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    The above piece of art is the most beautiful thing I've seen from recent memory.
  2. What if... your character loses their hat one or two tiles before they lose their foothold?
  3. Mayfox

    Sign Language

    Only if you can do this
  4. When people roleplay a spoken accent and keep the accent when they write something in character such as a PDA direct message.
  5. The clown may act like a curse. The cluwne is literally a curse.
  6. Armor will protect you even if something attacks you from the inside.
  7. Just as a piece of trivia: Real life firefighters love research facilities because they are equipped with automated CO2-floods. When a laboratory catches fire, they simply evacuate the room and flood it with CO2. CO2 is one of the few things that can extinguish any type of fire and it does so without damaging the often expensive equipment.
  8. You can either eat the mouse god and go to hell or not do that, what do you choose?
  9. It is actually a multiple phase event where CENTCOM keeps sending crates with animals to get rid of the previous crate. The order does like this: 1. crabs 2. racoons 3. pythons 4. pumas 5. bears 6. angry bears 7. death squad (also in a crate)
  10. The issue at the core is that medbay itself is designed in a way that makes patients and doctors meet arbitrarily, it's a weird place where the official instruction seems to be "run laps around the CMO office until someone notices you". A symptom of this is that every round we see dozens and dozens of people be in medbay that do not belong there, yet nobody ever gets into trouble with security for trespassing. There is a lack of processing to order and prioritize patients, the patients process themselves with pointing, dragging and shouting. So in a world where there is no structure provided until the point of your treatment, I think it is only logical that some people take matters into their own hands. While I do agree that it sucks seeing people "waltz in and start doing surgery on their metafriends", as you put it, I do also believe that it is the design of the department and the medical mechanics that cause it.
  11. I see you decided to keep "The House of the Rising Sun" to yourself, eh?
  12. Is it like Bladerunner, but with scenes of Harrison Ford slipping on banana peels? Because that would be perfect.
  13. When you join mid-shift as blueshield or detective just to discover that the guy before you went into cryo with the leather harness.
  14. I am just going to use this thread to shoehorn my own suggestion before making an entirely new thread. The only thing that does not sit right with me about the system is the name itself. "Karma" carries with it this idea of universal balance: do good things get good things, do bad things get bad things - but only half of it applies to the system. This is a system where you spend someones approval to get rewards, I think a more fitting name for the currency would be something like "Kudos".