.
  3. Not really nice to have if it means advanced kits are being phased out entirely. Compared to them they're not that useful whatsoever. I don't even really understand why the advanced kits were phased out in fair of 'Neurological Kits' that are just some pills of mannitol. Especially if it's being added to the medivend itself. Removing the kits is a very severe nerf to medbay, especially on low pop rounds without a chemist/rounds without a chemist/rounds without a decent chemist. Having to rely on chemistry isn't a bad thing to a degree. Having to rely on it to the point that if you don't have someone do it constantly you won't have any reliable way to heal damage? Not at all. Not to mention the points brought up on karma races and Diona.
  4. As with the epi pen change, I'm against the removal of the burn/brute trauma kits as well as the ointment from the emergency vendors. Everything else is alright and very much needed. But otherwise? No. It makes no sense to remove the advanced kits fullstop either in favor of 'neuro kits' that are literally mannitol pills anyone can make easily. Once again this is just going further and further from 'make death impactful' to full on nerfing medical into the ground. I'm definitely against the idea of giving a slime a heart and making them breathe, that's the main upsides to the race really. Not having to worry about organs or breathing. Full on changing races like this to make them work with a convoluted system isn't really the way to go about it in my opinion.(Not an actual recent change, but what Fox is actually considering for whatever reason.) Sure now the medivends have the chemicals they need to treat shock and stuff effectively, but adding that in favor of _major_ nerfs? I'd rather keep the advanced kits and have to worry about chemistry doing their job. Especially if there's no way to order more of them. Honestly, things are just coming with bad change after bad change. If you have to constantly debuff something to make a change not entirely awful to play in, something is wrong. Especially if the debuffs pretty much counterbalance the buffs night entirely.
  5. Echoing my concerns on the Github for the PR emergency box is supposed to be an emergency box. It makes absolutely no sense for the epi-pen to be removed from any logical standpoint beyond not wanting people to have a way to potentially survive a harsh and punishing system for a few seconds. I mean, you can explain it away IC as 'budget cuts', but in reality everyone knows it was done to make newcrit unnecessarily harder if only by minor amounts. The ominizine in the hypo being removed can be worked around, I mean technically so can this...but this is a far more impactful change than this is. I don't entirely agree with removing the omnizine from it, especially with SR being so important in this new system, but if it must happen there are ways around it. And frankly I'd rather have some of those changes Fox proposed other than starting ominizine. I.E Heart attack nerfs/SR Buffs.
  6. I agree with basically everything Norwest said entirely, once again someones' said what I've tried to say better than me , aside from the changes to SR being something like fungus or diamonds. Rezadone, Carpotoxin, or Earthsblood would be just fine. Even, perhaps, a minorly higher dose of 5u. Limiting it severely? Absolutely not, considering two races need it to be revived outside of a brain transplant. Also kinda don't agree on making skeletonization take shorter unless genetics can aid to fix it. It'd be fun to go around as a skeleton some rounds but, it'd get old eventually. Oh, and, defibs do already have downsides. They cause brain damage scaling depending on how long a person has been dead. On top of having to heal whatever damage the person has. So, I'm not too sure why they were nerfed so severely in the first place.
  7. Honestly think this'd be a good idea too. It would make playing Blueshield more fun imo than basically being a security officer that sits on the bridge and gets lethals + a holster at roundstart. CQC itself requires good timing and mechanical knowledge to fully employ as well, and you can easily just get your ass meme'd by a traitor if they have any form of ranged weapon or stun or slip. Shouldn't be too hard to add as an inherent spawn in option either rather than gloves or a manual. Alternatively if it is hard...just...give them a manual on spawn.
  8. I'm unsure if I should post my already clearly stated opinion on the guide. So. I'm just going to link the guide thread like the lazy person I am..
  9. Sounds like an excuse to murderboning to me. But to be honest I can't read most of it due to it being one singular brick of text x.x
  10. I see no real reason to bar it VIA rules or mechanics, honestly it'd just end up hurting the creativity some players have or do in the long run. I rarely see anyone do anything like it anyways unless it became a huge problem in the month I've been gone. Though I will say I'm a little bias in the times I build tiny medbay but that's just me. And even without that bias, I'd still tend to disagree with limiting it in any way. Emergency or not.
  11. SR simply not working on cloneable races would be better than removing it. Especially if no alternative is added, even more-so if slimes' ridiculous brain damage modifier isn't removed and defibbing is the only way to revive them. Just because permadeath was a thing 'back in the day' for these races does not in any way, shape, or form make it desirable or acceptable by the majority that play them now. Especially with fastmos and a whole bunch of other parameters. This won't make people value death more. It'll make (some) people that play these races not want to do more dangerous jobs and risk dying to some RNG entirely out of their control with absolutely 0 chance of revival. I'm not saying death shouldn't have more impact. As a writer and roleplayer I agree. However, this is also a game. Games are meant to be fun. Getting fastmos'd stunlock hell'd because your co-worker is retarded or a chemist OD's you on a chem or something only to be dead for the next two hours is not fun. Players shouldn't be immediately punished for playing races and characters they consider funner than the standard.
  12. It's not IAA's job to function as pure oversight for Security, not in the sense you're making them out to be entirely. They aren't meant to watch processing like a hawk and ensure security processes correctly; that's the Warden's job. They aren't meant to manage records. That is also the Warden/Magistrate's job. Their job is to ensure security doesn't mistreat them/steal from them/etc, report to the Warden/HoS/Captain/Central(In that order) if they aren't. Idea #1 could be a good thing really. Though at the same time might not be. It'd only fortify the mindset of 'ace attorney' IAA agents thinking it's their god given duty to question every single thing security does/try to be a lawyer. Idea #2 just sounds weird/annoying. Idea #3 would be absolutely perfect to have it broadcast arrest stats change along with the reason why over security comms. It would make securities life 100% easier. Idea #4 Sounds good, so long as IAA/Magi doesn't lose Security channel access. I think removing the 'Lawyer' job title would be a good start as well. IAA need to understand that they are NOT by ANY MEANS a Lawyer unless an actual court hearing/trial is being conducted. So many times that I've seen IAA flashspam their ID card and scream about being a Lawyer instead of being productive/actually doing their job. It should also be noted when they spawn in they're NOT TO HINDER SECURITY. It is not their business to know every single detail of every single case, they are not a Magistrate, they preside over SOP and ensuring the station(not just security) follows it. Quite honestly I am unsure why they are under the security branch of things and not under, say, service.