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  1. Human centipede, and this was only what I could see from where I was, 2nd from the right. God knows how many more
  2. Back in..... Dec 2016? Found a guy on Unturned (i have 600 hours on it help please) who introduced it to me, saying his brother played it and it got his attention. We spent like a day figuring out which server, reading the wiki to see what we'll play, etc. Our first game was doing a chef and his assistant game, which went horribly as he was assassinated by a traitor. Our.... friendship lasted a whopping one week, when we were cargo techs and this game came in and bashed him to crit, in which I tried to counter-bash the guy to crit. After I got brigged for going too far in protecting him and him dying as well, he got pissed at me saying I should've helped earlier. I told him that I already got brigged for like 10-15 minutes, at that point he blocked me, till now I haven't had contact besides seeing his character a few times last year.
  3. What is your opinion on flying toaster dragon cars?