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  1. A way to fix this would be to have each hit after crit have a chance to insta-knock out. (Depending on how much damage the hit deals and how much damage they currently have) Once already knocked out, further hits have a chance to instantly kill. We keep the damage threshold in case someone gets really lucky with RNG.
  2. Borers are in my opinion intended to be a Venom sort of thing. "You help me and I'll help you." On a HRP server like Baystation this could probably be played out better, but we aren't HRP. Giving borers harmful objectives is a bad idea. We already have problems with borers occasionally killing people for no good reason, which they shouldn't do. We don't need them to be given in-game permission to do that. If borers are to get objectives it should be something a) minor and b) non-harmful. Things like "remove all floor tiles from x area" or "steal the YouTool from Primary Tool Storage".
  3. Pretty sure you're also thinking about the telepads. Sorry!
  4. That's not telescience, those are telepads. Those work by being "linked" to another telepad, if I am not mistaken.
  5. Well there's still the problem that, as stated, only antags have a real reason to use telescience under almost all circumstances. As Kyet stated, if we have to arbitrarily limit telescience like that then perhaps it's time to get rid of it.
  6. Alright, there was already a recent proposal to nerf it. This isn't the same, so please read my proposal carefully before bashing it to hell and back. What is Telescience? Telescience is a Science mechanism that allows teleportation to and from a telepad to any given coordinates. If this sounds overpowered, that's because it is. For this reason, it requires a lot of math and is absent from Science roundstart, as a balance mechanism. My proposal is that it is still overpowered, and should be removed, as the core concept of it is fairly flawed. External Programs As Telescience is mostly mathematical, it is possible for someone to create a spreadsheet or external program that does the math for you. In fact, this actually did happen on /tg/. "But Tar," you say, "You're being a clown right now. Just ban external programs!" Well yes, this could be done, and kind of already is thanks to the metagaming ban, except this would also ban scientific calculators. You know. The intended method of using telescience. Unless someone writes down the math on an ingame sheet of paper or something, we can't very well go around bwoinking people saying "HOW DID YOU FIGURE OUT THE DIFFERENTIALS LAWBREAKING SCUM?". Legitimate Uses There aren't really that many legitimate uses for telescience. Basically just things like looting the armory, teleporting bombs into the AI core, teleporting bombs elsewhere... Unless the AI is malfunctioning, there's not that many reasons for non-antags to actually use telescience. It's a solution without a problem. I'm not sure if space loot is randomized (I've never gone exploring space before), but if it isn't then that's also a problem because you can essentially use telescience to get space loot without any effort. Furthermore, there also isn't a real way to counter telescience. A traitor scientist armed with the math (or maybe one of those external programs) and the willpower to build a telescience set (which isn't that hard, it's just a telepad or two and a computer last time I checked) can snap their fingers and wipe out anything with practically no effort. Can Telescience Be Saved? Yes, Telescience is very overpowered. This is why it has been given it's downsides. Making it very hard has already been tried, and as I have shown, that won't necessarily work. There aren't that many other ways to nerf it. You could, perhaps, make it frustratingly random, but then no one would use it and you might as well just remove it. In conclusion, telescience is very easily exploited, is difficult to balance due to the very nature of it, has no real reason to be used by nonantags, and the main balancer (math) can be worked around. For this reason, I am requesting that the telescience machines be made unavailable for building by the crew. Thank you for reading.
  7. I asked this question on Discord, and it started a huge debate. The rules don't explicitly state this, so I propose a question for the community of Paradise Station: As an Atmos Tech/CE, is it/should it be allowed to modify atmospherics at or near the start of the round to prevent the AI from plasmaflooding? We're assuming the AI hasn't already started plasmaflooding or done anything else that makes it obviously rogue.
  8. To: Mr. Jenkins From: NAS Trurl Automated Systems Message contents: This is to inform Mr. Jenkins that the NSS Cyberiad has somehow been nuked for the 5th time in a week. Please dispatch a repair team. To prevent the massive loss of morale that would be caused by public exposure of this message, this computer and all computers within a 500 mile radius will explode in approximately one minute. Thank you.
  9. Enter Takker Khan, my Chaplain. He worshipped a rather untraditional religion: The Pantheonic Multiverse. The belief that we lived in an infinite multiverse, and that occasionally, we would get a glimpse of another universe, causing fiction to spring forth. The most influential beings in the multiverse would become Ascended, the equivalent of gods. In partly an attempt to show off and partly to show people that yes, this was real, I created a magic circle and asked the Ascended to put something harmless but interesting there. The ascended (played by @Normalyman) put the multiverse sword there. (Yes, it's actually real.) It refused to budge, so I prayed and was told that it would kill me if I tried. James Picard came by and tried to get it. I told him this, and he cursed the ascended, which caused him to become retarded. After he got Mannitol, he expressed an interest to fight the ascended. They responded to this by shocking him with a lightning bolt and throwing him around a bit, followed by M.D. House in the form of a medibot running by and healing him. James Picard still continued to want to fight them, so I decided to humor him and set up an arena in the Holodeck. After he issued a challenge to divine combat, Bruce Lee showed up to fight Picard. After getting elbowdropped to death, he got cloned, returned to the holodeck, and decided he wanted Round 2. So I fought him myself with my Extradimensional Sword. After winning thanks to said sword, I cut off his head, put it in a magic circle, and recieved a blessing in the form of genetic boosts. I had to cryo after this, but I was informed by Normalyman after the fact that Picard got cloned again and said he wanted to join my religion.
  10. Denied. I actually already do this, but I'll add a clarification in the rules anyways. Turn: 5-4 to Square One.
  11. Proposal accepted as II.3. Turn: 4-2 to Square One.
  12. Sweet! You'll be added to the player list as soon as you make a proposal.
  13. So I learned my lesson about requiring sign ups on forums games. So I stole made this. This...is Nomopoly. A board game with ever changing, player-defined rules! Don't let the name limit your imagination. Go wild! Current rules: Current players: The board: Let us begin...
  14. A voice rings through the NSS Cyberiad. Centcom: "All crew, this is a CentCom announcement. Syndicate agents have been detected on board." Syndicate: "All crew, disregard the previous announcement." CentCom: "All crew, the previous was a Syndicate announcement. Disregard. You have been selected for a new initiative. A team will be selected to hunt down the traitors. They will have the tools required to do so. If you wish to sign up, please sign below this announcement. CentCom out." Syndicate: "Please inform the CentCom officials that their team will have syndicate agents in it. Thank you." Yep, this is forum mafia. Well, the signup thread. Feel free to sign up below. If you don't know how to play, well, Google exists. Seven players will be required. (3 VT, 2 Mafia, 1 Doctor, 1 Cop) Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Crew Manifest: Fursamie Trubus SkeletalElite Crevette Dapocalypse Mitches98